Friday, 15 May 2009

Eurovision song contest is back and so tonite and the next 2 nights, our eyes will be glued to the idiot box watching Eurovision.So, kiranya my entries 3 malam ni akan jadi short and sweet lah ye sebab nak kejar masa ;-). Unless I jadi rajin and post the entry during the day, hmmm…..

Anyway, malam ni we are going to play the Eurovision drinking game while watching the show but our version lah since we don’t drink kan. Basically we’ll follow the rules exactly but everytime you are supposed to drink, we’ll eat m&m chocolate instead! Slalunya people will get very drunk by the middle of the Eurovision program if they play, so in our case, we’ll get so fat instead because of all the m&m’s we’ve consumed!!!!! Hehehehehe…….

It’s already starting so I better go now, can’t ‘talk’ anymore. GO EUROVISION GO!!!!!! :-) :-)


ain said...

enjoy your programme then!!!

Flower said...

Minat eurovision ke? I minat Britain got talent. Addicted to it. Tgk dlm youtube je. I minat kat si Simon tu, sbb tu rajin bertunggu tangga dpn computer. :)

One question. Are you happy with the budget. Me, not really. Kalau senate approve bulat2, byk lah benefit kena potong.... sob sob sob.

Are u for or against DLS. I tak leh vote. I 'for' kalau habis bulan Feb tp 'against' kalau habis bulan Mar. Kira kalau Feb tu ngam2 lah.

lemongrass said...

Kak Ain,
wahahaha.... tak larat betul kan tengok perangai we all ni :P

We all mmng minat Eurovision sbb for us it's a tragic comedy show, hehehe.Every budget time, memang I rasa we are the worse hit sbb we are not high income but we are not low income either, hehehe.
We are against DLS but I pun mcm u, klu end in Feb,mmng I don't mind.End of March is way too long!