Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Hari ni disebabkan ada orang tolong promote my blog kat My Resipi website, tetiba aje traffic to my blog terus bertambah2, hehehe. Thanks to all yg sudi jenguk my blog yg tak seberapa ni and also thanks to the forum members yg tolong promote tadi. Macamni kenalah I make sure my blog cantik berhias setiap masa and also kenalah I make sure semua hidangan yg I buat, nampak sedap2 belaka, hehehe...Ye lah, bak kata pepatah, dari mata turun ke hati..

Dinner mlm ni western style again. Since mlm tadi dah dinner sempoi, tonite's dinner required a little bit more preparation than the toasted sandwich. Not a lot more, just a little bit more. The easy part was putting everything in the oven after all the preps done.

Tonite's menu: Baked coated chicken with roast potatoes and coleslaw

The chicken tastes so much like the fast food chicken but is so much healthier because it's baked so the other half was happy for me to make it everytime. The kids called it MBC (mum's baked chicken) instead of KFC...I don't think MBC is as catchy as KFC though,haha.

Sesiapa yg nak recipe, janganlah segan to ask from me ye,hehehe...

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