Thursday, 30 September 2010

Final photos of the inside…(tak larat you all nak tengok dah! :-))

After such a nice day yesterday, hari ni mendung and hujan rintik2. And pulaknya, I baru aje nak ambik gambar all the rooms hari ni for the blog, so disebabkan mendung, the photos all look a bit malap lah. Nak tunggu another bright day, it means kena kemas all the rooms again which when you are in a malas mood, ada sikit lembab lah nak buat, hehehe…

So, layan aje lah ye gambar yang ada malap and ada ok ni.

This is our lounge room which so far is used by The Other Half to play his pc games and by us when we have our movie night or tv night. Most of our day to day living is done in the kitchen, family room, the computer area and the bedrooms. The front door opens straight into the lounge room tapi dah 2 minggu we all tak bukak the front door itu, hikhikhik…..


We still haven’t put up any photos or pictures on the walls yet. Nak tunggu I rajin letak the hooks first and then nak letak a big photo of the 4 of us lah konon2 nya. But still haven’t go time to go to the shop to get a nice canvas print of a photo of us. Pastu, nak gi beli vases so I can put some roses on the coffee table pulak kan :-D.

And this is the master bedroom. Don’t ask, I memang jenis yang tak iron all our sheets and quilt covers. I cuma iron benda2 yang perlu aje, hehehe. And we don’t have a set colour for the bedrooms.


The window has tinted glass so even if we bukak the blind and the curtain open wide, no one outside can see anything inside unless dia letak muka dia betul2 kat the glass lah. But kalau ada yang letak muka dia kat the window, memang dah gilo apa! Memang dah kena panggil polis lah macam tu, hahaha. The old owner used to have this english style heavy curtains penuh dgn roses prints on the windows which we really don’t like. Cantik memang lah cantik but so not our taste. So, we all ganti dgn the lacy curtain and donated the english style curtains to Good Sammy.

This is Miss 11’s bedroom.



I tanya dia, what’s the point of me lipat kain baju if she’s going to just shove them and mess them all up again? Malas I nak re kemas her drawers. Baju dia, pandai2 lah kan dia keep them tidy.

And this is Miss 6’s bedroom.


Her clothes drawers and on top of it lagilah messy. Tu yang I tak ambik gambar with the drawers in it, hehehe.

Masa kat rumah sewa dulu, we weren’t allowes to stick anything on the walls so memang their room was devoid of any wall stickers/posters lah. So, bila dah masuk rumah sendiri ni, they went berserk with the glow-in-the-dark stickers. Penuh their walls and ceilings with the stuff.

All the bedrooms ada built in wardrobes but we use the ones in The Little Misses’ bedrooms for only hanging clothes and putting their boxes of toys in them. Tu yang memang still kena ada chest of drawers for our folded clothes. We all cuma letak the chest of drawers, a bedside bookshelf to put their radios and lights and another bookshelf for their books in the room. Memang tak muatlah kalau nak letak benda2 lain.

And this is the guest bedroom. Bila my parents and makcik n pakcik datang sini end of October, I have to kemas it a bit more :-).


And ini pulak our dinner last nite, pizza. I might set up my lighbox hari ni if I can find a place for it. I miss taking nice photos of my food!


The Other Half’s seafood pizza.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Still about the house

We managed to assemble the outdoor seating set yesterday and as soon as it was assembled, I pun jadi isteri/ibu mithali terus made peach iced tea for everyone. It was such a relaxing feeling to sit there talking bersama2 while sipping iced tea in the warm weather. Now I feel much better to be welcoming the hot Australian Summer, hehehe. The temperature is going to be in the high 20s esok so The Little Misses and I will definitely be having our lunch and afternoon tea outside :-D.


I had to ambik gambar the set aje, not the surrounding sebab the surrounding is still so very messy with all the empty boxes waiting to be thrown away :-). Luckily, the ‘hard rubbish’ collection day for our area will be next week so bolehlah we all buang all the boxes and all the unwanted stuff next week, phew! Dapatlah I bersihkan the outdoor area ni before Miss 6’s birthday party.

