Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Some home truths

A guest on my chat box wrote…

How I wish I'm jobless like you, having more time for blogging. Lucky you kahwin Mat Salleh.”

Let’s dissect it sentence by sentence ye….

1. How I wish I’m jobless like you, having more time for blogging

-Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true…

I guess the term jobless tu yang I think is a bit condescending. I know some people whe have jobs look down on us stay at home Mums. They think we haven’t got brains or not as highly educated as them, tu yang jadi stay at home Mums (SAHM) aje.

I know a lot of stay at home Mums especially kat OZ ni yang highly educated (and I’m one fo them). But yang funnynya, kat OZ ni they don’t look down on us SAHM.

The Other Half and I made the decision for me to be a SAHM. We made the sacrifice of having less money in our lives to make sure that I can be at home for The Little Misses day in day out especially when they are still at school.

How do we do it, living with less money?

-By living within our means which means no Coach or LV or Prada handbags for me Smile. Basically we don’t buy any top brand accessories or clothes lah for me, for The Other Half or for The Little Misses. We are quite happy not having any of the stuff and I’m not envious of people who can afford to buy all these things. Walaupun tengah sale menggiler, I only buy things that I think are really cheap and that we need/will use and I know we have the money to pay for it.

(sebab tu lah kalau I balik M’sia and jalan with The Little Misses, orang ingat I maid sbb I takde baju, handbag, kasut mahal and tak bermekap lawa2, hahahaha).

-But don’t get us wrong, we do buy named brand necessities like all our white goods and the computers and what nots because we know they last a loooong time.

-We only have 1 car which is not the newest and the latest brand in the market. We’ll be using this same car until it breaks down basically. That’s why we make sure that it gets its 6-monthly service religiously so it can last us a while.

-Our house is not filled with expensive furniture or trimmings. Our sofa set and dining table is nearly 10 years old and we’ve only got 1 sofa set. Tak percaya, you can ask people who’ve come to our house Smile.

-We don’t buy the newest and latest handphones or electronic gadgets. As long as we can talk, sms and occasionally surf the net on the phone, we are happy Smile.

-No overseas or interstate holidays sewenang2 nya. We don’t have that much money to spend on travels. But we make up for it by taking The Little Misses camping, picnicking, bike riding, visiting all the playgrounds Smile. The Little Misses do wish that they can go to all the fun places interstate/overseas but they know that it takes a lot of money to go there so they know they have to wait a long time for it.

-No eating out every night or going to fancy restaurants every week or even every month. Heck, even The Little Misses and The Other Half take packed lunches every day to school and work to cut down on eating out cost. That’s why I try my best to cook really good food and a lot of varieties so we don’t feel like we are missing out.  And so far, they are happy with my cooking and taking lunches Smile.

Bayangkan lah, I and The Other Half got married when we were students so we know what living on a budget is like. I guess that’s why it’s easy for us to adapt to the cheapskate lifestyle again, hehehe.

And I think we are both lucky to have each other who think the same way about money and all the material things. And we are so lucky as well that The Little Misses are the way they are, satisfied with what they have. Alhamdulillah….

Why do you need more time to blog anyway?

Blogging doesn’t take that much time (unless lah you buat entry luahan perasaan like I’m doing tonight. Hah, memang lah makan masa berjela2, hahahaha). I do it when there’s a free time at night after dinner’s done and finished, The Little Misses are reading to themselves and The Other Half tengah lepak2 main games.

Kalau dia kata dia wish to have more time to cook wonderful food every night, takpe lah kan, I can understand, hahaha.

2. Lucky you kahwin Mat Saleh

-Hmmm…. this one memang I tak paham sgt2 apa maksudnya…

Kalau dia maksudkan lucky sebab most Mat Saleh kaya…

Man! I must have married the wrong Mat Saleh then! Muahahahahaha. Kalau laki I kaya raya, takdelah I tulis all of the above right!

Ramai sangat2 lagi weh orang kat M’sia tu yang kaya raya dari we all.

Alhamdulillah, our rezeki is enough for us to live comfortably (by our standards) but definitely not excessively.

Hah, tu lah, sape suruh tulis yang bukan2 kat my chat box, kan I dah tulis entry yang sikit nya panjang.

Jenuh you all nak baca! Hakhakhakhakhak……

Ok lah, I’ll tayang our dinner tonite…


Beef nachos. Makan dengan pickled chilli, sour cream, salsa and shredded lettuce.


One of the things I cook so my family doesn’t feel left out by not eating out Winking smile.


yellowie roses said...

some people dont appriciate what they have...kalau bole nak lebih..nak dan nak lagi..=)
TAPI SAYA pon jeles gak kat akak sebab akak merantau tinggal kt Australia...syokkkk nya..nk merantau gak..hehe

fatt said...

kak LG,
org yg tulis tu mgkin baru baca blog akak kot..mata yg melihat tak sama mcm mata empunya badan yg memikul..kdg2 org nampak apa yg zahir dan terus justify melalui apa yg mata tunjuk. sy pun kalau boleh nak jadi SAHM once dah kawin nanti so i can focus more on family & kids, lagi tenang tgk dorang grow dpn mata instead of bibik take care of everything...
ignore jelah kak..yg penting akak happy :)

anymz said...

ya betul tu LG,actually kita kena bersyukur dgn apa yang kita ada.cuba tanya surirumah lain,mesti diorang kata,kan seronok kalo kita dapat keluar bekerja,dapat makeup,dpt pakai baju cantik tiap2 hari..
kita surirumah mempunyai tugas yg amat2 sibuk setiap hari.almaklum bila tak keje mesti harapan hubby kat kita tinggi.dari education anak2 sampai lah ke makan pakai mereka kita kena uruskan sepenuhnya..
isshh..i pulak yang terover kat sini LG,,hehe..ignore je lah..mungkin tu org baru agaknya tu..

sak said...

Allah..agak berat topik malam ni...saya suka dan bersetuju dengan pendapat LG....100%...betul pendapat you...ibarat ukur baju dibadan sendiri....he3...saya pun sama jeles macam yellowie..... bila nak dapat jalan2 kat over sea...huhuhu...gi singapore pun leh kira ngan jadi walau duduk jb.....priority setiap orang berbeza...juga setuju ngan fatt saya pun kalau boleh nak SAHM gak...if my hubby say yes...I will..tapi my hubby belum mampu...

noir said...

lolz, i really enjoy reading this. i'm pretty sure the comment came from a typical 'pikiran sempit'.

stay humble, stay brainy LG

j.u.l.i.e said...

salah satu sbb knp sy suka baca blog akak ialah sy suka tgk cara hidup akak, simple tp gembira.one of my dream is sy nak jadi SAHM, tp oleh kerana faktor ekonomi x mengizinkan, kena la kerja...hehehe,berangan je ni padahal belum kawen lagi...hikhikhik.

mrs Fahmi said...

i've been a silent reader of your blog for awhile and somehow this entry baru terasa nak comment...for a reason totally the opposite from the one dari chatbox tu....i am definitely one of those who envy you....but my envy is because how i wish i am a Stay-at-Home-Mom too....:-)...for people who know me personally outside, mesti rasa mcm I'm very lucky....bcos I work with one of the best O&G companies in the world...my pay is good....my benefit is good....we can afford a to hv our own hse before we reached 30 and an imported car....tapi, one of the things that i wish the most that I would readily trade in for all this, is to have more time with my girl....what more that now we have another baby on the way...working with a MNC means, super crazy hours....meaning, money don't come easily, we need to work hard for that....i work at the office 9-6...and balik rumah at night, I still need to login for night teleconferences with counterparts globally....tak best hokehhh...anak nak bedtime pon tak sempat nak tuck her in...:-(...so....i think you are great!!! you're doing exactly what i wish i can do....so ignore je la those snide remarks....takde makna....dia jadi mommy baru dia tahu how previous it is to have time with our lil one...keep on rocking!!!

p/s: i love your easy to cook recipes...keep on posting them...cos i pon tak reti nak masak...pandai copy cat je...eheheh

Anna Da Lady said...

Aala..Saya rasa kan Kak LG, orang yang bagi komen tu, mesti baca sekerat-sekerat je, dia tak 'khatam' lagi Kak LG punya cerita ni..Hmm...Apapun hidup perlu diteruskan..Chaiyok, Sis...

zarin said...

ada jugak orang macam tu ye! well, berenti je lah kejer tu n cuba lah try sendiri best ke tak jobless ni :)
i rasa, lg penat tau bila dah jd SAHM ni..and memang banyak benda kita kena sacrificekan! org ingat senang je kan! haaa kalau tk tahan boleh meroyan tau ehehe :D

Mat Gebu said...

