Friday, 8 February 2008

My other half has asked for rice again! I told you he's worse than me when it comes to eating rice. He said he really felt like eating a spicy dish and he wanted indian curry. But since I"m the chef and I don't feel like indian tonite, I told him I would do Nasi Lemak instead. He loves the sambal in Nasi Lemak and usually I have to make a lot of sambal because he likes to drench the rice in it. Even I don't eat that much sambal! I feel like I'm married to an Asian sometimes :-).

We would normally have Nasi Lemak with all the trimmings which are hard boiled eggs, fried ikan bilis, sliced cucumber and fried peanuts. I do miss having it with fried paru though...

Tonight I added fried tempe as an extra. Unfortunately, living in Perth, we could only find the frozen tempe which is a far cry from the fresh ones but beggars can't be choosers! I've heard from an acquaintance that there's someone in Perth who makes fresh tempe but I haven't got a clue who this person is. I should investigate this matter further because it would be so good to taste fresh tempe again.

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melatie said...

Assallamualaikum Puan Lemongrass

I am silent reader of your blog tapi hari ini entah kenapa g masuk entry yang lama ni. Masih berminat ke nak tahu cara nak buat tempe? Saya ada resepi tu, tapi kena cari dulu. Please reply me to this address

salam manis