Told you we bought the cheap set but is still very comfy to sit on with the padded cushions, which hopefully will bertahan for a few years lah :-).


Miss 6 enjoying the afternoon warm weather reading Burke’s Backyard magazine. Mentang2 lah dah ada vege patch, gigih dia membaca that magazine, hahahaha……

Talking about vege patch, I bought some more seeds tadi since there’s still plenty of space in the vege patch for some more plants.


Hikhikhikhik…bestnya kan kalau semua sayur ni berbuah dengan jayanya. Boleh dapat gelaran peladang berjaya lah we all :-D.

Kat rumah sewa dulu, we all pernah tanam okra/bende ni tapi tanam 1 pokok dlm pot aje so bila dia berbuah, dapatlah sebiji2 sekali petik. I makan sorang pun tak kenyang sebijik tu! So, this time, maybe I’ll tanam a few pokok so bila dia berbuah, dapatlah petik banyak2 sekali gus. The eggplants, capsicum and cabbage tu pulak are quite good plants to tanam though we’ve never tried planting them before. Ini baru first time nak cuba lah. We all memang makan ketiga2 sayur ni selalu so berbaloi lah jugak nanti kalau berbuah kan :-).

And tak lupa juga one of my favourite flowers, the sunflowers. Masa kat Adelaide dulu, we planted so many sunflowers along our backfence and they were so pretty! But this time, I bought the dwarf version so it will only get up to 45cm aje tinggi nya.Tak sabar betul nak tunggu dia berbunga! :-). They’ve also got the giant sunflower variety yang boleh capai sampai 1.8-3 meters tingginya tu! Kalau I beli yg itu, mau sakit tengkuk I everytime nak tengok bunga nya, hahahaha.

Help!!!! Bilalah I nak start balik ambik gambar food ni ye?

Monday, 27 September 2010

The inside now instead of the outside

I dari dulu teringin nak ada outdoor seating area where we can lepak2 during warm days, having BBQ and lazying around. But masa kat Adelaide dulu, our outdoor covered area wasn’t that nice to do that. And bila sampai Perth, the rumah sewa didn’t have a covered backyard area to do that. Kalau nak sunbathing boleh lah sebab the backyard is wide open. But since I ni dah nicely tanned, what’s the point of doing that right ;-). kalau nak letak kerusi meja, alamat lah berhujan panas the kerusi meja and cepatlah rosaknya.

But now, since dah masuk rumah baru yang ada an outdoor covered area big enough for 1 set outdoor kerusi meja and a BBQ, hati I pun membuak2 lah balik. Sejak haritu I dah cakap dengan The Other Half yang it’s a necessity to buy the set kerusi meja so bolehlah I perasan macam duduk kat Mediterranean country aje, sipping drinks under the pergola while enjoying the breeze, hikhikhik….

And since The Other Half dah tak larat nak dengar I merayu2, dia pun pi lah beli the kerusi meja set tadi. We all beli yang murah aje sebab kena budget duit nak bayar mortgage, hehehe….. And bila beli yang murah, kenalah assemble them sendiri so kenalah tunggu mood baik datang baru lah boleh assemble the stuff. Alamat nya tahun depan lah kot baru pasang kalau nak tunggu mood, hehehe. But I want it to be assembledby next week, sebab we are having a birthday party for Miss 6 in 2 weeks time so nak lah ada set kerusi meja tu before the party kan. The kids can just have their party outside which is better for me sebab tak payah susah payah mengemas inside after the party :-).

Now ni nak merayu kat The Other Half suruh dia assemble the set pulak lepas puas merayu suruh dia beli the set, muahahaha…..Last nite I made him roast chicken with roast potato, sweet potato n turnip with corn for dinner, tu yang dia terus gi beli the set pagi ni. Malam ni I kena make him another nice dinner lah kalau I nak motivate him to assemble the set, hikhikhik…


Our roast dinner last nite. I had to use flash so tu yg gambar tak cantik. Dah lama betul I tak tayang gambar our dinners kan :-). The diced white vege on the plate is the turnip. We roasted it and the taste was ok lah, a slight sourish taste. I lagi suka roast potato and keledek, hehehe…

And since semalam I dah tayang gambar outside, I’ll tayang gambar the inside fo the house pulaknya ye. It’s still not exactly kemas yet but good enough for us, hehehe.



