Friday, 30 September 2011

Castle and roses and The Little Misses

Miss 12 and Miss 7 so happy sebab the school holidays have finally started which means only 3 more sleeps before the flight to M’sia.

But they are unhappy sebab their teachers still give them holiday homework even when they told them that they will be going off to M’sia for the whole 2 weeks, hehehe.

And I pulak kena wrote a letter to Miss 12’s teacher to ask for her to be given an extension for her holiday homework since she wont be bringing her MacBook to Msia (which she has to use to do her homework).

And then Miss 7’s teacher told her that the best time for her to do her homework is when she’s bored on the plane.

Terus tension Miss 7 sebab tak dapat get out of doing her holiday homework, hahahaha…..

I tanyalah dia banyak ke homework yang dia kena buat.

She said “Lots Mum. There’s 4 pages of Maths homework and an assignment on insects I have to research on the computer!

For her that’s lots lah, hehehe.

So layanlah gambar dia with some of the roses ye.

She said that most of the roses are bigger than her face and taller than her, tu yang dia suruh I ambik gambar nak tunjuk that what she said are true, hehehe.



I said to The Other Half yang muka Miss 7 in the above photo baru lah nampak Mat Saleh sikit instead of Arab, hahahaha.

And then The Other Half kata, “If any modelling agent spots them in M’sia, make sure you demand lots of money so we can be rich!”

Lagi lah muahahahahaha……



I would rather they be my models for my photoshoots with the roses and the vegetable garden and the food kan Open-mouthed smile.

And ini pulak gambar the castle that Miss 12 and her group have decorated at school today.

She took the photos with her iPod so quality-wise not that good lah.



Siap ada drawbridge made out of wafer biscuits, Lego knights and horses, moat around the castle and fir trees, hehehe.

I made them grey icing so they can put it around the castle. Ye lah, castle kan slalu nya grey in colour, hahaha.

And afterwards, everyone enjoyed the cake!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

My mind is already in packing mode so can’t think of a catchy title ;-)

I masak mee goreng for dinner tonite.

Why? When I am going back to the land of mee goreng in a few days time…

Entahlah, maybe sebab I dah ‘lama’ sangat tak buat mee goreng and teringin sangat nak buat mee goreng so I pun masak lah mee goreng for dinner.

Balik Msia karang, still jugak bantai mee goreng, hehehe.

In regards to the castle silicon mould, I am sorry to say that I betul2 tak boleh ambik orders for it. It’s because we will only be going back for 2 weeks and I do not feel like spending some of that precious time at the post office.

My parents tinggal kat Ijok and the nearest post office is in Btg Berjuntai which is not that far but still requires transport to go there which I do not have in Msia.

So, that’s the main reason why I can’t accept any orders.

The other reason is that I have reached my luggage allowance (even after I have added XL luggage allowance for the 2 girls). Macam nak pindah balik Msia aje kan, hahahaha.

Don’t ask what’s in the luggage because I pun dah lupa what I’ve squashed in there, heeeee…..

Ye lah, the last time we went back was 2 years ago so banyak lah souvenirs yang we all bawak balik for the siblings and nieces n nephew this time.

Bercuti 2 minggu aje but the amount of luggage macam bercuti 2 bulan.

I do not know how to pack light especially when there are kids involved. Kalau setakat barang2 I aje, memang hand lugagge aje pun muat Winking smile.

So, layan lah gambar my mee goreng tonite.



psst… I have already made beef curry and packed them nicely in the freezer. I have also made sambal kosong and packed them in the fridge. Lepas ni tinggal nak goreng ikan bilis aje for him.

Tersenyum gembira The Other Half sebab his food supply tak putus even when I am away, hehehehe.

But pandai2 lah dia masak nasi sendiri!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Castle and roses

Miss 12 ada group project to be completed on the last day of school.

They are to make a castle out of any materials they want and assemble it at school on that friday.

I suggested to her, “why not make a castle cake. I’ve got just the right thing to make it.”

I showed it to her and she loved it and she showed it to her friends and they love it so tadi we tested it to see whether jadi castle ke tak.



sebabkan the cake mixture tu I terbuat sikit aje and the castle silicon mould is big, tu yang the castle ended up pendek aje, hehehe.

So, esok kenalah we all buat lagi using more batter so lagi cun lah nanti rupa castle nya.

Miss 12 kata, even kalau her group tak menang the best castle prize, they have won it in a way sebab they can eat their final product unlike the other groups!


And since kebun bunga ros I tengah galak berbunga, layan lagilah ye gambar2 roses I. Kesian diaorang kena tinggal dengan I nanti…

Sure takde sape nak belek2 diaorang hari2 kan Open-mouthed smile.




Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Busy days ahead

Hari ni Miss 7 dah ‘pandai’ sikit ‘menipu’ in her homework.

A question asked her to ask 3 friends of what they would like to have for lunch from the canteen menu and for her to calculate the cost.

Nasib baik dia dah pandai reka this 3 imaginary friends instead of nak nangis sebab her friends semua kat sekolah, hehehehe.

