Sunday, 10 February 2008

After all the baking I did today, I still had to do some more baking for tonite's dinner. The oven is really getting a good workout today..The kids wanted pizza again but I'm not in the mood to eat 'normal' pizza so I made stromboli aka pizza roll aka pizza gulung. The kids thought it was a new dish that I made up. Little miss 4 1/2 tried to say stromboli but could only managed "strom...", and then told me it's not a word at all..:-). Told her it's Italian...Dessert for the kids was just ice cream cake sandwich. The other half had 'no fat yoghurt' and I had fresh mango, yumm! I'm definitely running a restaurant here!

p/s the other photo is just Little miss 41/2 showing off her curls!

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