Monday, 30 June 2008

Finally, the phone line is fixed, alkhamdulillah! I'm so happy sebab dapatlah akhirnya 'merayap' setelah lama tak 'merayap' but orang yang paling happy is the other half because tak payahlah dia kena dress up untuk jadi my secretary lagi, he said, betis dia dah sakit sbb kena pakai high heels aje, wekekeke..... Baru aje dia nak asah bakat dia mem'blogging', dah kena pecat dgn I :-). Takpelah dearie, I'll let you blog again once in a while :-).

Dah 2 minggu kat M'sia, I'm really missing my kitchen and my pots n pans. In a way, seronok jugak sbb hari2 ada orang masak for us aka my mom and the kedai but sebab dah memang masa kat Perth hari2 kena masak, so rindu nak masak tu memanglah mendalam sangat2 :-). The little misses pun I think are missing their home and my cooking too especially miss 4 1/2. Nasib baik lah they are not that fussy masa kat sini so tak lah susah sgt nak bagi diaorang makan. But last week masa melepak kat KL for a week, Miss 9 asked for McD mostly everyday and Miss 4 1/2 asked for sushi 2 hari berturut2. Seminggu tinggal kat kampung, mummy and nenek tak masak anything western so sampai KL, macam budak2 deprived sesgt, hehehe..... Mummy pulaknya dah seminggu tak shopping, so gian lah sangat nak jamu mata juga. But only bought a pair of high heel shoes aje for me sebab susah betul lah nak shopping dgn 'handbags' 2 orang tu! Dah lah bila balik sini, seriau sangat2 dengar about all the kidnappings so nak window shopping lama2 pun tak senang hati sbb mata asik kena melilau perhatikan the little misses. And then everytime pergi the all the shopping complexes, semua pandang I as though I'm the maid or I kidnapped anak orang! Tension gilers! And then bukan jenis yg pandang sikit2 pulak tu, ini siap pandang beria, bila kena jegil dgn I baru they all termalu2 pandang benda lain! Ada ke patut..... I know ramai anak mixed kat M'sia but I guess orang semua dah biasa bila anak mixed, mak dia mesti lah mengancam abis, hehehehe.... So, bila diaorang nampak the little misses with me, tu yg pandang tak kelip mata. Tak pernah nampak agaknya mummy anak mixed pakai t shirt sempoi with jeans and sneakers poyo aje :-). For example, this is a real conversation between the information counter lady at KLCC with Miss 4 1/2 while I was waiting for my sis to pick us up.....

Lady: "where's your mama? is she here?"
Miss 4 1/2: "mama? mmmm, she's not here"
Lady: "she's not here?"
Miss 4 1/2: Dengan muka confused just shook her head...
The Lady then turned to me and asked : " mak dia tengah shopping ke kak?"
Me (dengan muka selamba): "sayalah mak dia!"
Lady: "eh tapi saya tanya dia tadi, dia kata mama dia takde"
I terus tanya Miss 4 1/2: "do you have a mama?"
Miss 4 1/2: "No!"
Me: " Do you have a mummy?"
Miss 4 1/2:" Yes, you!"

So I had to explain to the lady, memanglah dia takde mama sebab dia ada mummy! Miss 4 1/2 grows up in Australia where majority calls their mums, mummy so for her mama is such a foreign concept to her and she doesn't associate it with mummy! But yang buat I geram, why do I have to explain to people my relationship with my children, it's none of their business anyway! Just because they don't look like me doesn't mean that I'm not their mum and doesn't mean that I love them less...

The other half will be here in a week's time so I'll let him walk around the shopping complexes with the little misses sebab sudah semestinya he won't get stared at! And I then can shop happily by myself, hahaha....

