Friday, 25 February 2011

How he did it and is still doing it

The Other Half is so chuffed that so many people can see the difference in him after 2 months of hard labour, hehehe.

He said thank you so much for all the encouragements and the compliments especially the resemblance to a certain actor bit, muahahahaha.

(he knows it’s only the baldness that resembles Bruce Willis the most tapi sekali sekala perasan takpe lah kan Winking smile).

But I know memang ramai yang terperanjat sangat2 bila tengok the 2 photos and maybe ramai jugak yang tak percaya when we say that we only use the exercise and calorie-control method to lose the weight.

Sure ada a few yang ingat we all guna other things that we are not telling kan?

Percayalah, memang takde guna any other things apart from hard exercise and watching what we eat.

We whole heartedly believe in calories in=calories out. Kalau calories in berlebih, you akan gain weight. Kalau calories out yang lebih, you will lose weight. Senang aje equation kitaorang ni, hehehe (but this is only for normal people without any medical problems that can cause abnormal weight gain or weight loss ok).

I’ll table down his typical weekly exercise and food regime below.

Since joining MyFitnessPal, we have been watching our calorie intake.

Bila you join this program, you kena key in your details and your weight loss goal. Then the program will calculate your daily calorie allowance based on the info you give.

For The Other Half, for him to lose weight gradually and slowly, he needs to cut down his calorie intake to 1800cals/day sahaja.Tak boleh lebih, tapi boleh kurang. If he follows this, tanpa buat any exercise, he will lose about 400-500g/week which is real slow lah.

But biasalah kan people, semua nak cepat Smile. For him, that’s a bit too slow so he adds exercise to the regime to increase the calories he burns everyday so cepatlah dia lose all his weight.


-He rides to work at 6.30 in the morning which takes him 1 hour. He burns around 900cals riding in the morning. He normally only has coffee with milk which is around 90cals before the ride.

-He has breakfast at work. His daily breakfast is muesli with loads of oats in it with milk which is around 400cals. And he also has V8 juice for breakfast which is around 100cals.

-Then he has an apple for snack or other fruits. Fruits are not that high in calories anyway.

Then he has lunch which is usually leftover dinner. Depends on what it is, selalunya his lunch will be about 300+cals to less than 450cals.

-After work, he rides home again which takes him another hour and burns another 900cals.

-Then, we have a ‘big’ dinner which is our main meal at around 6-6.30 petang. Dinner yang I buat you all semua tahu lah kan since I tayang our dinners most night, hehehe.

I buat dinner seperti biasa cuma I grill or bake instead of goreng, I substitute all the high-fat stuff dengan low-fat stuff and I increase our vege and salad intake.

But we all still makan pasta, mee, roti, nasi and potato which are our main carbs.

For example, our dinner semalam.


We had chicken breast mince open faced burger and home-made wedges and salad. Wedges tu I buat guna olive oil spray aje so memang kurang lemak sgt2 lah.


The main difference this time is I will weigh/measure every single thing on our dinner plates. Kiranya weighing scale tu dah jadi kawan baik I lah hari2, hahaha.

I measure the home-made low-fat wedges at 150g, chicken breast burger tu I buat sendiri so I know what goes in it and how much it weighs and can calculate the calories, we all cuma guna sekeping roti aje. And plenty of salad on the plate to fill us up.

That burger+wedges meal is less than 370cals but sangat2 mengenyangkan!

-Then he has snack which is normally nuts and a piece of dark chocolate. All these are still within his daily calorie allowance ok.

Dulu2, we all bantai aje makan 2 senduk nasi, 4 keping roti, berlambak2 fries, berlonggok2 pasta. Tak kisah langsung pasal portion, we only wanted to satisfy our tastebuds!

The reason I measure sebab it makes it easier for us to calculate the calories we consume. Sebab we all kena log in every thing we eat on the MyFitnessPal calendar.

Kalau tak measure, macam mana nak tau kan berapa banyak calories yang kita makan.

This program makes us more accountable for our eating habits and also makes us better informed about our food choices.

No one forces us to eat until we gain weight so kalau nak kurus, kenalah become more accountable and take responsibility kan.


-He catches the bus to work since nak Solat Jumaat and also nak jumpa we all at the swimming centre after school.

-So, since dia tak boleh ride in the morning, he and I will do a 30-45 minute upper body/core body exercise with Wii My Fitness Coach (Maya) program pagi2 buta before the girls wake up. Selalunya it will burn around 260cals.

-And then in the afternoon, he does 30 minutes lap swimming which burns 450cals while Miss 7 is having a swimming lesson.

-Meals are the same like Mon-Thursday.


-We do 45 minutes of cardio/upper body/core with Wii Maya in the morning. Kalau cardio, it will burn quite a lot jugak lah.

-Then petang sikit, lepas lunch, he will go on the elliptical/cross trainer and burns another 800cals.


