Thursday, 30 June 2011

A post with a lot of pictures :-)

Jom kita ramai2 layan gambar cos tuan rumah tengah nak berkaraoke Wii sesama anak beranak, hikhikhik…..

Apam ni I buat semalam. Saje buat sebab satu M’sia dah buat apam ni but kat Perth ni, baru I sorang tergagap2 nak buat, muahahaha.


I ambik recipe Lily kat MyResipi tapi I letak inti kaya aje.


The Other Half kata, “I really love the colours of this kueh. They look so pretty! It makes me want to eat and eat and eat!


Ini pulak dinner we all malam tadi.

Nasi briyani (pakai instant paste from Maggi) with vindaloo beef curry.


Our last telur masin. I made another batch semalam so maybe sempatlah mature by Ramadhan.



And ini pulak our rye bread I made in the BM a few days ago. Recipe ambik kat sini. Tapi the cocoa made it taste a bit too chocolatey instead of rye-ee Winking smile.


And the caraway seeds definitely made it flavoursome!

And our dinner tonite was chicken yiros. We had it with garlic yoghurt sauce and sweet chilli sauce.




Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The birthday present unveiled ;-)

I guess by now ramai yang dah tau what I got for my birthday kan.

Congrats to Jas for guessing it correctly.

Like I said malam tadi, Amy_Yna1985 did mention the correct interest which was reading but she got the present wrong Sad smile. So, dapatlah orang lain meneka Smile.

So, this is the present that I got for my birthday (which is still agesssss to go, hikhikhik Winking smile).

An AmazonKindle which is an e-book reader.

He got me a red cover for me Kindle to differentiate it from his that has a black cover. He told me he wanted a Kindle for his birthday present and bought it himself, hehehe. See, bukan I sorang yang beli hadiah I myself, laki I pun macam tu. Senang kan hidup bila dah tau apa partner and anak2 kita nak for their birthdays Open-mouthed smile

The Kindle inside. Not having pages to turn takes some getting used to, hehehehe.

I love reading since I was a kid and kalau takde novel baru, I will re read all my old novels. That’s why The Other Half knew for sure that I will like this present which I do (a lot Smile).

He said now I don’t have to turn pages anymore, I don’t have to carry heavy books anymore, I dont need a bookmark anymore, I don’t have to go to the shops to buy books anymore, I can put it in my big handbag and carry it everywhere….

So now I won’t be buying books that use paper anymore, sob sob…. Sad smile except recipe books, hehehehe.

End of an era which is kind of sad……

The Other Half kata, “I don’t care if you splash water or gravy or sauce on your recipe books but I will get a little bit upset if you splash water or gravy or sauce on the Kindle Smile“. heeeeeee…..

Now both The Little Misses want a Kindle each for them Eye rolling smile.

I have got a few novels on my Kindle already and I am currently reading Terry Pratchett ‘Unseen Academicals’.

So Jas, if you could email me at, that would be much appreciated.

To everyone else, don’t feel too sad. I might do another guessing game soon Smile.

Birthday Contest GA

This is a sticky post. If you want to read the latest entry, please scroll down.

Sempena my birthday yang ke 41, I feel like being a bit more generous to the readers of this blog(heeee….. ).

So, I want to do a contest.

What kind of contest you ask?

A guessing game/contest , hehehehe….

As Shidah suggested, since semua orang tertanya2 what kind of present The Other Half got me for my birthday, I might as well make it into a contest and give a small prize to the person who could guess correctly what the present is.

But as usual in any contest, kenalah ada rules and what not kan so no one can pertikaikan anything .

(kalau ada people sok sek sok sek tak puas hati about it, memang tak akan di layan and will be disqualified from entering further giveaways and I might also sulk and wont do any more giveaways after this, hehehe.)

Contest rules (with amendment):

1. Only ONE entry/guess per person per day (The Other Half asks me to put down that each person can make 1 guess per day so more chance of you winning. He's not that strict after all, hehehe.)

2. Only 1 prize will be given out. I will let you know what the prize is closer to date (I’m still thinking about it, hehehe).

3. First person to correctly guess in the comment section of this post will be declared the winner. I don’t allow anonymous comment so you either have to have a blog or a registered ID.