Friday, 27 June 2008

Dah 2 hari tak post entry so I better post hari ni before the other half decides to post on my behalf ;-). Starting from next week, he has to go back to being my secretary with the dress and high heels since I'll be back kat kampung and my mum said, the phone line is still not fixed. The kampung folks are getting really angry at Telekom sebab dah 2 minggu takde phone line kan but rent still kena bayar but Telekom pulak kata it's not their fault yg the main cable tak fixed lagi, it's the contractor's fault. So I guess now, takde sape nak accept the blame, lagi lah lambat rasanya nak elok tu.

Anyway, some more photos of the little misses and their cousins. They've got 4 cousins with 2 more on the way and all of them are girls, no boys at all! So, bila girls berkumpul, punyalah noisy macam murai berkicau pagi2. Volume button yang tak boleh mute tu and permanently stuck on max! Bingit telinga semua orang :-).

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Satu minggu ni, the other half boleh relax sekejap from being my secretary but I think he misses being 'famous' among my blogger friends, hahaha... I might have to share my blog with him once in a while lah lepas ni so dia boleh stay famous selamanya ;-). If ada permintaan from anyone, he says he'll blog again on my behalf, hmmm...... susah betul lah bila ada orang perasan ni ;-) ;-).

So dah 9 hari we are in M'sia but masih banyak lagi food yang I haven't had. Tak tau lah kenapa. Sebelum balik sini, macam2 nak makan but bila dah sampai sini, rasa macam tak teringin pulaknya, teruk betul! Maybe sebab banyak sangat makanan yang ada depan mata sampai tak tau nak pilih mana satu kot. Kalau nak beli banyak2 , sape pulak yang nak makan and sure orang gerai tu pun heran aje, hehehe.... The little misses pun have been tasting and eating the food yang jual kat pasar malam. Air milo ais kat pasar malam tu pun diaorang kata sedap sangat, hehehe. Seronok betul diaorang tengok segala macam kuih yang di masak kat pasar malam tu, especially Miss 4 1/2, setiap jenis kuih dia tanya nama and kalau boleh nak beli all the colourful ones. Nasib baik lah kuih muih kat pasar malam tu masih 3 seringgit so bolehlah beli mcm2 jenis for them to try. Their favourite, apam tepung beras :-).

So far, we've had kuey teow goreng kerang, nasi lemak daun pisang :-), yong tau foo, sate, paru goreng (yummm, makanan yg paling dirindui :-)) ,sizzling yee mee, roti canai mamak, tose, rambutan and manggis... Macam mana lah nak kekalkan my weight mcm ni kan, nasib baik 5 minggu aje cuti2 M'sia ni, kalau berbulan2, parah jugak my diet. Nanti the other half dah sampai sini, lagilah macam2 dia nak makan so memanglah diet dia pun akan hancus juga, hehehe...

Gambar lain kali lah ye sebab sure dah orang2 kat M'sia dah biasa sgt2 dgn all the above dishes.

Monday, 23 June 2008

To everyone who reads my blog,

Thank you so much sebab sudi lagi singgah baca my blog even after my other half's attempt at blogging and writing in Malay ( thank you so much Dear!). Nasib baik lah I ada secretary tak bergaji ni yang sanggup tulis entries on my behalf. Maybe because of all the promises I promised him I will do if he writes the entries for me, hehehehe.... I baca entry dia pun gelak guling2 jugak. Can u just imagine how he would sound if he tries to speak Malay? Luckily the little misses tak terikut sangat lidah dia bila sebut perkataan melayu, masih flexible lagi lah lidah tu :-).

What actually happened was someone stole the phone cable kat tiang telephone kat kampung tu sampai 3 tiang phone cable dia curi on Monday nite. Pagi Selasa tu when I tried to connect to the net, hampeh lah sebab phone line senyap sunyi aje. Dah report pun kat Telekom but I guess nak buat mcm mana kan, kat kampung so lembab lah sikit for them to fix the line. Can u imagine, 1 minggu tak boleh nak surf the net and tak boleh nak blogging, tensionnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! Hehehehhe.......

