Tuesday, 5 February 2008

I woke up early this morning because miss soon-to-be-9 wanted sushi sandwich for lunch just like the ones she saw on Taste website. And since I'm 'ibu mithali' aka supermom, I said okie dokie and made it for her lunch. She was very impressed when she saw it this morning and she said it was delicious. She did not complain about the carrots in it, what a surprise. I guess it's a healthy enough lunch so I don't mind if I have to do it every morning.

To a different story, when i was cleaning out the fridge today, I found a carton of sour cream that's nearing its used by date. I wonder what sour cream will taste like way past its used by date? More sour? My other half suggested stroganoff but we've just had pasta and noodles and we are not used to eating stroganoff with rice. Flipped through my piles of cookbooks and found a recipe for a banana cake using sour cream. What a match made in heaven since I've also got some bananas in the fridge. That solves the sour cream problem! But a whole cake would be wasted in this house since there's only 4 of us and miss soon-to-be-9 doesn't eat cake that's not drenched in chocolate and my other half is on a diet. I guess I can always take it to the kids' school tomorrow and give it to the teachers, they always appreciate a cake for morning tea.

Now, sour cream problem's solved, I have to think about dinnner next. We had chicken last nite and mince the nite before so I guess we are due to have sausages very soon i.e. tonite. I don'tknow what to do with sausages since I didn't grow up eating them. The first time I had sausages was when I first came to Australia as a student at a BBQ. I had no idea how much Aussies love their barbies! i wanted to do something different than the usual sangers and mash so after some deliberation, I decided on baked crumbed sausages with tortilla bread, corn, sauteed mushroom and salad.

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