4. You have to correctly identify the item, including the brand and the model of the present.

5. Relatives are not eligible to enter which means Mak, Pak, Makcik Pakcik, siblings, anak2 siblings, cousins, anak2 cousins and yang sewaktu dengan nya. Kalau my Mak and Abah are in your family tree, tu kira sedara lah, hikhikhik. (sorry guys! But nanti I balik M’sia, I bawak lah lebih2 sikit hadiah for you guys ).

6. The prize for the winner will only be posted to a Malaysian or an Australian address.

7. I will be giving 3 clues. 1 tomorrow, 1 on Thursday and 1 on Sunday week if required (if there is still no correct guess). So you can either start guessing now or wait until the last clue.
- The first clue is Battery-powered item relating to one of my interests.

8. This contest is open from Sunday 26 of June 2011 and closes on Monday 4th of July 2011 at 10.00 p.m. Perth time.

9.If there is no correct entry, I reserve the right to award the prize to what I judge to be the closest guess/entry.

10. These rules may be added to, modified or ignored at any time (including, but not limited to, retrospectively or prospectively) by me. (I have to put this clause up so takde sape boleh pertikaikan nanti (as advised by my legal advisor )).

Have fun guessing . and have a  cup of hot chocolate while you are at it .

And the winner is…..

Hey Guys!

Guess what?

Someone has finally managed to guess the correct present Smile

(But I tension sungguh sebab tak dapat run this contest for 1 week sebab dah ada winner after only 3 days and tak sempat bagi second and third clue, hikhikhikhik….)

The Other Half kata apalah I ni, dah namanya pun main teka teki, sure lah ada yang terer meneka cepat, heeeeeee….

But who that person is, tunggu dulu ye, sebab I need to take a photo of the present later Smile.

(Muahahahaha….saje bagi you all suspense for a few hours menunggu result Smile with tongue out)

Congrats to the winner!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The singing trio ;-)

I am sorry guys, no one has guessed the right present yet but….

someone has managed to point to the right direction even though this person has got the birthday present wrong. Hey, at least, it’s heading somewhere ye tak, hahahahaha……

Punyalah banyak battery-operated stuff sekarang ni kan!

Kalau zaman dolu2, I bagi clue macam tu, sure nya orang terus ingat radio transistor or maybe lampu suluh aka torchlight or paling canggih pun camera lah kan, hehehe. Kalau budak2, either remote control car or anak patung yang pakai bateri and boleh keluar suara tu, hikhikhik…

Kan senang nak teka macam tu! Smile.

The Other Half kata kalau susah sikit the competition, boleh lah run it for 1 week. Kalau senang, 2 hari aje dah ada yang dapat jawab dengan betul kan Smile.

Hari ni kat Perth hujan lebat and poor Miss 7 sebab her class was flooded again!

So far tahun ni, dah 2 kali kelas dia got flooded from probably poor drainage on the roof and then mengalir kat ceiling which ran down the walls and dripped onto the carpets.

First time bocor, their class computers (all 3 of them) masuk air so I think memang dah kaput terus lah. And then since sekolah kat sini mostly ada wall to wall carpet, so habislah basah the carpet tu. Luckily they have a special water soaking vacuum so they managed to dry the carpet without any lingering smell.

Hari ni pulak, it happened again and since The Other Half yang hantar The Little Misses to school, he volunteered sekejap to help angkut the desks and chairs and tables to dry grounds Smile (berguna jugak hubby I ni kadang2, muahahaha).

See, bukan kat M’sia aje banjir ni, kat Perth pun banjir jugak and kat Perth ni pun ada banyak sekolah yang dah a bit run down sebab dah berusia berpuluh2 tahun Smile.

Since I malas nak letak gambar food tonite, I letak video Miss 7 singing one of the songs that she sang at the Sing Fest. But this song is supposed to be sung by 2 groups, 1 group singing one song and the other group singing the other song at the same time thus you could hear The Other Half and me singing with her.

The first video was when I didn’t sing it properly so got told off by Miss 7, hehehe. But lepas tu, dia pulak terlupa lyrics, apadah….

And then this second video is when everyone sang together ‘harmoniously’, hahahaha….

The Other Half trying to put on his deep baritone voice Winking smile.