So, pagi ni I menumpang kasih at my sis in law's office to use their broadband. Rasa janggal aje pulak nak type entry ni sebab dah seminggu tak berblogging kan, ;-). But since dah lama tinggal, tak tau nak mula ber story mory kat mana pulaknya sebab mcm2 yang the little misses been up to kat kampung tu :-).

Just to start with, a few photos of the little misses. Nanti bila line dah fixed, I'll put up a lot more.

Miss 4 1/2 sentiasa pakai sunglasses and hat kalau keluar rumah sbb dia kata very sunny :-). Kalah artis kat M'sia ;-).

p/s to semua yang bagi comments and chats, minta maaf sbb tak dpt jawab each one individually but the other half skrg tgh fikir nak start his own blog all in Malay since semua orang puji Malay dia kan so kembang semangkuk lah dia! And he's also happy yang he can make people laughed guling guling, wahkahkahkahkah......

Friday, 20 June 2008

Another night playing secretary to a very frustrated wife who is feeling lost without her cyber friends (unlike the fact she is clearly not feeling lost without her husband). She is particularly upset because she can't organise the 'pakatan sulit'. I know she has plans to catch up with a few of you and she really wants to do it next week. However she can't access anyone's phone number through the myresipe forum. So whe still wants to catch up next week if possible so if you would like to go 'makan makan' can you sms or call her on 0192378726. She is now greatly regreting (despite my urging) not organising it earlier. because she didn;t plan on the cable being #$%&ing (I won't tell you what she really said) stolen and the #$%&ing telecom taking so long to replace it. She also promises to answer all the comments and chats when she can access the web again.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Since Telkom Malaysia still still hasn't replaced the cable LG is still in communicado from the rest of the world. But she has managed to call me from a mobile and is going to dictate her blog to me (you can't imagine how happy I am to be spending my time in Adelaide acting as a secretary while she is living it up in Kampung). By the way she has said she isn;t going to spell any of the Malay words because I should know a Malay by now.

"Hello everyone, guess what happened to me today at the Pasa Malam. An old lady came up to Miss 9 and started pinching her cheek saying 'Cantik'. Turning to me she said 'sapa ni?' 'Adik ke?' I said 'tah lah anak saya' and the lady said with a look of disbelief 'tepulah ta kan anak!'. It's either I look so young to be their mum which is good I guess [yeah right!] or I look so different [yeah lah they look like me!] which I think is probably the reason. No matter what I said she wouldn;t beleive me, even when I said to Miss 9 'who am I' and she said'my mum!'. And then the old lady asked me 'deaorang tingal ka mana?'. I answered 'ka Ustraliah'. But what really peeved me was then she said 'Oh awak ikot deaorang duduk sana jaga budak budak ni'. I replied indignantly 'Lah... masti lah! Dah ermak dia, tak kan tak ikot' [I original wrote ikan but I don't think that makes sense]. And then I rolled my eyes, but in the end my mum had to tell her before she would believe.

I think my secretary is getting tired of writing for me [you bet I am], but I want to thank him for helping me [she hasn't read it yet], and I miss writing my blog very much. Please hang in there the quality will improve when the internet is available here [thanks alot, maybe they like my writing]. Just ignore anything my other half tells you that I haven't told him to tell you, it's all lies. If he wrote anything rude in Malay it's not what I said, he just can't spell [I am here you know]."

LG wanted me to add that you should rate my Malay, I would rather you didn't, I have enough trouble with English. But they sound like they are having fun. The kids having got so excited about going are kind of waiting for the exciting stuff to start. But the weekend should be good with all the cousins coming. Hopefully the internet will be up soon, because I sure am not going to play secretary every night (not unless I can wear the dress and high heels). Sorry if anything didn't make sense.


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Hi Everyone, Lemongrass's better half here. She wanted me to let you know she is safely in Malaysia but the day they arrived someone stole the phone cable (for the copper) somewhere in Ijok. This means that she cannot access the internet until it is all fixed. This may take a few days. She will of course blog again as soon as she can. In the mean time she thinks I am going to blog on her behalf, but if you pay me enough I might post some good gossip about her and the little misses instead. Bidding starts now (though I might need to stay at your place when I come to Malaysia if she finds out).

