Friday, 26 April 2013

Another short vacation update

Our vacation in kl as tourists is nearly over. The Other Half will be going back to Perth and the girls and I will be going back to Ijok.
What did we do the past few days?
We did loads of walking, exploring, shopping and eating!
The best bit about staying at hotels in Msia is the buffet breakfast, hahahaha.
Especially when you can eat everything on the buffet tables instead of just the toast and butter and jam aje!
But after 3 days of eating buffet breakfast, you just want to have coffee and nothing else, hehehe.
I think my stomach cant cope with the constant influx of food from morning to nite :-).
But thank goodness for all the walks we've done, tak lah berat naik teruk sangat, hehe.
We've been to Midvalley, KLCC, Bird Park, Bukit Bintang area, Aquaria, Pasar Seni, Chinatown, Masjid Jamek area.
We've been on the komuter and lrt so many times as well.
I rasa muka we all tu memang hari2 ada kat KL Sentral tu!
I took a lot of photos on the big camera but I malas nak transfer to the laptop and malas nak update blog on the laptop so layan ajelah some photos that I took on the phone ye.
Once I dah balik Perth, hopefully I can update on our Msian hols.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Just a quick hello ๐Ÿ˜€

Just saying a quick hello utk sesiapa yang dah rindu kat blog ni.
We arrived safely on Thursday. Then atayed in KL until Saturday afternoon tunggu The Other Half sampai fr Perth and for my Mak to balik from umrah.
Sambil tu sempat jalan2 midvalley lagi! Hehehe.
And definitely sempat makan macam2!
And Miss 13 turned 14 last Saturday so ee had a BBQ kat kampung yesterday just with the siblings n families.
The men manned the BBQ while I buat pizza n nachos atas permintaan. My sis in law made the birthday cake.
And today we are back in kl enjoying a family vacation before The Other Half has to go back to Perth this Sunday.
So kalau jumpa we all kat mana2, senyum2 and tegur2 lah ye ๐Ÿ˜€.
And since I'm updating the blog using iPhone, gambar2 semua are at the end of the post lah ye. Layaannnn ....

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

WW- au revoir and bon voyage


See you tomorrow Msia Smile

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A few more days and around 5+ years!

This blog will be unattended masa I kat kampung.

Sebab internet sudah di disconnected kat rumah Mak I tu for about a year kot…

I can only surf the net, check my emails, check everything kalau I pergi makan2 kat Zafarullah tu or kat KFC tu and use their wi-fi, hikhikhikhik….

Or I buat muka tak malu tumpang my brothers’ 3G or4G…

Memang sahih2 akan dapat withdrawal symptoms lah kalau lama2 berenggang dengan net ni.

Bukan setakat I, the girls pun sure akan dapat withdrawal symptooms gak especially Miss 13, heheheh….

This time it’s Miss 13 who’ll be celebrating her birthday in Msia pulak.

She’ll be turning 14 this Saturday.

When I first started this blog, she was just turning 9!

Sekarang dah nak masuk 14 tahun mah!

Bermakna dah lama giler Mum dia ni berblog kan, hahahahaha……

Dulu muka budak2 sangat, sekarang dah muka anak dara Smile.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is that dulu muka cina, sekarang pun still muka cina jugak, hikhikhik….

Malam ni I masak simple2 jugak.

I made baked chicken wings and pasta goreng.

I tak pernah masak pasta asian style if I’m not mistaken. Selalu I akan masak pasta italian style aje.

Tapi malam ni I buat pasta goreng sebab dah tak tau nak masak apa.

No one wants to eat rice sebab we’ll be eating a lot of that in Msia nanti.

Esok I nak masak chips so tu yang masak pasta malam ni.

But since the baked chicken wings a bit asian-style, tu yg kena lah ngam kan dgn pasta goreng.


My camera pun dah kena packed away to take bercuti so guna phone aje lah nak ambik gambar malam ni, hehehe….

And ini list yang I letak kat pintu freezer untuk tatapan The Other Half.


All the food that he can have in that 1 week when he’s home alone.

