Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Actually banyak benda nak cerita and banyak gambar nak di upload tapi sebab tetiba kena serang virus MALAS terus terbantut semuanya. Hopefully it's only a 24-hour virus aje lah and when I wake up esok pagi, dah 'rajin' macam biasa, hehehe....

Sebelum makin teruk the effects of the virus on my body especially my typing fingers and my thinking brain cells, I better cepat2 ucap.........


and when it comes from the other half and the Little Misses, it'll be......


And kalau sape2 yang rajin nak nyanyi Auld Lang Syne, dipersilakan lah ye...... Help, the virus have reached my typing fingers :-)

See you tomorrow.......

Monday, 29 December 2008

Pagi tadi Miss 5 bangun tidur terus said to me, "Mummy, it's first of Muharram today." She knew because I told them yesterday that it's going to be the first of Muharram today. Then terus lah dia menyanyi lagu, 'Muharram, Safar, Rabiulawal, Rabiulthani, these are the months in Islam......' song. Adeh, pagi pagi lagi dah nyanyi which meant that she's going to keep on talking non stop the whole day lah tu!

Some people like Miss 5 are morning people, they are always cheery and chirpy and talking as soon as they wake up. (Don't we hate those kind of people!) While the rest of the family are definitely not morning people! We love staying in bed in the morning on the weekends and when ever we can. We don't like Mondays just because it's the start of a working week (unless it's a public holiday). The other half and I are not really awake in the morning until we get our morning coffee. And it has to be the real coffee, tak main lah instant ni, hehehe. Lepas dapat coffee, baru lah we can speak coherently. Before dapat our coffee fix, we basically only grunt to each other aje as our method of communication, hahaha. If Miss 5 wakes up and starts chatting with us before we get our coffee fix, memang lah masuk telinga kiri and keluar telinga kanan terus. No idea what she's talking about most of the time. Need... coffee... in... the... morning... before... brain... cells... can... function... properly!!!! Kalau lah our espresso machine ever breaks down, the Little Misses know that Mummy and Daddy will be like zombies in the morning until they can get their coffee fix somewhere else..... Haa...haa...haa...

Our dinner tonite was very simple. It was quite hot today, it got up to 36ºC today and it's going to be even hotter esok, 38ºC. So, malas nak makan berat2 sangat, I made baked chicken wings, steamed veges, croutons and potato salad sempoi. Senang hidup.....

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Hari ni pergi shopping lagi but this time with my 'bag carrier' aka the other half and the Little Misses in tow. But, bila dah ada 'bag carrier' ikut sama, takde mood pulaknya nak beli macam2 :-). Apalah kan, hehehe. Cuma beli some nice bottles for the other half to put his home-made lemon cordial and some more ceramic bakers. The rest of the time cuma window shopping aje which was still very fun.

Balik from the shops, the other half straight away went into the kitchen with a mission. He's been wanting to make home-made lemon cordial for a few weeks already but he wanted to get the right bottle to put his cordial before he can start. So, tadi dah terjumpa the 'right' bottle baru lah dia dengan senang hati masuk dapur. Lemons kat pokok tepi rumah ni pun dah kuning2 semuanya so might as well use them for something kan. Since he didn't seem to need my help, I pun malas lah nak offer to help him, memang dasar bukan isteri mithali betul, hahahaha. Lagi best lepak depan pc gi meronda2 'rumah2' orang. I had no idea what he did but tak sampai 30 minutes dah siap 2 botol lemon cordial which didn't taste too bad :-). I might keep him then since he can make lemon cordial, hehehehe.....

Ini lah botol cordial yang di cari2 the other half, tadi baru terjumpa at the shop. I rasa letak kat botol mana2, sama aje kan rasanya :-).

Then after his turn in the kitchen, my turn pulak to cook dinner which was spaghetti marinara. Ingat nak suruh the other half continue his 'sojourn' in the kitchen by cooking dinner sekali but didn't really want his body to go into shock sebab tetiba kena spend so long in the kitchen kan. Takpe lah, let him get used to the kitchen a little bit at a time, hehehehe..... ;-). Mana tau, tahun baru nanti he would want to spend more time in the kitchen, which I doubt very much will happen! If Daddy starts cooking our dinners, I think miss 5 will definitely go on strike, hahaha....

Anyway, malam ni nak tayang the ceramic wares that I bought. I like ceramic wares sebab nampak cantik aje bila nak menghidang from oven straight on to the table but part berat tu yang tak larat nya kadang2. The square ceramic baker tu is 27 cm, besar lah jugak kan so nanti senang lah kalau nak buat lasagna ke, pasta bake ke, puding roti ke :-). I used to only have the round and small rectangle pyrex glass ware utk bake my pasta and nak buat puding roti. Tu yg bila nampak the square thing on sale, terus sambar satu. The 2 oval ceramic wares sebelah nya tu nampak cute sangat2 tadi on the display table at the shop and since I didn't have any yet, terus lah ambil 2 sekali. They are quite small, cuma boleh isi 1.1 litre aje, tu yang ambil 2 terus. Actually ada banyak saiz lagi semalam that was available but since my tangan semalam dah nak patah mengangkut barang, tu yang tak beli. Tadi pulak, all the big ones dah habis stock, so beli yang kecik aje lah, dapat lah jugak some things, hehehe.... Mana I nak simpan all these things, I still haven't decided yet. I might have to reorganise my cupboards esok so I can fit in all my baking wares!

