Sunday, 30 September 2012

teenage girls night in

At 6 o’clock tadi, our quiet house turned into a loud house filled with giggling girls.

They spent the first hour just chatting, gossiping and laughing so memang noisy habis lah the house.

Then, they spent the next hour chatting and eating dinner at the dining table, noisy jugak Smile.

But now, it’s so quiet because they are all cooped up in the room watching movies.

Lega we all, hehehehehe…..

So, what did I feed them?


Loads of pizzas and garlic bread and fries and salad.

You tau berapa banyak pizzas The Other Half suruh I masak?

5 large family size pizzas!

Macam nak bagi makan satu kampung kan! hahahaha….

I ended up making 4 large pizzas and 1 samsun/ mince meat pide and 2 huge garlic breads.

Don’t worry, banyak leftovers so plenty for us to eat for the next few days.

Kalau tak habis jugak, akan I sumbat2 dalam mulut The Other Half sebab he suggested for  me to make that many pizzas, hehehe….

I made 2 margheritas, 1 chicken sausage pizza and 1 mixed meat pizza.


I made a nice salad of mixed green leaves, red capsicum, cucumber, bosch pear and avocado.


But as usual, I sorang aje lah yang beria2 makan the salad itu.

Yang lain ambik 2-3 helai daun sebagai penyeri their plate aje, hehehehe…..

Tak tau lah pukul berapa budak2 tu nak tidur….

I’ve given them plenty of junk food which I think will definitely make them hyper, hahahaha….

They are all good kids, very polite and well behaved so I don’t think the neighbours will knock on our door malam ni to tell us to tone down the noise Smile.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Of furs and hairs

Miss 13’s food checklist for tomorrow night’s party.

Pizza, potato chips, junk food and more junk food!

I said to The Other Half, “Their parents are not going to be happy if I were to give the kids junk food all night!

The Other Half said, “I think the parents have accepted the fact that if their kids go to a sleep over movie night thing, their kids will be eating mostly junk food.

I said to him again, “I don’t care. I am going to make a big bowl of salad and serve it to them.”

Kalau the girls tak nak makan, not my problem anymore because I dah offer healthy food kan, hahaha.

And I think I’ll make chocolate fondue with loads of fruits so another healthy thing jugak kan Smile.

Dah nama Mum kan, whatever it is, nak lah jugak budak2 tu eat something healthy!

Pagi tadi, we all dapat anak angkat baru yang akan bersama we all for 3 weeks sebab keluarga dia akan pergi bercuti ke Malaysia for 3 weeks.


Ini lah anak angkat we all, Mael.

Emak dia si Umiyumi nak bercuti and Mael tak boleh nak ikut sama. Jadi we all volunteer nak jaga dia.

Seronok sungguh lah the girls dapat main dengan Mael ni especially Miss 13 yang memang suka anything furry. And seronok sungguh si Mael dapat hop around in the backyard.

Sayang nya, Miss 8 is still allergic to rabbits.

We thought she’s only allergic to long-haired rabbits sahaje, rupa2nya she’s allergic to short haired rabbits as well.

But maybe it’s just her initial reaction to something she hasn’t touched for a long time.

We’ll see how she goes in the next few days….

The Other Half kata, Miss 8 ni is allergic to animals yang ada fur but not allergic to animals with hair…

For example, she’s allergic to rabbits and cats that The Other Half says have fur and she’s not allergic to goats and cows which have hair.

On wiki it says that fur only grows to a certain length and then stop while hairs keeps on growing……

It is so confusing……..

At least The Other Half doesn’t want to have anything with hair nor fur for dinner tonite, hehehe…..

The Other Half kata he really felt like having scrambled eggs with bread and seared tuna for dinner tonite.

So, tadi I pergi lah beli this sashimi-grade tuna to make his seared tuna.


For me, sashimi-grade tuna ni is quite an expensive fish so tak boleh lah nak makan every week.


And kena either makan raw in sushi or seared quickly in a pan this way to enjoy the sweetness of it.

Kalau masak kari, buang duit aje lah beli tuna mahal2, heeeee….

But I pulak tak terasa nak makan scrambled eggs and tuna malam ni so I made mee goreng for me to eat.

Dah tekak melayu kan, nak buat macam mana, hahaha….



