Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A not so smooth sailing in the kitchen-day

My aim was a bit high today.

I wanted to make gnocchi pillows with ricotta filling.

Everything went so smoothly at first from steaming the potatoes to make the gnocchi, mashing it in a ricer to kneading it into a dough and running it through the pasta machine until it’s quite thin to make the gnocchi skins.

And making the filling was no big deal either.

I just sauteed diced onion, diced garlic, minced chicken and chopped up Asian greens in a bit of olive oil (I didn’t have spinach so I guna apa yg ada kat kebun tu aje Smile). Then I added some chicken stock powder and ground pepper to taste. Let it cool. Then add some ricotta cheese, grated parmesan cheese and grated mozzarella cheese.

Making the pillows wasn’t that difficult either.

Cuma my pillows ada macam2 bentuk, from a small cushion to a normal pillow to the European size pillow to a bolster size pillow, hahahahaha…..

I did it mid morning and all the pillows were all done by 1.30. So I put them in a plastic container becaue I didn’t want them to dry out.

And then, disaster struck when I wanted to boil them for dinner petang tadi….

All the gnocchi pillows were stuck to the paper that I put to line the plastic container.


Bayangkan lah, kalau the skins sticking to the paper so strongly, obviously bila I cuba separate the paper and the skins, the filling akan terburai keluar lah kan and macam mana I nak boil them!

I managed to salvage some of the pillows and boil them but not in the same shapes that I made them, hahaha.

Some yang memang hancus terburai habis, I scrunched them up and steam them in the bamboo steamer macam wonton, heeeeee…..

Ada a few yang memang tak boleh diselamatkan langsung, terpaksa lah dicampak ke dalam perut Cik Tong.

And this was the end product.


My gnocchi  yang dah takde rupa pillows with ricotta, asian greens and chicken filling.


I made basil and nuts burnt butter to drizzle over the cooked gnocchi. Sepatutnya guna sage leaves, lagi sedap but we’ve pulled out all our sage plants so terpaksalah I guna basil.


I told you dah takde rupa pillow langsung. Tak tau lah dah jadi rupa apa after that mishap, heheheh.


We had it with beef schnitzel sebab nampak macam tak cukup protein pulak kalau takde meat on the side, hehehe. But it was fine without that extra meat actually.

But not everything that I made today is lost.

I also made some brownies.



Nasib baik it turned out good or else Cik Tong jugak lah yang dapat merasa, hehehehe….

Next time I have to remember to sprinkle some flour on the paper first before putting the gnocchi on it so the y wont stick like glue!


kasihredha said...

terburai ye
wahh syok le cik tong dpt merasa.

yg penting rasa...rupa paras yg ke2

Azian Elias said...

alaaaa..akka tengah mengidam brownies lahhh.. Terliur niii..

Anonymous said...

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Nalisa said...

Those brownies... urrrmmmm...:)
This could be silly but what if u potong2 paper with the gnocchi pillows melekat, then boil je dgn paper2 sekali, wouldnt that automatically separates them?
Huh... it really is silly... huhu...

JieJ said...

Alolo...kesiannya Kak LG. Mesti tension bila yang dah di'aim'2kan tak menjadi kan Kak..untung pulak cik tong..heheh

whitecappuccino said... time buat lagi ..tentu jadik punyalah!

hdr said...

hi..i think any potato + flour mixture tend to get kembang and sticky after resting. my mom had the same prob when she tried to make montok with potato instead of sweet potatoes. generous dusting of flour on the surface would probably do the trick.

ameeza77 said...

alaaaa, dah susah payah membuatnya, mesti frust n geram sangat kan! bace steps pun dah panjang gle! but that's what makes a mommy special kan, after all the hard work n failure, we never easily give up kan :)

T said...

That's so sad. I know how that feels. Sometimes, I mengada-ngada makes all these dumpling from scratch, and with all the hard work something manage to mess it up. I never made gnocchi before, and the gnocchi I'm familiar with has no skin, more like mixed with flour or potato. Lagi horror kalau nak buat, sebab kalau salah, masuk dalam air, habis semua jadi soup. But somehow you inspired me to actually try to make. Maybe one of this day where I have nothing else to do and don't care which way it will turn out.

MULAN said...

i tak kisah rupa camna asalkan ada rasa.. kalo i duduk sebelah u kan, i nak jadi cik tong tu.. adoi, the brownies.. sedap nya... semua pon sedap..

Zaitun said...

Kadang2 kak Zai pun macam tu, masa mula buat bukan main menjadi tapi bila dah siap hampeh...

Tak ada rupa pun tak apa asalkan rasanya sedap.

Shue said...

marvellous brownies managed to salvage it all..

lemongrass said...

Kak Kasih,
terburai satu hal, pastu kertas tu melekat kuat kat skin gnocchi tu, so takkan nak bagi orang makan kertas kan, hehehe

Kak Yan,
Nak tau tak, I masak brownies tu for the girls and hubby. I tak merasa pun lagi sbb tgh berdiet skrg ni, hahaha.

I tak tau lah whether the paper will separate or not but takut nak cuba semalam sbb takut I have to throw everything in the bin. Terpaksa makan maggi lepas tu, hahaha.

Memang untung Cik Tong semalam, nasib baliklah I buat banyak so still lah dpt jugak makan sampai kenyang yg dpt diselamatkan tu.

next time buat, I dah tau kena tabur tepung banyak2 atas paper tu, hehehe.

I think you are right. I should have sprinkled loads of flour on the paper before putting the gnocchi. Next time I know to do just that (if I remember the mistake :-)).

tu lah nya, memang tension gilers I kat dapur semalam. Nak aje rasanya masuk kereta pergi makan kat luar tp sayang pulak dah penat2 buat, nak buang aje kan. SO, tu yg teruskan and berjaya jugak lah :-).

I've made the 'normal' gnocchi before. This one has exactly the same ingredients but once you've kneaded it, you run it through the pasta machine until it's thin and then cut it into squares. Then put the filling in it, just like agnolotti or ravioli :-).
It was fun making it up till the sticky part! Then it was hell, hehehe.

I pun tak kisah rupa dia but sedih sbb dah buat cantik2, tup2 jadi bentuk lain. Memang tak boleh masuk MasterChef lah, hahaha.

Kak Zai,
I guess memasak ni memang a continuous learning process kan, sentiasa aje ada benda baru yg kita belajar dari kesilapan, hehehe.

thank goodness the brownies didn't end up in the rubbish bin :-).