Cantik kan, I like the black colour.

This was our dinner, spaghetti marinara. The other half loves anything marinara/ seafood, pizza lah, laksa lah, pasta lah.

The new loaf tin I bought today which is a bit deeper than my other loaf tins. But I think I might have put in too much dough in the tin sebab sekali dah masuk oven, punyalah tinggi dia naik, macam alien aje, gelak guling2 I depan oven tadi tengok my bread, hehehehe. Next time, I know to use the measurement for 750g bread aje not the 1kg! :-).

p/s terlupa pulak nak ucap Selamat Tahun Baru Hijrah yang ke 1430. Semoga di tahun baru ni, semakin bertambah amalan kita dan semoga segala amalan kita diterima Allah hendaknya.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

I woke up this morning dengan semangat berkobar2 nak pergi menerjah shopping mall, hahahaha. Punyalah semangat, kedai tu bukak pukul 8 pagi, I dah terpacak depan kedai tu pukul 7.50! But I wasn't the only one you, adalah about 50 others yang terpacak sama dengan I tu menunggu tuan kedai tu bukak kedai, wahkahkahkahkah. Teruk betul kan, rasa macam apa aje tadi. Padahal bukannya nak beli macam2 pun and bukannya nak beli benda2 yang limited stock tapi semangat tu tetap berkobar2 :P. But I went alone sebab the other half had to stay behind sebab Miss 9 tak bangun lagi masa I left the house. It's good the Little Misses tak ikut because then I could just do my own stuff and jalan cepat2 and just grab whatever I wanted without having to look out for them all the time. But there's one major drawback bila the other half tak pergi sama, I didn't have my own 'bag carrier'. Rasa nak putus my arms tadi mengangkut benda2 sikit nya berat! Kalau the other half was with me, he could be my muscle man, I could just hand all the bags over to him and continue on with my shopping spree, hehehehe. Tapi tadi, my shopping spree terbantut sangat2 disebabkan tak cukup tenaga nak carry all the stuff. 1 pack of bedsheet set and 2 thick cotton blankets were seriously berat tau, not to mention all the Xmas chocs that were 50% off, kahkahkah! Padahal baru aje buat new year's resolution nak lose weight! Takpe, my niat was to buy the chocs for the Little Misses so hopefully since niat I murni kan, so kalau I makan the chocolate, it won't become lemak in my body... ( Yeah Right!!! Haa.. Haa... Haa... dream on babe!).
You must wonder why I didn't just get a trolley to carry all the stuff kan. Sebab leceh betul lah nak push trolley masa sesak2 dengan orang ni, seriau aje kot2 terlanggar orang. Maybe I'll go to the shops again esok since they are going to be open for the last time on a Sunday esok. Ye lah kan, since my shopping just now terbantut sebab tak cukup tangan. Tak larat agaknya all the sales assistants tu tengok muka I aje balik2 :-).

Anyway, I'm not going to put up photos of the things I bought today. Malas lah nak tayang bedsheets and blankets and chocolates and a ceramic baker. Lain lah kan kalau I beli shoes ke, handbags ke, pinggan mangkuk cun gilers, kitchen gadgets ke, hehehe....... Kalau nak tayang the new bedsheets and blankets, kenalah tayang our beds sekali kan to model them, baik tak payah right, buang karen aje you all nak tengok :P. Nak tayang the chocs, takut you all meleleh air liur pulak, hehehe. The ceramic baker tu, nanti kalau I bake anything in it, I'll tayang lah sekali :-). Nak tayang our dinner tonite, we all cuma makan leftovers from last nite, hahahaha..............

So since takde gambar lain yang best, kita layan gambar some black swans that Miss 9 took on the Swan River ( I know, takde kena mengena langsung black swans ni with shopping, hehehe).

Masa mula2 sampai Australia and Perth especially, terpegun tengok black swans ni. After dah lama tinggal kat sini, masih lagi terpegun tengok their majestic and regal appearance. I know they are native to WA.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Another lazy day staying at home today. The other half asked me whether I wanted to go to the city Mega Sale today. Tak kuasa I nak bersesak2 and berebut2 with so many people searching for good bargains. I like Sale but I think I'm not a sale fanatic that I have to be there hours before the stores are opened to be the first in line to get the best bargain. For me, kalau dah memang my rezeki to get the sale thing, pergi bila2 pun takpe. So far, rasanya once only kot yang we all beria pergi to the shops really awal to get the stuff that we really wanted. The other half said, 'there's nothing that we really really need right now so there's no point rushing." I said to him, "we definitely have got all the necessary things but there's always things that you can buy that you've been wanting but don't really need right?" :-). He told me to go the shops alone esok to look for bargains while he'll stay at home with the Little Misses lepaking depan tv watching the cricket game. See how 'excited' I feel tomorrow morning before I decide to go shopping or not.

