Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Dah lama tengok choc waffle hani tapi baru tengahari tadi ada masa nak buat. Makin berjasa my waffle maker ni, berbaloi lah beli,hehe...Boleh katakan every wknd the kids ask for waffles for breakfast and now with this new recipe, I can use it a lot more. But with any recipe, i like to tinker with the ingredients a bit. So, I kurangkan sikit the eggs, sugar and cocoa and it still turns out delicious. Little miss 4 1/2 and soon-to-be-9 spent 30 minutes sitting at the dining table after school eating the waffles one by one, dunking them in cold milk...I had to tell them to stop eating so they could still have some space in their tummies for dinner! And they've already asked to take some to school tomorrow for lunch,hehehe...Thanks hani .

It has been quite hot today, it got to nearly 37° C so bila panas2 macam ni, terasa malas pulaknya nak masak lebih2. Since the other half won't be home in time for dinner, I decided to make somethinge really simple. I think the kids were still full anyway from the milk and waffles. The easiest dinner is normally toast for us but poor kids if I were to give them just toast on a school nite...So I jazzed the toast up a bit and made toasted sandwich with scramble eggs, mince & carrot filling. There's protein and vegetables in it so I'm happy :-).

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