Monday, 18 November 2013

The last post for a while…..

As the title explains….

This will be my last post for a while.

I need to find my blogging mojo back.

I’ve been blogging since January 2008 so that’s nearly 6 years of posts which is a lot!

And I used to put up a new entry every night and so far that’s nearly 1800 posts already…

From when the girls were ‘little’ to one already a teenager and another one on the way there.

From them not being famous to now where a lot of people know who they are!

Hahahahahaha…..Smile with tongue out

From when I was in my 30s to 40s…

From when The Other Half was kurus to gemuk to kurus balik to gemuk balik and now on the way to kurus balik Open-mouthed smile

So, that’s a pretty long time I think.

A lot of bloggers that I got to know masa I mula2 berblogging pun dah ‘tutup kedai’ or dah biarkan rumah diaorang bersawang bertahun2.

I dont think I’ll stop completely…

Hopefully I’ll be back sometime early next year with new zest for blogging.

In the meantime, you can still access my blog kalau rindu kat I or the girls or The Other Half Winking smile. I won’t close it.

Or if you are a female over 19 and have an active IG account, you can always find me on IG.

So far I’m still not accepting any male followers on IG and I dont really want to accept girls under 19 (especially yang masih kat sekolah menengah tu) cos I rasa macam too young pulaknya untuk follow Mak Mak mcm I ni, hehehe….

I’ll give you half of my IG user and pandai2lah y you pilih mana satu Winking smile. My IG user is mynnm

I leave you with loads of photos in this last post.

After 2+ years, Miss 14 had a haircut.

She wanted a really short haircut, getting ready for a hot Summer.


So, the hairstylist washed it, treated it, cut it, blowdried it, straightened it…

And it ended up like this.


She looks so much like an amoi with this new hairdo and straight hair!



Dah takde rupa pan-asian dah, hanya pure chinese semata2!


Lagi lah orang akan toleh 3-4 kali kalau dia jalan dengan I or The Other Half sebab mesti orang ingat anak angkat, hikhikhikhik…

While Miss 10 pulak still looks the same.



And I pulak, masih tak dapat turun kan 2kg exces weight yang I hari2 dok cakap nak cuba turunkan itu, hehehe…



And our garden is still doing great


The loganberries have ripened and we’ve had some.

As usual Miss 10 loves to pick them.


They taste a bit tart like raspberry but sweeter than raspberry.

My favourite part of the garden, bunches of grapes and loads of purple berries.


The snakebeans/ kacang panjang are taking off, reaching the moon soon!



The Other Half has transformed this small area on the side into a prettier place by putting pea gravels on the ground.


The tomatoes are growing nicely as well.


And the foods I cooked…

Seafood laksa/ mee kari/ kari laksa



Fettucine bolognese



Nasi goreng with ayam actifry and nut sauce



Crusted lamb rack with bread rolls and salad.



Char kuey teow.


I finally managed to make CKT yang rasa sedap macam ori! hehehehe….


I hope you guys are happy with all the photos I have put up in the blog so far and have tried some of the recipes I put up.

I know I still owe some people a few recipes. InsyaAllah I’ll put them up when I come back.

Kalau ada salah silap terkasar bahasa menyinggung perasaan in any of my posts, saya mohon berbanyak2 maaf.

Till we meet again next time…

NoteNoteBertemu dan berpisah adat manusia biasa
               Hilang di mata tapi di hati tidak lupa
              Berdoalah kita agar aman dan sentosa
              Semoga kita berjumpa lagi lain masa NoteNote

Stay safe everyone….

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The meals we had

Freshly baked bread



Eaten with sausages and scrambled eggs and salad.


Nachos with beef mince plus sour cream and beans salsa.



Panfried salmon with garlic and parmesan mashed potatoes with sauteed asparagus and carrots.



Garlic and chilli fettucine with chicken pops and salad.



Beef schnitzel and caramelised onion with coleslaw and fries.



Garlic and rosemary foccacia.



Pasta salad with beef schnitzel strips.



See, I do still cook every night Smile.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The garden and the stuntmaster

Miss 10 is healing nicely, alhamdulillah.

There’s still a lot of bruising on her gums but does not stop her from eating everything!

Tak sempat pun her tummy nak kurus!

Eye rolling smilehehehehe…


Her face on Friday, still with the ‘goatee’ and bruises on her nose.

But she’s looking much better today, on the outside anyway.

We’ve been putting pawpaw ointment on the graze on her chin so it’s healing really well.


Still a bit red semalam.

But fofular lah dia sekejap kat sekolah tu amongst her year mates and the teachers.

They are calling her the stunt master Evel Knievel now!


Anyway, enough of our stunt daughter… Winking smile

Hari ni the temperature got up to 37C and it’s going to get quite hot for the next few days.

I dont like hot weather in Oz ni cos with hot weather comes the flies.

Giler banyak nya flies! Aggghhhhhhhh!

Siapa yang pernah datang ke Oz during hot weather akan tau lah macam mana giler nya flies kat sini.

But our veges and flowers like the hot weather, especially the snakebeans and the tomatoes and the grapes.


Tiap hari, the snake beans will grow about 10cms. Seronok sangat tengok the snakebeans ni.

Adalah lebih kurang 10 pokok kot. Maulah nanti sampai tak larat we all makan kacang panjang!

Percubaan ‘memagar’ the tomato plants only after they’ve grown so big, hehehe.


A few pokok terung panjang in front of the tomatoes.

Lebanese cucumbers.


Our lettuce and basil patch but has been invaded by the mint.


Walaupun I dah cabut banyak of the mint suckers, masih lagi banyak yang tumbuh.

A bunch of grapes, still very young.


The loganberries are starting to ripen.


And the blueberries that we managed to nurse it back to moderate health from the brink of death.


Haritu memang we all sangka dah tak dapat diselamatkan lagi dah…

And this is the only edible lavender in our garden, the hidcote variety.


But still cenonet lagi and still tak berbunga lagi. Tak tau lah bila dia nak berbunga!

Tak sabar nak letak dalam cookies and cakes, hehehe…

Our row of sunflowers that we’ve staked.


On the leftmost part in the photo, next to the sunflower is the raspberry plant.

We planted the raspberry there to deter thieves from climbing through that area into our house. Raspberry ni kan banyak thorns.

Kat sebelah raspberry tu pulak pokok limau kasturi yang takkan berbuah but penuh dengan duri sebesar2 paku and tajam giler, hehehe…

And our favourite cousin, Cousin It Winking smile


At least, during the weekends, tugas siram pokok diambil alih oleh The Other Half so bolehlah I berehat dari berjemur.

But on weekdays, I yang kena buat and memang sunburnt jugak lah my arms and feet walaupun bukannya lama I berdiri under the sun tu.

Kenalah I pakai krim pemutih lepas ni…