Sunday, 15 June 2008

" All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go,

I'm standing here outside the door,

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye......"

Finally, we are all packed and ready (hopefully, hehehe). Macam ni lah tiap kali balik M'sia, punyalah banyak barang2 di bawak balik. Luckily tak angkut sekali the kitchen sink :-). Each of the big suitcase weighs around 25kg, berat kan! Ihave no idea what's in them that's so heavy. And everytime balik M'sia, it's always just me and the little misses so tu yang I my arm muscles are quite strong from lugging the suitcases and hand luggage around :-). But I guess sebab dah biasa so tak lah jadi hal for me.

I guess this will be the last entry from Perth for the next 5 weeks. My next entry will be from Malaysia. To all my friends out there yang selalu jenguk my blog ni, I'll still be posting entries from M'sia but maybe tak sekerap sekarang. It depends on ada net ke tak wherever I am at that time and how hectic my holidays schedules are :-). And since I'm on holidays, tak kan adalah gambar2 dishes yang I cook sebab I'll be eating other people's cooking, yeay, hehehe...

Before I lupa, my pre holiday weight : 46.5kg. God knows what it'll be in 5 weeks time! As long as tak cecah 50kg, I'll be happy, wahkahkahkah.....

To all my new cyber friends in M'sia, kalau ada rezeki insyaAllah kita akan berjumpa. And to everyone who wished me safe journey to and fro, thanks for the wishes. Jangan lupa jenguk2 my blog ni ye eventhough I'm on holiday :-).

Lastly, to everyone

Au Revoir, Arrivederci, Aufwiedersehen, Hasta la vista and Until we meet again.....

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Weh, I'm mentally exhausted hari ni, nasib baik ada my trusted lists, so tak lah sampai tahap maksima peningnya :-). Mana kan tak penat nya, malam tadi we all balik lambat, nearly 11 o'clock (well, late for us anyway) sebab pergi dinner at a friend's house so dah balik lambat, mana lah larat nak start packing malam tadi kan. So, pagi ni lah baru terhegeh2 went through all the clothes drawers cari baju the little misses to pack. I like going on holidays but I really hate packing because there are so many things to do! My house today dah mcm tongkang pecah, with suitcases everywhere and piles of things everywhere on the floor. Nasib baik lah our flight is at nite tomorrow so masih lah ada masa nak kemas rumah sikit before going away and masih lah ada masa lagi nak siapkan last minute packing. Some people are so good at packing that they can pack the minimum amount of clothes to go on holidays. Unfortunately, I'm not one of these lucky people. I selalunya akan pack so many clothes and then end up not using half of the clothes I packed. Nasib baik lah weather kat M'sia tu sentiasa summer so tak lah payah susah2 nak pack jackets and all the thick clothes as well. Maybe kalau I was travelling alone without the kids, bolehlah kot travel light. Ini satu suitcase aje dah penuh dgn baju diaorang, macam nak berjualan baju kat pasar malam aje gaya nya, hehehe.... The other half keeps on asking, "are you done?", I just roll my eyes at him everytime dia tanya!

Last nite pulaknya I didn't sleep well coz of my dreams yang memenatkan. I always have this dreams before going on holidays, I don't know if other people have it too. Maybe it's just me being neurotic! Ok, nak cerita sikit about my pre-holiday dreams. Selalunya this dream will start off with me being already at the holiday destination. Dream malam tadi I was already in Malaysia at my parents' house chatting with them about the flight and what not. Then, someone wanted to see the oleh2 that I got for them so I pun pergilah bukak my suitcases. When I opened them (jeng jeng, music suspense sikit masa ni), tengok oleh2 semua safe in the suitcases, semua complete but yang harunya all the little misses clothes I lupa nak pack. Satu baju pun takde for them to wear. Masa tu terus tension giler I sebab fikirkan all the nice clothes I left behind sebab I lupa nak pack. And then, it was one of those dreams yang susah betul nak wake up from it. Bila dapat bangun lepas mimpi tu, happy aje sebab I was still in my bed. Phew! Tu yg pagi2 morning terus pack the little misses clothes into the suitcase, hehehe.... Manalah tau kan :-). I wonder what this says about my personality!