Hoho..kenapa yea ada orang sibuk bila lihat kita bahagia?...Alooo untie, suri rumah bukan jobless lahh, ok ok i know, i ni lelaki kan, bukan nak katalah, kerja rumah yg wanita buat "beratt" sebenarnya dan pada pendapat mat gebu yang tak pandai ni, mereka harus dibayar gaji. Lagi satu kalau perhatikan, jika anak2 kita agak kurang lah didikan tatasusila, perkataan pertama yg orang sebut apa?..of kos depa kata "mak" pak tak ajar agaknya...see.."mak" juga yg mula2 kena sebut..Menjadi surirumah berpendidikan tinggi ni satu pengorbanan yang besar, kita harus pandang mulia pada suri2 rumah macam ni, bukan sedap2 kata mereka tu bertuah lahh sangat2 holeh duduk rumah, malas2 sambil full time blogging..erkk, nak penggsann kejap....

an15 said...

I pun jeles sebab you ada sayur keliling rumah and terus petik je bila kitorang request fried mee hari tu hahahahhhaa....


Nanak said...

i enjoy reading tis.btw,me oso SAHM..ada jg yg pandang rendah i ni tapi i peduli apa. dorg ingat SAHM ni mesti tak belajar tinggi2, pasal tu jadi SAHM..biarkan mereka.

Miss Layaleya said...

hurmmm.. i'm speechless..

it's ok sis.. biar la org nk ckp pe, jnji kita hepy dgn apa yg kita ada..

hug & kiss ;)

akiratoriza said...

memang tak adil org nak judge kita dgn hanya kenal kita tak sampai 24 jam pun... sukasuki jek nak ckp memacam kat kakak angkat sy nih kan...(bila pulak akak ngaku jg kakak angkat sy kan).. hihihi... neway pepatah pun ada kata mulut tempayan blh ditutp tp mulut manusia memang tak blh, so apa yg blh kita pikikan adalah erm wat dunno jek masuk telinga kanan kuar telinga kiri... kakak jgn lak wat keputusan mcm yg akak nk wat ari tu smpi nak stop blogging lak yerk...

blog akak adalah kunjungan wajib sy every night tau...

Sizuka said...


As a cheapskate SAHM mom, I seriously wish that the "guest" wishes will come true.. hahahah.. jahat tak I? *wink*

We're not rich too, there are things that orang lain see as necessity, ie coach handbags (a friend of mine own more than 10 of those), croc shoes/sandal, designer clothes etc, I see it as expensive goods which are way beyond my cheapskate budget to own.

My kids wear bundle clothes, rejected imported clothes, pasar malam sandals. but of course la, sometimes beli jugak expensive ones but maybe once in every 1-2 years. But we invest in branded white goods, mcm k.min jugak. That's why my skates cost us more than RM1k but I bought it during cheap sale, I only had to pay RM300+. Mind you, I bought meat, mutton and chicken at 50% off kat Jusco tau.. hehe.. That's how cheapskate I am. But

Alhamdulillah, I'm very happy to be able to see the girls almost 24 hours a day except during school time. I'm thankful to Allah for that opportunity which ramai mak2 had to forgo coz they had to work. We're really lucky kan k.min? :D

ps : I think that "guess" nampak ur hubby ada rupa ala2 Brad Pitt kot that's why dia kata u're lucky to kawin dengan Mat Saleh.. hehehe.. I love this entry! :D

NoRa said...

kak LG i like ur & family prinsip..ukur baju di badan sendiri kan...hehehe saya pon amalkan macam tu..

QiStinA's said...

Betul la LG ...ramai yg ingat kita yg SAHM nie tak educated.. N sometimes pandang rendah kat org yg tak keja nie...tp die org lupa.... Semua yg kita buat kat dalam rumah nie....jaga anak, masak, kemas rumah etc...etc...kalau ikhlas, jadi ibadah kan????? Besar pahala tu....ameeen...

A~ said...

:) bravo LG!!! hugs!
u kno, when i was growing up, my brother & i slalu kena tinggal behind coz my parents had to go outstations very often. really felt like we were the unluckiest kids around where they had their mums at home to feed them, etc. sedih bila teringat kisah dulu-dulu tu. even my parents both were working at that time i guess they were working hard for a comfortable living for us adik beradik. i am a working wife myself, but i takde anak yet. i hafta go thru life without a life now and i wonder how its gonna be when i have kids. i dont want my kids to feel very left out like how me & my brothers felt when we were growing up. sedih sangat2 tau rasa cam anak terbiar & mcm2. buat masa ni with both incomes pon kami still kena berjimat-cermat coz both of us baru grad a few yrs back, plus ada mcm2 debts bcoz of others (this is another story). we dont even have our own house but so far we r happy enuf most of the time lah. in a sense half of my times i was a housewife & focus on my family coz i dah bosan with my own life yg like a rollercoaster, but that's another story jugak coz i'm still battling with my ownself yg agak mental ni.

what i'm trying here is most ppl dont realize that they have much more than what they are willing to look back kan. yes, lumrah manusia to wish for things that they dont have. and lumrah manusia jugak to envy others & slalu lupa bersyukur. but each one of us ada rezeki masing-masing. either that of jadi bini billionaire, or kawin dgn french, or inherit billions from parents and dapat travel the world tak perlu kerja, etc. semua pon ada rezeki masing2 kan. people hafta realize that each one of our life ni ada pecahan2 dia. if u choose to be a CEO of sth, u hafta sacrifice ur family- which is more precious than all the money in the world.
those people who decide to stay at home for their family are the greatest ones. they are happy.

sapa yg ckp 'jobless' tu? meh kita cili mata dia!! ehehhee.

anyways, sorry for my tooooooooo long comment here.
kalau u ada masa bleh tak email me resepi crispy waffles u. i punye asik tak jadi & asik kena buang je. (hehehehe.. jgn bosan eh dgn request i nih)
email i: aquahartz@gmail.com

thank you thank you thank youuuuu!!! hugs!!
and sila tambah azam tahun baru u to visit melbourne tahun ini :P (jijiks tak dgn demand ni?hahahahahahhaha).

double-X said...

Salam kak Min....adooii lama sungguh tak singgah rumah kak Min nih...dah renovate lagi ya?

Tiba-tiba rasa terpanggil utk memberi komen di ruangan ni...erkkk i ni pun SAHM tapi educated la jugak..and my husband prefer me to stay home and take care of the kids while he's the breadwinner of the family.I think 'jobless' is such a strong word for that. Should be toned down a lil bit...because according to him (my husband) kalau suami ada pendapatan yg lebih baik si isteri dok umah diam-diam.Kalau dua-dua keje nanti takde masa nak cakap2, nak manja2..ececehh..har har har tapi memang betul pun...

Haha, pasal branded goods yg ori I pun takde...tapi kl yg ciplak tu adalah..well at least tak la mencekik leher membelinya!

Kahwin mat salleh lucky? If u said u got the wrong mat salleh...i pulak maybe i got the wrong Arab man la kot? ahaha sebab yg I kawin ni bukan dari royal family Saudi ke Emirates ke...
Kalau tak maunya selang brapa hari ke boutique LV,Prada, Gucci tu!

Anyway kak, Happy New Year 2011 and can i add your blog to mine? baru je berjinak2 dgn blog ni setelah hampir setahun lebih buat keputusan...punyalah lama!

Kisses to the lil misses!

-Mira Marlena-

A~ said...

kalau pjg sangat ni 2nd half of it:
what i'm trying here is most ppl dont realize that they have much more than what they are willing to look back kan. yes, lumrah manusia to wish for things that they dont have. and lumrah manusia jugak to envy others & slalu lupa bersyukur. but each one of us ada rezeki masing-masing. either that of jadi bini billionaire, or kawin dgn french, or inherit billions from parents and dapat travel the world tak perlu kerja, etc. semua pon ada rezeki masing2 kan. people hafta realize that each one of our life ni ada pecahan2 dia. if u choose to be a CEO of sth, u hafta sacrifice ur family- which is more precious than all the money in the world.
those people who decide to stay at home for their family are the greatest ones. they are happy.

sapa yg ckp 'jobless' tu? meh kita cili mata dia!! ehehhee.

anyways, sorry for my tooooooooo long comment here.
kalau u ada masa bleh tak email me resepi crispy waffles u. i punye asik tak jadi & asik kena buang je. (hehehehe.. jgn bosan eh dgn request i nih)
email i: aquahartz@gmail.com

thank you thank you thank youuuuu!!! hugs!!
and sila tambah azam tahun baru u to visit melbourne tahun ini :P (jijiks tak dgn demand ni?hahahahahahhaha).

A~ said...

lupa nak tambah, this is kata-kata one of my wealthy frens yg kaya but very down to earth & tak harapkan duit parents langsung + bersusah payah like the rest of us in terms of money & expenses. She said "kita bukannye tak mampu beli those branded luxury items, but kita are wiser in managing our responsibilities & our liabilities, and definitely kita are more bersyukur ones". best kan ayat dia ni?

Nadia Dzai said...

Oh myyyy,

I tak sangka people will said SAHM tue jobless!!! (hahaha I terasa juga, because I pon FULLTIME housewife kan?)

and duduk oversea too.. cuma belum ade anak! :p and kawen ngan melayu. haha lain sikit la ye.

but, tru LG, kat sini org tak pandang pon SAHM tue sebelah mata, ppl will treat SAHM equally, like real job.

and, ape nak heran kawen mat salleh ke, sape ke, itu kan jodoh, bukannye semua mat salleh tue kayee, adoi.

