Monday, 30 March 2009

The public library that we normally go to has implemented a new system recently. It's the 'reminder email' system which I really love. A few days before the due date to return all the books, tapes, dvds and cds that we borrowed, they will send us a reminder email to basically remind us to return the borrowed stuff on time. Kalau dulu, selalu jugak we all terlupa nak pulangkan the books on time especially the Other Half so memang selalu jugak lah we all kena bayar the late penalty fees. Bukannya mahal mana pun, cuma 20 cents/item per day but kalau dah 10 benda yang we all pinjam and sampai seminggu terlupa nak pulang, tak ke sampai $14 tu! So, memang lah buang duit aje kan membayar fines ni, hehehe.... Baik I guna duit tu buat beli groceries kan :-). The Other Half dulu bila kena bayar denda sebab pulangkan lambat selalu cakap,

"That's ok Dear, we are supporting our local library with the fines money. If not for people like us who are perpetually late, they won't have enough money to buy more books!".

Banyak lah pandai Mamat tu berhujah, wahkahkahkah... Kalau betul hujah takpe lah kan :P. So, sekarang ni bila dah ada the reminder emails ni, all our borrowed stuff sentiasa di pulangkan on time and no more money being wasted on paying the late fine.

So tadi balik from picking up the Little Misses we went straight to the library and then sampai rumah dah lambat. But sempatlah nak buat lamb kebab for dinner and meatballs for the Little Misses lunch supply :-). But sempat buat itu aje pun, nasib baik lah ada frozen chips in the freezer and some lettuce in the crisper so that's what we had for dinner tonite.

Lamb kebab with oven baked chips and salad. Simple and filling :-).

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Daylight Saving's finally over in WA for this Summer, lega rasa hati bila dah tak payah sibuk2 dengan DaylightSaving ni. I don't mind it actually but for me it's too long! Dari end of October to end of March which is 5 months of the year with Daylight Saving so memanglah lama sangat kan. Kalau cuma until end of Jan or end of Feb, I will support it whole heartedly. Tak tau lah whether Daylight Saving will stay or not next Summer sebab May ni baru diaorang vote to have it permanently or not. The Other Half will vote against Daylight Saving because he really hates it. One of the reasons we moved to Perth pun sebab takde Daylight Saving lah. But geram betul sebab they introduced it to WA the year we moved here so memang lah tak boleh lari dari Daylight Saving ni, hampeh betul!

Eventhough Daylight Saving dah habis, our bodies still dengan time lama so pagi tadi Miss 5 woke up at 6.30 (new time) which is 7.30(old time). And she was so confused sebab matahari dah terbit but Mummy n Daddy suruh dia go back to bed sebab belum pukul 7 lagi, hehehehe.... Selama2 ni, bila dia bangun pukul 7 pagi, still gelap lagi but pagi tadi dia bangun dah terang but masih belum pukul 7 lagi, manalah budak tu tak confused kan, hahahahaha.....

This was our lunch today. Hari ni we were so busy cleaning the house inside and outside sebab ada inspection this Wednesday so tu yang bertungkus lumus jadi buruh kasar hari ni. Bila dah busy, lunch pun lambat lah sikit, pukul 2 baru nak lunch, hehehe. And since I dah penat buat kerja and malas nak masak dinner yang berat2, we had sausages for lunch so I didn't have to cook heavy dinner. Nak tau apa we all makan for dinner tadi? Lemonade scones with cream and jam and also cheese muffins! Teruk betul kan I ni, ada ke makan itu aje for dinner, hehehe.... But no one was complaining so ok lah tu kan :-).....

Saturday, 28 March 2009

We've just finished the Earth hour here in Perth and it was really nice to just spent the time reading in the candlelight. The Little Misses had to go to bed without their night light and radio on but we did give them a candle so it wasn't that dark :-). Miss 5 was whining saying that she wouldn't be able to sleep without listening to her music cd and I told her, "tough! you just have to!". Memang lah I ni Mummy yang garang kan, hehehehe..... When we went in to check on them after the Earth Hour's up, dah tidur dengan nyenyak nya pun budak berdua tu so memang lah mengada2 kata tak boleh tidur without their radio on :-). Walaupun Earth hour dah tamat, we still haven't switched the lights on, cuma our computers aje yang on, romantik kan bergelap2 ni, hehehehe.... ;-).