-This is his ‘rest’ day. He only does 45 minutes of cardio exercise with Wii Maya with me in the morning. Sebab he needs his energy for the bike ride the next day Smile.

So, if you tengok, you can see that he only consumes around 1500-1800cals/day while burning around 1800cals/day as well (when he rides to work).

He has a big calorie deficit which resulted in his reasonably fast weight loss.

There’s no magic formula or magic pill or magic juice or magic diet that made him lose that much weight in 2 months.

Kalau you all ikut cara dia, gerenti akan lose that much weight as well, hehehehehe.


zany said...

Tabik! sungguh berdisiplin. Tahniah untuk si isteri tu juga yang dah jadi teman setia weighing scale

penDragon said...

lebih baik loosing weight dgn cara healthy begini dr taking pills or method lain yg boleh menjejaskan kesihatan!

De' Nurul said...

pokok pangkal dia disiplin kena kuat kan kak?

suzi fauzi said...

i salute both of u..mmg determined abisss aaa...congrats !!!

anie,Nagoya said...

displinkan diri yg ptg.bila tgk hb jadi segak, kita yg tergoda.awwww...tak rela.

suzi fauzi said...

nak tambah satu lagi lah..LG kalu u bukak rest kat mesia, i sure g rest u hari hari tau..hehehe..cdap gler nampak yr dinner tu..yum yum

an15 said...

i ada jugak Maya tu, tp dia kena tinggal kat rumah cheras. Beli pun sebab baca your blog (back in 2009 kot).

btw i tunjuk pic TOH kat my hubby, kasi panassssss sket hahhaha. dia dulu kurus skelempeng (back in the US) tp skg u tgk la macam mana hehe

lemongrass said...

memang kena berdisiplin habis, or else, asik nak mengunyah aje, hehehe.
Weighing scale kat bathroom and kat kitchen memang kawan baik I :-)

I agree with you. Kalau cara lain tu, rasanya tak boleh sustain for a long time. At least kalau kawal makan, kalau terbabas, boleh get back on track kan :-)

memang betul, disiplin and motivasi kena ada lah. Hubby I kata dia nak kurus sbb dia tau I minat kat orang kurus2 ni, hahaha

Hubby I memang jenis mcm tu, kalau dia dah berazam nak kurus, kuat betul semangat dia, hehehe.
Boleh lah I bukak healthy restaurant yg jual low-cal food aje kan. Sure ramai yg nak dtg rest I tu, hehehe

Hubby I kata dia nak lose weight sbb I. Sbb dia kata I tergoda bila tengok orang kurus ni, hahahaha

Dulu we all guna Maya tu utk cardio aje. Tapi skrg guna Maya utk upper body guna weights and core. Much better I think :-)
Your hubby sure tak kenal Matt skrg kan sbb dah kurus gilers, hehehehe

shahlin said...

i ni excercise nye trim pokok, angkut n kumpul sampah then bakar. dengan tak sedar diri lepas tu makannnn dengan perasaan yg tadi dah byk kalori pakai..kene ganti nih! :)

Flower said...

Very discipline tul both of you. Tgk gambar dia kat bwh masa dia overweight muka mcm sedih je. Kesian lak tgk. Tp kan utk lelaki, diaorg mmg cepat tul berat kalau compare ngan girl lah kan. Mcm dlm the biggest loser. Yg pompuan buat exercise teruk mcm lelaki, but still lambat je turun. Yg boy, tiap2 minggu kkdg double digit turun. Unfair tul..

Gembo said...

Mrs G:

Your hubby is so lucky to have a dedicated weight-loss partner and chef/nutritionist to boot!

Huge difference physically - now waiting for your before and after pics!

Truly jealous - must motivate myself more ;p

lemongrass said...

hehehehe....dulu2 I pun mcm tu. Jogging sikit aje, tapi lepas tu breakfast roti canai 2 keping, hahaha.

Kalau I sorang yg trying to lose weight, memang dah lama hancus sbb takde motivation. Tapi sbb berdua and hubby I sgt2 lah motivated, tu yg make it easier.
Guys memang senang kan nak lose all their lemak2 ni :-)

lemongrass said...

Mrs Gembo,
thank you. I guess it's much easier when there's a partner in everything including trying to lose weight :-). He's the motivated one and I'm just trying to make his journey easier for him.
I have put up a slimmer photo of me about a week ago. Now just waiting for a photo of us both :-).