Yang gelaknya, all the presents and gifts and clothes for other people ingat pulak tu nak pack in that dream.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Dah 2 malam takde nice stories and nice food to put up in my blog. Last nite masak cincai aje so malas lah nak ambil gambar. Tonite pulak nya was late nite shopping kat sini so we went out for dinner. The little misses both got merit certificates this morning at assembly so we took them out to 'celebrate'. I had work to do this morning so the other half went to the assembly to take some photos of the little misses getting their certificates. But, semua gambar blurry aje sebab the other half malu nak pegi depan2 to take the photos so he just used the zoom function. But obviously, photography wasn't his major at uni, hehehehe.... The other half is telling me now that "hey, at least I tried taking some photos and was there to see them!". Yes dear, we know you'll get the 'father of the year' award soon ;-). So, sebab nak letak gambar jugak tonite of the little misses and their certificates so I had to take some more photos at home tonite. Takpelah kan, asal ada......

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

I'm finally getting excited to be going back to M'sia coz the other half has finally booked his plane ticket. His leaves are finally approved so tu yg dia baru aje book his plane ticket. Dapatlah dia spend 2 weeks with us kat M'sia so bolehlah pegi jalan2 cuti2 Malaysia nanti. Malam ni pun we have been surfing the net reading the reviews for the hotels in Malacca. Hajat hati nak stay kat A'Famosa resort sebab nak mandi manda at its wetworld tapi bila tengok the reviews from people yang pernah stayed kat situ, terus tawar hati pulaknya. Lagi banyak bad reviews dari good so obviously it's not as great as it's made up to be. Last holiday we stayed at Sunway lagoon resort which we really enjoyed sebab the kids dpt main sampai puas at Sunway Lagoon. Ingat this time nak lah tukar scenery pulaknya pergi Melaka. Maybe we'll end up just spending a few days kat Bandar Melaka aje lah instead of at the wetworld, but kesian pulaknya kat the little misses sebab tak dapat bercanda kat wetworld. Hmmmmm......

On a brighter note, the little misses are so excited especially Miss 4 1/2 dah hari2 tanya, "is it tonite that we are going to the airport?". So we had to tell her the 'how many more sleeps' system so she can count herself when she wakes up in the morning. So, esok pagi when she wakes up she knows it's going to be '5 more sleeps before we get to M'sia' but 4 sleeps at home and 1 sleep on the plane, hehehe. Speaking of Miss 4 1/2, I did mentioned in a previous entry yg I've been teaching her how to read. We are so happy because we can really see her progress and she's so happy as well sbb she can finally 'see and understand' the words in the books. So, sekarang ni kalau 'baca' buku, instead of just looking at the pictures, she's looking at the words as well trying to find out the words that she can sound out. And kalau she finds anything that she can read, dengan berbesar hati nya she'll tell me, hehehe.... So, hopefully, she'll be able to read fully before she turns 5.

Weh, panjangnya berceloteh malamni, ini belum cerita pasal dinner lagi :-). Malam ni dinner sempoi aje sebab biasalah kan, the more sempoi the better for me. We had nachos tonite so I won't rindu rinduan kat western food masa kat kampung nanti. At least, kalau dah jemu makan nasi nanti, bolehlah I makan mee aje kan. I have to make sure bawak balik poloni from here sebab Miss 4 1/2 loves her poloni sandwich for lunch.

Our dinner tonite.....