I think kalau I pergi, I'll definitely end up buying more than what we really need, as usual lah kan :-). Ingat nak beli a set of egyptian cotton bedsheet set yang 1000-thread count tu because I know they'll definitely be on sale. We've got 2 sets already tapi ingat nak tambah 1 more set to our collections. It is true though, once you've slept on a bed with 1000-thread count sheet, you can feel the difference, hehehe, and we also need some more towels, you can never have too maby towels right! ..... And Tefal thermospot frypans pun ada 50% off jugak you :-). And I want to singgah 'sekejap' at the Pumpkin Patch shop, mana lah tau kan ada nice sales there as well..... That's why I malas nak pergi shopping esok because I know I'll buy more than what I set out to get. Tak guna tulis list of 'things to buy' masa tengah sale ni because memangnya I'll just throw away the list when I get to the shop, hahahahaha...... Jom, sape nak pergi shopping dengan I esok?

Last nite tak jadi buat roast chicken for dinner sebab Mummy cuma rajin enough to make seafood mee goreng aje. Pagi tadi pulaknya the other half wanted to use the chicken to make butter chicken for tonite's dinner. I pun ok aje sebab the Little Misses love butter chicken sebab tak pedas kan. And the other half wanted to make it in the slow cooker so since dia yang beria nak buat, I cuma tolong aje lah. He didn't have to do much anyway, cuma brown the chicken and fry the spices pastu put everything in the slow cooker and turn it on and voila!...... the butter chicken is ready 4 hours later. That's why the other half was so eager to 'masak' tadi, hehehe. And we had the butter chicken with simple pilau rice and poppadum.

The ingredients for the butter chicken. Yang membuatkan dia lagi yummy is the cream in it. Makin bertambah chubby lah my face macam ni kan, hahahaha.......

The other half kalau dapat acar mentah tu, memang makan tak hingat dunia, wehehehehe

Thursday, 25 December 2008

"We wish you a merry christmas...
we wish you a merry christmas....
we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year...."

Masa breakfast kat Bluewater Grill pagi tadi, this was one of the songs yang berkumandang on the speaker. Semua lagu yang berkumandang lagu 'raya' aje, dah memang Christmas Day kan sure lah kena pasang lagu2 yang sewaktu dengan nya, tak kan lah diaorang nak pasang lagu Saloma or lagu Sharifah Aini kot ;-).

We had a wonderful day so far which in translation means a very restful, lazy and quiet day. We got up early to go to the breakfast do which we really enjoyed. Makan sampai semua tak larat, kekenyangan, which made Mummy extra happy sebab I didn't have to cook lunch for anyone today. That's why I said it's been a wonderful day so far, hehehe..... Maybe next year we'll go there again. After breakfast, we all singgah to let the Little Misses loose at the playground nearby. The Little Misses rasanya had burned all their energy from breakfast at the playground, berlari everywhere sampai berpeluh2 giler. While Mummy and Daddy pulaknya cuma duduk aje tengok the Little Misses berkejar kejaran. Macam mana nak buang lemak macam tu kan, makin tambah lemak from that breakfast adalah! Ish, patutnya we all sama berkejar kejaran kan baru lah lemak2 tu tak berani nak hinggap lama2 :-). Takpe takpe, new year's resolution nanti nak buang lemak yang menapak since Raya hari tu. If you don't believe me, you can compare my Raya photo and my photo today, chubby betul my face!

After the Little Misses dah tak larat berlari lari lagi, we came home to open the presents from Nana & Pop. They gave a joint present for the other half and me, a cookbook. Hmmm, either they are trying to tell me a subtle message that I can't cook and is starving their son or they know that I like to cook so I better learn how to cook decent food :-). Just joking, I know they meant well when they gave me the cookbook because they know that I like collecting cookbooks. Collect aje but buat the recipes entah bila, hehehe...... The Little Misses got clothes and gift cards. Thanks Nana n Pop for the pressies.

Some photos from this morning......

Hehehe, Miss 5 tak larat bukak mata because of the sunshine :-). Told you my face is chubbier now!!! I blame it on the angle the photo is taken :P.

Before the rush to the buffet table......

Miss 5 makan cereals without the milk, masa ni dia dah kenyang, hehehe

Some of the food :-). Smoked salmon galore.....

At the playground after the breakfast

Siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan, tak menarik hati, tiada memikat ............... I know she's half malay but it's the same kan :-).

I just love this photo. She looks so cheeky but still very cute :-).

Girls being girls.....

When they are playing together happily, they are so gorgeous but when they start fighting, gerammmmmm aje, rasa nak cubit2 aje..........

