Saturday, 29 March 2014

Another cheap spontaneous buy

Uwahhhh, dah nak dekat seminggu tak berupdate.

Once again, blame it on my laziness! Smile

Memang takde excuse lain selain dari lazy lah, hehehe.

Buat yang bertanya about cheesecake pan tu, I bought it online masa tgh sale quite a while ago.

One of those pop up sales once in a while tu.

And silly me, I bought only 1 pan!

Ish, kalau lah I tau punya cantik kejadian cheesecakes kalau guna that pan, mau lah kot I beli 5 terus!

Kat Ebay banyak jugak jual this pans but semua dari Amarika and by the time kena pay postage semua, terus jadi mahal giler….

I lagi rela buat sikit2 dari bayar mahal2 tu!

Memang dah dasar cheapskate kan! hahahahaha

Disebab kan dek cheapskate, tu sebab I bought this cake tray.


This Homeart kedai was having a closing down sale and this was the last cake stand, display punya and they were selling it for $13!

Walaupun I tak terfikir nak beli a cake stand masa tu, but disebabkan rege dia yang sangat2 murah, I had to buy it!

The Other Half balik petang tu, senyum sinis aje dia tengok hasil rembatan bini dia,

Tak boleh cakap apa dah dia, hehehehehe….

Since dah beli, kena lah guna kan even hanya sebagai prop nak ambik gambar Smile

I made some hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese icing.


Hummingbird cupcakes/cakes ni ada banana, crushed pineapple, dessicated coconut and walnuts in them.


And bila dikenakan dengan cream cheese icing, wallah, sedap betul!




And bila diletakkan atas cake stand yang baru beli ni, lagi lah nampak sangat yummy, menggoda jiwa, terus nak masuk dapur buat cuppies kan!

hahahahahaha Winking smile

Monday, 24 March 2014

The cheesecakes story

Hah, baru you all tau betapa ensem nya cikgu Miss 10!

Tu sebab kat Insta I, ramai followers yang giler bayang everytime I tayang gambar cikgu tu.

Nasib baik lah I tak ikut giler bayang angau sekali kaaaaaan….

Hahahahahaha Smile with tongue out

Mana I nak letak jelmaan Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis and Pit Bull I tu nanti kan, jeles dia nanti kalau I ikut angau sama, hehehehe….


Update hari ni nak letak entry tertunggak about the mini cheesecakes yang I had been making for the past 2 weekends.

I made them for 2 birthday parties, the first one was a 50th and the second one was a 21st.

Ni bday party Emak and anak lah, diaorang buat selang seminggu.

The first one, they ordered only 30 mini oreo cheesecakes ni.

And they said, semua suka sangat2 sampai ada yang nak go for second piece tapi dah habis.

So, for the next one, they upped the order to 50 pieces.

Nak buat cheesecakes ni sangat lah senang nya tapi yang jadi problem nya…

I cuma ada 1 acuan mini cheesecakes aje yang cuma boleh buat 12 cheesecakes at one go.

So, I had to make them over 3 days!

This is the acuan that I used to make the mini oreo cheesecakes.

It has a removable base so easy to keluarkan the cheesecakes the right way up.


It says it’s non stick but I still need to grease it a bit so the cheesecake batter tak stick to it bila nak keluarkan.

Kalau tak grease it, tengok lah apa jadi, melekat2!




Yang leceh nya buat dlm bekas mcm ni, selepas dimasak, you have to leave them in the tray and chill them for an hour or so then only you can take them out and they’ll stay in shape.


And baru boleh decorate.


Tu sebab it took me a few days to make 50 pieces aje!

And this is the recipe I used for the mini Oreo cheesecakes:

Mini Oreo cheesecakes

(makes 24 mini cheesecakes)


-20 Oreos, including the cream filling (process until very finely crumbed)
- 4-5 tablespoons melted butter

Mix together and divide it equally and press flat into each lightly greased mould/pan. (I used an ice cream scoop and then press it firmly using the handle of a rolling pin Smile).

Bake at 150C (fan forced) for about 10 minutes.

Let it cool while you make the cheese filling.

-500g softened cream cheese at room temperature
-1/2 cup sour cream
-1 cup caster sugar
-2 tablespoons lemon juice
-1 teaspoon vanilla essence
-4 eggs (59g each)
-14 pieces Oreo, broken into chunks.