Ini salah satu ciri2 isteri mithali kah?


Monday, 15 April 2013

The laziness is kicking in….

I told the girls to pack their hand luggage just now.

So, busy lah diaorang pot pet pot pet deciding on what to bring in their hand luggage.

Miss 9 still has to take along a few of her soft toys…

But I slalu akan set limit berapa ‘ekor’ soft toys she can take along and this time it’s only 2 Smile.

Dah halfway through their packing, I pun told them to make sure that they are not taking along any sharp objects.

Miss 9 said, “I’ve got scissors in my pencil case but they are a bit blunt already.


Nasib baik lah we knew about it now not masa at the airport during the scanning!

Kalau tak, adalah muka I keluar kat OZ news sebab bawak masuk scissors dalam plane.

Tak pasal2 glemer I sekejap, kahkahkah….

And since we’ll be busy for the next few days, I pun dah start masak benda2 yang simple aje.

Malam ni, I made toasted chicken sandwich with potato gems on the side.




I love this kind of food. Sangat2 mengenyangkan tapi so delicious untuk tekak I Smile.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Busy weekend

Weekend yang sangat busy.

Busy nak cari barang, busy kumpul barang, busy pack barang and also busy ticking off barang on my list yang panjang itu, hahahahaha…..

While The Other Half busy kemas the gardens.

Mowing the lawns so tak lah macam rumah tinggal when we come back, tidying up the outdoor area..

But walau macam mana I buat lists pun, everytime we all balik bercuti ke Msia or bercuti kemana2 lah, mesti ada jugak benda yang tertinggal.

But selalunya things that are not important lah so tak kisah lah kalau tertinggal.

And we are so happy sebab our neighbour yang baik dengan we all dah balik from his long Asian holidays pagi tadi so boleh lah we all mintak tolong dia tolong tengok2 kan rumah, pick up the mails, bring the rubbish bins in….

Lega hati we all nak pergi bercuti when we dont have to worry about the house.

And since naik AirAsia and I’ve bought loads of luggage allowance, I also have to make sure all the luggage and boxes tak overweight.

The girls and I will balik Msia dulu and The Other Half will follow on the next flight because he still has to work that night.

The girls and I will be there for 2 weeks and The Other Half cuma seminggu aje sbb cuti dapat seminggu aje pun.

And we all naik AirAsia sebab beli tiket masa promo while The Other Half naik Malaysian Airlines sebab baru aje beli tiket a month ago Smile.

I said to him that next time we all pun nak naik MAS jugak!


But masak tetap dibuat walaupun busy.

Sebab nak menghabiskan stock sayur2 and ayam daging dalam fridge and freezer tu.

Tapi from the look of the full freezer, memang tak boleh habis lah, hahahahaha….

Malam ni I masak lasagna sebab dah lama tak masak.




I thought ada lah extra untuk di freeze kan so The Other Half can have it when he’s all by himself at home tapi bila dah makan and dah pack in lunch boxes for tomorrow, habis licin segalanya…..

Saturday, 13 April 2013

The magic thing

All of us went for our flu shots today.

Dah nak masuk Winter kan so memang well known for its flu ‘outbreak’.

This morning I was feeling 100% but malam ni after the flu shot, I’m feeling a bit under the weather.

Definitely all the flu symptoms are here albeit milder.

I told The Other Half yang my immune system must be really good sebab cepat aje it reacts to the vaccine.

The Other Half pun is feeling slightly feverish.

Miss 13 is still 100%.

Miss 9 had her flu shot about 2 weeks ago and she did get some mild flu-like symptoms post shot.

Miss 13 memang kebal!


Nasib baik lah our flight to Msia bukan esok or else memang pengsan kejap lah on the plane kalau demam.

But I still have to do all the packing and tidying up the whole house before we leave kan.

So, for dinner malam ni, nasib baik ada magic freezer kat rumah ni, hahahaha….

To people who ask about how big is my freezer sebab segala benda I sumbat dalam tu, tak lah besar ala2 freezer kedai tu Smile with tongue out.