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

What a lazy day today..... The weather is really warm out there but so cool and comfy in here. Kalau tengah kat M'sia ni memang dah lama zzzzzzzzzz...... Seronok betul tidur di siang hari ni kan, hehehe..... But biasalah bila dah jadi mums or housewives ni, sometimes you just don't have time for that. And sometimes baru aje nak try letak kepala kat bantal, the Little Misses will start calling, " Mummy, mummy, mummy, I have to tell you something....." or they'll start arguing so macam mana lah nak tidur dengan lena kan. Singa betina kalau kena kacau masa nak tidur sure akan mengamuk kan so lagi baik lah I don't even try to fall asleep :-).

Anyway, I made some more goodies today. The other half said to me, "Now you've made all these goodies, we just have to find people who celebrate Xmas to give all these goodies to! We won't be able to finish it all." Ha..ha..ha.. very funny wise guy! I made all these for you anyway so you don't feel deprived of all the sweet things that your Mum used to make for Xmas sebab I ni kan isteri mithali. Alah, you jugak yang everytime lalu depan the cookie containers mesti makan at least 1 piece, hehehe. Macam lah I tak tau even though you tried to hide it from me because you've been told not to eat too much of it, hahaha...... As though I don't know you so well my Dear :-). Between you and the Little Misses, I don't think the cookies will last that long anyway so bersyukur aje lah that your wife tengah rajin membaking ni :P.

So, since I've promised that I'll show you what I've made in the past few days, these are some photos of the Xmas treats. Alah, bukannya banyak mana macam nak sambut Raya and cuma biscuits and kek aje pun. I might make roast chicken with stuffing and all the trimmings for dinner esok kalau rajin. Kalau tak rajin, I'll just make roast chicken aje and roast potato kot :-).

Fruit cake, citrus almond biscuits, maltesers meringue and gingerbread biscuits.

Fruit mince shortbread and fruitmince tart.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Part of last nite's entry was typed using 'webdings' without me realising that the font can only be read using firefox, hehehe. Tu lah, I ni bukannya tau anything when it comes to coding and html and what not so tu yang tak sedar langsung. I didn't mean for the text to be only 'readable' by the other half and me aje, cam secret message gitu, hahahaha. The other half said to me, next time don't touch that font ever! :-)..... Leceh betul after that nak edit balik because we had to delete some of the html codes to get it working properly after that, nasib baik the other half knows how to 'fix' things like that. If I had to 'fix' it by myself, memanglah hampeh tahap gaban sampai bila2 pun tak kan boleh fix rasanya, wahkahkahkah.......

Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who wished us happy anniversary. We are very touched by your thoughtfulness. Walaupun cuma kenal di alam cyber ( most of you anyway :-)), but you guys are kind enough to wish us well. We really do appreciate it. Like I've been saying to the other half, sejak I ada blog ni I have more friends than him, haa..haa...haa..... Then he replied by saying that he has more friends on Facebook than me. Then I said to him yang I takde ramai kawan kat facebook sebab I dah berkurun lama tak bukak my facebook account, once I bukak sure berduyun2 friend request I'll get :P. See, baru aje sambut anniversary dah 'gaduh' balik, wahkahkahkah.........

2 more sleeps to Xmas. The only reason we are excited is because we'll be going to a christmas buffet breakfast this year. For the first 2 Christmases since we've moved to Perth, we spent it by having a picnic at Matilda Bay. The Little Misses liked playing in the river collecting jellyfish and the other half and I enjoyed just lying on the picnic rug reading our books. And it was so safe for the Little Misses to play at the edge of the river that we didn't even have to keep an eye out for them, tu yang boleh baring2 kat atas picnic rug lagi tu, hehehe. Then last year for Christmas, Miss 9 was in Adelaide spending Christmas at Nana's and Pop's. She flew there all by herself. And we didn't go anywhere because it was soooo hot on Christmas day last year. And it wasn't fun to go anywhere without Miss 9 :-).

When we were living in Adelaide, every Christmas obviously kena spend dengan In Laws lah kan, from morning till after dinner melepak kat rumah diaorang, boring ya amat! Nothing to do and nowhere to go and no guests datang rumah. The other half ni anak tunggal and then all of his parents' family either in NZ or merata tempat lain but no one in Adelaide tu yang takde sedara mara datang melawat masa Xmas, tu yang boring tahap gaban, hehehe. To tell you the truth, the other half and I enjoyed our christmas picnics more than our christmases in Adelaide, memang terul betul lah their only daughter in law ni kan! Macam mana lah nak jadi daughter-in-law mithali wei..........

So, today the Little Misses and I made gingerbread biscuits for Christmas day munching. I made the dough while they played with the cookie cutters and the decorating. Yesterday I made fruitmince tarts but lupa pulak nak ambil gambar. Nanti lah I'll take photos of all the christmas goodies I've made since I'll still be making some more esok, hehehe. Layan dulu lah gambar the Little Misses at work.