In a large bowl or stand mixer, beat cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, lemon juice and vanilla essence until thoroughly mixed and smooth.

Add eggs, one at a time and beat between addition until just combined.

Mix in the broken Oreos and stir until well combined.

Using an ice cream scoop, fill the moulds/pan nearly to to top or 3/4 full. Gently tap the pan on the bench to release air bubbles.

Bake for 15-18 minutes until they are not wobbly anymore.

Let it cool in the pan and chill in the fridge for a few hours or overnight before taking it out of the pan.

Decorate it with whipped cream, melted choc drizzle and mini oreos.



I used the cheesecake filling without the Oreos as the basic of my other mini cheesecakes.

I guess you can add other things to replace the Oreos if you want to or leave it bare if you want a ‘pure’ cheesecake.

Friday, 21 March 2014

I’ve done as promised :-)

Another busy week of not doing much but hari2 ada benda nak buat, hehehe.

By malam time, dah penat so tak larat nak update.

This weekend ada orang order mini oreo cheesecakes and the cakepops so that’s what I’ve been busy with.

But I’ll story about that later ok…

Malam ni ada cerita sensasi yang ditunggu2 dek ramai orang hingga membuatkan my followers request kat Insta mencanak2 naik itu hari!


Before kita pergi ke cerita sensasi, kita start from awal lah dulu ye..

Hari ni sekolah Miss 10 ada sambutan Harmony Day which is a celebration of our diversity, people from so many different cultures coming together as one.

Like last year, this year dia pakai baju kurung jugak pergi sekolah.

And like last year, this year I buat sanggul untuk dia sebab nak pakai cucuk sanggul yang I beli kat Msia last year tu.


Selendang tu bertahan cuma sampai assembly pagi tu aje, pastu dia sangkut kat her neck aje.


Macam muka gadis melayu terakhir yang berkuturunan arab lah ey, hehehehe.


Ramai yang pakai baju traditional diaorang tadi.

Miss 10 with her friend who’s also mixed but chinese+mat saleh.

Tapi Miss 10 sorang aje yang pakai baju kurung tadi Smile.

And masa all the students tengah get ready for assembly, I saje je lah pergi dekat dgn Miss 10 nak ambik gambar dia without really realising who’s standing behind her.


Ini lah cikgu kelas dia yang I mentioned before Smile.

Nampak sipi2 aje dulu….

Macam Keith Foo ke macam Alex Yoong eh?


And then, during the afternoon, I went to her school again sebab ada family Harmony Day picnic.

Seperti biasa I buat and bawak karipap sebab kawan2 Miss 10 dah tanya awal2 whether I would be coming and bringing curry puffs along. Eye rolling smile

Mula2 it was just the 2 of us…


Then makin tambah ramai…


Then makin lagi ramai bertapa on our picnic rug!



Termasuk lah cikgu kelas dia itu!

Dengan selambanya I suruh dia ambik gambar with all the students (who are mostly students in his class anyway) and dengan happynya he agreed to it.

So, thanks to Harmony Day and thanks to Miss 10 for asking her teacher to join our picnic rug and thanks to Tuan Tanah blog yang gedik nak mamps…...

Dapatlah you all melihat kekacakan and kehenseman cikgu dia ni kan!

Sape yang terpikat, not my fault and not my problem eh!


Sunday, 16 March 2014

what kept me busy

Seminggu I biarkan blog ni bersawang.

What’s been happening yang buatkan I teramat busy nya?

Actually during the week, I have been making meringues.

Sebab ada orang order 4 types of desserts for her birthday party today.

So, I started making the meringues on Wednesday.

The meringues turned out really well but they weren’t the same texture as what they sampled when I made some for them last month.

Last month when I made the sample, the meringues didnt turn out the way meringues were supposed to be.

The ‘faulty’ ones tasted so much better to our tekak and they certainly loved them as well.

But when I tried to recreate the same ‘faulty’ meringues, all of them turned out perfect instead!

I did everything ‘wrong’ in meringue making and they still turned out like how a meringue should be like!


I made 4 batches of meringues but none turned out the way I wanted.

I had no idea what I did wrong last time to create that gorgeous textured ‘faulty’ meringues.

So, I and The Other Half dah rasa nak muntah nak makan meringues anymore cos we’ve been eating too many for the past few days.

Only Miss 14 yang masih boleh makan meringues day in day out.

Tu yang takde mood nak update blog.