Monday, 9 June 2008

Pagi tadi bila tanya the other half nak makan apa for dinner, dia terus jawab "nasi lemak". Then I said to him, "but I'm going back to M'sia and I'll be eating nasi everyday so let me eat western food this whole week". Then dia jawab, "but I'll be left behind and no one will cook me nasi and sambal and kari while you are gone so let me eat my nasi lemak today and kari this week or else I'll definitely have withdrawal symptoms!". Kesian the other half, 3 weeks kena tinggal, 3 minggu lah tak dapat makan my sambal and kari, hehehe... So disebabkan kesian kan dia terpaksalah masak nasi lemak malam ni.And dah pun siap pack kan nasi lemak for his lunch esok so he won't miss my sambal during my absence :-). I did ask him dia nak tak if I cook extra food and pack it cantik2 in plastic container in the freezer so senang lah nanti dia nak reheat and makan while I'm gone. He said, "I'm just going to eat pasta and fish and chips and frozen veges, easy peasy!" Lagi senang kerja I macamtu tak payah susah2 nak masak extra before going away.

Selalunya bila I go on holidays, I do miss my kitchen though. Even though I can cook kat rumah my mom nanti but it's not the same. I'll miss all the kitchen stuff that I'm so used to like my pots n pans, my kitchen gadgets, my mixer, my baking tins and especially my coffee machine. Rasa nak nangis bila teringat yang I'll be away from the coffee machine for 5 weeks, waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Kalau lah plane tu takde weight limit, memang lah dah lama I angkut coffee machine tu bawak balik M'sia, hehehe....

Back to our nasi lemak dinner. Nasib baik dia mintak nasi lemak aje which is so easy to make. Kalau lah dia mintak rendang and pulut kuning ke, tak ke semput nak membuatnya.......... hehehehe, not that he eats pulut pun!

Actually dah lama ada bekas melamine ni but jarang sesgt pakai but bila tengok kat blog Mama Anis dia pakai bekas lebih kurang mcm ni, nampak cantik pulaknya, hehehe....

p/s fatin, resipi pizza tunggu dulu ye!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Weekend ni busy buat last minute shopping. Semalam we spent the whole day kat city, I went shopping kat Harbourtown and the other half took the little misses to the museum so I could shop in peace, hehehe.... Itu pun still banyak lagi kedai kat Harbourtown tu I tak sempat singgah sebab tak cukup masa nak jenguk tiap satu and spent a good amount of time browsing through the sale racks. Eeeehhh, geram betul ,rasa nak pergi lagi aje, hehehehe.... Lepas shopping kat Harbourtown, pergi Myers pulak and lagi lah rambang mata at the kitchenware department. Sambar lagi a few things to take back to M'sia as souvenirs. Definitely lah my luggage will be berat giler dengan gifts, souvenirs, chocolates, other food stuff. Manalah I nak sumbat our clothes pun I tak tau...

Hari ni pulak, pagi2 lagi dah keluar pergi Freo to buy some more souvenirs but I didn't spend a long time there sebab dah tau nak beli apa so just grabbed, paid and came back home. Actually, after a week of shopping for things to take back to M'sia, I'm getting quite sick of it already, hehehe.... Can you imagine a girl getting sick of shopping? hahahaha....

Harini I made pizza for lunch but I made 2 really huge ones kononnya nak buat for dinner sekali. Nampak sangat Mummy malas masak hari ni. But masa nak dinner tadi, terasa malas pulak nak makan pizza lagi so I made mee hailam sebab nak menghabiskan stock mee dlm fridge, for me and Miss 4 1/2. The other half memang tak kan makan mee hailam tu and Miss 9 pun like her Daddy. So kiranya tak malas lah Mummy ni kan, hehehe...
Ini pizza for the adults, seafood pizza (lepas ni rasanya dah tak larat tekak ni nak makan seafood lagi).

Ini pulak pizza for the little misses, roast chicken with BBQ sauce pizza.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Since entry semalam buat tayangan amal my handbag collection, terlupa pula nak post gambar dinner malam tadi. So, entry malam ni nak post gambar dinner aje lah, last nite's and tonite's.

