Thursday, 26 July 2012

Turkey is not just for Christmas ;-)

A long time ago, living in a country where the majority of the population is non Muslim used to mean that halal stuff is so difficult to get.

Even 10 years back when we were living in Adelaide, there were only 2 halal butchers operating in the whole of Adelaide.

Luckily one of the butchers was in the middle of the city so we didn’t have to go that far to get our meat supple but the choice of what we could get was quite limited.

For example, there was only 1 type of sausage available which for us at that time was heaven enough, hehehe…

And it was difficult to get processed meat like salami and pepperoni. We had to go quite further from our house to get the stock.

Then when we moved to Perth, it was like living in a completely different country altogether!

Halal butchers everywhere which was heaven Smile.

There’s even one 5 minutes away jalan kaki from our house!

And now it’s made even easier when some of the supermarkets stock halal meat especially chicken.

The latest thing to be available is the halal turkey range.

We normally buy the frozen turkey breast or thigh that comes in a prepacked box because that was the only thing available.

But in the past few weeks, I’ve bought turkey shanks, marinated turkey thighs and turkey mince at the meat aisle section.

They taste different compared to chicken but still not too bad as another source of protein.

Last night for dinner, I made meatloaf using turkey mince.

I tak suka sangat meatloaf ni but The Other Half and the girls like it.

So, malam tadi I made meatloaf after many moons not making it.


I used fresh breadcrumb, turkey mince, diced poloni, diced onion, BBQ sauce, Hoisin sauce, chicken stock powder, dried mixed herbs and pepper to make up the meatloaf.

Put the mixture in a loaf pan and bake it in a moderate oven for 30 minutes.


Take it out and squirt a mixture of BBQ sauce and tomato sauce on the top and put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes.


We had it with a slice of buttered toasted bread and sauteed asparagus with garlic breadcrumb.


the sauteed asparagus with garlic breadcrumb.

The Other half said it was really nice. He said it’s different from the usual beef mince meatloaf sebab less fatty and oily. He had 3 pieces of the meatloaf so I guess kenalah sangat2 dengan tekak dia kan Winking smile.

And ini pulak our Iftar spread.


I made spring rolls which I baked in the oven instead of frying them, tu yg kaler dia pale sgt2. Then I also made jemput2 pisang makan dgn maple syrup.

And also the fresh and dried fruit platter of course.


LynnAiza said...

everytime baca post akak,mesti telan liur

morning from Malaysia. :)

KayNisa said...

tak pernah makan meatloaf.. tengok resepi macam susah je. ;)

blu4sky said...

indeed turkey is not just for christmas..
i pernah beraya at this one postgraduate house and the kakak hidang one whole roasted turkey as one of the raya menu..merasalah jugak makan ayam belanda..selalu tgk gambar je..hahahah..

penDragon said...

X pernah mkn turkey, curious mcmana rasanya. sedap jemput2 pisang mkn dgn maple syrup?

mamasuri said...

huhuhu..x nah makan turkey lah...
sedap ke?rasa camner???/

norhidana said...

sedapnyer turkey kak, tp kt sini mahai la kak... untung tul tmpt akak tu mudah nk cari halal food...

camne msk meatloaf tu kak? tingin nk bt lah... asik tgk je selalu

umiyumi said...

Salam Kak..
mcm menarik la jemput2 pisang mkn dgn maple syrup.. rasanya kalau buat jemput2 pisang ni tak sempat cicah dgn apa pun mesti licin :)

lemongrass said...

Tu yg kena bukak blog I lepas dah berbuka baru lah tak telan air liur aje ;-)

Macam buat rissoles or bergedil aje but masukkan dlm acuan loaf and bakar so tak guna bnyka minyak :-).

wah, idea yg bernas itu, hidangkan turkey masa raya, sure semua orang akan tergoda sbb sure dah tak jumpa kat rumah orang lain, hahaha

rasa dia ala2 ayam sikit but ada 'depth' sikit to the taste. I lagi suka ayam to tell you the truth, maybe sbb dah terbiasa dgn rasa ayam yg sedap tu ;-).
Hubby I kata, jemput2 pisang tu cuma 'vessel' utk dia makan maple syrup. Anything with maple syrup is nice he said, hahaha

I pun tak bole nak explain mcm mana rasa turkey ni. My family suka sbb lebih kurang rasa ayam jugak ;-)

tu lah, memang syukur sgt2 skrg sbb senang nak cari turkey halal yg murah kat sini. Kalau dulu, tengok ajelah orang lain makan masa Xmas.
Meatloaf ni lebih kurang rissoles atau bergedil lah tp masak dlm loaf pan dlm oven :-).

Salam. Betul tu, jemput2 ni tak cicah apa2 pun licin jugak. kalau cicah dgn maple syrup, lagi laju and cepat dia licin :-D

Soo Hae Daa said...

Menu yg marbeles kak LG..!! Selamat berbuka..!!

m.u.l.a.n said...

olooolooorrr... geram je i tengok turkey meatloaf u tu.. tak pernah rasa tapi i dapat rasa bahawasanya sangat2 lah sedaaapppp...!!!

kasihredha said...

tak pernah mkn turkey..sob sob sob...tak dapat bayangkan rasanya...jakunnya kan.
Nanti kalau akak ke Perth..boleh le akak rasakan *mood berangan*

Dpt idea makan jemput pisang dgn maple syrup :)

Chekgu Azrine said...

fuhh..cabaran di bulan pose..

selamat brbuka sis!!

lemongrass said...

Soo Hae Dae,
memang sedap :-)

I tak suka meatloaf sgt tp sedap pulak bila buat dgn turkey meat, hehehe

Kak Kasih,
kalau nak dtg sini, bagitau, boleh saya hidang dgn turkey hari2, hehehe. Mentang2 lah skrg ni senang banget nak dpt hala turkey :-)

Chekgu Azrine,
cabaran bulan pose, jangan masuk blog masak2 diwaktu siang, hahaha