Yat Maria said...


congratz to u both!!! bravo! bukan senang nak lose 15kg in 2 months! Gd job to yr hubby! welll done :)

blu4sky said...

yes agree with you LG...
i see positive result since i sign up with myfitnesspal..dah lost 1kg and still losing...i so happy

My MAA said...

k'min bole tulis buku la k min...compilekan semua ur healthy dietry food, exercise regime...cos it sounds simple n not rigid...letak gamba u n toh as the front cover.....title....our true journey to become slimmer in just 2 months!!...chewahhhh.....sure laku....xyah tebal2 buku tu buat org fobia takut lambat nak's real la....i bole jd the editor....phewittt...thesis sendiri pun tekial2...hehehe...

p/s: i bet next week semester reopens....ur toh punye student sure ingat dia staf baru or student baru!!!hehe

mamamia said...

I just admire your patience and determination to lose weight. I dah register with Myfitnesspal but only manage to keep track of my food intake for one week. I did Wii as well and do cross trainer but cannot be disciplined enough to carry through the whole regime... nampak gaya tak kurus2 lah saya ni... bravo to both of i wish i ada semangat macam u all :)

3E said...

Hebat tu...sangat kagum. Congrates to u & Hubby...mmm, nak ajak Mr E jugak la berdiet ni....:-))

indahhouse said...

Salam kak LG,
:)) Sejak kelmarin membelek entry kejayaan TOH dan kak LG. Memang tabik habis! Congrats to both of you! Saya tumpang bangga.. sebab bukan senang nak disiplinkan diri timbang all foods, n ikut exercise programme sendiri kat rumah. Saya sendiri pun dah ternak selulit..haha.
Oh.. calorie in.. calorie out. Memang bagus cara tu. :D

CikWanKembang said...

sufee tukar link

atas sbb2 tertentu (MIL stumble on my velog)

hehe lariiiiii...

Madam Sooyaree said...

Wow, respect for the determination :) Nanti kita cari actor botak lain lak, haha

Unaizah said...

No pain no gain. Dah target nak lose weight and work hard towards it, sure akan berhasil. Bukan mcm i CAKAP je nak tak usaha. Hihihi...camne nak kuruskan.

SurayaCoghlan said...

no doubt on the method..but how to keep motivated? ni kang ada je yg teringin nak makan, cake lah, sweets drinks lah, chips lah, keinginan nak makan tu lebih kuat dari nak kurus camno? hahahaha.

Anash said...

ada terbaca gak tentang calori in calori out ..tapi stillblur with the amount taken...hehe..disebabkan blur, maka badan pun jadi 'blur' gak..haha..(u give motivation to me la..disiplin no satu..tabik spring for both of you..)

lemongrass said...

thanks. Memang bukan senang nak losew weight ni kan (even 3kgs pun susah, hehehehe). But bila ada teman nak lose weight sama2, the journey seems to be easier.

that's really great news :-). But memang betul kan, bila kita kena log in everything yg kita makan. Rasa mcm tak berbaloi nak makan all those extra butter cakes or karipap, hahahaha...

hahahaha...kalau you jadi editor, berapa komisyen you charge? ;-).
Our diet ni memang tak rigid langsung, basically we can eat anything we want as long as within the daily calorie allowance. Cuma kena buat exercise aje lah :-).
Tu sbb my hubby beria nak lose weight skrg before uni starts so all his old students terkejut tengok dia, hahaha

thanks. Both my hubby and I agree, it makes the weight loss journey easier bila both of us do it together. Bila I tgh slack, dia motivate and bila dia tengah down, I puji dia lambung2 :-).
Kalau buat sorang2, memang dah lama terbabas rasanya.

hehehehe...kalau you nak berdiet, tak boleh lah makan all the nice chiffon cakes and choc chip cookies tu selalu :-).

Salam :-).
Memang disiplin kena kuat especially bila kita buat sendiri kat rumah tanpa ada orang nak paksa, hehehe.
And then kdg2 bila tgh busy and penat, rasa malas gilers nak timbang segala benda yg kita makan. But skrg ni rasa mcm dah terbiasa kena timbang segalanya :-).

Sufee, MIL pun dah stumble on my blog tapi tak larat I nak tukar :-).

Telly Savalas pun cute apa ;-).

My husband memang sgt2 determined once he's set is mind to it. I pun terikut2 sama his determination :-). But memang kena ada usaha lah, hehehe

We still have those treats and junk food but we portion it out so we know how many calories we consume and boleh log it in.
My hubby still makan pringles and I still makan Arnotts shapes and cakes but smaller amount lah and still within the aloowed calories, hehehehe

It is not complicated as long as you tau berapa bnyk calories masuk lah which is the most complicated bit, hehehe

Sue said...

Thn godaan high calorie dr godaan tgk awek dia yg kuwus yer..best2.
mesti enjoy je jaga org diet yg disiplin eh kak..hehee..

HaSue said...

Ops..lupa lak sign out td.hehe..

Ayu Safieza said...

MMM Alhamdulillah...can't wait 2 see the new look of the woman behind this...congratulations to both......yeeeeeeeeeeey.....u both better go for new clothes.....and the boots....;)

Nama Ku Noy said...

wow, nak cuba, nak kurus gak nie, best lah hubby akak dpt kurus...

lemongrass said...