This is the view from our family room. It’s an open plan, so you can see the whole kitchen yang sungguh tiny itu, the dining area, the computer area from here. But we like it like this sebab if guests come, they can sit at the family area and borak2 dengan I yang will be in the kitchen preparing food, hehehe.

Sebab the kitchen is tiny, atas fridge and cupboard pun boleh jadi tempat store barang, hehehe…


This is the view of the computer area from the kitchen.


Walaupun the area is not that big, jenuh jugak I mengemop lantai ni tadi! Rumah sewa dulu was carpeted from wall-to-wall so takdelah jenuh I mengemop. Ka rumah ni, kena vacuum, pastu mop lagi, ramping lah I lepas ni, wehehehe.


Cis, mentang2 ada banyak bunga ros, mengada2 nak letak fresh flowers kat dining table, muahahaha. But they do make the room look more lively and homey.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

No food photos, only roses :-D

Kalau orang tengok gambar2 I sekarang ni kan, sure orang akan kata, “eleh! mentang2 rumah baru dia ada pokok bunga ros berlambak2, saje je nak tayang all the roses!” Hehehehe… Memang betul pun :-D. I haven’t been taking photos of our food that much sebab my lightbox set up dah kena rombak haritu dek pindah rumah and until now, I still haven’t set it up porperly and nicely sebab tak tau nak set up kat mana lagi. And I’m thinking of constructing a bigger lightbox from one of the packing boxes tapi sebba busy dengan benda2 lain, so kena pendamkan dulu lah niat tu.

I pun dah lupa macam mana nak ambik gambar food, hikhikhik…..

Last Friday 2 hari lepas was the end of term and for the first time ever, The Little Misses could give their teachers flowers from our own garden, hehehe. Punyalah seronok nya diaorang memilih bunga ros to give to their teachers and I pun perasan jadi florist sekejap, muahahaha. Snip sana, snip sini. Now, if only I knew how to do a flower arrangement kan ke best. Lepas ni, boleh lah I pergi kedai cari nice vases to fill them with roses so I can put them in the rooms. Tak payahlah buang duit beli room deodoriser kan, hehehe.

But hari Jumaat hari tu, banyak roses yang tak kembang sangat lagi so the teachers only got 2 roses each aje. Takpe, plenty more to give to the teachers throughout the years kan :-D. And then, hari ni pulak, berlambak2 roses yang kembang. Segala macam kaler ada and segala macam jenis roses.

Layan aje lah ye gambar the roses from nearly all of the rose bushes since lambat lagi I nak tayang gambar dinners. Ada 2-3 bushes lagi yang masih belum flowering.

IMG_5106      IMG_5108

IMG_5109      IMG_5111

IMG_5113     IMG_5115

 IMG_5117    IMG_5120


See, I told you! Banyakkan rose bushes yang we all kena jaga and bela ni! Hehehehe…… Dah lah aphids suka sangat2 kat roses ni and we have to sembur racun to kill the aphids. Ladybirds will makan aphids but we can’t find that many around.

And the view of our front garden.


And our backyard with the vege patch.


Kesian kat the movers when they had to move the pokok limau purut tu. One of them got stabbed by the thorns sampai luka berdarah2, sian dia. We think we’ll keep it in the pot rather than replant it in the ground. Pokok kesum and pokok serai I pun siap bawak pindah sekali! :-D.


I have planted lebanese cucumbers, chili, tomatos, ginger, mixed variety of lettuce and corianders. And we also bought a dwarf lemon tree which will hopefully grow nicely and give us plenty of lemons. The leafy plants on the vege patch tu are chards and turnips which the old owner left for us. I have never cooked turnips before. The Other Half kata they are like potatoes so I guess I can always bake or roast them.

