Monday, 29 March 2010

How do you like your sandwich?

Tekak orang kat rumah ni tersangat lah berbezanya kadang2 when it comes to sandwich fillings. The Other half’s favourite sandwich filling is chicken, avocado n cheese (so not adventurous if you ask me :-)). Miss 6 pulaknya is quite happy to have poloni and tomato sauce sahaja (lagilah tak adventurous!) and Miss 10 tak suka sangat sandwich but she’s quite happy to have mashed hardboiled egg and mayo filling. Kalau toasted sandwich pulak, all of us are happy with grated cheese and pineapple aje in the sandwich :-).

But I like fillings yang lain from them. The Other Half normally won’t eat my sandwiches sebab dia memang tak berkenan kat some of the fillings yang I like (more for me then!) especially when I put a lot of green stuff in my sandwiches. Lagi lah dia tak kan sentuh, hehehehe. I love putting loads of crunchy alfalfa sprouts in my sandwiches but The Other Half bila nampak alfalfa sprouts will say, “Euuww, what’s all those green stuff! Looks like goat’s food.” Philistine! I think the sprouts make the sandwiches taste much better, hehehe. I’ve tried twisties and potato crisps/chips in sandwiches, they are not too bad :-).

But my most favourite sandiwch filling is the one shown below…


Peanut butter and banana sandwich!!!!! :-D. It tastes much better on white bread but kat rumah ni jarang ada white bread so tu yang I guna multigrain bread, but the taste is still marvellous! The best banana to use would be really ripe banana yang a bit squishy tu sebab it’s much sweeter. I can eat a lot of this sandwiches, let me tell you, hehehehehehe.

The Other Half bila nampak I makan this sandwich will geleng kepala sebab he just can’t understand how a combination of banana+peanut butter on bread can be nice, hehehehe. But dia kata dia tak lalu nak mencuba, mata dia don’t find this sandwich appealing so tastebuds dia pun terus reject lah dari nak merasa :-). He said peanut butter+jam sedaplah, but banana……

But we can only eat this when Miss 6 is not around sebab she’s allergic to peanuts so I makan masa lunch when she’s at school :-).

Sape yang tak pernah try this filling, do try it. You might fall in love with it, hehehehe….


Flower said...

You should try brie n grapes. Sedap. Rasanya lemak2 masin manis masam n crunchy.

nj said...

norma suka gak sandwiches ni. My filling would be chicken and mayo. Isi ayam direbus, dihiris, salt n pepper and mayo...nyum nyum nyum...

zarin said...

banana n peanut butter??uhuh, tk terpikir kat kepala i nih..heheh i shud try that one fine day nanti..btw, i pun suka sandwich i byk rumput rampai :-)

lemongrass said...

I like brie makan dgn apple n grapes mcm tu aje. Tak terfikir pulak nak letak between breads :-). Kena cuba ni!

I pun suka sandwiches ni tp kdg2 jarang betul I makan sandwich sbb slalunya lunch makan dinner leftovers aje, hehehe

bila sandwich banyak rumput rampai ni kan, dengan instantly my body feels healthy lepas makan tu, hehehe

Aini said...

I guess, I am not so adventurous jugak afterall since I like tuna and sweetcorn sandwiches filling...:p.

blu4sky said...

salam LG,

my taste buds is definitely not adventurous like you... i like salad but alfafa.. rasa tekak ni takle terima...

my favourite i shall say salmon spread or tuna with mayo.. now kat office ada roti bakar sardin... makan panas-panas mmg sedap...i yang tak makan sardin pun dah ketagih..hari-hari order for breakfast/lunch/tea..ntah brapa ratus calories gamaknye.. hehehe

Melina said...

I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches! Sometimes I'll drizzle some honey over the bananas. So so sweet but so lush. Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches ala Elvis are even more sinful and lagi SEDAPPPPP.

