Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shrek Sunday marathon

So, The Other Half left for Darwin this afternoon.

I just realised that Darwin is about 4050 kilometres away from Perth.

That is definitely very very far from Perth!

Some people say that Perth is the most isolated city in the world because of its distance to the nearest capital city.

And while The Other Half was waiting for his flight at the airport, the girls and I were at the masjid for the Sunday school and also for the tahlil and bacaan yaasin kenduri.

The food as usual was amazingly good, the main was beef beriyani and all its accessories which was excellent and we I as usual overate sebab segala benda nak makan and nak try, hehehe.

So, malam ni I tak masak anything because I am still so full from the afternoon food and the girls were quite happy with toasted cheese sandwich Smile.

And since it’s still school holidays esok, the girls and I decided to have Shrek movies marathon tonite.

Sejak dari pukul 4 tadi we started watching all the Shrek movies with intermission in between to solat and eat dinner, hehehe.

And now I’m taking a short break before the final Shrek movie to write this post.

As usual, bila ada makan2 at the masjid, semua orang akan bawak a plate of food.

I made raspberry coconut slice for the masjid today.


It’s basically a slice with shortbread base, raspberry jam in the middle and coconut macaroon topping.




I think the slightly tart raspberry jam in the middle makes the slice so yummy and very moreish!

Miss 13 at first tak nak langsung cuba makan but when we persuaded her to try, she got hooked on it and can’t stop eating them now, hehehe….

Okie doke, I better get back to watching the final movie or else takkan habis sampai lewat…

P/S I have been quite busy lately to reply to all the comments. I am very sorry about that. But I will try and find time in the next few days to answer them ok.


m.u.l.a.n said...

i tengok pon dah ter-hooked jugak dgn raspberry coconut slice u ni...!!!

terasa kat tekak ni haaaa... lekat2 coconut tu u tau tak.. (sbb tak dapat.. heheheee..!!)

kasihredha said...

bestnya dapat mgunyah sambil tengok movie

Messy Mummy said...

tak pernah makan raspberry coconut slice but nampak sedap.. pagi2 bukak tengok makanan, harus rasa nak telan semuakan...

kmin pun layan shrek? bestkan. dpt marathon ngan the girls mesti lagi best.. have fun kmin...

ummuaidan said...
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ummuaidan said...

salam sis,
thanks 4 yr reply..i have the processor yg nak buat mince mcm mana buat meat ball tu? add any flour or plain meat jer?

tahnking u in advance for good tips...

liemaopurut a.k.a ana said...

saya pun suka layan shrek movies...rasa cam ilang tension keje tengok citer kartun ni ekekek

nampak sedap la cookies akak tu...adesss

wan G Silk said...

the raspberry coconut slice tu sungguh menggiurkan...sharelah recipe kak LG, boleh cuba masa raya nanti..;-)