Tolong Mummy men deco the biscuits.

Some of their creations, hehehe.... Gingerbread man takde sbb takde the cutter but ada gingerbread bears, christmas trees, santas, hehehe....

Monday, 22 December 2008


I was a bit confused when people say pening kepala baca my N3, heran jugak at first sebab I can read it fine. Rupa rupanya I used the font yang I think you can only read guna mozilla firefox aje, hehehehe.... Anyway, this is the edited version of it so hopefully semua orang boleh baca. Ampun ya ibu2 and bapak2 semua :-)

Happy Anniversary to us
Happy Anniversary to us
Happy 13th Anniversary to us
May Allah bless our union and may it last until our last breath

It hasn't been a smooth journey all the way, we went through some really rough patches but we survived with our love stronger than ever. We've also had many wonderful moments which make us appreciate each other more. And we are blessed with 2 gorgeous girls to make our family complete (only God knows where they got the gorgeous genes from!). I know I can be very difficult to live with most of the time and I'm blessed with your patience. Thank you Dear from the bottom of my heart for being mine.

( Bila I suruh the other half baca what I've written above, he said, "Auwww, it's a bit too romantic coming from you. Are you sure you didn't get it from a Hallmark card?". Lerr hubby I ni, mentang2 lah wife dia selalu jenis brutal aje, ada ke patut dia kata I ciplak. Citt Aney!!! . Your wife can occasionally write something sweet tau, not always, but once in a blue moon :-). )

Anyway, I didn't make anything special for dinner today sebab penat sehari suntuk kat city tadi and we as usual completely forgot to buy cards for each other, hehehe. Esok kalau I terlebih rajin, tak pun weekend ni ke I'll make something special for dinner, hehehe. The other half had a meeting in the city this morning so we tagged along as well. Saje je nak bawak the Little Misses naik bas to the city and pergi museum. Well, the other half took the Little Misses pergi museum after his meeting while I went shopping, which was so so fun!!!! Alah, bukannya beli segala macam benda bagai nak rak pun, I just bought a pair of Colorado shoes, a pair of Just Jeans black jeans and top for me and some Pumpkin Patch clothes for the Little Misses. Malas lah nak beli macam2 sebab nanti post Xmas sale nak shopping lagi so bawak2 bersabar dulu, hehehe. And then naik bas pulak tu, tak sanggup nak mengangkut all the bags bawak naik bag. Kalau nak shopping beria, kena tunggu drive sendiri lah. Post Xmas sale starts this Friday in the city, still debating whether to go or not, hehehe. Malas nak pergi sebab malas nak bersesak2 but because of the word "SALE", berkobar aje semangat ni, haa...haa...haa... Women and SALE memang tak boleh dipisahkan!

Anyway, some photos of the Little Misses and the flora in the city this morning while waiting for Daddy to finish his meeting.

Haritu I tayang pokok Jacarandas with all the purple flowers. Hari ni nak tayang another tree with red flowers. The other half said this tree is called the flame tree, not really sure if it's the right name for it though.

Kangaroo Paw flowers up close. yang ini kaler kuning pulak.

I know she can be adorable occasionally, gorgeous definitely but perfect? Wahahahaha.....

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Hari ni terlebih rajin nak buat entry banyak kali pulaknya. Maybe sebab dah menghirup udara segar and dah exercise keliling river pagi tadi kan tu yang terus bersemangat ni. Alah bukannya nak letak entry panjang lebar pun, just nak tayang our dinner tonite aje and also nak bagi recipe bean salad yang MakLong mintak.

Our dinner tonite, pan-fried lamb chops (dah marinate dgn olive oil, grated lemon rind and juice, rosemary leaves and salt&pepper), mashed potatoes, bean salad and mushroom & silverbeet quiche. Rajin giler Mummy masak dinner malam ni. Nasib baik lah masak western food ni tak leceh tu yang boleh terlebih rajin, hehehe.

Bean Salad

-1 can (400g) mixed beans ( I selalu guna 4-beans mixed)
-1 cup chopped capsicum/ cooked sugar snap peas/ cucumber
-1/4 red onion/spanish onion, sliced thinly
-3 tbsp olive oil

-2 tbsp wine vinegar or white vinegar

-1 tbsp sugar

-1/4 tsp ground cumin ( cumin ni jintan manis kan?)

-1/4 tsp ground coriander

-1/2 tsp salt

-Drain the canned beans.

-In a bowl add the olive oil, vinegar, sugar, ground cumin, ground coriander and salt and mix them with a fork until well combined and sugar slightly dissolved.

-Then add the drained beans, capsicum and onions into the bowl and mix them all together. Leave in the fridge for about 30 minutes before serving.