Duduk oversea pon, same je.. takde beze pon.

Aswani said...

kak LG, saya jeles sbb garden kak LG lawa sangat... apasal la tgn saya tak sejuk mcm tgn kak LG! whyyyyy??? :)

Haslina said...

Salam, i have been a silent reader all this while tapi bila baca tonight's entry, rasa terpanggil pulak to contribute my two cents' worth here.. The grass is always greener on the other side.. i have followed your blog quite a while and what attracts me to be a follower is the simple life you lead.. so down to earth.. your cooking skills can match those chefs at fancy hotels.. you grow your own veggies, sew your children's dresses etc.. this inspires me to be a good mum too.. i'm not good at cooking and haven't touched a needle for so many years but there's still hope for me.. akak suka baca blog LG sebab so simple and not showing off like other people's blogs.. keep it up dear..

kak haslina

anisusan said...

Salam.Kak LG..sudah beberapa tahun saya baca blog Salam2benua ni,tak pernah tahu Kak LG ni SAHM ... gaya penulisan akak tak menggambarkan akak ni siapa.Syabas diucapkan...ramai orang fikir cetek kak ... explanation akak ni membuka mata lah...memang berbeza people who speak with or without brain...

amy mieza said...

kak LG,
Sesekali meluahkan perasaan best kan. My cita2 sekarang nak jadi SAHM jgk. Rasa mcm sgt sedih everyday nak tinggalkan baby dkt nanny. Tapi ktorg punya financial xsekukuh mana untuk bolehkan I jadi SAHM. At least kak LG nya luahan perasaan malam ni buatkan I sedar kenapa I still kena kerja wpun dlm hati nak sgt jadi SAHM. Beside the financial maybe sbb COACH, hahaha

nurul said...

salam akak,
erk..rupa2 nya ada jugak yg bg wording2 cam tu ye..

mm..saya pon pernah fikir one day bila sy kawin anti sy pon kena jadi SAHM gak..it's for our own family sake gak kan..you did such big sacrifice for them :) besar pe role akak..so yr family x tunggang langgang.

pasal kawin ngan mat saleh plak..pd sy kawin dgn org planet mana pun tp mmg jenis x ada tanggungjawab..x mo ada good understanding..hampeh juga..

gud job akak pasal makanan tu..now I do understand knapa akak bersusah payah prepare those good looking.. good taste of dishes..cam remeh kan..tabik spring lah kat akak! TAPI sgt practical.

one day (time sy dah ada family)saya pon nak buat cam akak lah (masak hebat2)..hehe..sy ni berangan je lebih..x taw berjaya ke x..

ok akak LG gud day..& smpena taun baru ni nak wish may yrlife will be blessed by Allah..u'll have such gud life & be happy with yr family ever after :)

Mazura said...

i'm a silent follower of your blog..
wsh I could be SAHM too..but somehow masih dlm kontrak kerja..as for me even gaji kita besar, satisfaction on rising your kids with your own hand is priceless xperience..selagi hub n parents kita redha dengan apa yg kita buat..itu yg terbaik. Pasai brg 2 mahal tu pada pendapat kami pulak kejam jika membeli beg tangan i.e. 40K reganya, sbb setiap apa yg kita dapat tu ada bahagian org lain yg lebih memerlukan, so better sedekah to your parents, family or org keliling yg kita tahu susah...moga Allah permudahkan kita..

ibh said...

Tabik la kak...
Oh!..Happy New Year Kak...Heee

ati_emylia said...

salam k.min,
memang bila baca kat chatbox ptg td..tekezut gak tgk Guest tu tulis mcm tuh....
emy sendiri sgt jeles dgn k.min blh masak n serve d food ala2 mcm kat 5 stars restaurant...blh bercucuk tanam...jels dgn k.syida blh g JJ sale tanpa perlu amik cuti (heheheh)...tp tulah kita kene la bersyukur dgn kehidupan yg tertulis utk kitakan.

Kak Rose said...

LG, silap besarlah kalau ingat SHAM ni jobless n x educated... kalau benar dia nak sangat jobless just quitla kan baru dia dapat rasa macam mana SHAM yg sebenarnya...

zany said...

min, terperasan jugak komen kat chat box tu. kalau u happy dengan cara hidup u dan family u, don't bother lah dengan komen tu. mungkin dia ingat u stay kat rumah takde kerja kena buat. kerja atau dok rumah, masalah tetap ada. sabar je lah.

KayNisa said...

sangat ter-inspirasi

Ayu Safieza said...

My dear sis..:) I always pray the best for you. There is no lucky kan3? Sbb You and the other half, are fated to be together, happily, understanding each other dgn izinNYA...so..noktah...

You are doing so ok......as mommy, wife, chef, motivator..awsome blogger, and latest...petani yg berjaya...hik3......caiyok3!!!

Jgn bersedih yer..nah amik ni...emmmmuah3!!! He.....:P

Flower said...

Mulut yg mcm tu mmg bagus kita tenyeh ngan cili je. ;)

Ribbon Clown said...

Dear LG, I'd quit my 'fabulous-sounded' job too just to move with my hubby in SG.

I was regretting my decision at first due to less $$, my job scope has widen 24/7 with chores and endless cooking job..hehe

but the only thing that could chase the those feelings away was the privilege to be with my son, to cater all his need, and knowing that I cud be with him instead of having those worry feeling/guilty 9-5 at work after had to leave him with the nanny.

Totally no regrets now.. :) I love my 'jobless' job now.. haha..

PatinPasta said...


I totally feel and understand everything that you've said. Tho I'm not yet married with kids, but I do get similar remarks from so-called friends back home.

Tak pe la LG, asalkan masing-masing tahu diri dan family macam mana.. sudah la, kan? Stay cheerful! :)

mamamia said...

when i read your entry, it dawns upon me that some people think kawin mat salleh is something like menang tiket loteri. they are forgetting that rezeki, jodoh and maut semua ditangan Allah. I don't blame you for being SAHM because its a noble job, mendidik anak2 amanah dari Allah. If I have the choice I would like to be SAHM too rather busting my arse doing my PHD and at the same time juggling with taking care of my 2 daughters and Mr Hubby. We have to make choice in our life and you are very lucky that your other half is supportive of you...

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

ha..ha..heran betul kan, why people nampak/tahu kita kawin orang putih terus ingat kan kita ni kaya?. Orang putih pun kena kerja lah.

I think some people just don't understand or pura pura tidak tahu.

aS_c0mei said...

ehem.first time nak komen ni.*neves*

actually kan,MEMANG ramai org yg keje ni jeles dgn SAHM atau SAHW.sebab diorg igt duduk rumah ni,duduk saja.kalau yg ada anak2,mmg takde la nak duduk saja.lain la klu yg belum ada anak.mmg la boleh tdo sukahati.ops,itu saya la!kekeke..

tapi sebenarnya,tak ramai yang mampu bertahan utk jadi SAHM ni.byk cabaran.duduk rumah lagi banyak keje.24hours non stop!except time tdo la kan.

sometimes,dah nak tidur,tapi teringat la dapur belum kemas,kain belum basuh,kain belum lipat and so on....ada je yang rasa tak siap lg.hehe...

overall,SAHM ni saya mmg tabik spring.sungguh tabah...=)

Dinas Aldi said...

Kenapa dia tulis macam tu, lain macam ja bunyinya. Sometimes I get sick & tired of people who make sweeping generalizations. Budak lagi kot yg komen tu, belum ada pengalaman hidup.

Akak cun said...

err bukan ke a mother is 24 hours job.. jobless mai mana?

TopsyTurvyMum said...

Pelik orang2 ni..
Tapi i pun bersyukur kat sini org tak look down kat SAHM.
Kalau i balik m'sia..jiran2 sedara mara sibuk la tanya i keje ke takkk..bila cakap tak, boleh jer diorg cakap balik..
"sayang belajar tinggi2 tapi tak keje. Nak beli spender pun harap duit laki"
Nampak sangat pandang rendah kat SAHM.

Alhamdulillah, kita pun hidup sederhana kat sini..sama jugak pakai kereta sampai betul2 jadi besi buruk then hantar kat scrapyard dapat $50 wahaha!. Lantak la org nak jijik ke haper.
Jadi parents zaman sekarang ni sgt mencabar, jadi kena la berkorban.

But, ada ibu yang takde pilihan terpaksa kerja sebab gaji suami sorang memang betul2 tak cukup nak hidup.

~Am said...

Kalau i, i akan cakap: lucky you to have a wonderful family, and the strength to do everything! I know jadi suri rumah can be more demanding than jadi working mom, and the lure of all the fancy dresses, etc memang agak susah nak tahan...especially for us orang pompuan ni kan...your other half is very lucky to have you.

Yumiko Yasuo said...

Salam Kak,

Saya dah tulis komen panjang. Tetiba hilang dan sekarang saya marah !

Hahaha ... Love ur blog kak !

[Malasnya nak type balik apa saya komen tadi]

Rusniza Mohd Nor said...

akak,adoii sgl2nye pnjg..komen2 n3 sume nye panjang..biarla depa nak pandang rendah gultym housewife cam kite ni ye..yg penting duduk umah duit masyuukk..kahkahkah..

caiyok kak!1

mamacomel said...

