Thursday, 21 February 2008

Malam tadi memang tak cukup tidur. Little miss 4 1/2 had a bad nite with really bad runny nose, coughing and throwing up all her digested dinner when she was already asleep. Poor kid, she was so upset. So, she spent the nite in our bed and the other half spent the nite on the futon, lucky him! We kept her at home today, might do the same tomorrow. Her coughing is getting worse though and she's already got a husky voice,hehehe...Hopefully, we can all get a good nite sleep tonite.

Dah lama tak makan Fish n Chips since the other half's gone on a health kick. Tapi hari ni terasa sesgt nak makan benda2 bergoreng ni,hehehe. Maybe sbb tak cukup tidur malam tadi, tu yg terasa nak binge eating,hehehe...But nak sedapkan hati, kenalah makan dgn semangkuk salad. Kat rumah ni, klu makan Fish N Chips, kena makan dgn tomato sauce bukan dgn chilli sauce. Bila lama2 dah terbiasa makan dengan tomato sauce aje, sedap pulaknya walaupun takde pedas langsung.

Since I'm throwing out the healthy diet tonite, I might as well have dessert as well. Dessert malam ni is fruit n marshmallow skewers with caramel sauce. The kids loved it! At least, healthy lah jugak kan sebab banyak buah2an yg dimakan. This is what I love about summer, all the fruits. Tapi kejap lagi habislah musim summer ni and we won't see the fruit again for the next 9 months...

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