Esok2 nya entry, I letak gambar dalam rumah pulak ye once everything is cleared of mess, hikhikhik…

Friday, 24 September 2010

Let the photos do the talking

After waiting for a week for iinet to connect our net, we are tired of it already. God only knows what they are doing because it’s still not connected. And they sent us an email saying that they can only ‘connect’ it on the 4th of October which is 2 weeks away! What a pain in the rear end they are! After promising us that it’ll only take days for them to get us connected. Probably they live in a different world where their days is equivalent to our weeks kot! So, tadi The Other Half had to buy a prepaid mobile broadband for us to us until we get our net connected. I guess, he’s sick and tired too of surfing using bluetooth and mobile handphone. And I’m having serious withdrawal symptoms from being away from the blog for so long :-D.

But in a way, it’s good to have this week to clean up and kemas rumah instead of melangut depan PC (not that I have finished cleaning and kemasing anyway!). It’s 80% done, cuma nak habis kemas the other 20% tu yang lambat sikit. Bini Drill Sargeant dah siap unpack all of her stuff and everything else but Drill Sargeant to yang lembap sikit nak unpack barang2 dia, hehehe. Ye lah, sehari suntuk dia at work kan, macam mana nak unpack :-). Luckily, school holiday has just started so hopefully we’ll have more time at home to get the house just right. At least, we did achieve our goal of eating at the dinner table by last Sunday afternoon, hehehe…

I better put up photos of the pindah rumah process as promised…

On the Friday of the move, pagi giler we all bangun sebab nak make sure all the last minute things got done, like packing the beddings, the food in the fridge and freezer sebab the movers said they were coming at 7.30.


The Little Misses kena kerah bangun pagi and siap sedia utk ke school before 7.30.


The Other Half checking the fridge and freezer to make sure that everything’s been taken out. We had to borrow our friends’ chiller bins and then bought so many chiller bags to stuff our frozen food and chilled food in them.


Boxes and boxes everywhere…


The empty truck….


The nearly full truck.

Kiranya 1 neighbourhood tu tau lah yang we all nak pindah, hehehe…..

The nearly empty house. Sedih aje rasa masa ni sebab we spent nearly 5 years of our lives here…



And then, all the stuff got transported to the new house. They finally finished the unloading of all our stuff around 8 o’clock at night kot.


My kitchen area and the family room and the formal dining room. Cantik aje tersusun all the boxes kan!


The living room pun cantik aje tersusun.

Until the next day when Ops unpacking bermula…

Macam tongkang pecah the whole house we all jadikan. Sampaikan nak jalan pun kena tolak2 all the boxes to make a path from 1 room to the next, hahaha…



Masa ni I tengah pening fikirkan macam mana I nak fit all my kitchen stuff in the tiny kitchen cabinets. Macam buat jigsaw puzzle aje. I had to make sure they all go to the right places to fully utilise the storage space:-D.

Can you see the door in the kitchen?

That’s our main entrance to the house. We haven’t opened our front door since Sunday kot, hehehe. Senang aje kalau baru balik dari bershopping, masuk carport, terus masuk kitchen and terus letak the groceries in the kitchen. Kalau ada guests nanti, they will have to come in through the side door not the front door :-).

But sekarang, the kitchen floor dah lapang lah, senang lah nak keluar masuk.

The Little Misses eating dinner at the dining table for the first time after moving to this house.


Sempat lagi tu I masak nasi malam tu which was eaten so heartily by everyone sebab semua kelaparan lepas sehari suntuk bekerja berat mengunpack. Nasib baik jumpa the rice cooker and the plates and pots :-D.

I’ll put up photos of the cleaner, kemaser house esok2 lah ye.

This long weekend, we are going to do some gardening (on top of doing the final clean up of the house), planting the chili, tomato, cucumber, coriander and lettuce seedlings I bought the other day. Hopefully, by Summer time, we’ll get to taste the crop. It will be so fun. Teringat masa we all kat Adelaide dulu, our backyard was full with veges sampai tak larat2 nak makan. Hopefully, we can do the same here.

Oh yeah, I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to answer all the comments kat chat box and kat comment box. I did read all of your comments but memang tak terlarat nak jawab satu2. I do appreciate all the thoughts and hopefully once everything is settled and the net is up, I can go back to answering each comment one by one, InsyaAllah….