Anonymous said...

salam min, auntie tak pernah makan combination tu..tapi rasa sedap sebab pisang tu manis..n peanut butter rasa lemak2 kan..nak cubalah..

Yat Maria said...

Never tried this combo, LG..will definitely give it a shot to see the taste..but I agak2..I sorang jer yg akan makan..yg lain tu tuna filling with mayo lah all time fav...

HAMSINI said...

Tak pernah try, biasa letak peanut butter je

indahhouse said...

salam kak LG,
tak penah try banana peanut butter sandwic. sbb saya cuma pandai buat filling sardin, n jem with margarine jer...haha. bole try ni next time. healthy n fruity. agak2 My Hubby suka nih sbb peanut butter tu his favourite.. :)

T said...

I love that too. But to make it better I sometimes i put nutella on one side, peanut butter on the other side, and banana in the middle. My kawan in college punya emak used to stock on nutella, peanut butter, banana, and bagel when I was around sebab I makan tu jer every morning when I was at their home.

Sekarang I "upgrade" it to be "heathier" by using almond butter, banana, and dark chocolate chip on toasted whole wheat bread. Btw, since your daughther is alergic to peanut, almond butter is a good alternative. They usually don't have additives, even sugar. The one I typically got only have one ingredient: roasted almonds; so, I selalu dot some agave nectar or maple syrup on it (both mahal sebab tu letak sikit, and that kinda help with portion control :-p)

~Am said...

I like banana and chocolate!
to die forr......

akeem said...

akeem ape je letak celah roti tu bole telan..
butter+gula,telur goreng+tomato+sos,cokelat,ice cream,milo+susu pekat,sambal ikan bilis,sume2 la..heheh

Liz Rohaizat said...

kak, FYI.. peanut butter sandwich merupakan makanan kesukaan Elvis Presley.. hehe. at least you can tell ur hubby that you have a high taste like a famous singer!

Liz Rohaizat said...

sorry, i mean banana peanut butter sandwich! mesti ada banana di situ

IrFaN CoMeL said...

alfalfa tu sayur aper?
sy pun tak penah terpikir kombinasi peanut butter wif banana utk sandwich.
nnt nk kna gi beli pisang la dulu...

melatie said...


Finally I knew that your adventurous person. But I am still waiting for your entry about your other half and his new bike. He..he.he

Sally said...

then of you said so delicious I pun nak kena cuba la nnt..rugikan org yg tak nak cuba tu

My Life My World said...

Salam LG ... I tak pernah rasa all the combination yang u selalu buat, tapi I rasa suka dengan sandwich TOH ... sebab ada ayam and cheese. Macam sedap... tapi rasa macam nak cuba lah peanut butter dengan pisang pulak.

Kat rumah, biasa nyer I punya roti letak sambal belacan jer ... hahahah...tekak orang melayu, mesti nak pedas jugak.

♥LOVE2COOK♥ said...

Akak same taste with Love!!! Love pun suka sandwich with peanut butter and bananas, sometimes pandan kaya and banana. Sedappppp! huhuhu...I love it! ;)

Tgh testing my wireless from new home now. Thanks for the wishes dear! :)

lemongrass said...

I tak seadventurous you makan tuna dgn sweetcorn, hehehe. Tuna I slalunya cuma mayo n salad aje :-).

Salam. I suka sgt2 alfalfa ni, tak tau kenapa but my hubby tak suka langsung sbb dia kata mcm makan rumput (as though dia pernah makan rumput! :-)).
I pun suka sardin makan panas2 tp mesti dgn white bread! Makan berkeping2 pun I boleh, hehehehe

I tau yg Elvis minat the fried version but I mcm tak berani nak try the fried version sbb surenya my arteries will cry sbb lemak giler, hahahaha

Auntie Meriam,
memang betul tu, dia sedap sbb masin + manis tu so jadi combination yg sgt menawan :-).