Malam tadi we all makan seafood again sebab nak menghabiskan stock seafood dlm freezer tu sebelum balik. Dalam freezer tu ada sekor crayfish that was given to me by a friend. Dah lama dulu dia bagi but I had no idea what to do with it. Crayfish ni kalau kat Australia are saltwater spiny lobsters, kalau kat tempat lain, crayfish are usually freshwater creatures. Lupa pulak nak ambil gambar the crayfish before we cracked the shell open. Nasib baik lah yang I dapat ni was already cooked, kalau tak, kenalah tanya pakcik Google camner nak masak crayfish, hehehe.... So, malam tadi I made seafood laksa with mussels, prawns and crayfish meat.

Tonite pulaknya ingat nak buat spaghetti marinara but the other half said tekak dia tak larat nak makan seafood hari2, hehehe... Actually I pun tak larat nak makan seafood hari2 gak, hehehe. Kalau ikan hari2 makan dengan nasi boleh pulaknya tekak I ni telan but seafood hari2 tak lalu pulaknya. Nampak sgt tekak orang kampung, hehehe.... Since dah tak jadi buat spaghetti marinara, I made chicken pasta bake with loads of cheese, senang hidup tukang masak rumah ni :-).
Esok malam, nak buat seafood pizza pulak, wekekekeke....

Thursday, 5 June 2008

I love the months of June and December in Australia because of the stocktake sales, woohoooo.... Every year there are 2 mega sales kat sini, one in late December till January called post christmas/stocktake sale and one in June which is the stocktake sale. The sale in December will start right after christmas but here in Perth it starts on the 27th Dec after the Boxing Day holiday. The shops will normally open very early in the morning around 7-8 am but the people waiting in front of the shops, masyaAllah ramainya even pagi2 morning tu. But the sales kat sini memang betul2 sale lah, wei, rasa nak angkut segala benda bawak balik! The December sale will be for summer stuff so selalunya I'll stock up on clothes/dresses for rellies (which is the Aussie word for relatives) kat M'sia and also the little misses summer stuff for the next year. Bukan setakat clothes aje, segala bendalah sale so kalau masuk mana2 shops tu memang rambang mata and memang akan 'terbeli' lah apa2 aje yang berkenan di hati. I have a love-hate relationship with the sales, hehehe......

Like today, the other half and I took some time off from our 'busy' schedules to go stocktake sale shopping. Seronok sesangat bila tengok the sale banners in all the shops, macam tak nak balik aje tadi, hehehe..... My adik ipar asked me to buy her a handbag from here and I loovvvveee shopping for handbag so tu yg rasa seronok sgt pergi shopping tadi. I wanted to buy only 1 handbag but I ended up with 3 handbags and a wallet for the other half, hehehehe...... Itu pun tadi rasa nak ambik another few more handbags but kesian pulak kat shoppers lain kalau I abiskan the stock, hahahaha......

But I don't collect branded handbags so all my handbags takde satu pun yang harga sampai beratus ratus dollars. I beli masa tengah sale or anything yang berkenan di hati and tak mahal. Ada setengah orang suka kumpul all the brand stuff but we haven't got the money to spend buying those kinds of handbags. But I like my handbags collection anyway eventhough they are the cheap kinds :-). So, anyone yang feel offended with no name handbags, don't look here...

Saje nak tunjuk my handbag collection, ada a few handbags tak masuk gambar cos terlupa, hehehe.
Kalau cerita pasal the stocktake sale memanglah takkan habis. Kalau boleh, hari2 nak melepak kat shopping malls tu :-).

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Tonite we went out for dinner sebab it's the end of teaching for the other half for this semester so he wanted to celebrate tak payah tengok muka students lagi for a while at least,hehehe..... I wanted to make seafood laksa tonite but since dah ada orang offer dinner kat luar, terus lah angguk aje kan. The little misses pun seronok aje bila dapat pegi jalan2 cari makan :-).