-You can refridgerate the bean salad for up to a week. Lagi lama you simpan, lagi sedap the bean salad sebab semua dah mixed nicely.
The other half woke up this morning saying that today we should start teaching Miss 5 riding without her training wheels. Miss 9 dulu masa umur dia 7+ baru we all ajar naik bicycle without training wheels, kiranya dah 'tua bangka' baru tau naik basikal lah :-). With Miss 5, we wanted to start early so bila balik bercuti to M'sia senanglah nak naik basikal keliling kampung kan :-). So, pagi tadi lepas breakfast, dengan semangat berkobar2, we went to the bike track to practice. The other half 'asked' me to ride with Miss 9 somewhere else so I tak boleh tengok dia ajar Miss 5 ride her bike. He said I would definitely freak out if I see how he teaches her how to ride.

The other half and I have very different views when it comes to 'dangers around us'. I think I'm more cautious, ye lah, Mum kan so I guess dah tersemat dalam jiwa yang anything and everything can be dangerous. Don't get me wrong, I will let them run around at the playground and climb whatever they want at the playground. I'm quite happy to just sit and watch them learn how not to fall. And kalau they fall, oh well, they'll learn. But if I think it's not appropriate for the Little Misses at their age then I won't let them go on it but with the other half, for him, you won't know if it's appropriate or not until you try it so he'll let the Little Misses climb anything. If they fall, then they know it's not appropriate for their age! That's when I usually freak out, hehehehe. That's why the Little Misses think playing with Daddy is so much fun while Mummy is the 'safety officer'! Tu yang kadang2 tension aje dengan the other half when he can't see the dangers, hish...!

The parks around Perth ni mostly around lakes or rivers and I ni selalunya seriau aje kalau the Little Misses play too close to the edge of the river or the lakes sebab I takut aje if they trip over and fall into the river especially Miss 5 because she's so uncoordinated. The other half pulak loves to say, " Don't worry, let them play there. If they fall, I can be there in 2 seconds to pick them up!" That's when lagi lah I freak out when he says things like that. My hubby ni ingat dia Superman or Carl Lewis kot, boleh lari sikitnya laju to save his kids! Probably when he was younger and slimmer and fitter, he could sprint in 2 seconds without huffing and puffing and blowing the house down. But sekarang ni with the extra weight ( a.k.a. lemak!), I don't think he could do that, wahkahkahkahkah....... Mau agaknya kena heart attack if he has to sprint that fast :-). So, now you know why he wants me to stay far away from him and Miss 5 when he's teaching her how to ride her bike.

Anyway, luckily nothing bad happened to Miss 5 today except a graze on her shin and Miss 9 and I had a nice ride as well. Miss 5 still tak tau lagi nak balance her body on the bike, she kept on leaning to one side, tu yang jatuh aje everytime the other half took his hand off her, hehehe. It won't happen in a day but it will happen, she'll learn how to ride sooner or later kan. Still plenty of time :-). After the bike ride, the Little Misses and the other half went on a miniature train ride at the park. We had a fun morning......

The other half took a photo of Miss 5 before the bike lesson. Before the bruises and the bumps and the tears :-).

The Canning river. Mummy asik suruh the Little Misses jangan pergi too close to the edge while the other half kept on saying, "let them..."

Waiting for the train to come.

Here comes the choo -choo train.... Terasa sekejap jadi giants. Daddy memang dah giant, hehehe.

Having fruit salad after the train ride. Mummy's trying to be healthy, hehehe....

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Malam ni ada dinner function with my workmates so we are going to park the Little Misses at Sheri's house. Dah berzaman tak keluar at night time without the Little Misses ni. Selalunya ke mana pergi if it's at night mesti ada handbag 2 orang tu :-). The other half said, he can't wait for Miss 9 to be old enough to be left at home to look after her sister so we can go out berdating macam zaman dolu2. Probably when she's 15 then only we'll be comfortable leaving them alone at home for a few hours without any adults around. It's illegal anyway kat sini to leave kids at home alone, hehehe.

So, since I'm going to park the Little Misses at Sheri's during dinner time, kesian pulak kat Sheri kena masak for the kids. Knowing my kids yang sometimes can be a bit fussy especially Miss 9 when it comes to eating and knowing Miss 5 yang suka makan, I made sausage rolls for them to take so nanti next time Auntie Sheri will want to babysit them again, hehehe.

The simplest sausage rolls, sausage wrapped in puff pastry.

Our afternoon tea, almond croissants.

Ooops, I'm running very late and the other half's been urging me to get ready so got to go.....

Friday, 19 December 2008

I've bought the lacy thing, haa..haa..haa. But dari dulu it perplexed me, why is it something so lacy and tranparent macam tak cukup kain so expensive compared to nice comfy thick cotton stuff? Is it because it's quite difficult to jahit lacy things thus requiring more attention to details thus more labour hours so tu yang mahal? Or is it because of the 'market' that lacy things attracts so diaorang pun jacked up the price? Heran kan, hehehehe.......

Anyway, enough of the lacy talk because I don't want to give you nightmares thinking about it and I don't want to give my Emak a heart attack when she reads my blog and also most importantly, I don't want to have to answer so many questions from Miss 9 when she reads this blog so kenalah make it 'family-friendly', hahahaha.....