Tuna n mayo tu memang favourite ramai orang unlike banana+ peanut butter, hehehehe

kalau peanut butter aje, dia rasa masin aje so bila campur dgn pisang, jadi masin+manis. Terus jadi extra sedap :-)

Salam. Jam + butter tu I pun selalu buat tp selalunya atas toast lah, bukan kat sandwich :-). Peanut butter+banana ni I slalu makan for lunch, rasa kenyang sgt2 lepas tu, hehehe

wah, sure sedap giler kan kalau nutella+peanut butter+banana! I kena buat lah after this :-).
Kat sini ada jual almond butter and cashew butter but it's quite expensive for a small jar. Does it taste nice? I nak beli but takut tak sedap and then takde sape nak makan, hehehe.

Hahahaha... chocolate dgn apa2 aje mesti sedap :-)

Alah, akeem kalau tak letak apa2 celah2 roti tu pun boleh gak ngap kan! Berkeping2 gak boleh habis, hehehe

I know about the fried peanut butter+banana sandwich yang jadi kegilaan Elvis tu :-). My hubby takut aje nanti badan dia jadi macam Elvis kalau dia cuba makan, hahahaha

Mommy Irfan,
Alfalfa tu sayur sprouts mcm snow pea sprouts or bean sprots tapi lagi halus lah.

I nak buat entry about him bila I dpt ambil gambar dia on his bike. Tapi dia malas nak posing untuk I pagi2 buta before pergi kerja, hehehe

My hubby kata banyak lagi filling yang dia boleh cuba instead of peanut butter+banana, hikhikhik ;-)

Kak Acik,
kalau guna BBQ chicken+cheese+avocado, lagi lah sedapnya sbb chicken tu dah flavoursome kan :-).
Sedap ke roti letak sambal belacan? I rasa tekak I tak boleh telan filling tu, hehehehe

lemongrass said...

I tak pernah cuba kaya with banana, must try one day! :-). How's your new house? Settling in dah?

NenekPenne said...

banana? ooh no for me..
banana for me kalau buat pengat or goreng boleh lah i telan tapi kalau mentah...cannot...


salam kak LG ..

saya ada buat entri khas untuk blog ni , kalau ada kesalahan , minta betulkan saya sblm terlewat.. hehe


lemongrass said...

you tak suka banana yang tak di masak ye? why? Macam Miss 10 pulak, dia tak suka banana yang dah lembik and lebam2 tu :-).

salam. Thanks so much ye sbb buat entry pasal my blog, sungguh terharu I :-).
Can I link your blog to mine?

Kniedaz said...

peanut butter suka la tapi xske banana..tapi banana fritters aka grg pisang makan pulak..poyo betul saya ni..hehe

lemongrass said...

Banana montel ni sedap, I like, hehehehe. I suka pisang goreng, cekodok pisang, kek pisang, lepat pisang but I tak suka sgt pengat pisang, hehehe

blu4sky said...


i pun rasa alfafa tu mcm rumput.. i paham sgt lah perasaan your other half..hahaha.. at least sayur lain dia mkn lagi..i have one friend in uni yang tak nak makan any sayur except mixed him all sayur hijau is like rumput..lagi haru..

SJB said... favorite too muahahaha.

Fad and Sarah said...

Hi sis. ske baca ur blog. anyway, sy ske mkn roti sapu butter/ margerine + fruit jam + kopok ikan hancurkan tabur atas roti tu. nyum nyum. yea a bit weird but i like the taste (^^,)v

lemongrass said...

My hubby tu kalau boleh segala benda yg greens dia tak nak makan tapi sebab dah ada anak2 ni kan so kenalah show a good example, tu yg dia terkulat2 makan jugak lah sayur, hehehe

boleh gang dgn I lah macam ni :-)

Fad n Sarah,
Apa rasa ye makan jam sandwich dgn keropok ikan? Ada manis2 masin lah ye di selang selikan dgn rasa ikan? hehehe