Saturday, 2 February 2008

The final wknd before school starts, yipppeeee! I can't wait for Monday to arrive. I was going to spend today making and baking a few things to freeze for the kids' lunch boxes but you know how it is with good intentions...Maybe I'll feel more enthused tomorrow to do some baking.

Same with dinner, I haven't felt motivated to cook any interesting dishes for the last few days. I guess when the other half is trying to lose some weight, I have to think hard about dinner to make sure that it will be low in fat, well balanced and most importantly has to be well liked by the little misses. I'm not running a restaurant!(as told to the little misses repeatedly). With that in mind, we went for the easiest and well liked by everyone...chicken and vegetables stir fry. My other half had his with brown rice while we philistines had ours with jasmine rice. And since it's still summer here Down Under, we finished dinner off with summer fruits stack with yoghurt. I'm going to eat a huge amount of mangoes this summer since we wont see it again until next summer...I just love the sweet taste of mango, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I were given the chance. Luckily the little misses love their mangoes as well so happy days for me and them.

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