Sebenarnya kebahgiaan itu bermula dihati, bersyukur dan berterima kasih kepadanye.nafsu selalu mengoda kita..alhamdulillah u know how to control it...apa-apa pun be youself and take care of ur family..orang orang di luar ni hanya warna-warna yang mungkin mencantikkan lukisan hidup kita atau sebalikny..but u know best because ur educated SAHM. Taniah

Cikmin said...

Salam LG...topik yang sangat2 best dibaca dan ai notice u belum reply any of this comment kan..berpinar mata ai baca semuanya long comment...ai pun STAY AT HOME MOM..vangger even ai takde all the branded hanbegs..honestly ai memang kureng minat dengan beg tangan ni..SAHM ni memang sangat tough! itu je ai boleh kata...

Nana @ Muo said...


First of all mmg jenuh la nak baca but the topic so interesting so kena baca gak laa smpi habis…

Actually I really wish to be a SAHM tp ntah bila laa bleh jd SAHM… LG I assume la u blogging nie pun in ur spare time n some sort of therapy to ur neverending job at home… Bknnya jobless n having more time for blogging apa da ini orang…

tp kekadang I rasa cam bleh berangan jer la coz it’s really tough job to be a SAHM, takut I x mampu buat or boleh buat… so I really kagum n bleh bagi tabik spring kat semua SHAM x kira laaa sama ada SHAM tu highly educated or not (coz mak I x highly educated tau LG huhuhu) sbb mmg penat jd SAHM n kena byk2 bersabar then rasa cam 24hours tu pun x cukup…

LG, kita anggap jer laa org yg komen tu dia tgh depress ngan kerja n husband dia muaahhahahhahah…

Finally love ur blog n ur bebelan so much…

pizet said...

being fulltime housewife x bermaksud sebagai jobless i guess...org x kan penah puas dengan apa yang ada kan... kan...bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada mana tahu satu hari nnt semua tu dah x dak kita akan mencari2 plak

hOtMaMa said...

u are very humble la kakakkk!

love this entry!

lemongrass said...

Yellowie Roses,
Skrg ni senang nak merantau, naik aje Air Asia, hehehe ;-).
Hidup merantau ni kdg2 susah bila takde sedara mara...

Memang I rasa lagi senang tengok anak membesar dgn air tangan kita sendiri. Dah lah bila you are by yourselves, takde sedara mara around to help kan :-).
But like you said, we are happy with our lifestyle :-)

Kak Anim,
Memang kan, kita kena bersyukur dgn apa yg kita ada. Kalau asik jeles aje dgn orang lain, tak senang hidup walaupun kaya raya.
Baik tak kaya tapi hati aman damai and keluarga bahagia kan :-)

We all pun kat sini, takde jalan jauh2 mana sbb OZ ni besar kan so memang perlu ongkos banyak kalau nak travel, hehehe.
Memang bagus peribahasa 'ukur baju di badan sendiri' kan! :-)

I thought this kind of people have long gone but they are still lurking around and rear their ugly heads once in a while :-).

Thanks for the compliment. Kadang2 ada orang tu kaya raya tapi hati tak pernah happy and ramai orang tak kaya tapi sentiasa ada bunga dalam taman hati nya kan :-)

Mrs Fahmi,
Thanks for reading my blog :-).
I guess if I were in your shoes, people will still be envious of me because of the money and harta I have kan. They will still bitch about me behind my back so memang tak boleh nak tutup mulut manusia kan, hehehe.
But like you said, you are envious of my lifestyle sebab I can spend time with the girls everyday.
It would be a wonderful world if we can have lots of money but also spend time with the family anytime we like kan :-)....
Maybe one day you can have it too but hopefully with more money than us, hahahaha

rennylesa said...

hai kak LG,

after my very 1st comment tentang kak LG ber'gardening', now baru ada my 2nd comment.

This entry sangat memberi 'input' tuk sy especially regarding isu SAHM. Siapa yg tidak mau kan menjadi SAHM, jaga anak2 jaga rumah tangga..even ur highly educated. Sb tu bila baca pengorbanan kak LG, sbg SAHM, dengan takde LV, Chanel dgsbnya..(which sy yg masih single ni pun belum merasa semua tu) pendek kata hidup yg sederhana tetapi lebih dari cukup...pada sy itu sangat LUAR BIASA.

Memang perlu pengorbanan banyak lah kan...but as long as bersyukur dengan apa yg ada..pada sy itu kebahagiaan..ada rezeki lebih pasti ada lah berkat Tuhan tuk hal2 lain..

so entry ni lebih peringatan kpd sy lah rasanya...:)

keep on blogging ya..GBU...

Ayu said...

huhu...ada gak org mcm tu ek? ckp tak pakai akai ka? klu akak nak tau...kdg2 ayu rasa nak jd SAHM je.tp sbb byk hutang piutang yg perlu dibyr,so kena gakle gi keje.nak hrpkan hb...dia s'diri pun ada t.jwb lain kan.pape pun pd ayu...SAHM tak prnh rendah martabatnya.jasa dia lg besar tau! tahniah kak sbb sggup b'korban utk family akak.bravo!!!

pd yg b'kata mcm tu...b'syukurla dgn apa yg awk ada.klu nak jd SAHM semata2 nak b'blogging,mmg pendek akal la tu.jgn mare! hehe...

lina said...

salam min -abaikan jer nyamuk2 itu..

Aliza said...

salam... this entry just CALLS for loads of comments kan?

reading ur blog everyday makes me totally envious of all the time you get to spend with ur two girls. unfortunately, msia ni pun bukan murah to live in so we can't afford a single income home.

nope, SAHMs definitely DO NOT have it easy, my mom was one with 5 kids so i remember her running around all the time getting things done and making sure the kids get where they're supposed to go to on time...

the person who made the remark must have just crawled out of a hole somewhere, where she'd been spending time with jack frost or something!!

and about the bit pasal lucky to have a mat salleh husband...? WTH is THAT all about??? sangat kesian dgn org mcm tu...

u take care, i wish u and ur family all the health and happiness is 2011... :-)

Yati-M said...

Salam LG, I envy u too..sebb u pandai masak dan kreatif ok... i suka nachos .. nanti mau try letak lettuce n sour cream tu.. slalu makan dgn salsa dip sajok.. sungguh la pemalas...

and I salute SAHM.. and hoping to be one!! but I can't..

lemongrass said...

Dia ingat I duk lepak dpn PC 24 jam kot. Ye lah kan, duk rumah mana ada kerja, hahaha ;-)

Memang betul you cakap, kalau tak tahan, boleh meroyan sbb duduk rumah sorang2 with all the housework yg tak pernah sudah kan :-)

Cik Mat,
Hot nampak? hikhikhik...
Tapi kan, memang betul, suri rumah patut dpt gaji banyak sbb 24 jam asik pandang rumah aje kan :-).
Tu yg hubby I tutup mata klu tiba2 I balik bawak 'toys' baru utk kitchen, hahahha

hikhikhik....nasib baik u tak mintak goldfish goreng kan, sure I dah goreng pets budak2 ni buat jamu you :-P

tu lah kan, let them think what they want kan. As long as our family tau :-)

I guess tak ramai kot yg faham kan so like you said, takpelah diaorang nak cakap apa pun asalkan kita happy :-)

Nak buat mcm mana kan, mulut tempayan besar sgt, susah nak cari kain nak tutup, hahaha..
Komen2 mcm ni, tak buat I rasa nak tutup blog tp cuma terasa nak bagi sedas dua aje, hahaha.

Muahahaha.... gelak I baca your komen :-D.
Sama lah kita cheapskates kan but only in things that I think are not necessary.
Anak2 I pun pakai baju 2nd hand or baju Kmart. They don't mind so who cares kan.
We all tak pernah ikat perut tak cukup makan, cuma jimat in buying groceries mcm you lah. Beli masa tgh sale :-). And tak beli out of season nya veges n fruits. But they still eat a variety of good food which fill their tummies and tak pernah kena food poisoning.
We are definitely very lucky :-D

Ramai yg tak tau nak ukur baju di badan sendiri, tu yg bangkrap lah, hutang keliling pinggang lah.
But Alhamdulillah, kita sedar kan duit kita banyak mana, hehehe

Tu yg I kdg2 malas nak balik M'sia or jumpa M'sians kat sini sbb fikiran diaorang yg pandang rendah kat SAHM ni. I selalunya buat bodoh aje ;-)

Thanks for the hugs :-). btw, I dah email you the recipes a few days ago, probably in your junk folder kot?
I pun may parents both worked but luckily as teachers so ada masa to spend time with us after school cuma they were always exhausted lah.
Like you said, rezeki masing2 kan. As long as you are happy, tak dengki khianat dgn rezeki orang, you'll have a good life.
Sape tak nak duit banyak kan. I wish I ada duit banyak jugak but money doesn't grow on trees so you have to balance it just right :-).
I like what yr friend said, it is so true!
My hubby pun ckp mcm tu, bukan tak boleh beli but we would rather spend the money wisely.