I pun tak dapat nak blogwalking sangat2 at the moment which I really really miss doing :-(. Susah kan takde net ni, hehehe…

Psst…Susah lah macam ni kan for me nak naikkan my bean counter to 1 juta kalau I update seminggu sekali aje, hikhikhik….. Macam tu, lambat lah lagi I boleh buat  cabutan bertuah sempena visitor yang ke 1 juta ye tak! Wahkahkahkah…..

Monday, 20 September 2010

A not so quick update ;-)

The net is still not connected yet so the drive to update this blog with loads of photos is still not there yet. Hopefully, it’ll be connected in the next few days lah. What we are doing now to surf the net and do a quick blog update is using bluetooth connection from the handphone to the EEPC. Nasib baik lah we all ambik mobile plan yang includes net connection, kalau tak, sure mati kutu we all tak dapat surf net berhari2! hehehe….

After 3 full days of unpacking, the amount of unopened boxes have definitely receeded. Kalau ikut malas hati I, mau lah agaknya makan masa berbulan2 untuk unpack all the boxes. Ye lah, buat benda2 like unpacking ni kenalah selow and steady kan. Tapi dek disebabkan adanya Drill Sargeant aka The Other Half yang bersungguh2 penuh motivasi untuk unpack all the boxes by this coming weekend, terpaksalah I pun menurut perintah Drill Sargeant itu! Terasa jadi buruh kasar sekejap, hikhikhik….He loves unpacking while I don’t enjoy doing it. The Little Misses said yang unpacking all the boxes felt a bit like unwrapping presents masa birthdays and Christmases, except that instead of new presents, it’s old presents, hehehe….

Tapi bini Drill Sargeant ni rasa terlebih penat sebab apart from the unpacking, still kena jugak buat all the other daily chores like basuh baju, lipat kain baju, gosok baju, masak all the meals! Terasa mithali sungguh! Hahahaha.

I pulak pening kepala fikir macam mana nak sumbat all my kitchen toys andd gadgets and food into the new compact kitchen. Rumah lama dulu ada walk-in pantry where I can sumbat a lot of things. Kat rumah baru ni, we had to buy an extra DIY pantry and still tak muat tempat jugak. Maybe I should learn to minimize from now on kan instead of always buying things when they are on sale! :-D. Luckily, there are no more unopened boxes of kitchen stuff, lega no! hehehe. But I had to put all the spare kitchen ‘toys’ which I rarely use into boxes again and sealed them up to be stored in the shed :-(. Kalau lah I buat garage sale of all my kitchen toys ni, mau berduyun2 orang serbu rumah I agaknya, kahkahkahkah……

Malam ni, instead of tayang gambar rumah and gambar dinner and gambar all the boxes, I tayang gambar bunga ros kat rumah ni ye! Ada 1 rose bush yang tengah berbunga sekarang with a few roses yang tengah kembang mekar besar saucers. I suka bunga rose yang kecik2 tu, yang besar2 gajah ni tak minat sangat pulaknya. But the smell was heavenly!



These 2 are from the same bush, but 1 kaler pink and 1 lagi kaler oren2 sikit. Dont ask me what kind of roses they are, I memang tak boleh jawab, hehehe….


Ini pulak bunga pokok nectarine. Hopefully, since dah berbunga sekarang, it will bear fruit sometimes in Summer lah. Tak sabar nak merasa buah nectarine rumah sendiri, hikhikhik… Well, if the bugs dont get them first lah!

I’ll put up some more photos of the roses as they bloom later.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Another quick update

We have finally moved into the new house, alhamdulillah. The moving process took so so long sebab there’s only 2 movers who did all the removing and loading into the big truck, sampai pukul 7.30 malam baru siap the unloading of all the stuff to the new house! And they were there since 7.30 in the morning. Punyalah banyak barang we all yang terkumpul, hehehe….

And since semalam, Ops Unpacking telah bermula and to be continued until a long time (to me it feels like forever!). But it is getting there slowly sebab we have managed to unpack quite a few boxes already and managed to find plates and pots and pans and cutleries for me to start cooking :-).