Malam ni I was so happy sebab I didn't have to cook dinner tonite. Jarang weh dapat peluang tak payah masak dinner ni so bila sekali sekala ada orang nak belanja dinner, memang lah sangat happynya, wahahahaha..... Thank you so much to Sheri n family sebab belanja we all makan kat Mela's. The Other Half was so happy sebab dapat makan his favourite food, Indian, hehehe. Kalau I masak Indian food, surelah 1 jenis aje kan sekali masak but kalau pergi makan kat resturant, boleh makan banyak2 jenis tu yang dia happy :-). And the Little Misses were so excited especially Miss soon-to-be-10 sebab dapat main2 dengan Sheri's kids. I think Sheri's Hero has fallen in love with Miss soon-to-be-10, it was so cute watching him with her, hehehe.... Miss soon-to-be-10 really loves kids and playing with them but if you ask her if she wants another sibling, she will quickly say 'no!' , pelik kan, hehehe.....

The glorious food :-).

Miss 5 and food tak boleh dipisahkan :-).

Sheri's Hero.

Miss soon-to-be-10 with Sheri's Princess.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Alahai malunya I sebab ramai yang nak tengok my costume 'creation', hehehe. For your information, I'm not a genius when it comes to creating costumes at such a short notice and out of thin air :-). Actually, I'm just not a genius, fullstop......hehehehe. But since we live here and the Little Misses go to school here and they love performing skits at school so I do occasionally have to use my 'creativity' to make costumes for them. When we were living in Adelaide and Miss soon-to-be-10 attended the public school there, lagi lah banyak costumes yang I had to 'create' from scratch, hehehehe. Dah lah the 'creative' side of my brains are not that well developed so kadang2 tu memang lah ntah apa2 aje costumes yang turned out :-). As long as the Little Misses are happy with my creations, that's all that matters right :-). Some people will just buy the costumes but we would rather use the money on something else so nak tak nak terpaksalah Mummy memerah otak mereka/ menjahit/membega costumes yang diaorang nak. I wonder why the Little Misses never asked their Dad to make the costumes for them, hahahahaha......

So far, Miss 5 belum lagi kena buat any costume apart from fairy costumes which are just so easy as long as you have the wings ready, hehehe. In the Little Misses room, there's this big plastic basket full of old clothes for their dressing up games. Most of the stuff are my old tops and scarves and sarongs so bila dah takde idea nak buat costume, I just selongkar the plastic basket hoping to find old clothes that I can bega2 to make into a 'new' one, senang kan, hehehehe.....

My cute little Egptian with the chinese features, wahkahkah.... Make up mata dia tu mahal weh, Mummy dia yang mekap kan pagi2 before pegi school, wahahahahaha.....

Narrating her segment. Punyalah gabra dia but we told her as long as she's loud and clear, that's good enough.

Trying to walk like an Egyptian but she looks more like the song that goes....

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout..."
"Here is my handle and here is my spout..."

I found this old photo of Miss soon-to-be-10 when she was 7 as Saucepan Man from 'the faraway tree' by Enid Blyton. Jenuh I nak membuat all the saucepans and the pans to tie around her body tu! Nak bagi the real saucepans, berat giler, sian pulak dia nanti asik terantuk aje kat saucepans tu so I made them out of thick papers.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

There's going to be an assembly tomorrow morning at the Little Misses'school. And kali ni the Other Half and I berkobar2 nak pergi sebab Miss soon-to-be-10's class will be performing in a short play and Miss soon-to-be-10 will be the narrator. Semalam when she got back from school, she told me that she needs a costume for the play and she had to take it to school today! What??? Dia ingat I ni magician ke boleh magicked up a costume just like that (or maybe dia ingat I ni a professional tailor in my secret life, hehehe). Then she said she needs a white dress which resembles old egyptian costumes. I asked her, "how does an egyptian costume look like?". Then she said, "Mummy, you can just google it!" Pandailah anak I tu, costume dia I pulak yang nak kena google, hehehe. Anyway, after much thinking and racking our brains, we came up with a solution which she's happy with :-). Nasib baik lah dapat Mummy yang creative kan ;-). Tak sampai hati pulak I nak suruh Miss soon-to-be-10 to go as an egyptian mummy which only needs rolls and rolls of toilet paper aje to make the costume, hehehehe..... But I bet you she would look cute as a mummy, hahahahaha........