Salam. Wah...lama sungguh you 'menghilang' :-).
Kita samalah kan. I tak dpt Mat Saleh ala2 Bill Gates kayanya and you tak dapat Arab anak Saudi royalty, hikhikhik ;-).
Kalau tak, boleh kita jumpa2 sambil laga2 pipi kat butik Prada n Jimmy Choo kan :-)
I'll add yr blog to mine too :-)

Memang kan, orang kat sini tak look down on SAHM because they know yg a lot of times, we choose to be a SAHM kan so we could be with the family.

blu4sky said...

LG...you jobless ke..i think your guest shud read your "About Me"...berapa banyak jawatan you pegang..a multitasking Professional

lemongrass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yujin said...

Salam, hi and morning wishes to you. Tak kisah lah apa org nak kata, as long u live peacefully and happily ever after is more than enoungh kan? Blissful dng apa yg ada, anyway, ure foods do looks good and tempting. Did try and my family love it so much. Especially yg choc cover with coconuts (apa nama??).

Actually 1st thing I'll do, surf your blog bila sampai office....hehe. Interesting to know abt the food and your 2 little missus and the Other Half too.... something to cheer up my day kat office and motivate me to do something good like u do....

Take care and Happy Belated New Year 2011... :p

Nana Sidek (Kak N) said...

LG, it does happened to me..sebabnya I ni SAHM....sedara-mara from my hubby's side memang betul2 look down on me... Then one of his cousin yang tahu what was my occupation before I became a SAHM told them....ha...barulah nak terhegeh buat baik.....

lemongrass said...

hehehe...garden I skrg dah banyak botak sbb nak ganti seedlings lain pulak :-)

Kak Haslina,
Thansk for the compliments and for reading my blog.
Dulu I pun tak pandai masak and tak pandai jahit but bila dah ada family and living on 1 income, I have to learn semua lah sbb tak nak bagi my family feels left out.
Memang lah banyak yg we can;t have but so far we are happy with what we have.
Kalau asik fikir the grass is greener on the other side, memang tak aman lah hati I kan :-)

I guess my blog ni selalunya revolves around our dinners, the girls and the garden. Tu yg tak banyak pasal I eh, hehehe

hehehe...I kdg2 suka buat N3 luahan perasaan ni sbb nak make people understand hidup I kan. Kalau tak, diaorang ingat I ni kaya raya, kerja duk rumah goyang kaki aje, hikhikhik ;-).
Good luck with your Coach azam :-)

Biasalah kan orang memang akan ckp macam2 kalau tak paham pasal hidup kita. Tu yg sekali sekala kena buat explanation panjang berjela2, hehehe.
Now you know why I masak all those dinners :-).
Thanks for the wish...Amin...

Salam. Thanks for reading my blog.
Betul you cakap, as long as our hubby and family understand us, cukup lah kan.
I pun rasanya tak tergamak nak spend even 1k on handbag yang cuma I aje boleh pakai sorang. Kalau handbag tu 1 keluarga boleh pakai, takpelah jugak kan, hehehe.
Baik I guna duit tu buat bayar mortgage :-)

hehehe. Hah kau, panjang berjela I tulis :-)

Salam.Agaknya guest tu ingat I ni perempuan simpanan kot, bergelumang dgn duit every second, hehehe.
Patutnya dia bersyukur ada duit setiap masa :-).

Kak Rose,
betul tu. Tu yg I suggest ke dia, quit aje lah her job and cuba rasa hidup as SAHM ni :-)

Ramai jugak orang fikir yg SAHM ni takde kerja langsung kan. But we are happy :-)

sgt terinspirasi tak nak jadi SAHM ke sbb dah tau susah nya, hehehe ;-)

Thanks for your prayers.
Kita memang kena bersyukur dpt suami yg memahami kan and Allah dah bagi rezeki yg cukup buat kita.
Muaaaaahhhhhhhh for u too :-)

hahaha...rumah I banyak pokok cili :-P

so very true what you said. Meman glah rasa depressed as first sbb less money and suddenly feeling overwhelmed with the amount of house chores you need to do.
But bila dapat jaga your own kids esp masa diaorang tgh sakit, rasa berbaloi all the sacrifice we make kan.

Mulut orang memang susah nak tutup kan. Kita happy, diaorang tak happy but bila kita sedih, tak pulak diaorang nak tolong kadang2, hehehe

I guess they think all Mat Salehs kaya mcm Bill Gates kot, hehehe. If only kan ;-).
I'm lucky sbb my hubby is very understanding and him being a Mat Saleh is the way Allah made him, not the major reason I married him.

hahaha....orang putih macam Bill Gates pun kena kerja awal2 dulu kan. Maybe lah our orang putihs one day will be kaya like Bill Gates, hehehe

Dah hilang neves you? hikhikhik.
SAHM pun banayk cabaran nya kan esp mcm you kata, asik teringat all the hosue chores yg tak siap lagi ni.
Mcm skrg ni lah, sambil taip ni, sambil I ingat bilik mandi n toilet yg nak kena cuci tu, hehehe

Some people memang susah sikit nak broaden their minds sbb asik iri hati or tak senang aje dgn hidup orang kan :-0

shiori_LA said...

wah ni memang entry luahan perasaan nih...ya sometimes orang nih tak berada di tempat kita dia boleh kata n tulis macam2 kan.....apapun i setuju dengan pendapat u...sepatutnya dia lebih utamakan nak spend time with family....dari dia kata nak berblogging...eh u faham tak apa i kata nih hmmm.....

lemongrass said...

Akak Cun,
jobless mai tak duduk kat ofis lah agaknya eh, hehehe. Padahal kiranya 1 rumah tu our ofis kan! :-)

Memang kan, bila balik M'sia mesti ada mulut yg berbunyi sampai kdg2 geram betul. For them, duit tu yg mendatangkan kebahagiaan and tergila2 nak buat duit sampai takde kat rumah langsung.
I pun bersyukur dgn hidup tak bnyk duit ni, so far, takdelah sampai mengemis, and cukup makan pakai tempat tinggal :-).

Memang kdg2 bila tengok orang bergaya sakan pergi kerja, terasa jugak nak join the rat race.
Tapi bila tengok anak2, kesian pulak rasanya and hati terubat duduk kat rumah jadi SAHM :-)

alahai siannya you. Dah habis marah? :-)

hehehehe...tu lah kan, bukannya kita hidup susahkan diaorang kan. Asalkan kita happy and duit still masuk walaupun tak banyak mcm diaorang :-)

memang betul apa yg u cakap, kebahagiaan bermual dr hati. Kalau kita asik iri hati dgn orang lain, kaya raya mcm mana pun, still tak senang jugak hidup kan.
Sentiasa bersyukur dgn apa yg kita ada :-)

Salam. I pun tgh sakit jari nak jawab all the comments ni. Kena postpone sekejap nak basuh toilet n bilik mandi tu, hahaha.

thanks sbb sudi baca bebelan berjela2 I ni, hahaha.
SAHM ni ada bnyk kerja tp kdg2 orang tak nampak sbb takde gaji masuk every month, takde bosses we answer to, takde conferences or meetings yg kena pergi, takde work colleagues kan :-).
Like you said, blogging ni a therapy for me. As long as I tak neglect my duties to Allah, hubby n kids, no one should question it :-)

memangh betul tu, bersyukur lah banyak2 hari2 with what we have kan selagi ada :-)

thank you :-)

Sgt2 true apa yg you tulis. Banyak pengorbanan nak jadi SAHM ni esp bila tengok orang lain pakai LV, Prada, Coach and kita pakai handbags takde nama, hehehe.
Rezeki ada di mana2 as long as you bersyukur and He will give you your fair share :-)

Memang ramai orang mcm ni but biasalah kan, I buat bodoh aje slalunya.
Dia ingat best sgt ke duk depan PC berblogging hari2 ni, sakit bontot weh kalau dudk lama2 ni, hehee

Salam. I buat bodoh aje sbb I ni kan SAHM, hehehe ;-)

Salam. When there's lots of comments, penat jari I nak membalas, hehehe.
But maybe like you said, the 'guest' obviously have just come out of hiding somewhere and haven't been reading any news or any isi semasa lately.
I'm a bit lucky kot sbb cuma ada 2 kids so tak pening sgt nak fikir about everything. Your Mum sure super duper organised kan sbb ada 5 kids! :-).
I'm lucky to have a hubby like him but Mat Saleh or not, doesn't come into it...

Nachos sgt sedap makan dgn sour cream sbb mmgn sugguh lemak, hehehe

all my 'jobs' tu tak boleh di kira lah sbb not 'real' jobs kalau ikut that guest, hahhaa.