My whole body and mind are still perpetually tired from the packing, moving and now the unpacking……

Last nite pun I dah mula masak kat rumah baru ni but I cuma masak maggi aje sebab I could only find a pot to cook in, hehehe. And luckily I could find bowls from our camping box so bolehlah we all makan maggi dalam bowl instead of dalam periuk terus, hahaha. But we still couldn’t eat at the dining table sebab penuh kotak atas meja tu. So our dinner malam tadi, breakfast, lunch and dinner hari ni were taken at the coffee table using mismatched plates and cutleries :-D.

Our goal/mission esok is to have proper dinner at the dining table, hikhikhik…….Which means that we’ll be spending the whole day trying to clear some more boxes……

Our internet is still not connected yet. I update ni pun guna mobile’s phone connection. Tu yg still takde gambar lagi….

Once the net is connected, I’ll put up loads and loads of photos ye! Especially of the rose bushes and the fruit trees :-D. And I’ll answer all the comments then.

Till then, take care and thanks sebab masih lagi sudi singgah my blog yang tengah senyap sunyi sekarang ni…

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

2 more sleeps…

We have finally given up on the packing and will let the packers do the rest tomorrow. I told the packers yang I’ll be doing part of the packing and they sent 54 boxes for us to pack some of the things ourselves and we managed to use up about 50 of the boxes. Itu pun I rasa macam dah nak tercabut all the tendons and ligaments in my fingers from cleaning and packing. The Other Half pun dah tak larat sangat2 tengok the boxes, hehehe.

Bayang kan lah, I rasa dah mengantuk and penat sangat2 by 8 o’clock at night for the past few days just from packing aje! Mengalahkan masa bulan puasa hari tu yang tak tidur balik lepas sahur aje, hehehe….

Dinner malam ni pun I masak things yang I could find in the freezer. Nasib baik ada frozen pizza, chips and sausages for us to have for dinner. Esok malam kena makan kat luar since all our pots and pans and pinggan mangkuk will be packed away. Yeay, tak payah masak!

The packers are going to pack the rest of the stuff esok pagi like all the fragile stuff in the kitchen, the pantry and also all the electricals. My computer pun dah awal2 kena unplugged so sekarang ni I have to use the EEPC lah to do updates on the blog.

Tu yg malas sgt2 nak letak gambar……

Anyway, this quick update is just to apologize to everyone yang sudi bagi comments at the chat box and at the comment box. Tuan rumah minta maaf banyak2 sebab takde masa terluang nak jawab all the comments tu. My mind is so full of boxes, the carboard type not the comment type ;-D. Bangun tidur ingat kotak, tengah buat kotak pun ingat kotak, tengah pack barang pun ingat kotak, nak tidur malam pun ingat kotak! Aggggghhhhh!!!!!

I’m now waiting to have nightmares about them! Hahahaha….

I still have time to read all the comments though and I really appreciate all the good wishes in regards to the packing and the moving. Hopefully esok, I dah boleh lenggang kangkung sebab I cuma jadi mandur aje esok while the packers do their job :-).

And then on Friday, is the D-day if everything goes to plan and the settlement doesn’t fall through.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusan yang berkaitan and berkati lah hidup kami di rumah baru nanti…… Amin…..

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Stuff about the new house

I dah naik boring nak pack barang and you all pun sure dah naik boring dengar I cerita pasal pack barang kan, hehehe. I cerita pasal lain lah pulak ye!

Tadi we all gi melawat our new house to meet up dengan the owner of the house (before we take over this Thursday :-)). Masa we all beli rumah kat Adelaide dulu, we didn’t have to meet dengan the owner at all, it’s all done through the settlement agent. But here in WA, the buyer has a choice to meet up with the seller before the settlement date. I guess it’s done so the seller can explain everything about the house to the new buyer.

