Sunday, 13 February 2011

Let me tell our story

Terkejut semua orang tengok gambar I semalam tu ye? Smile.

I pun bila tengok gambar tu, baru realised yang dah kurus balik I ni, hehehehe….

I nak cerita panjang about how I/we did it…(so go get an apple while you read this Winking smile)

Selama ni I tau I tak lah gemuk mana. My BMI was still within normal range. But it was getting to be quite close to the upper level of normal. My pants semua dah a bit tight around the thighs and some around the waist. And I also noticed yang ada setengah pants dulu kena pakai belt, pastu jadi tak payah pakai belt. And I can feel my body getting a bit sluggish.

I needed to lose 3kg aje pun to get back to my comfortable weight.

But I know from experience that it is so easy for that weight to creep up and push my BMI into the overweight range. Once dah masuk overweight, memang susah nak kuatkan semangat nak bagi dia turun balik. I’ve been there a few times Smile.

Alhamdulillah, every time, I managed to get back to the weight that I like. And all of those times, we did it the right way, by reducing my food intake/jaga makan and also exercising.

But this is the first time we’ve used MyFitnessPal to regulate our daily calories. Sebelum ni we just did it ourselves by just reducing the portion of our food, kurangkan gula and lemak and stop eating junk/snacking.

We all tak pernah go on any so-called diet fads or any replacement meals or any appetite suppressant drugs/herbs. For us, they are too restrictive and can’t be sustained by us for a long time. Jiwa rebellious we all akan cepat memberontak, hehehe.

And what had been happening previously to make us gained the weight again, you might ask?

Well, selalunya it coincides with holidays to M’sia and makan tak hengat bila bercuti. And then bila tengah bercuti, memang lah takkan exercise kan. So, bila balik OZ balik, badan dah berat and perut dah kembang from too much melantak and semangat exercise dah zero bila dah lama bercuti, terus lah sambung the bad habits.

And the weight crept back up gradually….. Sad smile.

You know what people say, “ It takes years for us to gain that extra weight on our bodies so it will take some time jugak lah for the weight to be reduced.

Tapi biasalah kan, zaman sekarang ni, semua nak cepat aje termasuk lah nak lose weight. Kalau boleh nak hilangkan semua lemak tu semalam jugak! Open-mouthed smile. Mana boleh macam tu unless you do liposuction surgery lah kan, hehehe.

You bayangkan, some of us gained 10-15kgs in a year from overeating and lack of exercise.

But then bila the dietitian or doctor or the nutritionist kata to try losing the weight at 500g/week, kita rasa macam lambat noh nak kurang kan berat badan and terus tak nak ikut cakap doctors. Padahal, if you calculate, 500g X 52 weeks=26kgs in a year! Lagi banyak dari yg kita gained kan!

Memang lah best kalau the weight goes down so quickly but the quicker it goes down, kadang2, the quicker it’ll go back up Smile.

The Other Half lost so much weight in such a short time by really reducing his food intake to only 1600-1700cals/day but increasing his exercise to 1800 or more cals/day. So, his calorie deficit is quite big tu yang boleh lose weight quickly. He used to be in the obese BMI range but now he’s gone to the overweight range. He will keep on doing this until he’s in the healthy BMI and healthy waist measurement.

I pulak survived on 1000cals-1200cals/day and I do exercise daily on top of that. My exercise will normally burn around 300-400cals/day aje. I cuma buat elliptical/cross trainer or Wii exercise routine aje.

I don’t skip meals at all, I cuma tak snack sangat lah. I normally will have an oat breakfast because it fills me up the longest. Then I have lunch for around 300cals and then more calories at dinner time. Kalau our meals happened to be really low calorie meals, we’ll top up with fruit to increase the calories.

We all still makan nasi occasionally at dinner time but I only makan 1/2cup of rice which is around 110cals aje. White bread 2 keping pun dah 110cals jugak so sama aje the calories yang masuk inside you. Kalau I buat kari, I lagi suka makan dengan nasi dari makan dengan roti sebab I rasa lagi heaven makan nasi+kari tu Smile.

But now since I don’t want to lose any more weight, I have to increase my calorie intake. And I’m concentrating on exercises to tone up my muscles. So, my bottom will become more pert, my thighs and arms won’t be flabby anymore and my abs will be more defined Smile. Tapi, takdelah I nak sampai dapat 6-pack tu ye!