Friday, 28 September 2012

7 extra girls!

The girls are so excited because today was the last day of school.

They are now on their term break.

Miss 13 pulak is super duper terlebih2 excited because for the first time ever, she’s going to be the host of a movie night+ pyjama party+sleepover.

This Sunday afternoon, 7 girls (not including our girls) will converge at our house for a movie marathon+gossip session+computer games session which Miss 13 claims will last the whole night!

She says that no one wants to sleep that night…. Ye lah tu, kita tengok nanti sampai pukul berapa you all larat nak berjaga, hehehehe….

The Other Half dah pening kepala sebab dia kata, “there’ll be too much oestrogen in this house! I can only barely cope with 3 females in the house. 7 more teenage girls…..!

Dia dah cakap dengan one of our friends to rescue him and take him out for coffee that night, heeeeee…..

Eleh, he can hide himself in the bedroom with the tv and the iPad so apa susah….

I ni yang kena masak dinner, make sure all the snacks and the drinks and the lollies and the whatnots are readily available for the hungry tummies.

Luckily lah they are teenage girls so tak lah banyak makan mana kan…

Miss 13 has already requested pizzas for dinner that night which tak lah susah mana nak buat.

Luckily lah Mum dia ni terer gak buat pizza so no sweat punya, hahahaha…

And for that Monday morning’s breakfast, I’ll make scones and pancakes for everyone.

Pastu, by 11, they have to balik rumah masing2…

Phewwwww…. Smile

But since rumah we all ni takde theatre room so we are going to convert the guest bedroom into a mini theatre room so hopefully their noise can be contained in that room sahaja.

Sape2 yang dah mengantuk sangat and nak tidur, they can go to either Miss 13’s or Miss 8’s room to sleep and sape2 yang nak continue berjaga can stay in that converted mini theatre room.

Hopefully, we the parents will survive that night, hahahaha…

For dinner tonite, I made quesadillas.

I made the mince filling tengah hari semalam. Ingat nak buat untuk dinner malam tadi tapi balik dari ortho clinic temankan The Other Half lambat so my friend ajak dinner kat rumah dia aje. Alhamdulillah…. dapatlah I relax tak payah masak malam tadi.

And malam ni, tinggal heat up the sandwich press and cook the quesadillas in it, sangat lah senang nya.

5 minit dah siap and dah boleh makan dinner, hehehe.



But I made a really thin version of quesadillas. Malas nak isi the filling banyak2…. But kena letak grated cheese banyak jugak so it’ll melt really nicely.


Anything with melted cheese is definitely yummy! Smile

Thursday, 27 September 2012

New things we learn everyday

I dah selalu sangat rasanya (semenjak ada anak2 ni) buat roti, doughnuts and yang seangkatan dengan nya.

Especially doughnuts lah, boleh katakan every month mesti I buat at least twice kot.

And roti pulak memang every week I akan buat, in the shape of pizza lah .

Kalau tak buat roti in a week, rasa macam lain macam aje, hahahaha….

Tu sebab, I beli tepung roti in 5kg bulk or 10kg bulk! Open-mouthed smile

Takde lah I beli setakat sekilo dua aje, buang masa I pergi kedai aje kalau beli sekilo dua, heeeee….

Walaupun I dah selalu sangat buat doughnuts, I still learn new things every single time.

Like hari ni, I baru aje siap buat doughnuts untuk bawak pergi rumah my friend.

Sebab I nak kena tinggal kan the girls at  her place this afternoon sebab nak temankan The Other Half pergi cabut the wire in his finger tu.

So, since anak2 I suka makan doughnuts and I pun tau anak2 dia suka jugak makan doughnuts, I buat lah doughnuts.

I selalunya akan guna this recipe setiap kali I buat doughnuts or anything using sweet dough.


Ini gambar the doughnuts I made tadi.



Nampak tak perbezaan between the doughnuts on the left and the doughnuts on the right?


Ini doughnuts batch pertama yang I goreng….

Sangatlah tak cantik the shapes kan, berombak2 and tak cantik seragam aje the ring shape and ter over brown jugak.



Ini batch ke 4 yang I goreng tadi selepas membuat a few observations, hehehehe…

Cantik sikit and nampak gebu sikit dari yang first tu Smile.