Dia jeles tengok awek dia makin kurus, so dia pun nak lah lawan kurus jugak, hehehehe.

Sekarang tgh Summer panas giler so kena tunggu Winter sale nanti baru kita bergaya dgn boots, baru boleh nampak betis bunting padi!hikhikhik.

Boleh aje nak kurus ni, tapi kena motivated and berdisiplin lah bila nampak makanan :-).

Shereen said...

Thanks for the info.Just a question if you don't mind, how much calorie will we burnt if doing the 'bedroom exercise'?I hope you don't mind me asking but I am just curios as I have read from somewhere that 'that' exercise burns up lots of calories too.Since 'that' exercise is the easiest,I wonder if it's enough just doing that instead.Seriously,this is a serious question and not being cheeky.Thanks.

lemongrass said...

hehehe...we once wondered sbout that too and on the MyFitnessPal forum someone asked the question and some people did strap on heart rate monitor on their chests just to find out how much calories they burnt, hahaha.
And someone said they found on the net that it only burns about 100cals for an hour of it. Vacuuming burns more than that! hahahha
But you might like to go to this link find out. Though some facts on it are a bit cheeky :-)

mama_QnR said...


stumbled upon your blog while bloghopping
eating healthy doesn't mean that the food is not tasty kan?

i so believe what you wrote, because i do that too..
calories in = calories out
so if calories in > out, it means that it will go straight to :-
1. your tummy; or
2. your thighs

wish you all the best
and your hubby too!
keep it up!!

Shereen said...

Thanks!I guess there is no easy way to lose weight,huh?..hehehe..

MULAN said...

tqs for sharing dear..!! ni dok tengok penimbang, pastu kan tersengih2... (sama je laki bini.. hehee)

kena start ni..!!

Si Kodeng said...

Hi Lemongrass...

I think this is brilliant....I think i'd do exactly what you n hubby had been doing.....

Anyways...I've been a huge fan of your blog..for at least a month now since I found it..;)

lemongrass said...

Mama QnR,
Waalaikumsalam. Thanks for dropping by.
A lot of people think that if you want to lose weight, you have to forego rice and they sanggup tak makan rice for berbulan2, hehehe.
For us, it's always calories in, calories out. We know that we gained weight sebab we love to eat all those extras and we only have ourselves to blame not the food :-).
Now, we still makan everything but less :-)

Shereen, can do the bedroom exercise before you do the vacuuming. Definitely more calories burned that way :-D

My hubby masa first start, memang tak nak langsung tengok penimbang tu. But sbb terpaksa nak key in the data, terpaksalah dia naik dgn muka masam mencuka, hahahaha

Si Kodeng,
thanks for dropping by and enjoying my blog :-).
It is easy actually to follow the way we lose weight. As long as you know what goes in and how much you burn during exercise, you can keep track of your weight easily :-).
Good luck!

mama_QnR said...

puan serai,

absolutely spot on! on the fact that you can still enjoy all the food but in less quantity.. i so love food but the will power is not to overindulge it!

it's less easy to get mamak/gerai/fast food here so i guess that part of the deal is more controlled :D

owh i do wish if what i put in is more that what i use up, it would go to my boobs hahahahaha... it reduced size after i lost weight... dang!

p/s how tall are you may i ask? nice pix there!

KayNisa said...

tumpang tanye, wii tu yg kena berdiri atas something pastu kita main ikut2 simulator dia kt tv tu ke? mn mau beli bnda alah tu?

lemongrass said...

Mama QnR,
we love our food as well especially hubby. He eats mostly everything and love 2nd helpings, tu yang badan dia senang naik bagai di pam2 :-).
Like you, there's no easily available cheap gerai mamak here either so 1 less temptation for us.
I have the same problem as you, my boobs will be the first to go when I lose weight and the last to increase in size when I gain weight! :-). I am only 5 foot tall anyway, sangatlah short nya kan.

Kay Nisa,
Itu Wii Fit yg kena ada Wii board tu. Wii ni macam Playstation or XBox lah. You just beli the box and then you can beli the games. I beli 'My Fitness Coach' yang we all buat exercise every wknd with tu.

Party Tupperware said...

ekekekeke...looking at his photo in grey shirt nmpk slimmer sbb mesti dia tahan napas...bila tgk pict dia in black shirt trus nmpk tummy...confirm lupa tahan napas....

lemongrass said...

Party Tupperware,
hakhakhakhak....terkantoi lah dia ye tak tahan nafas masa ambik gambar tu :-D

PatinPasta said...

(tak jenguk lagi entry psl your hubby, lepas ni jenguk :D)

So the key is to burn more calories than consumed la ye, baru cepat. Orait.. saya pon semangat sama ni! Hehe!