Monday, 4 February 2008

The little misses started their first day of school today. The house was unbelievably quiet without them. They had a good day at school, no complaints and no tears. So many new faces at school today, it took a while trying to find their classes. Little miss 4 1/2 has a brand new teacher. You know you are getting old when your kid's teacher looks to you like they should still be at school! Miss 4 1/2 is a bit sad because some of her good friends from kindy is in a different class, but knowing her I know she'll find new friends soon enough. Miss soon-to-be-9 is happy with the teacher she gets and hopefully she'll do well this year too.

Tonite's dinner was very simple. It has been quite humid here in Perth for the last few days but today was a bit worse. I didn't really feel like spending time in the kitchen when it's hot and humid. I'd rather stay as far away from the stove as possible! That's why tonite's dinner was a very simple noodle salad with roast chicken. Sometimes the simple things in life taste really good!

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