What I know about doughnuts:

1. Memang tak boleh guna api besar masa nak goreng, or else akan jadi Dayang Senandung. Api kena perlahan aje. Tip ni I dah lama tau bila ditugaskan menggoreng donuts masa I muda remaja dulu, hehehe.

2. Jangan biarkan the doughnuts naik too much after you’ve shaped them. Kalau boleh, terus goreng pun takpe. Mak I kata doughnuts tak cantik kalau overproof.

3. Jangan tinggal kan the doughnuts in the pan masa menggoreng to do other stuff like basuh pinggan, vacuum rumah, jemur kain, surf the net or else akan jadi Dayang Senandung again!
( I pergi buat another bread masa menggoreng the first batch tu, tu yang ada ala2 Dayang Senandung jugak, hehehe).

4. Masa doughnuts tu still suam2, golekkan dalam caster sugar so the sugar will stick. Tapi kalau nak letak choc or iced toppings, kena tunggu doughnuts betul2 sejuk lah or else meleleh the choc toppings bila kena the heat of the doughnuts.

And this were the things I observed tadi:

5. As soon as you masukkan the uncooked doughnuts in the oil and dia dah kembang sikit aje, straight away terbalikkan the doughnuts so the other side pulak will get the hot oil. (Doesn’t matter how much oil you put, doughnuts will float so memang kena terbalikkan lah. Well, my doughnuts float, tak tau lah doughnuts orang lain, hahaha). So, the nice ring shape will be retained, cantik sekata aje. Tak besar sebelah.

6. You basically have to stand in front of the stove top bila menggoreng doughnuts ni and make sure the hot oil is evenly distributed by keeping on turning the doughnuts.

7. Doughnuts ni sangat temperamental, kalah women having PMS! Kahkahkahkahkah….. Winking smile.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Of food and flowers

When the roses are blooming and the owner of the blog is too lazy to tell yarns…

She picks up the camera and goes outside…..

She knows the colours of the roses but for the life of her, she has no idea what they are called.

Now, if anyone of you knows the names of these roses, please let me know.

It would be greatly appreciated Smile.

The peach coloured ones…



The orangey yellowy pinky ones…



And the light burgundy rose



The very light pink one.


The deep red one


And when it’s too dark to photograph the roses, she photographs the foods pulak Winking smile.

And the Western tummy-fullfilling one…


Hot dog with its bestest buddy, the fries!


And the Asian tummy-fullfilling one…


Simple pilau with


butter chicken


and indian-style okra and cauliflower stir-fry.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Their achievements today

This is the last week of school for Term 3.

Sekejap aje dah nak habis term 3.

And selalunya here in Perth, all the primary schools will have their sports carnival in Term 3 sebab it’s usually nice Spring weather, not too hot like Summer.

And hari ni giliran sekolah Miss 8 pulak buat the sports carnival so I spent the whole morning there cheering them up Smile.

Sports carnival kat sini is more about having fun and participating than winning the event.

So, basically all kids get a chance to win some ribbons so tu yang semua budak2 gembira, hehehe….

I took a lot of photos as usual so layanlah ye some photos of Miss 8.

Gaya mesti ada kan! tak kisah lah menang ke tak, heeee….


Kat sini pun ada lari dalam guni tapi guni ‘upmarket’ sikit, hahahaha…..


The Year 4 kids ran the 75m race. And they divided them into groups according to their ability to run. Group A yang paling terer and laju berlari lah…

Miss 8 dalam group G, hikhikhikhik….

She said, “at least I wasn’t in the last group!



She’s so happy to get the first ribbon of the day Smile.

With one of her friends.


Told you their sports is more about having fun than winning! Open-mouthed smile




Kan best kalau masa kita kecik2 kat sekolah rendah dulu ada all these fun events and semua orang dapat ribbons Smile.

And to another good news, we received Miss 13 NAPLAN’s results today.

Alhamdulillah, she did quite well.

Punyalah ketar dia bila we told her her results came today, hehehe…

We are so proud of her.



This will be her last major nation-wide exam until Year 12 when she has to sit for TEE to get into Uni.

But starting from next year when she’s in year 10, she has to sit for yearly exams conducted by the school. So, memang tak boleh main2 lagi lah lepas ni….

If all goes well, she’ll start Uni before she turns 17 which is wayyyyy too young I think….