So, tadi we spent about an hour and a half talking to them at the house, punyalah peramah nya mereka, segala macam they explained about the house which is a good thing lah kan so tak lah we all termangu2 nanti bila pindah masuk. That was basically the second time we’ve been to the house. The first time masa open inspection and we only spent about 15 minutes kot at that house before we decided to buy it. I was talking to The Other Half yang it is quite ironic how short a time we spent looking around that house before we decided to buy it! And yet, we spent hours at JB Hi-Fi just to buy a $1000 TV! Patutnya nak beli rumah beratus2 ribu, kenalah spend beratus2 jam teliti the house kan, hehehe ;-). But I guess that’s why kat sini, we hired a building and pest inspector to inspect the house for any damage/ pest damage before we decide to buy it. Once we are satisfied with the report, then only we proceed.

Anyway…. I managed to count the amount of rose bushes around the house tadi. Nak nangis I bila tengok all the rose bushes sebab I dah boleh bayangkan betapa lah menggeletar nya I nak kena jaga all those ‘babies’! There were about 12 rose bushes, mampuih lah I! They even remembered all the names of the different rose buses! I cuma tau yang I ni tak tau anything about roses! Hikhikhik…… The wife said that the roses will start flowering around mid October so nanti bila Atuk and Nenek datang, suka lah diaorang dapat menghidu all the gorgeous smelling flowers (kalau anak diaorang ni hasn’t managed to kill all the rose bushes yet lah, hahaha). But we were so excited sebab they also have a flowering plum tree, a nectarine tree and also a hybrid dwarf apple tree which produces 3 different types of apples all in that 1 tree! Tak payah lah I beli apples, plums and nectarines masa Summer nanti :-). Now, we only have to get a lemon tree and plant them somewhere. Even The Little Misses were so excited with the fruit trees :-).

The husband pulak sibuk explained to us about the bore water system that they have, the solar panel water heater system, the alarm system that they use, the lawn and garden maintenance (hikhikhik…) and a few other things. Rasa macam pergi lecture aje tadi and lepas ni ada exam on all those topics, kahkahkah….

After spending the whole day packing and then the afternoon at the new house, I dah tak larat nak masak anything spectacular for dinner. I masak spag bol aje for dinner tonite. After so long tak makan spag bol, rasa sedap sangat2 pulak spag bol I buat tadi! hehehehe….


Pagi tadi, I packed all our hanging clothes in the ‘port-a-robe’ which is such a cute box :-).


You make the box, then put the metal bit along the holey ends and then just transfer you hanged clothes from your robe to the box just like that ;-). Bila dah penuh, you just seal up the box. Then, bila sampai kat rumah baru, tinggal transfer them back the same way, tak payah susah2, hehehe…..

Monday, 13 September 2010

A house of boxes

Nak termuntah dah I tengok the packing tape and all the boxes! Makin banyak yang I kemas, makin banyak sampah and junk yang I jumpa. Pastu our bin pulaknya dah memang choc-a-block dengan rubbish bags, dah tak boleh sumbat langsung2 and rubbish collection pulaknya will only come this wednesday. I dah tak tau nak letak kat mana all the rubbish bags that I’ve been filling up today.

The Other Half said to me yang on Tuesday nite ni, he’s going to go out late at night and buang our sampah in other people’s rubbish bins that they’ve put out on the kerb, hehehe….Luckily lah banyak rumah around my area ni so we have a lot of rubbish bins to choose from, wehehehe. Punyalah teruk kan we all nak buat kerja ni! Our rental agreement kata yang when we move out, we have to have the rubbish bin and the recycling bin cleaned and emptied. So, tu yang by hook or by crook, we have to have all the rubbish collected this Wednesday. Rubbish collection kat OZ ni cuma once a week aje so bila buat spring cleaning macam ni, memang cepat lah penuh the big bin. And they will only collect the rubbish that’s in the bin, kalau letak kat tepi2 bin tu, memang diaorang tak kan collect lah. Tu yg malam esok kena buat mission impossible tengah2 malam so tak nak bagi orang nampak, hikhikhik….