Thanks for reading my blog and I'm glad boleh menceriakan hari2 you kat office tu :-).
Memang betul, as long I family I happy and we all tak kacau orang, lantaklah kan diaorang nak fikir apa. But kdg2 kena explain jugak sambil bagi sedas dua, hehehe

Kak Nana,
tu yg kadang2 I tension, kita kena explain to them what we did before we became a SAHM baru diaorang respect kat kita kan. Nampak sgt tak ikhlas! Tu yg for me, if they want to be my friends, they hv to accept and respect me as I am :-)

lemongrass said...

tu lah yg I heran nya. Kalau dia envy kat I sbb dia nak spend time dgn family lebih2 bila 'jobless', I memang faham sgt2 lah. Ini sbb nak spend time berblogging.
Memang i tak paham, hehehe

Liz Rohaizat said...

hoh, sape kacau kak min saya nie?

kita taktau la maksud sbnr dia tapi tu la.. bila guna perkataan JOBLESS, bunyi mcm envy je. saya rasa dia kena khatam baca blog akak, pastu baru boleh buat apa2 statement.

jgn layan la kak. saya suka blog nie. rajin akak update sampaikan saya tak perlu masukkan dlm my bloglist sbb confirm setiap kali masuk, ada new entry (melainkan akak pergi travel).

saya nak buat satu request la kak. sebab gambar makanan akak sgt la sedap mata memandang dan sbb my hubby suka makanan mcm tu, boleh tak akak bg link/resipi nya sekali? hehehe...

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty LG,
Bravo! My Mama's been wishing that she's a SAHM too. But duty calls, she said, including enough dough to feed six of us. We're praying that she'll slow down a bit. Dah tua.... purrrr....meow!

Bint Lazim said...

memalukan betol kalau a woman fikir mcm tu. i personally think housewife is the greatest job a woman can have. (cita cita teragung saya tu tapi kenalah ada house dulu hahahaha)

and definitely, helo igt nak jadi housewife tak payah belajar tinggi tinggi lah?

emo terlebih dari akak da ni hahaha ampun!

norshuhadahmohdzin said...

hai kak,biarlah diorg nak cakap ape2 kat akak,asalkan akak tau ape yang akak buat kan...
tapi yang jobless tu mmg tak patut cakap mcm tu,die tak baca ke apa yang akak tulis dekat about me tu...hikhik :)
you are not a jobless but you are superwoman kak.

Liasari said...


i pity whoever dat person yg drop such msg kat mailbox u. he/she must have a more difficult life yg klu dia bleh ckp mcm tu kat u just by taking 1 look at ur blog. dah sah lah dia x kenal u. maaf kan jelah.

personally i pun rasa marah, sbb his/her msg implies that mcm lah org2 yg kawin mat salleh ni mmg sesaja aim nak kawin mat salleh so that bleh hidup senang lenang, x yah keje bleh blogging je. dia lupa kat oz bukannya bleh ambil maid sesuka hati mcm kat m'sia ni. he/she is so ignorant dia x nak ambil tahu yg berapa ramai australian mum yg quit job to become SAHM bcoz they can;t afford to sub tanggungjawab kat org lain.
susah kita dia tak tau, takkan nak merungut psl kesusahan kita sepjg masa dlm blog ye tak?
janganlah cakap ikut sedap mulut je. go n get a life lah sibuk jaga tepi kain org.

anyway, i salute u coz cool je x marah2... tabik springgg

afid said...

jadi surirumah educated ok sangat oke! sebab boleh ajar anak2 kat rumah. i wish i pon boleh jadi surumah jugak, tapi mcm tak cukup je kan sensorang..hahha..

Suzie said...

OMG i ni kalo boleh nak duduk rumah jaga anak sendiri tau...lg puas hati anak dpt kita tgk depan mata n uruskan sendiri tp impossible n i'm trying hard to live within my means,tau je la keluar rmh sket semua guna duit,skrg RM50 mmg tak terasa sgt

kucingorengemok said...

eh banyaknya komen? hehehe (i nyibuk tumpang sekaki)

Rahmath @Anak_Mami said...

Hi Min,

Assalamualaikum..I dah lama tak tinggalkan comment sbb malas..ha..ha..but I never miss a single entry tau. Anyway rasa terpanggil tulis hari ini after seeing that distasteful comment on your chatbox.
I so admire SAHM..bcoz not everyone is cut out to be one. It is a thankless job (bcoz everyone thinks itu kan kerja pmpn), no salary, no MC, no Annual Leave...kan ? But the blessings are abundant. My sister is just like you...and alhamdullilah she loves her role to be close to her 3
kids. I kadang2 fikir I boleh jadi SAHM tak ? Insya Allah I mmg aim to be just that. but meanwhile my dear, chin up and be proud of all your achievements. I envy jugak..bab yg u pandai masak jer tau...
Take care,

amirah said...

seriously envy dgn your life sebab i wish i have more time at home. sebab kerja tapi hati tak senang sebab tinggalkan anak. ni kalau keje dahlah penat kat opis, balik rumah apa pun tak bleh buat sbb penat..waaa

when the night light is off said...

Dear LG

Today you really open a can of worms again. I agreed with you. By tomorrow your comment box will be overloaded. Sure U already prepared. Bravo!

Quite some times I did not leave any foot print here. Today I have to.

Me too, was SHAM for 12 years and understood how you feel. People perception, nothing U can change about them. Becoming SHAM, however tired you are, nobody realised, only God knows.

However, when my youngest son aged 5, I am now back to work, still strugling but I managed. Have own money but I still miss something..
If I am not strong I won't stay in this rat races world. The cost of living is increasing every year.

Don't worry when your little misses are able to look after themselves, may be U could think again to find a decent job with your qualification. Be patient.

The most important your husband & children is well taken care off.

zeta said...

well said kak LG..
i adore u bab masak2 ni..nmpk mcm makanan restoran gitew..

Chevy said...

Sabar je la. Sebenarnya memang ramai yang jeles tgk org bahagia. Tapi jeles bab kawin ngan orang putih ni sebenarnya boleh lihat in positive way. ye sbb kita tak mampu tambat hati Mat saleh in which you succeeded. teruskan berbloging dan update us on your daily activities. Seronok dan boleh memotivasikan diri esp kebun sayur u tu.

Mama Eimanzz said...

jeles la tu sebab tak dpt pasangan mat salleh.. hehe

btw, angah.. send recepi beef nanchos ke nana @ mrsshamsul@gmail.com

OmarMaznah7 said...

LG, I have been your silent reader this is probably yr 80th comments, Mungkin tak larat baca dah. I must say this to you - orang utara kat "Biak pi" with that comment on SHAM. Continue with what you are doing - insyaAllah, your pahala is greater as you do all these for your other half and your children. Remember, we are all answerable to Allah not any other forms (Note:I did'nt use the word human-you know the reason!). Am a SHAM too.

Izan Ashley said...

Kak... Terharu sy baca apa yang akak tulis nie...seriously.. semoga akak berbahagia selalu... Biarpun hidup kita sederhana, tetapi asalkan kita bahagia dgn apa yang kita ada, sudah memadai.

sarasofia said...

sis, i'm oso SAHM, tho like u said educated..ahaks (bukan riak tp benar kan sis..) we sacrificed a lot of things.. u've list down.. n i agree wit that..

stress?? SAHM lebih stress but it depends on how u manage the stress.. true like wat u say.. kalau pasal budgeted all the things, have to do till my munchkins dah faham tho she still 2yrs old.. but alhamdullillah.. bersyukur apa yg ada..

yenyenstory said...

pedulikan apa org kata...yg penting kita bahagia...

alynna said...

Hadoila kak oi jenuh nk scroll ke bawah ni tapi nk gak komen sebab my wishlist nk jd SAHM br tercapai start new year aritu.banyak org mcm look down gak kt saya.biasala kan mentaliti org kita tapi takpe..yg penting kita tau nape kita decided nk jd sahm.most of my reasons rasanya sama dgn apa yg akak dah tulis kt atas dgn pjg lebar tu.

ummi said...

wayy to go SAHM! i am temporarily being one now and enjoying every second of it, albeit not earning my own salary. rasa dah malas nak kerja balik.

n.a.n.i.e said...

kak min,

setau saya, being SAHM ia a noble job.. bkn calang2 org leh buat tuh.. kene sacrifice byk bende.. sy pun lom mampu nk jd SAHM neh.. huhu..

term jobless tuh sgt tak sesuai.. agaknye org tuh jeles kot ngn akak.. ade je new entry tiap kali die bukak blog akak.. hehe..

vivien_capri said...

takpe la akak, Guest tu sebenarnya nak kawin ngan mat salleh kot sebab nak dapat anak yg kiut miut mcm the Little Misses :D

keep the positive energy coming :D

Jue Fauzi said...

Hailah..ada LV tapi tak bahagia..for what? yg penting anak-anak and hubby are very well looked after.
Happy New Year!!hehe..don't mind others who in denial...hehehe..cheers.

lemongrass said...

Agaknya lah kan, dia tersilap guna perkataan 'jobless' tu. Maybe dia guna direct Google translation kot, hehehe.
Makanan I kebanyakannya tak ikut recipe, I pakai campak2 aje tu yg kdg2 memang bila nak tulis recipe I dah terlupa. But I can put a link to a good recipe yg similar :-)

Cat in Sydney,
If yr Mama becomes a SAHM, you 6 will get cuddles the whole day and night long, isn't that fun? ;-).

