Friday, 15 February 2008

My other half calls it laksa and I call it mee kari. For me, growing up in Selangor, laksa means rice noodles in a hot sour fish 'soup' with cucumbers and hard boiled eggs as garnish. My mum would make the soup with mackerel/ikan kembung and plenty of chilli paste for the heat and tamarind to make it sour. But when I came to Australia, the Mat Salehs have a different kind of laksa. I guess it comes from the Chinese or is it the Peranakan which calls their mee kari laksa so the name's stuck. So, everytime we have laksa at this house, it means the curry laksa instead of the assam laksa that I grew up with. I've tried making the assam laksa a few times but it was never as nice as I remember it to be back in Malaysia.

I was going to wait until the weekend to have laksa but the weekend seemed so far away ;-). It's either the laksa or the leftovers from last nite. Laksa won hands down! Rice 2 nites in a row doesn't seem appealing, says the only full blooded Malay in this house...whereas the other half is quite happy to have leftover rice again.

We haven't had dessert for quite some time now due to the other half's diet. But I really felt like meringues tonite. So, to make it a bit 'healthy', we had it with strawberries and blueberries. The other half and I had it with fat free yoghurt and the kids had it with vanilla ice cream. It was really delicious! Oh, and some grated chocolate on top :-) .

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