This week pun will be the last week of schooling this term and then 2 weeks of holidays.

InsyaAllah, we three will be going to M’sia next week for a holiday and also untuk buat M’sian IC for Miss 12. Tapi tak lama balik kali ni sebab The Other Half tak ikut (dia ada banyak kerja nak kena buat at work) and Miss 12 pun dah sekolah menengah so tak best lah kalau ponteng lama2 kan. Cukuplah pergi 2 weeks aje, dapat jumpa adik beradik mak abah and then dapat mengketedarah all my favourite food pun dah happy sangat2, hikhikhik.

The first thing I nak cari when I jejak kaki kat Msia is goreng pisang panas!


Kesian I you, dah lama bebeno tak merasa makan goreng pisang sejak dua menjak harga pisang melonjak naik ni.

KFC and McD tu tolak tepi dulu Open-mouthed smile.

And I ingat nak stay around KL on that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday tu sebab my girls dah beria2 nak pergi Petrosains again.

Kat mana lah I nak cari goreng pisang panas kat around KLCC tu ye?


Kalau ada sesape yang nak buatkan I goreng pisang panas, sungguh2lah I alu2kan, hehehehe…..

The Other Half kata, dia nak I masak a lot of asian food especially kari before I pergi Msia ni sebab dia kata nanti 2 minggu dia tak merasa nak makan kari.

I pulak malas nak masak kari sebab surenya lah I akan banyak makan kari and sedara mara dia masa kat Msia nanti kan.

Takpe, I akan buat kari and sambal untuk dia and pack cantik2 masuk dalam freezer. Bila dia teringin nak makan, tinggal keluarkan dari freezer and reheat it. Sambil2 tu boleh dia bersyukur dapat isteri sebaik I, hikhikhikhik Smile with tongue out.

So, I will be quite busy for the next few days dengan nak packing, nak kemas rumah so it is less messy and a bit cleaner before I go and then dengan nak masak untuk buat bekalan The Other Half, hehehe….

So, malam ni since I tak nak masak asian food, I masak chicken casserole makan dengan french bread.



Sedap sungguh makan macam ni when it’s freezing cold outside. It’s supposed to be Spring already tapi satu hari suntuk it has been raining non stop with hailstorms. Tu yang sejuk sangat. I tak tau whether my seedlings and seeds survived the rain or not.

Monday, 26 September 2011

It’s not lying…

Senario yang berlaku petang tadi while I was helping Miss 7 with her homework.

Miss 7: I can’t do question number 4.

Me: Why not?

Miss 7: Because the question says, “Plan what you are going to buy for lunch at the school canteen for the next 5 days and list down the amount of money you need.”

Me: So…how come you can’t do it. The menu is there, just find out what you want and total them up.

Miss 7: (Sambil muka dah nak nangis) But I never buy at the canteen. I bring my own lunch. My Mum makes my lunches everyday. That’s why I can’t answer the question because I won’t be buying from the canteen. I can’t lie.

Me: Lerrrr……(sambil tepuk tangan kat dahi Eye rolling smile)

Me: Just pretend it’s a fun game of what you wish you could buy at the canteen. List down the things you really like to eat from the menu. It’s just a question. I don’t think they are going to care whether you buy from the canteen or not.

Anak I ni lurus bendul betul, muahahahahahaha……

Nak buat macam mana kan, dah memang dia tak pernah beli lunches at the canteen, hari2 Mum dia bekalkan lunches from home, hikhikhikhik…

Macam esok, they are going to have leftover pasta and meatballs for their lunch sebab dinner tadi I masak pasta and meatballs.


Rasanya takde kot jual pasta and meatballs at the canteen, hehehehe.


But bila dinner we all cuma maggi goreng and cucur udang aje, I bekalkan The Little Misses and The Other Half benda lain lah for their lunches, hehehe.



And kalau dinner we all chicken burger and chips, selalunya I will make extra chicken burger for them to take for lunches the next day. Chips I tak bekalkan lah sebab chips mana sedap sejuk.



Tu lah yang Miss 7 susah hati nak jawab question No. 4, hahahahaha…..

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Last weekend for Raya do

Weekend ni kira nya last weekend nak buat open houses for Aidil Fitri lah kan. Lepas ni kita buat open houses for Aidil Adha pulak, hehehe.

We all pun tadi ada buat jamuan raya kat masjid where The Little Misses go for their Sunday mengaji. Sambil tu kira last day nak bergaya dengan baju kurung lah. Dah habis Raya, takdelah nak pakai baju kurung kat sini.

Main dishes kat majlis tadi was BBQ. Ada sate, chicken wings and sausages. Pastu everyone brought pot luck dishes.

I bawak cupcakes and serimuka. Itu aje yang I rasa I boleh buat dengan jayanya, heeee….


I calit the choc icing on top (I told you yg my deco skills memang zero, tu yg sememeh aje, hahaha) while Miss 12 did everything else.

The potluck table at the masjid.



Dah lama tak makan sate yang orang lain buat so tadi dapatlah merasa sate yg sedap. Kalau I buat gerenti ada aje yang kureng, hehehe.