Hahahaha...bagus bagus. Emo lebih2 utk I ye sbb I malas dah nak emo dgn orang mcm ni :-).
Biasalah, sure dia gaji tinggi habis so SAHM mcm I ni kira nya so lowly lah :-)

Kadang2 orang ni cuma dtg my blog sekali aje but terus bagi 'kritikan' sbb they like causing waves :-).

I jadi SAHM sbb itu yg paling terbaik for us at teh time being. Susah weh klu takde maid, takde family around and childcare mahal sgt2 ni :-)

Kalau we all duduk M'sia pun rasanya memang tak boleh jadi SAHM kot sbb cost of living kat M'sia mmng sgt2 tinggi kan.

tu yg I jawab pelan pelan, jari dah tua kan, hahahah

Hehehe....Kalau I nak pikat Mat saleh just for the money, takdelah I kahwin my hubby masa students yg sengkek habis tu kan :-).
Betul tu, childcare cost kat sini sgt lah mahal nya and mana boleh ada maid unless you are super rich. Tu yg I would rather jadi SAHM. At least I know my kids are well looked after kan :-).
Like my hubby said, tak guna marah2 sbb that person is no one to me, buang air liur aje marah ke dia, hehehehe....

lemongrass said...

Long time no hear from you :-). How are you?
I yg dah laam jadi SAHM ni pun kdg2 naik gak darah and rasa tension sgt2 dgn everything.
But bila you are always there when the kids need you, rasa berbaloi jadi SAHM ni :-)

tu lah kan, dulu pun I mcm tu. Pergi kerja tapi hati tak senang esp bila anak demam n kita tak dpt cuti. Sedih aje kan.
Skrg ni I boleh jaga the girls anytime ;-)

When the night light is off,
Memang if I do N3 luahan hati, banyak comments yg dtg. But Alhamdulillah, everyone seems to think I wrote the right thing.
Susah kan when you can't do anything with people's perception ni as though SAHMs ni 1 kerja yg rendah sgt2 tarafnya.
One day insyaAllah when they are big and can look after themselves, I can go out again :-)

thanks :-). That's why I kena masak ala2 restoran so the girls n hubby tak rasa asik nak keluar makan kat restoran aje, hahaha

Maybe kot kan, that 'guest' dari dulu cuba ngurat Mat Saleh kot tapi tak dapat ;-).
Cubalah ngurat Mat Saleh tak kaya, sure dapat nya, hahahaha ;-)

Recipe tu Angah main campak2 aje but nanti Angah email recipe yg lebih kurang ye!

InsyaAllah, ganjaran kita jadi SAHMs ni dapat terus dari Dia kan. Memang orang yang tak tau akan mengata, biaq pi lah kan, hehehe

Ann said...

Kak, saya ni silent reader akak tapi hari ni terpanggil utk memberi komen.

I dream of becoming a SAHM, believe me, after 10 yrs of working in the office 9-5, my ultimate dream is to become a SAHM so that I can spend more time with my 3 kids... And just to brag a bit (sorry ya ;)) I am a law graduate from UK, ok... Take care.


AnimNaim said...

Salam...saya salah seorang silent reader yg dah lama baca blog akak...saya harap akak janganlah merajuk ye sampai buat blog ni private....janganlah sebab sorang tu, akak merajuk...hehehe...nanti tak de port nak lepak2...

thestorybooklove.com said...

I got that same comment regarding "lucky kawen mat saleh" over and over again sampai dah mls nak layan haha I love reading your blog and I love the fact that you are a stay at home mom. And homecooked meals are better than eating out anyway :) your kids are so very lucky. I can only wish I'd be as good as you are with managing the household when we finally have our own kids :)


lemongrass said...

Terharu ke? Part mana? hehehe ;-). Orang ingat kita SAHM ni sbb hubby kaya raya, tu yg tak kerja but in my case, memang jauh panggang dr api :-).

Skrg ni makin ramai educated women yg made the choice to be a SAHM kan but some people still ingat SAHM ni lowly just because kita tak bergaya gila2 mcm nak pergi kerja, hehehe.
Stress memang banyak esp bila fikir bab duit but rezeki tu Allah yg bagi so insyaAllah adalah part utk kita kan.

Kak Sofea,
as long as kita n family kita bahagia, dah cukup kan :-)

hahahaha...I pun penat gak nak scroll sampai bawah ni ;-).
Welcome to the club gak, Rus ada lah kawan ye :-). Kat M'sia lah yg slalu orang pandang rendah kan! Takpe, asalkan kita tak susah kan diaorang kan.

awal2 berenti kerja, memang rasa tak senang but bila tengok our kids membesar depan mata makan apa yg kita masak, rasa berbaloi. And memang rasa 'malas' nak start kerja balik kan :-)

I guess dia ingat klu kerja takde gaji ni kira bukan officially berkerja lah kan so obviously jobless, hehehe.
Padahal kerja sentiasa ada, cuam kdg2 boleh postpone aje lah n takde dateline ;-)

hahahahaha... dia kena cari Mat Saleh yg kaya lah or else terpaksa jadi mcm I kan ;-)

Some people equate LV=being happy, hehehe. But I lagi suka tengok my hubby n kids senyum sentiasa n well balanced dr ada LV. Kalau kaya, boleh lah I ada dua2 kan, hehehe....

Same with me. After working 5 years kerja tak tentu with unpaid overtime and masa with cuti pun tak tentu, terus burnt out. But my profession definitely wasn't law :-).
Luckily I migrated here, so now I'm happier with the family walau takde banyak duit, hehehe.

lemongrass said...

Oh, I definitely tak merajuk pasal that 'guest'. But kdg2 memang kena explain part2 mcm ni kat orang so orang faham yg we all bukan orang kaya raya, hehehe...

How are you? How was your trip to the States?
I guess they've been watching to much TV or seen to many Mat Saleh tourists and CEOs kat M'sia, tu yg ingat all Mat Salehs are wealthy and so lucky dpt tangkap sorang ;-).
InsyaAllah, you will be a good Mum n wife for your family. You just have to believe in your abilities :-).

~Am said...

lagi satu lupa nak citer, I know one couple, both of them work in oil & gas, but different companies la... the wife got posted ke Holland, and the hubby volunteered to take a career break to take care of their 3 little kids to be SAH-father...yelah, sebab childcare cost kat sana kan mahal...

Zaitun said...

Masa kak Zai bekerja dulu banyak masaalah,rumah lintang pukang anak2 tak tentu arah semua harapkan pembantu tapi bila kak Zai dah jadi suri rumah sepenuh masa semuanya teratur.
Tak semestinya holiday oversea,beli barang yang ada brand baru kata kita kaya memadai segala keperluan yang hubby mampu kita dapat,itu pun dah syukur alhamdulillah.

lemongrass said...

My hubby pun kata he would like to be a SAHD one day but the girls say, "Nooooooo!!!!!". hahahaha...

Kak Zai,
Kat sini memang tak boleh dpt maid lah unless you are quite rich so tu yg lagi baik jadi SAHM. InsyaAllah, semua terurus :-).
Alhamdulillah lah so far, we all dpt live comfortably :-)

Unaizah said...

Just ignore that person's comments. Dia ingat dia siapa nak judge hidup orang lain. Nak kata dia mean well tp nada tulisannya mcm tak. Nobody knows what's going on in our lives. Org pandai bercakap je, yg menanggung kita sendiri.

ma'chiks said...

salam, oh I,m left behind by one posting..thought what fuss all about..SHAM problem ye, so when I read through out, ohh I'm in your shoes jugak..at one time I was so depressed the thought of ppl looked down on me bcos m jobless. in actual I chose to be 'jobless' though wit B.A n M.A n after many yrs with job..end of the day my growing children gained with 'my investment'.my other half could work in peace...I just give a damn to all these material things. I go thru' my life just as yours...happy with my family

My New Life Begin.. Be a good Wife, daugther , Eldest sister and Future Moms.. said...

akak.. bestlah kak .. bagi i semangat baca entry akak.. i pon jobless jg tp got MBA yek kekeke.. , now i become housewife walaupun previously berkerja kontrak, dan betul tu kak.. tak semestinya jd housewife tu takle jana pendapatan.. now im working jual sambal via online. then every tuesday pasar malam , i jual laksa penang. Alhamdulillah still earn money.. setakat nak beli coach and LV tu.. better beli 3AAA fake, ok apa, mak datin pon ada gak yg beli.. apa2pun bergayala mengikut duit, takkanle nak bawak lv & coach just kat pekan2.. simple maah.. janji hati senang.. ok apa.. ngeee sekadar luahan rasa jg..

Yan said...

very well said! ;))

pulut coco said...

Hi kak LG,

i selalu jadikan u idola sebab i tk pandai masak lg,belum praktis.tp tempting tengok presentation dishes akak.

i rasa org yang komen tu tak bermaksud u JOBLESS dalam ertikata jobless.i think dia maksudkan u tak payah bekerja.

Mungkin vocab english dia limited.

