Saturday, 16 February 2008

Semalam dah makan mixed seafood and chicken laksa, tapi tadi masa pegi shopping nampak cantik sgt marinara mix kat kedai tu, terus teringin nak makan spaghetti marinara. I guess laksa and pasta have completely different taste eventhough both use seafood, so tak lah terasa macam makan benda yang sama 2 nites in a row. Dah lama juga tak makan seafood pasta ni, tu yg teringin sgt2 :-). Dlm marinara mix tu pulaknya ada big chunks of snapper, big mussels, calamari and prawns, manalah tak nampak sedap..The little misses don't mind the fish and calamari but they don't like mussels that much, more for us then!

For dessert, the little misses asked for meringues again and since it's easy to whip up, I made them again. I also made strawberry sauce to go with it. I broke the meringues up and mixed them with whipped fresh cream and yoghurt and fold the strawberry sauce into the mixture. Unfortunately, the photo didn't turn out quite that good. I still have to play around with the camera flash. I'm so thankful it's all digital now, or else I would be wasting so many films taking photos of my 'creations'...

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