Saturday, 9 February 2008

As promised, tonite we had our CNY dinner. A few days late, but heck, who's counting! As long as it involves eating, we love any kind of celebration..
But to start the day of, I foolishly insisted my other half to trim my hair. He told me he would stuff it up and guess what, he was right! I told him to cut it off at the shoulder level, but maybe english is not his mother tongue because obviously he doesn't know what shoulder level means! I'm so thankful that I wear scarves when I go out or else I would have to start wearing a beret everywhere now. The moral of the story is, no matter how expensive hairdressers are, it's more expensive and humiliating to fix it afterwards! Well, it's partly my fault because the last time he tried to trim my hair, he nearly took half my ear off. Obviously, I haven't learned from past mistake. Husbands...need I say more...
The kids wanted waffles for breakfast this morning. Since it's Saturday, I didn't mind taking out the waffle maker and making them a batch. At least, the waffle maker is getting used...
Back to tonite's lavish dinner..I started in the morning making the mango jellies and cooking the tapioca balls so they would have had time to set by dinner time. The spring rolls and wontons are already waiting in the freezer. I made them and froze them a long time ago, I just hope they are still ok. Even the kids were eagerly awaiting dinner! They must think that their mum can cook :-).

Dinner menu: Fried hokkien noodles with mixed veges
Honey sesame chicken
Steamed chicken and shiitake mushroom wontons
Vegetable spring rolls
Mango jelly, sliced mango and tapioca pearls in milk


Matthew said...

The other half responds:

In my defence I *did* tell her I would stuff it up, and that if she escaped without bald patches she should consider herself lucky. She still insisted. I then mentioned the fact I spent 3 years studying to become an accountant precisely because I had no manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination or artistic flair. She still insisted. I am certain that she was hunching her shoulders (admittedly probably in fear that I might otherwise hit her jugula), and looking up (possibly praying) as I was doing it, meaning that when she stands normally it is perhaps a little shorter than she wished. It's surprisingly straight and even, and the girls think it looks nice. So whilst I am not going to quit my day job, I think it wasn't too bad. And given what I was paid, well anything is good value.

The other, slightly fearful, half.

lemongrass said...

Straight & even? u definitely need to get your eyes checked! my head's tilting to the left now since it's heavier on that side..I wonder why!

JieJ said...

Mango jelly, sliced mango and tapioca pearls in milk tu sangat YUMMYYYYYYYYY...want to share the receipe????heheheh..