Sabihah said...


selalunye jd silent reader je tp arini terasa nak komen plak..tanak komen panjang2 sbb sume poin2 dah sume org ckp...

yang penting, kita hepi n tak menyusahkan sape2..selagi tak menyalahi agama, takyah pk2...

sy pun teringin nak jg anak..nak buat sume keje rumah...but, xbleh sbb sy keje...hubby blum mmpu nak tampung kami satu family..tp takpe..kami masih bahagia..itu yang lebih penting kan??^_^

ummi_D said...

thanx kak sekurang2nya terbuka sket mata supaya tk pandang rendah pada diri sendiri yg juga SAHM. bukan bermaksud kita kena meninggi diri tapi sentiasa bersyukur dgn dgn apa yg kita ada dan happy...

Netnet said...

cemana i terlepas this entry arr??
betul laa tu, kalau u pandai masak yang sedap2, buat apa nak eating out kan... nak nak lagi kalau jenis yang family besar... satu orang makan RM40.00, kalau 4 orang makan dgn kos yang sama, cemana? so better beli jer bahan mentah then masak kat rumah...

dulu masa i ada suami... kita orang selalu buat mcm ni, beli bahan mentah, masak dan makan kat rumah... RM100.00 mcm2 boleh beli kat giant... daging mentah steak kat giant imported from australia yang ada 4 ketul baru RM11.00...

mcm i contoh laa kan..sekarang ni, mulut i sorang jer nak dimakan, masak pun malas, optional yang i ada, makan kat luar laaa...nak masak yang best2 mcm u, memang tak terbuat, bukan tak reti tapi MALAS..

Jun said...

salam mynn..waaahhhhh, dah lama x jalan2 sini...smpai2 aje, hah! ambik ko! luahan ati mynn..hahahha.
agreed, org kat m'sia ni pandang rendah kat SAHM ni...dulu2 rasa malu jugak tau nak ckp, m not working..dok rumah aje..tp dah lama2 ni, m proud to say..i'm SAHM but not jobless lah...in fact i have more work than others..m everything tau...dr menteri smpai lah maid, sume i. i have my own income...plus bonus...when hbby get 'em, walaupon x mewah...wakakakaka.i think my life is good oredi..no need to buy all the things yg x pkai tu just to show off? pssst! kalau u dtg umah i pon..jgn terkejut.everything biasa2 aje...rumah comel j..enuff for my small family..heheh

lemongrass said...

tu lah, at first I ingat dia meant well tapi bila baca 2-3 kali, macam menyindir aje pulaknya kan :-).

memang betul tu, bila I balik M'sia aje mesti rasa stressed sbb mulut orang tak boleh tutup.
Padahal I bukannya tak kerja, jaga rumah tangga tu kiranya kerja yg berat sgt2 lah kan! Sbb semua kita kena buat :-)

My New Life begin,
Biasalah some people ingat kalau jadi SAHM ni, memang takde berpelajaran lah tu.
Bukannya kita tak boleh beli Coach tu kan, tapi baik guna duit tu buat beli benda lain, hikhikhik...

thanks :-)

you sentiasa bersangka baik ye? hehehe... bagus bagus ;-).
I pun first baca rasa mcm ok lagi, tapi bila 2-3 kali baca, rasa mcm dia menyindir aje, hehehe.

Memang betul tu, as long as kita happy and tak menyalahi agama and yang penting tak kacau orang kan.

Selalunya orang lain yg pandang rendah pada kita SAHM ni kan. Tapi as long as hubby n family senang hati bila tengok kita kat rumah, memang berbaloi kerja kita :-)

Itu yg my hubby cakap. Dia kata kdg2 tak sampai hati nak keluarkan duit nak eat out sbb dia kata I boleh masak as good as those restaurants.
Slalunya we all pun beli bahan mentah yg best2 and masak sendiri kat rumah. Terjamin selamat semuanya kan :-).
Tapi, klu I jadi u duk sorang2 kat M'sia pulak tu, memang malas sikit lah nak masak, hehehe

Orang kat M'sia klu kita kata kita SAHM, diaorang ingat hubby mesti datuk2 kaya raya or kita tak berpelajaran kan. Tu yg kdg2 malas betul I nak balik M'sia, hikhikhik.
I pun walaupun SAHM tp ada my own CC, hahaha.
My house pun semuanya biasa2 aje dlm ni. Memang tak kan dpt masuk dlm Anjung Seri lah :-)

Rashidah Ibrahim said...

LG, my comment pula, fuuh kagum..panjang gila orang comment, N3 ni.. nampaknya ramai juga yang jeles dan teringin nak jadi SAHM...

ShaZa's said...

LG, whatever it is, your cooking looks yummyyyyyyyyyyyy...and I wish that i also can cook like you hehehehe. Org yg ckp tu mungkin br baca blog LG kot..Saya pun kalau diikutkan nk jd SAHM gekk..tp memandangkan commitment yg ade...fuhhhh..tak terlaksana daa.. but maybe one day la kot...(bila smpi day tu pun xtau lah hehehe)

lemongrass said...

Kak Rashidah,
bila ada N3 hot ni, memang selalunya ramai yg comment but Alhamdulillah, semua comment baik2 n positive2 belaka :-)

Thanks for the compliment. Most of my cooking ni memang banyak trial and error lah. Nasib baik masa banyak error, orang2 rumah ni makan jugak the food, hehehe

cik sidah said...

i want to be like u one day...huhu jd SAHM with brain...

so impressive akak sanggup korbankan masa depan demi utk family.....

saya...cuba nak alih angin ke tempat baru....migrate to new place....either local or obercs...tapi...hati ni tak kuat nak buat...

lemongrass said...

Cik Sidah,
I guess bila dah ada family ni, masa depan anak2 kena fikir sama so kira satu family kena sama2 berkorban lah to make sure everyone is happy :-). Alhamdulillah, so far, everyone is happy, hehee

echah_syed said...

LG...dah byk kali masuk sini dan teringin jugak nak komen :)

i pun SAHM sekarang selepas kawin.i tak rasa rendah diri pun sebab i sama jugak macam kawan-kawan yg kerja.wiken atau cuti sem kami akan keluar makan dan pergi bercuti.

i rasa lebih bertuah dari kawan-kawan yg bekerja kerana i boleh didik anak-anak sendiri dan melihat dorang membesar didepan mata.

sehingga adik beradik i cakap i lebih bertuah dari dorang yg kena bekerja diluar pastu balik rumah pun bekerja lagi sebagai surirumah.

syukur pada tuhan kerana rezeki i dimurahkan dan perjalanan hidup i dipermudahkan.25 tahun i duduk dirumah menjaga famili...ALLAH swt anugerahkan seorang suami yg sgt caring dan anak-anak yg baik dan berjaya dlm pelajaran.

sesungguhnya jgn risau dan rendah diri menjadi SAHM kerana bila kita berbuat baik kpd suami dan famili,ALLAH swt akan beri berganda pahala dan insyaALLAH kejayaan akan jadi milik kita.percayalah!

teringat kata-kata suami mula-mula kami kawin dulu~ "abg sangat bertuah dibandingkan dgn kawan-kawan abg kerana bila abg balik kerja,cuci tangan terus makan" :)

suami i pun rajin menolong dirumah.hari sabtu mmg turn dia ke dapur buat breakfast dan jemur pakaian.i tak suruh pun tapi dia mmg ringan tulang.alhamdulilah.

sori LG komen pnjg sgt...at least i dapat share dgn u pasal SAHM ni.tq

my little family & kaftanbatik said...

LG, apa kena minggu ni ekk? rsnya minggu org jeles kot. MA pun kn mcm tu gak..apa yg kita tulis semua xkena.. sakan dikomennya.. xphm betul kan? aurat la, etc la..fitnah la.. ntah apa2..
geramnya pasal..MA balas balik je komen owg tu.. emm..ckp mcm xde otak plak depa ni..

klu xsuka jgn la bc kan?
xoxo... anyway..abaikan spesis mcm tu..apa2 pun i like ur blog very much dear.. :-)

Aracy Flavia said...

well said! i loike :DD

NurAqilah said...

Very honestly written & I admire you. I'm going to be a housewife soon. Hope that everything goes well:)

kak ina kl (1) said...

ishhh dia dengki dengan kamu tu lg sebab anak kamu lawa dari anak dia...al maklumlah anak kacukan..

pedulilah kata orang..janji kita happy berblog dan kerja rumah semua beres

Menaka D said...

How true!
I am married to a "mat salleh" too and everyone thinks I'm soooo lucky and that he must be very very rich. That I must be very very rich for marrying a mat salleh with loads of money. Redundancy:P

Aha! That is not the case. We got married right after my husband finished his studies and then we had a baby and then another baby (I'm secretly planning for another one, I want a GIRL!!!:P). I am a SAHM so there's only my husband's income to support us.

We are very much alike (you and me)and my husband and I buy mostly second hand stuff (they're way cheaper and most are in good quality), we don't buy luxurious/branded clothes etc (I'm happy with Walmart:P).

It is very upsetting when people think I'm rich because my husband is a mat salleh. I'm lucky yes, because he's just a wonderful wonderful friend and a husband and he loves me so much. And being white skin has got nothing to do with it.