Sunday, 10 February 2008

Lazy Sunday...But when you are the house manager, Sunday is like any other day. Loads of washings to do, baking to be done, house to clean..After hanging out the 3rd load of washing, the kitchen beckoned. Wanted to bake cupcakes for the kids for school and also something for the other half to take for lunch. Went through the chiller bin and found some nice portobello mushrooms. I decided that a mushroom and onion tart would be nice for the other half's work lunch this week and he agreed.

Supposed to use shortcrust pastry for the tart but I was just too lazy to make my own and there's only puff pastry in the freezer...The tart doesn't look that bad with the puff pastry base. Next time I make it again, I might use shortcrust pastry just to taste the difference.

I've made vanilla cupcakes last week so this week added cocoa powder and choc chips to the batter and voila!..double choc cupcakes. And since I think blue and brown go together really well, the cupcakes icing had to be blue. The kids didn't dare say anything about the colour combination, wise move kids!

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