(I wish sometimes I ada freezer bagak macam kat kedai tu sebab lagi lah boleh sumbat macam2 tapi I sedar sape I, hahahaha).

This is our freezer.


kena letak kat area dining/family room sebab takde tempat in our small kitchen to put the freezer.


And this is how it looks like inside.

We love the drawers sebab we can see everything in them.

Tapi kan, sebab I ni kemetot and the freezer is taller than me, I kena guna the stepping stool untuk tengok what’s inside the top drawer!


Masa mula2 beli dulu, memang I sangat organized.

Each drawer is meant for certain food stuff only tapi sekarang ni ada lah jugak campur2 because bila dah penuh sangat, I have to just stuff the food anywhere there’s a space kan Smile.

In our kitchen area, we have 1 fridge as tall as the freezer. And just outside the kitchen door in the garage/carport, there’s another fridge-freezer.

Tu sebab I boleh sumbat macam2 in the freezers and the fridges, hikhikhik…..

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Our vego night

Tonite is vegetarian night.

But I tak nak lah masak dhal again sebab tak tau nak masak vegetarian dish yang lain, hehehe.

A friend on Insta put up photos of her meals using Quorn products which are funghi-based meat substitute.

And she said they tasted delicious.

So, tadi I pun memberanikan diri lah beli Quorn ni to be used in our meal tonite.

Ye lah kan, tetiba tak sedap kat tekak we all, masuk cik tong aje nanti and semua orang still kelaparan, heeeee.

I didn’t tell the girls that it wasn’t beef mince in their nachos. I only told The Other Half.

This was what I made for dinner tonite.

Nachos using Quorn mince and red kidney beans.


The girls ate it without saying anything. Laju aje masuk mulut.

Miss 13 doesnt like corn chips so she had her Quorn with bread. And dia yang fussy tu pun tak cakap apa2, laju aje makan masuk mulut.


Rupa dah sebijik beef mince kan!

And rasa dia pun sedap. Texture aje lah a bit different banding dengan real meat. But once you put in it nachos or bolognese, memang tak sedar pun it’s not meat.

And furthermore, Quorn ni is very high in protein so it definitely is very filling.


Lepas dah habis separuh the girls makan, The Other Half said….

Have you told the girls that it’s not beef mince that they are eating?

Belum sempat I jawab, Miss 13 said….

No wonder I haven’t seen the orange tabby cat around lately!

Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileNyah-Nyah.


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Changing its shape

Ini namanya takde kerja, cari kerja…..

Dah penat2 the butcher made the sausages nicely into links, I pergi undo all his good work Smile.

Sebab dah tak larat balik2 ambik gambar sausages macam tu aje rupanya so tadi I cantumkan all the links again.

Luckily, the butcher yang I selalu pergi ni tak potong2 his sausages individually.

So, tadi, I pushed all the sausage meat together into 1 big long sausage which I then shaped into coils ala2 ubat nyamuk zaman dulu2 tu.

And taraaaa….


The metal skewers were used so they stayed in shape whilst being cooked.


The South Africans sausages which are called boerewors are also shaped like this. But theirs look prettier than mine lah, hehehehe….


And we had the sausages with mashed potato and onion gravy and salad.


Memang nampak sangat takde kerja cari kerja kan!

Salah satu cara nak buat the sausages nampak upmarket sikit, kahkahkah.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Easy as….

The easiest thing to cook for me would be fish and chips sebab semua masuk oven.

Or pies/sausage rolls and chips sebab semua pun masuk oven jugak.

Basically anything yang tinggal masuk oven is loved by me sebab menyenangkan kerja masak memasak I lah.

Kalau asian food pulak, I guess nasi goreng is on top of the ‘senang nak masak’ list.

Especially if you could find some nice cooked meat and a nice sauce in the freezer to go along with it kan, hehehehe.

That’s what I made tonite.

I found the beef kebabs I made a long time ago in the freezer. Enough for the girls to eat.

The Other Half wasn’t home for dinner tonite so I masak ikut tekak the girls lah.


I made nasi goreng telur yang tak pedas langsung for them.