And Miss 10 also had a big test yesterday so tu yang busy jugak nya.

Now, she’s so happy and lega sebab dah tak payah gigih buat prep work every night.

Balik from the test, terus main game on her computer sampai hari ni!

Anyhow, I managed to make all the desserts by this morning.

Tak lah banyak pun kena buat, cuma 4 jenis aje.

And 30 of each.

But meringues ni kena buat 60 pieces so dapat katup dua mcm ni and fill it with dark chocolate orange ganache.



And then 30 sets of this truffles.

Since ada 3 truffles in a set, kena buat 90 biji lah kan.

Nasib kecik2 aje so tak lah jenuh nak membuatnya, hehehe


I made 3 different types of chocolate truffles.

Salted dark chocolate truffles with toasted coconut coating. Dalam dia I letak almond praline.

And strawberry dark chocolate truffles with almond praline crumbs coating. Dalam dia I letak almond praline jugak.

And a dark chocolate mint truffles with peppermint crisp crumb coating.


And strawberry coulis cheesecakes.



And mini oreo cheesecakes.


Kecik2 aje ni, 2 bites dah habis, hehehe.

And all the food menunggu tuannya datang pick up Smile.


And now boleh rehat kejap until this weekend for another party.

Monday, 10 March 2014

The Flipagrams

Kat instagram sekarang I tengah kemaruk dengan flipagram apps.

Bila I rasa macam best aje apa yang I tengah masak tu, I akan ambik gambar banyak2 and flipagram it.

And baru recently I perasan yang I boleh share the flipagram video onto Youtube.

So, you all layan lah ye the flipagrams yang I dah buat ni Smile with tongue out

I buat this flipagram masa Australia Day yang we all buat roast leg of lamb tu.

Jangan tak caya! First time I debone a leg of lamb!

This one pulak about this poppy seed bread that I used to have when I was living in Adelaide. I suka giler makan poppy seed bread ni but bila sampai Perth, tak pernah jumpa and makan until lah I made it myself.

Terus lepas craving I yang bertahun2 tu!


And ini pulak saje2 I ambik gambar how I made pizza since every Friday I masak pizza kan!

And this Flipagram showed my messy attempt at making soft chewy pretzels.

Jadi lah jugak cuma size tu yang berbeza2 Smile.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

A sad day

When we heard the news about the MH370 flight this morning, we were out doing our Saturday walk.

Macam tak percaya langsung when I read the news.

Terus lah sepanjang jalan tu, both of us kept on checking all the reliable news sites to confirm the news.

Bila dengar about plane accidents, selalunya tak rasa apa2 sangat.

But this time rasa sangat pilu cos it hits closer to home.

I cannot imagine the anguish all the families are going through.

So, post malam ni, I just letak gambar bunga from our garden aje lah ye.

Maybe by looking at these flowers, it can soothe the troubled souls.









Thursday, 6 March 2014

potato and rice

I think in our house, bread and potato rule at dinner time.

Instead of nasi or pasta or noodles like some households.

This was what we ate on Tuesday.



Fish and chips.

The battered fish and the chips were both kedai mari, the fish in a box and the chips in a bag Smile.

The fish I baked in the oven and the chips masuk actifry.

So, memang ini meal yang sangat lah senangnya cos I only had to assemble the salad aje.

And ini pulak was what we ate for dinner tonite.


More chips!

Nasib baik lah ada actifry so tak lah rasa guilty nak makan chips hari2 sebab tak digoreng dengan minyak kan.




The bread roll and the chips kedai mari.

The beef patties were home made and the salad was home assembled Smile.

The girls and The Other Half were so happy to have chips again so soon!

Luckily for the Mum aka me, we had this delicious meal last night in between the two chips meals or else sure nya I tension sbb makan chips aje!



We had ikan mackerel dalam tin!

With kangkung goreng belacan yang dipetik kat belakang rumah Smile and telur dadar.

Heaven on a plate!


I added loads of chilli (pun dari kebun belakang rumah) dalam kuah mackerel tu tapi still tak pedas.


Miss 10 makan dengan selambanya, takde pun meleleh2 air hidung atau berpeluh2 dahi but diselangi dengan minum air occasionally lah, heheheh…

Miss 14 takkan sentuh any dish yang terang2 nampak chilli dalam nya sebab dia takut dengan chilli so she had something else.

Muka aje Asian tapi palate dia Mat Saleh habis, hehehe.