Saturday, 19 May 2012

Our own four-eyed metal-mouth geek ^__^

Miss 13 has been seeing the optometrist yearly since 4 years back when she first started to complain that she can’t see well.

But everytime, the optometrist says that she’s still slightly below borderline to require glasses.

Until a week ago when the optometrist says that since Miss 13 says that she can’t see the writings on the whiteboard at school, he’ll prescribe a pair of glasses for her to be used when she needs to see something far.

Her power is still quite low but kesian lah kat dia kan kalau she has to strain her eyes everytime she wants to read something on the whiteboard or watch the movies or read the road signs or look at handsome boys Winking smile.

But luckily at school, they mostly use their Macs to do their work and when in classes that use the whiteboards, she sits in front so tak lah teruk sangat.

And today, we went to pick up her glasses.

Luckily with our private insurance, we chose the one with hospital cover plus extras and we chose optical, dental, physio and another one which we can’t remember as the extras.

So, with the optical cover, every family member who needs glasses can have 2 pairs of glasses+ lenses each year without having to pay any gap.

The private health cover will cover the whole bill.

Selama ni only The Other Half yang has been using this extra since dia sorang aje yang pakai glasses kan.

But since last week, Miss 13 pun dah joined him jugak.

Jenuhlah I tolong dia mencari glasses idaman hati dia minggu lepas to suit her growing face and to suit the stage where she’s not yet a woman but not a kid any more, hehehe…

Glasses yang I like ada yang memang dia tak berkenan langsung and ada glasses yang dia suka, I pulak tak berkenan…

We finally found 2 that everyone likes (including the optician, hahaha).

I pair of purple glasses and 1 pair of goldish brown glasses.


Dia tengah tak larat sebab I suruh dia senyum tunjuk her metal mouth as well tu yang dia bagi I jelingan maut Smile with tongue out.

Lepas pergi kedai ambil the glasses and doing some shopping, balik rumah we all terus kemas the guest bedroom.

We took out the elliptical machine and store it in the shed for the time being (The Other Half kata macam permanently aje nak store in the shed tu, hahaha), took out all the junk that we store in there, arranging and making the bed nicely, rearranging the other stuff in there so the room looks habitable.

Penat weh kerja mengemas ni so for dinner tadi, I made something simple sahaja.

We had baked chicken wings, baked veges, mashed potato and green salad.


The chicken wings I dah marinate awal2 after lunch tadi so petang tadi tinggal masuk dalam oven and bake them.


I baked some sweet potatoes, garlic, red onion wedges, carrots and capsicum in olive oil, salt and pepper, dried thyme and a sprinkle of nutmeg.


The mashed potato tu pulak I used butter, cream and cheese. Masa nak makan, drizzle it with melted butter, alangkah sedapnya lemak berkrim banget!


UmmiRosma said...

alahai...sedap nyee....really a balanced diet ni...not only that, the presentation is fabulous too!

ADEEYA said...

So yummy ~ :D

Muzel Zay said...

sy pun pnah ade purple glasses! so sweet..heheheh

snnm said...

kak, ape ingredients utk marinate ayam tuh? nmpk mcm best.

♥ Elin ♥ said...

malam2 begini terus lapaaaar...sedpp

penDragon said...

Miss 13 nampak matured pakai glasses. Lately we all suka mkn potatoes utk ganti nasi, nnti nk try buat mash potato mcm akak buat tu. I suka sgt lah jenis lemak berkrim m ni

Anonymous said...

LG, update your profile and add Image Consultant. That's a demure look, sweet!

What a kebetulan. you post chicken pictures and I had BBQ chicken for lunch and dinner today :)

kasihredha said...

nasib baik miss 13 kat kasi jelingan maut kat mommy...cuba jeling kat handsome boy(yg di sebut dlm n3 ni)
comey nya miss 13 pakai glasses

aduhaiii sedapnya kentang lemak berkrim itu

IntanRizal said...

Kak LG,
untungnya ada insurance yg cover for glasses... my girl yg sulung had to wear glasses last year and it cost us RM400.. tu pun pilih frame paling murah sebab her lenses mahal as astig power dia tinggi... now after 9 month dah kena tukar frame pulak sebab her face has grow bigger... and we have to fork out another rm200 for the frame.. :( lenses pakai yg lama dulu evemthough power dia dah naik lagi sikit... hmmmppphhh.. i wish we have insurance yg cover optical jugak...

NenetPenne (NP) said...

kdg2 silau boleh buat kita tak nampak whiteboard...mcm i ler jugak...

Cinta Misteri said...

My nephew just 9y/o that wear glasses. hurmmm slalu sgt play games. But sometime I thk, not because of games, mayb u'r Miss13 byk membaca

m.u.l.a.n said...

malasnya nak masak dinner ni... kalo boleh copy paste, print, masuk scanner & keluar sepinggan dua macam tu kan best..!!! mai la pindah sebelah rumah i ni...!!

lemongrass said...

I love having salad in my meals, it makes me feel yg my meal is very balanced and healthy :-)

thanks, memang yummy for us pun :-)

purple glasses ni memang nampak funky kan! :-)

nanti I letak the link ye :-)

kena masuk sini masa tgh kenyang, baru tak rasa lapar :-)

I pun first time buat mashed potatoes dgn drizzle of melted butter ni, memang lagi sedap you. Even hubby I pun tak berhenti makan, hehehe.

Funnily enough, that's what I think I am becoming with the girls now. I guess I don't dress that 'old' most of the time so my eldest is quite happy to receive my 'old' tshirts and tops :-).

Kak Kasih,
At school, she's still considered the 'small girl' so the hensem boys tak pandang dia so tak dpt lah dia nak bagi jelingan maut to them, hehehe.
Kentang lemak berkrim memang sgt2 sedap kan :-).

samalha macam kat sini, it would have cost us $200 for each pair of glasses tak termasuk the lenses kalau we all takde the private cover ni, memang too expensive lah kan!
Apa aje benda yg tak mahal sekarang ni kan :-(.

maybe jugak lah kan but better lah dia pakai glasses tu kan dr jadi lagi teruk ye tak.

Cinta Misteri,
I rasa diaorang ni slalu sgt main games, slalu membaca but in very poor lights and then keturunan pun ia jugak so tu yg mata pun tak betul sgt :-).

hehehe....bila I malas masak, I datang pergi rumah you pulak kan! Memang best gitu! :-)

eda said...

wow !
cantekk giler miss13 neh pakai spek .. ngamm giler ngan dia !

Mother of Two said...

kak min,
serius sangat comel anak dara itu. nie kalau duk malaysia nie mesti hari2 dpt surat nak buat adik angkat, kakak angkat ..makwe angkat:):)

lemongrass said...

memang ngam kan that style of glasses dgn her face. Baru lah nampak pandai sikit, hehe ;-)

Kahkahkah...nasib baik we all duduk sini so takde lah dia dpt surat hari2 sbb muka mixed ni bersepah2 kat sini :-).