Friday, 13 January 2012

Summer Holiday Part 1

We’ve arrived safely back at home this afternoon, Alhamdulillah.

But I am feeling so exhausted sebab tak cukup tidur.

The first night tak tidur sgt sebab first night on a strange bed so couldnt get comfortable and also the ‘weird’ nature sounds around the house from night to morning weren’t helping either.

The second night tak cukup tidur sebab selepas dinner, The Other Half and I melantak 1litre of pure coffee creme ice cream sebab nak kena habiskan before we all balik pagi tadi.

(Dah mengantuk tapi the brains still ligat berfikir from the caffeine and also ligat berfikir mcm mana lah nak get rid of the fat from the ice cream tu, hikhikhik…)

And then sampai rumah seperti biasa after a holiday, kena buat laundry. But I only did 1 load since it’s weekend tomorrow and the weather is predicted to be sunny the next few days, baik lah I buat laundry sambil lenggang kangkung esok2 aje kan, tak payah nak rush buat today Smile.

We went to a place about 320kms southwest from Perth.


The place we stayed for 3d2n, Nyamup village (not nyamuk but Nyamup even though banyak jugak nyamuk kat Nyamup ni Smile with tongue out).

Pemandangan masa nak masuk ke village tu.


Our cabin.


It was a remote village where you can’t drink the tap water(you either have to use the rainwater or bring our own water supply for drinking and cooking) and you need a big satellite dish to get TV reception, hehehe. But ada aircond, ada hot water system and also ada indoor toilet (thank goodness for that!). We thought we were going to get a cabin with an outdoor toilet.

We didn’t do anything much apart from going for bushwalks, lounging at the cabin and trying to fish for marrons. It was definitely very trying indeed!

I didn’t know what a marron was supposed to look like and where you can find them but obviously The Other Half knew about them and was very excited to go looking for them at the dam/river.

But sekor marron pun we all tak jumpa, heeee (not that I know what to do with it if we find it Winking smile).

On the way to look for marrons and fish.


Barang2 yang kena ada kalau nak pergi memancing Winking smile.


Digging for worms for the baits. They didn’t mind doing it. I will only go near worms if I really have to.


Dua orang ni aje yang beria2 nak pergi fishing. Miss 8 and I lagi suka duduk kat cabin in the cool airconditioned room.


waiting and waiting and waiting…..


We all pun kenalah jugak waiting and waiting and waiting kan. (You know how they say families who do things together stay together, hakhakhak.)


Muka dia ceria sungguh sebab dia yang over excited nak memancing ni, heeee…..


The next day pun pi mancing jugak but Miss 8 and I tak larat nak stay lama2 cos it wasn’t fun and it was in the middle of a jungle so we all balik cabin dulu and let the others memancing to their hearts content.

Punyalah boring we all duk menunggu, I main games and Miss 8 buat crossword puzzles, hahahaha…


Dah bosan buat crossword puzzles, main panjat2 pokok pulak.


And then in the afternoon, we went for a walk to try and find mobile phone reception stretch our legs. It was really quiet because we didn’t see any single person on our walk tu.




And we were so happy to see the bars on our phones after 30 minutes of walking, hahahaha.


(gaya aje lebih masa ni, hehehe).

Dapat lah I lepas gian tengok blog and FB sekejap and dapatlah The Other Half check his emails sekejap. Jadi lah kan, hehehehe….

Esok I sambung lagi ye….


penDragon said...

I pun x boleh tidur kalau kt tempat yg x biasa...mata tu keras je x boleh nk pejam...kalau pejam pun telinga dgr2 mcm2, pastu kepala pulak imagine mcm2...

susumanis said...

nampak je posting LG ni kt my blog list terus click..kira dapat seat best la nih..hahaha... tapi kalau i yg mcm ni pun x berapa sukee..sbb sunyi bebeno n i hate waiting doing nothing..adoii..sori LG..tapi ok la u all npk having fun being together mcm tunggu dgn sabar yr nx posting :)

whitecappuccino said...

Like all the pics..akak pun suka tempat2 sunyi macam ni tapi of course dengan family la..once in a while pergi remote places tak pe..

Rusniza Mohd Nor said...

wah rajinnye akk g tmpt2 cenggini.. klu rus takut da kot.. hehe

marinahunny said...

Kak LG,moron tu apa?

Mat Gebu said...

LG..huhu. malu nak mengaku, i pun rasa boring okeh memancing..don like, tapi pergi pasar i likeee...sebenarkan nak sambung lagi komen pasal fishing ni, tapi takut lah....nanti kena boikot, org bom DTS...erkk..heheh,

Messy Mummy said...

rajinnya berjalan. tapi ada hasil lah sbb dpt signal phn :) bab menunggu memancing mmg kemalasan jugak. lagi sanggup melangok dlm bilik. huhu..

*miss8 too cute for angry birds*

kasihredha said...

suka sgt gambar terakhir tu...look real walaupun cuma lakunan semata2 hihi..
akak pun sama...kalau gi tempat baru, susah nak tidur.

efa fairuz said...


kak min, gambar last skali tu macam mr n mrs smith la! the only different is the real mr n mrs smith pegang senapang kan.. u both pegang handphones.. hehehehe

ameeza77 said...

mcm james bond pulak pose kat atas tu,en hubby kak LG mcm nak menembak burung ataih pokok hehe

Just.wanie said...

gambaq last tu lawak !!!

Rima said...

hehe.. actually kan i no like anything that has got to do with fishing ni.. masak fish suka hahaha

Last pic.. tak leh angs kahkahkah

aimi said...

hahaha gambar yang last tu memangg nampak sangat2 memerlukan telefon ekekek

JieJ said...

heheh..kak LG, mcm mana u dengan miss 8 boleh tak tertarik dengan acara memancing tu???heheheh...nampak sangat dari photo kak LG ngan miss 8 layan diri masing2...

MULAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Flower said...

I've been to Nyamup before and truthfully I don't like it. I ni takut ular so everywhere I pergi, I'll be on a look out for ular. So no peace of mind for me.

MULAN said...

woohhoo.. i suka trip camni.. nature.. nature.. walopon takot ular etc..

[pesal la komen i hilang terdelete..]

blu4sky said...

we really can't live without internet kan.. dpt je connection sure nak online :D

mama maman said...

wah..wah.. anak dara dia dah sama tinggi ngan mak dia dah.. tak lama lg boleh dpt menantu la nih.. hehe..:)