So, that’s how we did it and still doing it. We know we will have bad days where we over eat but hopefully not many of those days around lah, hehehe…. We just have to make sure we get back on the right track eh! Open-mouthed smile

And this dinner we had last nite was only around 310cals aje!


Pasta with grilled chicken breast, pesto and veges.


It was still very filling tapi rendah calories Smile.


Dinas Aldi said...

Ohh it's hard to believe the pasta with all the works tu cuma around 310 cals saja! yum yum!

Jamiel said...

Wish that u can maintain it..

Shereen said...

I never thought your hubby was at obese stage as he does not even look chubby before he lose all that weight.It's the same with my hub..although we know he's so so overweight but in my eyes,he's still so sexy..ahaks!As for us Asians yang memang cute miut(or ketot la),just a tiny bit of weight gain,we'll look like belon yang dipam-pam.I so want to have your sexy body but I am just not motivated.I bukak your blog a few times a day just to look at your body for motivation but at last,all I get cuma depression and then terus masuk dapur and masak and bake! la?Anyway,where did you get all the ideas and recipes yang low cal tu?Is there any specific site where you get them?Anyway,keep up the updates and photos to 'wake up' lazy creatures like me!!!

blu4sky said...

congrats LG..thanks for sharing.. betul ckp you..i had experience with pill diet.. tapi i ambil dari klinik..recommended by my friend.. before i went to the clinic, i search dulu psl the clinic and its its program..byk positive i pun pegi.. masa tu mmg turun byk.. almost reached my goal.. but i rasa weak sgt then jatuh sakit.. teruk juga.. bila sembuh berat naik mendadak and tambah 2kg dr weight asal.. the diet pill program mmg byk mudarat..

Sizuka said...


I'm working hard to have pinggang kerengga like u. hari tu, i met a friend, who used to call me kerengga back in ausmat days. he still call me kerengga but he said, "hey kerengga gemuk!". Duh!

I'm motivated to loose weight by combining my exercise regime with your low calorie food intake :D

anymz said...

you know what LG,akak taklah ikut sgt apa yg mayfair tu suruh..akak ikut min punya meal je..nampak sedap dan mengenyangkan lagi pun min dah kira semua kalori sonang kojo den..hehe..
seb baik hb setuju sbb dia pun turut serta utk bg semangat pd isterinya ini tambahan perotnya pun dah mula membukit..thnx for all the info min..
stok pasta pulak da habis so hari ni makan sup bihun je lah nampaknya..

lemongrass said...

That pasta+all the chickens+veges cuma weigh 200g aje, tu yg low calories, hehehe.
Kalau hubby I dulu, adalah kot dia makan 2-3 mangkuk at one go, tu yg over calories terus :-D

Thanks :-). Itu part yg sometimes very hard to keep up with :-).

He has never looked obese but when we calculated his BMI, it was definitely in the obese range. And when it got to nearly 100kg, he got a bit scared and wants to lose the baggage :-). But like you said, he looks the same to me fat or thin, hahahaha.
That's why lah I had to lose the weight even cuma 3kg, because I feel mcm penguin dah with bonjol2 sana sini.
Psst... you kena letak my photo at the fridge door, baru you rasa motivated, hahahahhaha.
With the recipes, I just used low calorie substitute for a lot of the stuff. I check all the ingredients before I masak and then calculate it lebih kurang.
The MyFitnessPal site lets us create the recipe and they'll calculate the cals for us. But leceh lah a bit.

I've heard horror stories jugak with diet pills. And I know meal replacement sachets are not for us sebab we love food too much :-).
We would rather control our portions and get to eat all the food we like in moderation.
Kalau I teringin nak makan cheesecake, I will make sure I exercise extra hard that day to accomodate the cheesecake calories, hehehe

Hikhikhikhik...apalah kawan you tu :-).
I know I definitely cannot follow yr blood-type diet. But I definitely you can surely lose the weight by doing all the exercises you've been doing and having calorie-controlled meals.
Cubalah join the MyFitnessPal online and you can see how much calories you can eat in a day to lose the weight.
You can be my friend on it :-)

lemongrass said...

Kak Anymz,
hehehe....orang mayfair tak marah ke kalau you tak ikut their meal plan?
Make sure you measure your carbs mcm nasi, mee, mihun, pasta, bread tu tau so you dont go overboard lah. Nanti tak kurus2 jugak, marah orang Mayfair, hahaha.

tireless mom said...