Kesian Miss 7 dapat parents macam kita orang, cari glemer lebih dari dia Open-mouthed smile. Suara kitaorang aje yg terlebih2 kuat sampai tenggelam suara dia kan.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Nasi goreng and grilled lamb chops

I am sorry to say that no one has guessed the right present Sad smile

(but some of the things that you guessed memang dah lama ku idam2 kan but so far tak dapat lagi lah. Maybe kena tunggu birthday next year kot, hehehe.)

Tapi takpe, ada 7 more days to play this guessing game and maybe someone will get it right towards the end kan Smile.

Maybe with the next 2 clues, it will become more obvious. Susah jugak kan bila I ada banyak interests ni, nak cull down to 1 interest yang berkaitan sure memeningkan kepala, hehehe.

And pada sesiapa yang nak join the guessing game, please put your guess in the sticky post comment section ye. Baru lah boleh menang kalau the guess is right. Kalau you put it somewhere else, I tak boleh accept that answer (my legal advisor kata kena ikut rules yang dah ditetapkan, hikhikhik.).

Sementara you all berfikir lagi, layan dulu lah our dinners ni.

Last night, I made nasi goreng dengan sambal sotong, kepak ayam bakar, keropok goreng and the special telur masin buat sendiri.


Kali ni The Other Half kata, “Now your salted egg tastes like salted egg and not like blurgh boiled egg. You definitely have to start making some more this week for our fasting month supply.”


Aduhai, how come a Mat Saleh yang bagi rating for my telur masin. Patutnya I yang Asian ni lah kan lebih tau pasal telur masin, hehehe.

(And then bukan setakat Mat Saleh tu aje yang beria2 makan telur masin, anak2 dia pun beria2 makan telur masin if I don’t stop them.)

And since last night dah makan asian dish, tonight I went all western Smile

We had lamb chops with roast pumpkin and sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli n carrot. But I tak buat gravy sebab malas, hehehe.


It’s quite funny sebab we don’t like pumpkin that much but bila I roast it and tabur salt, pepper, sugar and a bit of oil masa roasting it, terus jadi sedap sangat2 kat tekak we all.

Even The Other Half said, “This is really delicious pumpkin.” And I thought he was being sarcastic at first, hehehe. Rupa2nya memang dia suka sgt2 that pumpkin tonight.


Such a nice dish for a Winter night Winking smile.

Clue No. 1

Ready for the clue?

Battery-powered item relating to one of my interests.

What are my interests? View my profile Smile.

Psst…Nasib baik I tak buat cryptic clue kan, kalau tak, lagi pening kepala semua orang including mine, hahahahaha….

Psst 2…. the pizza entry below takde comment button sebab Blogger blogspot buat hal semalam. I’ve tried fixing it tapi still tak boleh. Oh well…..

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rolled up pizza aka stromboli

I know the contest kat atas tu a bit hard. I nak buat yang senang aje tapi The Other Half lah suruh buat susah2. I said to him, kalau buat susah takde sapelah yang akan dapat jawab. Pastu he said, kalau senang sangat nanti esok dah ada orang dapat teka, baik tak payah buat contest macam tu. Hehehehe….

Hopefully adalah yang dapat teka dengan betul or at least sipi2 kan Smile.

Anyway, malam ni I cuma nak tunjuk cara I buat rolled-up pizza semalam. It’s called stromboli in Italian, the land of pizza Open-mouthed smile. So, it’s nothing new lah kan, memang dah dari dulu orang Itali buat.

First, macam biasa, you kena ada pizza dough which you rolled into a rectangle shape (or close enough). Make sure it’s not thick sebab nanti susah nak gulung and susah nak masak.


Then you letak the pizza sauce and the filling on top macam biasa. Make sure the filling you choose are not the watery kind like raw sotong or raw prawns or else akan berair2 aje nanti and the inside maybe tak masak. And you start rolling from the end, macam buat swiss roll tu.


Rolling, rolling, rolling…….



When you’ve reached the end, make sure the seam bit is at the bottom and tuck the sides underneath a bit so tak terkeluar the isi perut.


Then, bake it in 180-190°C oven for about 25-30 minutes. It takes longer to cook a stromboli than a normal pizza because the heat has to reach the middle bit.


Once it’s cooked, it will look like this. Mine ada kebocoran sikit, hehehe.


Last nite, we all makan dengan grilled seasoned marinara mix.


This is how the inside looks like. The taste is the same as pizza but different experience when eating it Open-mouthed smile.