Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Menu malam ni: Sausage rolls aussie style

Mlm ni the other half balik lambat for dinner and dia dah ckp awal2 yg dia nak makan seafood pasta yg disimpan dlm freezer tu. So, senanglah kerja sikit tapi kesian pulak kat the little misses sbb haritu baru aje makan. Nak bagi leftovers nasi goreng semalam, we all dah perabiskan buat lunch tadi. Nasib baik ada sausages and puff pastry in the freezer, tu yg buat sausage rolls. The little misses love their sausage rolls as well even with the hidden veges in it! In Australia, sausage rolls slalunya means sausage meat mixed with veges and seasoning and wrapped in puff pastry. And the sausages are different to the 'sausages' in Malaysia. Since Australia is the land of BBQ, there's so many different kinds of sausages you can choose from...Yang lagi best nya, I can freeze the rolls for the little misses to have for their school lunches. They still have vegetables for lunch which is so good and it makes life so much easier for me in the morning,hehe...It's a win-win situation.

I also baked a cake today since I've got a lot of ripe bananas tu use up. You know it's Summer when there's abundance of bananas at home. Belek2 recipe terjumpa a recipe called Hummingbird cake. Don't ask me why it's named that way..It's got dessicated coconut, walnuts, bananas and crushed pineapples in it so it had to be tasty right! Sent some to the kids' school for the teachers since we definitely won't be able to finish the whole lot. It's got a really good flavour and very bananaey. However, I did fiddle a bit with the recipe and added lots more bananas than required, maybe that's why it's so bananaey,hehe...It's supposed to have cream cheese icing on top but I was too lazy to make it. It still tasted nice without the icing and definitely less fattening!

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