But, dalam nak termuntah2 tengok the boxes tu, berjaya jugaklah I packed a lot of things today. The Little Misses clothes drawers dah kosong kena packed dengan I tadi. Miss 11 tanya I, “are we going to wear the same school uniform for the whole week?” Alahai anak, Mummy you all ni kan kesian kat your teachers and classmates kalau terpaksa cium bau masam baju seminggu tak basuh yang you all pakai. Obviously lah, I’ve set aside clothes for you to wear this whole week. Now, I’ve got to do our clothes and all the hanging clothes pulak. I’ve done the shoes, I’ve done the linen, I’ve done more toys. I must have done about 11 boxes today, penat weh!

Meh I tunjuk our house now yang penuh dgn boxes…

This is our guest bedroom yang memang tak boleh masuk lagi sebab penuh dengan boxes and unmade boxes…


I cuma masuk bilik ni untuk ambik all the unmade boxes and make them in the dining room and then bila dah pack stuff in them, transfers them to another room like this one…



The above room used to be my sewing room and our exercise room and Miss 11’s solat room but now dah penuh dengan the boxes. Cuma ada a small space big enough aje for Miss 11 to solat in. But from esok, she has to solat some where else lah sebab I’m going to pack some more boxes in there, hehehe.

And our lounge room pun dah mula dipenuhi dengan boxes jugak..


Psst… nampak tak the small cabinet kat belakang kotak tu? I beli kat second hand shop for $40 aje! The Other Half tak minat sebab the doors are made of glass but I minat, hehehe. Sambil I mendonate barang2 hari tu, sambil tu sempat I melilau tengok their perabut :-D. Nanti at the new house, boleh I letak my daily pinggan mangkuk kat dalam tu kan :-).

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Open house

Aduhai, we are so extremely tired from such a busy few days of non stop packing, tidying and cooking. But, Alhamdulillah, berjaya juga we all membuat open house hari ni dalam sibuk2 berpacking ni.

Thank you so much to everyone yang sudi menghadirkan diri to our humble abode and sudi merasa our food. You guys made our open house much more enjoyable and happening :-D. Walaupun the spread tak lah se lavish the open house spread macam kat M’sia but for us it was meriah and sedap enough to fill up a few hungry tummies, hehehe….

But like every other open house, tak banyak gambar yang sempat di ambil sebab masa tengah ramai guests, tak sempat2 nak pegang camera untuk ambil gambar dgn all the guests. We all pun sampai lupa nak ambik gambar 1 family berbaju kurung di hari raya, padahal dah siap bergaya berbaju raya bagai. Tahun ni memang takde gambar 1 family dgn baju raya, sedih betul, hehehe.

But I managed to take some photos of the kuih muih raya and hidangan lauk pauk open house tadi.


Bangun pagi tadi I terus isi kuih muih dalam bekas sebab takut tak sempat pulak. As usual, my bekas kuih memang takde yang serupa, segala macam bentuk and jenis ada :-). Miss 6 jadi model kuih raya dengan muka tak mandi lagi tu :-). Cubalah kira berapa jenis kuih raya yang I buat, hikhikhik…..

The Other Half suruh I ambik gambar kuih raya with all the lids opened so boleh lah nampak isi kat dalam nya but tak kuasa pulak I nak membukaknya!


Pakkal lah dining table I ni kecik aje, kalau besar, mau agaknya I penuhkan dengan segala macam periuk and mangkuk, hehehehe… Periuk yang besar2 tu isi sup ayam, kuah laksa dan yang kat belakang tu… isi cendol! :-D.


Ini lah lauk and dishes yang I masak. I buat nasi ayam penyet with all its condiments, mee kari/ laksa nyonya, sambal udang dgn petai, masak lodeh.

Then I made kek batik, baklava, cendol and oreo cheesecake for desserts. Semua tuju cendol dulu sebab I guess susah kan nak dapat cendol kat sini ;-D.

Esok, I tayang our packing progress pulak ye.

Like The Other Half said to me, “We’re not moving next week Dear, we are moving this week. 5 more sleeps before the move!

Terus I dapat heart palpitations kat situ jugak bila dengar dia cakap macam tu!!!!! Agggghhhhhhhhhhhh…. I am not ready yet!!!!!!!!!