Let's talk about food then, food is always a safe zone :-) unless you are a domestic goddess like Nigella Lawson then your food will always look so sexy. But I don't have to worry about that sebab sampai bila pun my food tak kan look sexy, hehehehe. Hari ni baru lah I ada masa and motivation to make some Christmas food. But still ada a few more yang tak buat lagi ni. Hajat hati memang nak buat macam2 but when I look at my expanding waistline and the increasing circumference of my thighs, terus terkubur hajat tu sekejap. Sejak dari puasa haritu when I was at my thinnest, I've gained about 3 kilos ( Yes, I know, jangan terperanjat!) and memang nampak sangat2 around my waistline and my face. So, kalau I buat macam2 sweet treats for Christmas, sure lah I pun akan turut makan sama kan and the obvious will definitely follow suit...... Tension sekejap!!!! But, sian kat the other half kan kalau I tak buat...... I should start exercising again to get rid of this excess weight but punyalah malas nak naik the exercise machine tu hanya Allah aje lah yang tahu, hehehehe. Nak mula tu yang punya siksa! Hish.....

So, our Christmas treat yang dah siap. Citrus almond biscuits and fruit cake. The almond biscuits pun dah habis suku dikerjakan the Little Misses but I'm not going to make some more sebab malassss :-).

Ini pulak photos of our dinner from last nite and the nite before. Mana lah tak naik lemak kan, cheese galore on the nachos! Malam ni nak makan maki zushi so healthy lah jugak kan, hehehe.

Before masuk under the grill.
After, when the cheese has all melted.... Yumm!!!

Nasi goreng with crumbed prawn n calamari goreng.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The other half and I have been quite busy for the past few weeks with life in general that we've forgotten that our wedding anniversary is fast approaching. 5 more days to our 13th wedding anniversary, macam tak caya aje, hehehe. Last year we completely forgot about it until the day itself. Yang buat teringat tu pun sebab his 'palm' reminded him of the date and his parents wished us a happy anniversary, hahahaha. My in laws are not that good with dates but they remembered our wedding anniversary because it's the same date as theirs, hehehehe. The other half chose that date sebab dia kata nak same date dengan his parents so senang nak ingat, but still gak terlupa! :-). But I couldn't blame him for forgetting sebab I pun terlupa sama, hehehehe. People say that the husbands/ male species yang selalu lupa and tak ingat all the important dates in their lives but in our household, I fall into that category as well :-). Bukan tak ingat, I will always remember all the important dates but kadang2 tu bila dah berlalu baru teringat, hehehehe, unless I put a big star on the calendar or I happen to check my Yahoo on that day :-).

The first year anniversary was eagerly awaited by us and sambut sikit nya romantik ke but as the years go by, we didn't make a big deal of the date, teruk kan! Lagilah bila dah ada anak2 ni, just sambut at home with a nice dinner and cake with the kids. The same with presents, I guess sebab it's so difficult to buy things for either of us and the date being so close to Christmas, we normally tak beli anything pun for each other, hehehehe. It doesn't worry me if the other half doesn't get me anything for our wedding anniversary, well, it hasn't worried me so far :-). Tak kuasa I nak merajuk just because of that. Kalau I merajuk pun, bukannya dia pandai pujuk so buang karen aje kalau merajuk dengan dia, wahahahahaha.....

This was our wedding cake. My MIL made the fruit cake inside and then we sent it to a cake decorator to do the decoration. At that time, fruit cakes were the only cakes for wedding cakes (well, for my MIL anyway) so sebagai daughter in law mithali ikut ajelah kehendak dia. If it was up to me, I would probablyhave chosen chocolate cake and it if was up to the other half, probably pavlova, hahahahaha.....

p/s the traditional 13th wedding anniversary gift is lace. I wonder what I should get that has lace in it? ;-) ;-)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

This morning we went shopping for board games for the Little Misses. I don't know how long the games will keep them occupied during this school holidays though. Hopefully quite some time. Miss 9 dah banyak kali mintak Connect 4 as a Christmas present so we bought her that and then it took us half and hour choosing Miss 5's game sebab dia tak tau nak pilih yg mana satu. Finally, I persuaded her to 'choose' Gotta Getta Gopher game. I didn't realise that it would be such a noisy game masa I persuaded her to buy it. When we got home and they started playing it, punyalah bingit telinga I dengar diaorang main, I couldn't even hear myself think! Hehehehe...... Mula2 main kat lounge room but after half and hour of maximum noise, they were banished to their room so sekarang ni aman lah sikit the front of the house. Now I can hear myself think.... Hmmmm...... what was I thinking again? ;-).

So, since I ni baik hati kan, I want to share with you guys the noise that the Little Misses made while playing the Gopher game :-). Sharing is caring right, wahkahkahkahkah......... Maybe if I share the noise around, tak lah bingit sangat jadinya nanti, I know, wishful thinking right :-).

