Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Another repeat dinner

Like I’ve said before, I have probably made 3000+ dinners over the years but most of our dinners are the same repeat dinners instead of newly created dish every nite.

I am just a home cook cooking for my family not Cik Puan Nigella nor Abang Jamie, hahahaha….

Tak kuasa I nak fikir a new dish every single night ni weh….

Mau terbakar my brain cells if I were to do that!

hehehehehe Smile with tongue out.

The Other Half kata out of that 3000+ dinners, 300+ would be made up of pizzas since boleh katakan every week I buat pizza kan.

And another 500+ would be dinners that have chips in it because chips ni sangat lah senang nya nak “masak”. Turn the oven on and masukkan dalam oven and 20-30 minutes later, they are cooked.

And so many more would have roast chicken of some sort or another in it.

Fish dinners would be very low down on the list of dinners I have cooked though….

Like tonite for example, roast chicken with pan-grilled cheesy toastie and bean salad.


Beli ayam yang dah siap marinate, turn the oven on and let it bake in there until done to your liking.


Buat beans salad sebab semua orang dalam rumah ni suka beans salad sangat2 and I always have a can of four-bean mix in my pantry.

Bila I malas masak sayur, beans salad ni paling senang nak buat sebab you do not need to cook anything in it.


I thought of having the roast chicken with chips but since I am thinking of making fish n chips esok, kenalah tukar to another type of carbs. So, buat lah pan-grilled cheesy toastie ni.

Takde susah mane nak masak ni kan Smile.


atie @ ejay said...

salam kak LG
simple tp best, tu yg penting kan?hihi

Yazreina said...

pan grilled cheese toasties tu macam french toasts with cheese lah ek...:) dapppnyaa...!!!

kasihredha said...

Cik Puan Nigella dan Abang Jamie pun kalah tau..sebab you masak dgn kasih sayang :)

m.u.l.a.n said...

I pon kalo malas main campak je ayam ikan unta dlm oven.. tp mine takde sedap mcm u punya I gerenti... alhamdulillah my oven tu boleh buat keje meng-gril & mรฉnge-roast... mem-baking je tak boleh dah... hunting for a new one ni kalo dapat... heheeheee.... kalo la dapat mcm u punya.. best nyaaaaaaaaa...

norhidana said...

simple n ttp nmpak menyelerakan

lemongrass said...

Salam. I ni kan yg paling simple nak masak tu lah yg I paling suuuukaaaaa nak masak, hahaha

French toast ada eggs in it, yg ini cuma ada butter to brown the bread aje, and letak cheese in between the bread :-).

Kak Kasih,
Cik Puan Nigella and Abang Jamie masak dgn penuh kasih sayang jugak sbb dapat banyak duit lepas tu, heeeee....

kalau you dpt oven mcm I punya, mau lah you pun sengih every day mcm I kan, hehehe.
I suka guna oven sbb letak everything in it pastu can do other things kan, so easy! :-)

benda2 yg simple ni lah yg sedap kan :-)