The little misses ordered roti canai (what else is new!) and nasi goreng pattaya, the other half ordered nasi bryani and I ordered mee rebus. The roti canai was the nicest out of the lot. Miss 4 1/2 ate the roti canai curry with gusto sebab tak pedas, terkejut we all tengok. Balik M'sia nanti adalah yang hari2 kena pergi beli roti canai sebab the little misses nak breakfast roti canai hari2 agaknya. The mee rebus memang lah tak sedap langsung, it was tasteless, takde oomph! Lagi sedap yang I buat sendiri,hehehehe.... The nasi bryani was so-so.

Some of tonite's photos.....
Told you, my daughters both look like me, dimana tumpah nya kuah kalau tak ke nasi kan, kehkehkehkeh ;-). acah aje!
Miss 4 1/2 with her roti canai n kari. Dia boleh abiskan separuh kuah tu sorang2, hehehe....
Miss 9 pun tak nak ketinggalan, tengok adik dia makan kari, dia pun nak makan sama....

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Since nak bercuti agak lama (well, lama for us anyway), I have to make sure the fridge, the freezer and the pantry are empty of benda2 makanan yang cepat rosak or yang dah nak expired. Manalah tau kan, tengah semua seronok2 bercuti kat M'sia, tetiba kat sini ada blackout pulaknya so sure dah all the meat will spoil kan but then will be frozen again bila ada electricity balik. Then, we all ni yang tak tau about the blackout bila balik sini balik terus guna the spoilt meat, adusss.... memanglah terus kena food poisoning lepas tu satu family! Dah lah haritu baru beli our seafood stock so berlambak lagi mussels, prawns and squids to be used up in the next week and a half. Kalau hari2 buat jemput2 udang, ada pulak yang mogok tak nak makan nanti, hehehe....

So malam ni I've chosen mussels as the protein but didn't know what else to cook for dinner. Mussels yang I beli ni dah siap kopek and masak so tinggal reheat aje sekejap. Ingat nak buat pasta marinara tapi malam tadi dah makan pasta. Nak buat seafood laksa, mee pulak takde... Finally, decided to have potatoes with the mussels sebab kentang dalam pantry tu pun dah nampak macam boleh buat benih aje, hehehe....

Menu: Grilled mussels with spicy breadcrumb topping (well, actually I grilled the mussels after putting the breadcrumb mixture on top so kiranya breadcrumb mixture tu yang kena grill bukan the mussels). The breadcrumb mixture I just main campak2 in the food processor white bread, butter, fresh parsley, fresh red chilli, lemon rind and salt and blitzed it until all mixed.
Then as sides, sauteed potatoes and steamed broccoli and sweetcorn.

( the little misses tak gemar sangat mussels so I gave them fish fingers instead, hehehe....)

Monday, 2 June 2008

Malam ni busy sikit nak sambung menjahit and nak bake a cake for the other half to take for morning tea at his work esok so tak boleh nak berceloteh panjang. The other half got back tonite from Melbourne just in time for dinner but I pulak malas nak masak something 'spectacular' so pasta lah jawabnya bila tengah malas, hehehe....
Will celoteh lebih panjang esok....

Sunday, 1 June 2008

The other half's flown off to Melbourne this morning so tinggallah kami 3 beranak aje today and tomorrow. Dahlah esok ni another public holiday kat sini and I'm not in the mood to take the little misses anywhere sebab banyak kerja nak buat kat rumah before our 'cuti2 malaysia'. Dah 2 weekends tak keluar jalan2 kemana2 dgn the little misses... Takpelah, main kat rumah pun seronok jugak.

Since the other half takde kat rumah, bolehlah I cook what I like tonite. Dah lama teringin nak makan ayam masak merah and kuah lodeh with nasi impit. The other half doesn't really like these food, tak tau kenapa. He said nasi is much nicer kalau tak di 'impit', hehehehe... And only Miss 4 1/2 likes nasi impit like me. So, malam ni I cooked a separate dinner for the little misses, hot dogs and chips, their favourite :-). And I cooked my favourite dish too, ayam masak merah....