Sunday, 1 July 2012

The word that makes me smile

I love the month of June and July because of the stocktake sale.

Every year, there will always be something that catches my eyes, hehehe.

But normally they are small kitchen gadget things instead of big electronic or electrical or whitegood stuff.

I love to go to shops that sell all these kitchen gadgets and when they have banners with

“SALE UP TO 70% OFF!!!!!”

Of course lah I kena masuk inside the shops kan!

Memang sangat2 peliklaj kalau I tak masuk, kahkahkahkah…..

I wish I could buy all those things that caught my eyes in those shops but bila memikirkan yang I don’t need most of the stuff and I won’t be using them anyway (walaupun they are so damn cute), terus tak jadi nak beli…

But they are a few things yang I memang suka beli kalau ada sale…


The first thing is the white rectangular baker. I wanted the red one actually but they weren’t on sale so terpaksalah beli the white one.

It is made from such a good material that you can use it on the stove top, the microwave and the oven and it is non stick as well.

But it is not as heavy as a cast iron pots and pans.

I have a few rectangular roasting dish that I use to roast meat in the oven but I can’t use them on the stove top.

So, lepas ni senang lah I nak buat gravy from the jus of the roasting meat.

The blue oval pot pulak I beli sebab I suka the colour, hehehe. And it is made out of ceramic so I can use it anywhere as well.

I have another blue oval pot which is bigger than this one so my blue oval pots dah bertambah, yeah, hehehe…

The hand held graters I beli sebab I like to use them. I have a couple already so I bought 2 more of different-sized graters.

kalau nak grate benda kecik2 aje, tak payah nak keluarkan the big box grater.

The white soup bowl pulak I beli so boleh guna untuk ambik gambar food for the blog kan, hehehe..

The black mini tagine pulak I beli sebab The Other half TAK BAGI I beli the big size tagine sebab he said, “what are you going to cook in a tagine that you can’t cook in any other pot?”.

So, tak dapat beli yg saiz besar, I beli lah yg saiz kecik aje, hahaha…

The magnetic spice station I beli sebab memang I dah lama nak a spice station yang cantik macam ni.

My current spice space is right under the gerobok which is an awkward place to get my spices. But that’s the only place we have to store all the hundred of spices that I have, hehehe.

So, I am thinking of transferring my most commonly used spices like coriander powder, cumin powder, paprika, turmeric powder into these jars and put them somewhere easily reachable for me.

The blue hand citrus juicer I beli sebab it was on sale at $2, hikhikhikhik…..

Now, I have to rearrange my kitchen cabinets to fit all my new toys in Smile.

(Or else The Other Half akan start pot pet pot pet sebab tak larat dia tengok all the cabinets dah sendat sangat2 dengan all my ‘toys’, heeeee…).

Malam ni I cuma masak poloni and cheese muffins aje for dinner sebab tengah hari tadi dah makan nasi lemak so semua still kenyang lagi.

So, layan aje lah ye gambar our dinners a few days ago…


I masak mee goreng sebab dah lama I tak makan mee goreng.


But I masak untuk I aje pun sebab yang lain tak nak makan mee goreng. Sebab chef yg nak makan, sanggup lah I masak 2-3 jenis dinners, hehehe…

And this was the pizza requested by The Other Half on Friday nite.

He wanted to have margherita pizza, just bocconcini and basil pizza.


But I tambah mozzarella, parmesan and colby sebab bocconcini is a bit too bland. Jadi lah 4 cheese pizza instead of margherita.


And instead of normal garlic bread, I made cheesy garlic bread.

So, by the end of dinner, we were all cheesed out, hehehe….


shahlin said...

arghhhhh my next toy would be the tagine! manalah i nk carik kat JB ni yer.

alinac lover said...

sy suka cheese skg ni..sgt2 suka!

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BabyBooned said...

LG, i have the ceramic blue round casserole pots..they look similar to ur blue ceramic pot..mine i bought kat world of kitchen (eh btol ke nama tu,dah lupa plak tetiba),it's a corelle but i cant recall if it can go on stovetop. Tak boleh,kan?? Thx so much for ur input.

FzChoc said...

suka lihat gadgets tu terutama tagine tu

lemongrass said...

I tak boleh beli tagine sbb tak dibenarkan sbb hubby kata buat menyemak aje, hehehe...

cheese memang sgt2 sedap dimakan :-)

Slalunya Corelle tak boleh letak on stove top, only in the oven. All their baking dishes memang cuma untuk oven aje. Mine is baccarat and it says on the box that it can be used on the stove top, oven, freezer and microwave. so you better google whether yours can or not, takut meletup aje tiba2 kalau guna.

my tagine tu sgt2 mini, memang tak boleh guna utk masak ayam sekor lah, hehehe.

m.u.l.a.n said...

i baru nampak ad achef kat tv malaya masak guna tagine tu.. besar dia punya... u boleh masak burung puyuh kot dalam tu.. hehehe... no angry bird aarrr...

i tgh cari pizza pan yg ada lobang2 macam u punya tu.. tak jumpa lg sbb lama tak ronda2 kl.. here mmg sah2 takde..

Aida Salleh said...

sis, sales tu kat perth je ke kat seluruh aussie? :-)
(lagi 2 hari...hhehehe)

lemongrass said...

tagine yg besar yg hubby I tak bagi beli tu memang boleh masak sekor ayam inside it.
yg I punya ni anak burung puyuh pun tak muat masuk, hahaha.
Hari tu ada blogger beli the pizza pan yg lobang2 tu kat KL so next time you pergi KL, cari eh! :-)

Sales tu kat seluruh OZ. Kat melbourne sure lagi besar2an sales dia. Mau lah nanti you all kena tambah luggage allowance balik Msia nanti, hehehe

ameeza77 said...

tagine! nak 1!

Ila@Bella@Nabila said...

Kak LG nak spice station tu. So cute. Boleh ke ?

miss jijie said...

kak LG, nak recipe cheesy garlic bread tu bole?