We also went for a short picnic lepas habis shopping tadi at the nearby playground and I took some photos of the hibiscus flowers that were in bloom around the playground. My parents when they came here last time said that the hibiscus flowers besar gedabak saiz dia kat sini banding dgn kat M'sia, probably kot, I tak pernah pulak compare :-). Each one of them bigger than my tapak tangan so besar ke tu? I know berlambak2 pokok bunga raya kat M'sia tu tapi saje je tayang pokok bunga raya Perth pulak.

And this purple flower is called Agapanthus. I ambil gambar menyorok2 kat my carport because the flower is in our neighbour's garden. Nasib baik lah rumah2 kat sini tak banyak yg ada fences so senang lah sikit nak ambil gambar, hehehe. Nak mintak permission kat tuan rumah, malu pulak sbb semua bujang and sure nya diaorang pelik and heran if I nak ambil gambar their flowers. Nak ask the other half suruh mintak permission, lagilah dia tak nak. Lagilah pelik bujang2 tu nanti, orang macho mana ambil gambar bunga kan, wahahahahahahaha.......

I love purple flowers!

Monday, 15 December 2008

This entry is for people out there yang tanya macam mana my roti jala jadi begitu cantik, hehehe. I nak perturunkan ilmu (which is not mine to start with) ni so lepas ni semua roti jala akan cantik2 belaka. Actually Azie yg bagi idea ni so I ni memanjangkan idea dia aje lah kiranya :-).

The things you need:

-botol sos plastic that you can buy very cheap kat pasar malam or kedai plastic yg berlambak2 kat M'sia tu. Make sure the opening/ hole tu tak lah besar sgt ye or else tebal sgt pulaknya kiraian jala tu nanti.
- non-stick pan klu ada, klu takde just guna kuali leper biasa but kena letak minyak sikit lah.

-First you lorekkan macam ni. Just squirt the batter out of the plastic bottle. Sebab there's only 1 hole/opening, teramatlah senangnya nak control the flow and tak tersumbat langsung tu yg best aje menjala guna cara ni, hehehehe.....

- Then you lorekkan atas dia macam ni, jadi bentuk net. Kalau you want it to be star-shaped ke, spider web-shaped ke, squiggly-shaped ke, it's up to your imagination. For me, mcm ni aje pun dah cantik, hehehe. Then lipat mcm lipat popia, lipat the sides first, then gulung. Kalau nak buat menjamu orang ramai, memanglah cantik aje :-).

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Today we spent the whole day at home, inside, keeping cool with the aircond on sebab it got up to 38ºC outside! Keluar kejap masa jemur kain pun dah terasa perit sangat on the skin, lagi lah kalau keluar jalan2, mau rentung terus my already tanned skin ni, hehehe. Miss 5 banyak kali asked to go bike riding, I asked her to keluar kejap to feel the sun panas ke tak on her skin, baru lah dia kata, "it's still very hot out there Mummy!". Then terus dia tak tanya lagi sebab it's so much nicer to be indoors where it's cool and comfy, hehehehe. Nak keluar pergi shopping pun tak larat sebab panas sgt and surenya all the shopping complexes are jam packed with people kan sbb dah nak dekat Christmas sgt2 ni, lagi lah tak larat. In Perth ni, from a month nak Christmas, the shoping complexes are opened every Sunday, which in Perth is a very big deal you! Tapi memang penuh lah dengan segala macam manusia yang buat last minute Christmas shopping. Everyday pun dah busy sgt2 skrg ni, nak buat normal grocery shopping pun naik menyampah sebab the supermarkets penuh dgn orang. Tu yg for the next week or so, kalau I nak buat grocery shopping, I have to do it early in the morning to avoid the madness. So before the other half pergi kerja, I can go to the shop first and leave the Little Misses with him at home and then we can stay at home the whole day and not have to deal with the heat and sesak2. But I think sesak macam mana pun, tak lah se sesak KL masa nak dekat Raya, hehehe.

Since we didn't go anywhere today, Mummy was extra baik hari ni to make Roti jala for lunch sebab meleleh air liur tengok roti jala Kak Ina buat. The adults makan dgn kari ayam and the Little Misses makan dengan susu pekat. Miss 5 tried the kari ayam, Miss 9 sikit pun tak nak cuba sbb dia takut sgt kat pedas ni! Hish.....

Then the other half was extra rajin as well, he made garlic and cheese bread sebab dia kata nak makan dgn leftover roast beef for dinner tonite. He made the dough in the breadmaker and baked it in the oven in a cake tin. Miss 9 thought Mummy was in her rajin mode, baking another cake :-). When I sliced it barulah dia tau itu roti, hehehe. we had roast beef sandwich tonite for dinner with homemade bread. Home made bread ni memang lah sedap kan :-).

Macam rupa kek kan, tu yg Miss 9 tertipu sekejap...

After it's been sliced. Lupa pulak nak ambil gmbr the sandwich, hehehe....