Tuesday, 10 July 2012

It’s his turn today

5 days after mine, it’s his turn now to celebrate his birthday.

Both of us are July babies but thankfully, we don’t have the same July characteristic temperaments and quirks.

Or else memang akan sentiasa berbahang aje lah hari2 kan, hehehe….

Dari semalam I tanya dia nak makan apa for his birthday dinner and cake but he kept on saying, “don’t know.

Mid morning tadi baru dia bagitau nak makan apa so tengah hari tadi baru I keluar sekejap to the shop to buy the ingredients to make his dinner and cake.

Luckily they are not complicated requiring hours of preparation kat dapur tu or else memang awal2 I akan kata, “So sorry lah ye, no way I’m going to do that in a few hours.” Smile.

I sayang you sangat2 tapi takdelah I nak spent the whole afternoon slaving over the stove to make your dinner and cake, hikhikhik.

Luckily he only asked for gnocchi in sage and garlic infused burnt butter.

But takkan lah nak makan itu aje kan, i need my protein jugak so I made lemon and paprika roast chicken and salad to go along with it.



That’s the last few sage leaves on our plant. Yang lain2 kena baham dengan caterpillars, tension I.



But The Girls dapat something special since they don’t like gnocchi that much. They got fried fries instead. Suka giler diaorang makan fried fries ni since I slalu nya cuma hidang oven-baked chips aje, hahaha.

And for his cake, he asked for tiramisu.

But typical of his wife, didn’t really follow a specific recipe.

Most of the classic tiramisu recipe uses raw eggs in its cream mixture. I’m against using raw eggs in my food.

So I only used whipped cream, mascarpone cheese, icing and castor sugar and coffee to make up the cream filling/layer.

And I used decaf espresso coffee to dip the sponge biscuits in since we all tak boleh minum coffee after 12 noon or else tak boleh tidur, hehehe.

And he wanted a plain one but he didn’t tell me that so I pergi letak blueberries and grated dark chocolate in between the layers and on top Smile.


i like this berry chocolate version but he said the blueberry made it a tad sour.



Sour sour pun, he had 2 servings jugak, hahaha.



For the girls pulak, I made the chocolate tiramisu version. I dipped their sponge biscuits in cocoa and used white grated chocolate instead of dark.

It was a great intimate birthday celebration. Nothing fancy and fuss-free, just the way he likes it.

Nanti ye, when you turn 40, we’ll have a blooming big bash for you and I can slave in the kitchen for a few weeks preparing for it, heeeee…


blu4sky said...


your other half's birthday sama ngan my two best friend..hari ni gak birthday diorang..
and this month in my family all together ada 6 ppl celebrate birthday starting with my daughter this 23 and end by me.. all the Leos in the house.. :)

an15 said...

Happy birthday Matt!

kasihredha said...

happy birthday untuk TOH..semoga bahagia selalu.

Dinas Aldi said...

Happy birthday to Your Other Half. Sodap lauk besday & kek tu, adehhh jilat jari dari jauh nih..

Chekgu Azrine said...

Happy birthday utk akk dn husband akk ye..

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Matt....who's definitely more handsome than Bruce Willis. We July boys must stick together, OK? Especially when we have to live with July girls like Aunty LG and my Mama..... har har har *evil laughs*

indahhouse said...

Salam kak LG,
Happy birthday kak LG dan TOH.
Saya dah redah entry2 kak. Ketinggalan banyak saya ni.

Moga kak LG, semakin sweet, dipanjangkan usia dan tercapai semua impian. Buat other half, moga gembira selalu. :)
Seronok tu, sambut bulan yang sama... :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bruce!

pizet said...

happy birthday to both of you...saya baby august..*motif nak mention? haha

JaJa'Z said...

kak mynn...sampaikan salam birthday to ur hubs yek...heheh

T said...

I like Gnocchi, especially yang baru masak. Mmmm....
I am yet to try to make the Gnocchi made Ricotta as you did on one of your post.

The tiramisu looks lovely too, I never had it with berries before. Mesti rasa fresh kan?

liaamalia said...

happy bufday to both of u...n the tiramisu look yummy~tetibe ra nk mkn plak

Zaitun said...

Happy birthday buat TOH semoga bahagia disamping keluarga.

LiYa HaNiF :: said...

senangkan kalau dah dlm bln yg sama.. appy besday to both of u ...

salam kenal terus yer.. ^_~

m.u.l.a.n said...

happy birthday to the king of the house...

happy & healthy to the whole family..!!!

ellynadyra said...

How i wish i had time to do all this, sigh!

BaYu said...

Huishh..mati-mati ingat ulat sarawak tu. Hihih

lemongrass said...

Salam everyone,
thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Even though I do not know any of you guys (except through what my wife told me), you have made my day with all the warm wishes and the doas.
Thank you once again.

LG's other half.