Memang banyak lah food tadi sampai Miss 7 pun kata, “I can’t eat any single thing anymore!” Hikhikhikhik…..



Masa ni belum makan lagi so tu yg boleh posing baik punya Winking smile.

Lepas puasa I gained back 1kg+, pastu masa demam last week, I lost the about 500g, pastu dah baik demam, cepat aje dia naik balik!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Saturday garden update

As usual our Saturdays in Spring will be filled with doing gardening. So, my Saturday entries pun sure lah akan banyak pasal our gardens aje kan Smile.

About a month ago, we have started getting the vege patch and garden beds ready for planting. We added mulch, new soil, straw, compost and fertiliser.

And hari ni, we spent an hour at Bunnings (again! Macam dah takde tempat lain nak pergi every Saturday kan, hahaha) choosing the seedlings to be planted.

Sebenar2nya, we’ve bought so many packets of seeds to be planted tapi entah lah, we all ni dengan seeds tak banyak luck pulak. Occasionally aje they sprouted and grow nicely.

Tu yg beli seedlings aje, at least I know they’ll live.


Some of the seedlings we bought. Mixed capsicum, strawberries, silverbeets, sugar snap peas, lebanese cucumbers, marigolds, mixed basil. We also bought a couple of cherry tomatoes.


Last year we planted the strawberries in hanging baskets. This year we still have the strawberries in the hanging baskets tapi saje je nak try tanam them in the garden bed.


This garden bed pulak we set aside untuk tanam herbs aje this Summer. Masa Winter haritu we had lettuces in this bed. The parsley and celery tersangatlah happynya kan!


Banyak kan tomato plants kat this vege patch. We didn’t plant them. Diaorang grew by themselves from seeds leftover in the compost. So memang tak tau lah macam mana rupa tomato yang keluar nanti, hehehe.


A row of some more sugar snap peas along the metal trellis. And a row of silverbeets next to them.


These are the sugar snap peas I planted a few months ago tak silap and now dah berbuah. Miss 7 sangatlah2 happynya sebab ditugaskan memetik the peas.



They are so sweet and so fresh makan raw macam tu aje.

Whilst we all kat luar, Miss 12 ditugaskan masak breakfast. Pancakes from pancake mix, tinggal tambah air dan shake like mad.


That’s why dia dengan senang hatinya volunteer masak breakfast, hehehe.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Dinner I nasi goreng aje

Esok Miss 7 ada sports carnival and the P&C committee will set up a muffin stall.

I sebagai parent yang prihatin pun volunteer to donate some cupcakes.

I boleh buat cupcakes but I hancus bab menghias cupcakes, hehehe.

Esok pagi I baru nak hias dengan fresh strawberries which will hopefully salvage my awful attempt at decorating the cupcakes into something more eye catching, hahahaha….

The school will only allow the P&C to sell healthy muffins/ cupcakes. I told them that my cupcakes will be vanilla choc cupcakes with choc icing but ada strawberries on top. So, kira healthy jugak lah kan sebab ada 1 serve of fruit on the cupcake, hikhikhik…..

I nak donate karipap, diaorang tak nak, memang rugi betul lah diaorang sebab tak dapat rasa karipap I yang super duper sedap it Smile with tongue out.

Malam ni I masak nasi goreng ayam or was it nasi ayam goreng or nasi goreng ayam goreng?


I buat goreng nasi letak chopped up roast chicken (lebihan dinner malam tadi). So, kiranya I buat nasi goreng roast chicken lah kan buat nasi goreng ayam goreng, hehehe.


Saje je chop up ayam tu besar2 so makan seketul dah kenyang.

The Other Half dah 3 malam tak makan dinner kat rumah, sobsobsob, tu yang I buat dinner pun sesempoi yang boleh, asalkan kenyang and The Little Misses tak komplen.

I tanya Miss 7 dia masuk acara apa at the sports carnival esok.

Dia kata dia tak tau sebab ada banyak acara, I think untuk Pre Primary-Yr 3, it’s more of a fun events instead of real sports kot.

But she said she is definitely not chosen to be in the relay team which she is a bit upset about. Miss 7 loves sports and running but running doesn’t like her. Let’s just say, her legs weren’t built for it, hahaha Open-mouthed smile.

But she says that she really really wants to enter this event which sounded like so much fun.

I tanya lah dia what it is.

She said, “tug of war!

I guess with her built, memang bagus lah tu masuk tug of war, muahahahaha…..

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

ikan di laut, bunga di darat…..

Maybe I should do Wordless wednesday for the first time.

Sebab I tengah kelu untuk berkata2, hahaha.

Layan gambar aje lah ye.

My dinner malam tadi….


Malas nak masak sebab laki takde kat rumah….


1 bunga….


2 bunga….


3 bunga…..


Another type of bunga Winking smile.


Miss 7 kata, “The smell of this rose reminds me lychee.”


To me it smells exactly like rosewater yang orang selalu guna in Middle Eastern desserts! hehehehehe….

Have fun smelling the roses Smile.