To a healthier and happier lifestyle, good luck with your healthy initiative.

katak_78 said...

u have made me sooo jeles la kak LG...even i early 30++ but i am so worried about my weight now...bila dah berumo..metabolisme makin nak kuruskan balik,tgk u punya badan...buat i jadi gila kentang nak kurus!ble tunjuk muka plak??kang tang bawah je kurus..tang muka chubby!hehehehehe....neway!u look gorjesssss..jeles melleesss!!

Aswani said...

k.LG, kalo ada button 'like' kat blog ni, gamaknya dah 10 kali I tekan! :)))

shahlin said...

ohhh LG, setengah cawan nasi yer.. patutlah mengurus. my seluar pon dah ketat ni.adeh. i must try makan roti not more than 2 keping. and lebihkan jalan dari parking kereta betul2 depan pintu kedai.

lemongrass said...

Tireless Mom,
Thanks for the wish. We do need it because knowing us, we love to overeat occasionally :-).

Katak Ayu,
hehehe...jeles giler kentang tu jeles level ke berapa ye? ;-).
Tu yg my weight kept creeping up gradually bila makin tua ni sbb my metabolism is slowing down. So, kenalah I slalu exercise semata2 nak naikkan balik :-).
One day I'll show gambar my hubby pulak ye bila dia dah giler kurus with 6 pack, lagi you jeles nanti, hahaha

thanks for that :-). Suka I dengar bila orang suka baca blog I ni!

tu lah nya makin mengurus sbb I kurang kan semua :-). Sebelum ni, memang tak sukat langsung, pastu siap bertambah2 lagi nasi nya, hahaha. Manalah tak naik berat we all kan!

Chik Na said...

teruja nak kurus ... terus google pasal MyFitnessPal tuh.. jumpa website tu..tapi x sure la whether myfitnesspal tu yg u guna..

makcikkantin said...


Tahniah, not many have yr determination....combining food intake n exercise. Kena ikut jejak ni...

Maya Marisa said...

wah, ini baru betul hot mama!
kalah anak dara...hehehee..i nie pulak, atas bawah very rounded...
kalau pegi gym pun, i'll hit the cross trainer and not the treadmill.

T said...

Good Job, LG! It's good that you're losing weight due to healthier diet and exercise. I bet kalau you check your cholesterol & sugar level, mesti those have improved too :-D
Last year I lost 15lbs from January to July. I exercised 5 times a week and ate lotsa whole grains and whole fruits. Then, during Raya weekend, I added 3lbs, by end of Raya I naik 5 more lbs. After that was holiday season & I went to Malaysia, by end of the year my total weight loss was only 1lb. huhuhu.

And this year, sangat susah la nak get really serious with dieting. I got into the habit of eating lotsa kuih/ dessert/ sweets sejak came back from Malaysia.

Nurul said...

As-salam sis lg. Seronok tgk the progress. Sekarang ni saya dah hampir sebulan makan nasi sesenduk sehari. Kadang2 sesenduk 1/2 nasi. Tak pernah skip. Perut tak lapa n mintak makanan bukan2 lagi. hehe

Kalau dulu tapau nasi je mmg nak pastikan satu bekas penuh nasi. Sekarang ni nak makan lebih 2 senduk pun dah rasa kenyang sangat2.

cuma sy confused. 1/2 cup nasi = 110 kcal. Cup besar mana tu sis? Agak2 1 senduk nasi sampai tak 110 kcal?

Hehe tolong answer my question ya. :) Thanks in advance. Saya pun buat food journal jugak. hehe

TopsyTurvyMum said...

Di sebabkan i asyik terbayang2 je pinggang macam u..semalam gigih i exercise lari 2km! wahahaha..

masalah i takleh stop kalau makan sedap2. Terpaksa la i makan hape mende yang tak sedap dah boringgg!

hopefully sebelum winter turun la ke berat yang i nak.

Ayu said...

hm...ayu pun nak kurus gak la.nak kurus! nak kurus! nak kurus! sbb byk baju yg dah ketat.uuuwwaaaa.....tensen tul la.

Yan said...

OMG! very inspiring..teruja nak masak2 low cals n see the results..;) well done 2 u guys! looking gooooood!

Halen said...

misi yg telah berjaya!!! kak min menjadi inspirasi kpd ramai org neh. well done..

lemongrass said...

