Sunday, 24 February 2008

Pagi tadi cadang nak pegi playground with the little misses. We stopped at the other half's workplace first to drop some stuff. Then we saw so many cars n people around and banners and tents. Found out there were having Perth's writer festival there for the past few days and today was family day. So, melencong terus ke the festival, tak jadi lah pegi playground. It was quite fun. Little miss soon-to-be-9 enjoyed it the most because she loves writing and drawing and making stuff. Little miss 4 1/2 I think would have preferred the playground more :-) but she did enjoy the open theater. They also had kite and lantern making activities which the misses both enjoyed.

Tonite's dinner originated from Italy but I bought the ready made sauce from the supermarket, hahaha...Punyalah malas nak masak tonite so went through the pantry and freezer and found some beef, a jar of stir through pasta sauce and rigatoni. So, I sliced the beef thinly and stirfry it, cook the rigatoni, mixed them together in a big pot with the sauce and some tomatoes and voila! tonite's dinner which was ricotta and spinach with pecorino cheese rigatoni with beef and tomato.
I've made similar dish before but from scratch but tonite the rajin fairy has eluded me tu yg guna sauce from a jar. It's got a really good taste. Hmmm, maybe from now on I can just buy the sauce instead of making it from scratch,hehehe...

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