And I panfried the already cooked beef kebabs so they became sate-like on the outside, nicely charred and crispy.

Then I also found a container of nut sauce in the freezer so apa lagi, I pun reheated that so the girls could have it with the kebab and the nasi goreng.



And suddenly, my nasi goreng sempoi became a bit upmarket!

Just because I tambah the kebabs and nut sauce and the keropok sayur, hahahahaha…..

Tu lah sebabnya why I love cooking and making food more than what’s needed for dinner.

So, I can freeze the leftovers to be used in the future in times of needs, just like tonite Smile.

But bukan semua boleh di freeze kan lah.

I tak pernah cuba nak freeze cooked potato chips or roast potatoes. I dont think they’ll taste nice.

Most other things I do freeze, from muffins that I make to bread to meatballs to kebab to nasi goreng to curries to soup to sambal to inti2 pau to sauces.

Some I’ll keep in containers in the freezer but most of the stuff I will keep in zip-lock bags with the dates and the names of the food written on the bags.

Ini untuk menyenangkan kerja I so I know what’s in each bag.

Sebab kadang2 tu, bila dah beku and dah tersimpan bulan2, memang lupa lah what’s in the bag kan.

Tu sebab I perlu ada big freezers, hahahaha…..

Monday, 8 April 2013

The busy phase….

I’ve been busy lately so memang tak cukup masa nak balas comments from you guys kat this blog.

So sorry about it, I will reply each comment soonish….

Kenapa busy?

Sebab baru kelam kabut nak punggah shed cari barang2 yang I dah lama beli untuk dipack bawak balik Msia.

Our guest bedroom sekarang macam tongkang pecah di langgar garuda!

Penuh dengan boxes, luggage, clothes, mountain of chocs! Surprised smile

Bole sesat tak jumpa jalan keluar lah kalau masuk situ, hikhikhik…..

My siblings memang selalu kirim barang from here. They kirim barang yang susah jumpa kat Msia and yang mahal kat Msia.

Diaorang kirim dah lama throughout the year and I will buy the stuff when they go on sale kat sini.

Lepas beli, I akan simpan dalam boxes in the shed.

Tu yang bila dah dekat nak balik, baru kelam kabut punggah shed cari all the barang2 kiriman.

And kadang2 buat gelaknya, diaorang lupa apa yang diaorang kirim and I pun lupa apa yang I dah beli for them, hahahaha….

Tu sebab kadang2 The Other Half pening tengok shed ‘dia’ tu sebab penuh dengan my boxes.

That’s why half of our luggage allowances memang penuh dengan barang kiriman sahaja!

Tu sebab for the past 2 nights, I haven’t been spending much time in the kitchen cooking dinner.

So, tu yang tadi I rasa rindu pulak nak masuk kitchen masak something nice for everyone.

I wanted to make chicken cordon bleu.

Well, a variation of chicken cordon bleu anyway since I’m not using ham nor prosciutto nor any meat inside the chicken.


The ingredients to make chicken cordon bleu my style.

Plain flour, eggs, breadcrumb, fresh sage leaves, semi dried tomatoes, bocconcini and chicken breast fillet.

Bila dah siap kita isi dgn the tomato, bocconcini and sage, salut dgn tepung, eggs and breadcrumb.

Then I guna lidi sate to pin the opening so tak lah terkeluar the filling masa nak masak.

Keep it in the fridge for about 30 minutes so the crumb doesn’t fall of when you fry it.

Ini rupa the cordon bleu in the pan.


Pan fry both sides until golden brown and put them on a tray.

Masa ni the chicken is still not properly fully cooked yet because they are quite thick.


So, after you’ve panfried them, put them in the oven at 180C for about 10-15  minutes so the inside is cooked too.

Takde lah nanti yang sakit perut makan ayam mentah kan!

We had our cordon bleu with pasta and steamed veges.

I had mine with angel hair pasta in garlic and chilli breadcrumbs.

While they had theirs with mac n cheese Smile.


They like their mac n cheese while I like my angel hair pasta Smile.




So, everyone’s happy.