Chik Na,
the website address is We all suka that site sbb bila we all masukkan semua data and bagitau dia berapa kg kita nak buang, dia akan bagi estimate berapa calories kita boleh makan in 1 day. So, senang lah sikit I nak pantau :-)

thanks. I ada motivation ni pun sbb my hubby is doing it at the same time. Kalau I buat sorang, malas lagi besar dr semangat, hehehe

Maya Marissa,
hehehe...kalau anak I kan ;-). I tak pernah cuba treadmill tu sbb I tak suka running langsung2. Bila buat cross trainer ni, I rasa muscles kat legs and arms semua bergerak, hehehe

thank you. You have the same problem as me. I started gaining the weight back bila raya 2010 lah and then terus keep on gaining. Padahal baru aje lost a few kgs from the food we all melantak sakan in M'sia in Dec 2009!
I have a really bad sweet tooth as well! That's why I've stopped baking for a while now, hehehe

waalaikumsalam. Congrats dgn azam baru you :-).
1/2 cawan tu I guna cawan metric yg buat baking tu. Maybe around sesenduk kot. kalau beras 100g, dimasak akan jadi 1 1/2 cwn. Jadi 1/2 cawan nasi tu memang tak banyak lah berasnya, around 35g aje kan :-).
Tapi memang betul mcm you cakap, bila dah terbiasa makan nasi sikit, memang dah kenyang bnyk tu aje pun.
I pun dulu kalau masak nasi, mesti bertambah2 and rasa mcm tak kenyang aje makan sesenduk tu.

muahahaha....lari 2km tu! Jgn main2 :-). I cukup menyampah berlari ni, tu yg I lagi suka guna elliptical, hehehe.
Susah kan kalau terer masak ni sbb nanti chef nya jadi bulat, hahaha

tu yg buat I start balik diet n exercise ni sbb pants I bnyk yg dah ala2 sendat. Rasa sedih sgt2 bila pakai :-(.

Thanks :-). In a way, it's not that difficult to cook low cal food ni but it is a bit leceh to check all the ingredients+calories everytime you cook something :-)

Alhamdulillah, berjaya juga akhirnya kan :-)

ct_nurmarlissaa said...

wah..Rahsianya kene kekalkan healty life style kan

Sally said...

tak pa2 I sabr jer tgk gmbr tu..lepas pantang ni mmg konpem nak kena ikut jejak langkah you..jeles gila tgk your shape smlm tau..hheh

Unaizah said...

Bravo! Bravo!! Kudos to you.... Saya ni selalu je cakap nak lose weight tp malas nak usaha. Habis tu camne..hihihi.

Anash said...

nak cuba gak wat camtuh
tapi bila makan epal
terus my sugar level drop...
ntah..for sure nak pengsan aje..
me with my BIG alasan, heheh

lemongrass said...

Ziana Zain lepas pantang, terus slim gilers kan! hehehehe

I pun dr last year cakap nak lose weight tapi tak buat2.Bila hubby pun nak lose weight, baru lah I ada motivation.

Anash, kena makan nasi lemak baru blood sugar you cantik ye? ;-)

Anash said...

LG, do you know..(sambil kutip nasik lemak yg jatuh tepi pinggan...)..heheheee...
anyway..bravo for you achievement..

roe233 said...

hello LG, im roe. yr new blog reader.

got yr link from rima's blog. one more amazing mummy who bakes! :) im so inspired!

anyway, yr kids, like.. wow. very pretty!

Nurul said...

As-salam. Oh macam tu. Hehe now dah taulah nasi punya calorie. Senang nak kira.

Kadang2 gedik nak ambil nasi lebih, lepas tu dok mengah2 nak abeskan. :P

Mula-mula excercise dulu, jalan je.. sekarang dah boleh lari2 anak. ngehee sonok2.

lemongrass said...

my 2 favourite bfast in M'sia, nasi lemak and roti canai, hehehe :-)

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I cook but very rarely bake especially now :-).
Thanks for the compliment.

waalaikumsalam. I pun masa mula exercise dulu, nak buat 5 minit pun rasa mcm nak pengsan, skrg buat 30 jam ok aje, hehehe

Nurul said...

30 jam kak?? waaaah ternganga mulut :P

Semalam jogging dengan kawan-kawan + Puasa plak tu. Siap boleh main lumba lari lagi! Tak sangka sy yang berat ni boleh lumba lari dgn girangnya. :) Hehehe