And after the assembly, macam biasalah ada cake stall and this time turn Miss soon-to-be-10 pulak to bring something. And seperti biasalah, I buat chocolate cupcakes yang sudah tentunya akan habis dijual. Kids and chocolates memang lah ngam, hehehe.... The cupcakes are still baking in the oven and esok pagi baru lah I akan mendeco them a bit.

Sejak petang tadi my oven hasn't stopped working. Petang tadi I made semolina bread (with the help of my trusty breadmaker of course :-)) but oven-baked, then I baked lamb meatballs for the Little Misses' dinner, then sambung pulak masak canneloni for our dinner, pastu sambung pulak masak cupcakes. Penat weh oven tu, sekali sekala di 'switched on', terus berjam2 tak berhenti, hehehe....

This is the semolina bread. I jus used the normal white bread recipe but replaced a bit of the flour with semolina. Roti tu rasa crunchy a bit because of the semolina which I really like. Makan dengan butter aje pun sedap sangat, hehehehe.... Ye lah kan, roti fresh memang lah sedap :-).

This is our dinner, meat filled canneloni with semolina bread and salad. The same mince mixture that I used to make the meatballs, I used it to fill the canneloni tubes. Kira 2-in-1 lah :-).

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Nasib baik lah 'rumah' I ni bukan sebelah kilang papan or kilang tembikar kan, kalau tak, surenya dah berabuk teruk walaupun baru tinggal 1 hari tak di sapu :-). Ingat nak tinggalkan a few more days lagi but takut pulak karang jadi macam Jiya cakap, biawak komodo beranak pinak kat rumah ni, hehehe. Kalau koala yang beranak pinak takpelah jugak kan sebab they all tu cute abis. Biawak komodo ni, hmmmm......

My blogging mood still hasn't returned fully yet but the Other Half has been asking me when I'm going to update my blog again. Dia kata, buat apa I ambil gambar our dinner every nite kalau tak nak letak kat blog, mengabiskan batteries camera aje, hehehe.... :P. I said to him, I bukan takde mood nak letak the photos, I takde mood nak berceloteh along with the photos :-). Dah keturunan burung murai kan, so mana boleh kalau tak berceloteh sama, hehehe.....

Back to our dinners, we had schnitzel and hash brown tonite. But cuba u all compare my dinner and the Other Half's dinner.

The Other Half's dinner plate.

My dinner plate.

He said it's because he's twice my size, tu yang kena makan banyak and penuh dengan cheese. Ye lah, budak tengah membesar kan so kenalah makan banyak, ye lah tu! Hahahahaha.... From the dinner plates aje pun, you can already guess who's the Mat Saleh and who's the Asian in the equation, hehehehe....

Ini pulak our dinner last nite. I teringin nak cuba guna rice vermicelli aka meehoon dalam laksa/ mee kari fully knowing that the Other Half tak suka meehoon ni. But he said he was willing to try meehoon in laksa. But after a few tries, dia terus hirup kuah and makan the seafood aje and left all the meehoon behind. Dia kata, tekak dia memang lah tak boleh terima langsung meehoon ni. Lepas habis dia hirup kuah and makan the seafood, terus dia makan honey on toast sebab masih lapar lagi. Sian laki I malam tadi, kelaparan, hehehehehe......

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Where has my blogging mood gone?

Tuan rumah memang betul2 not in the mood tonite to blog. Nak blog hopping and nak melawat blogs kawan2 yang lain pun not in the mood :-(. Sorry lah ye kalau ada sesiapa yang tengah menunggu my entry malam ni. Tengok lah kalau mood I dah ok balik tomorrow nite, I'll put up a new entry. If masih lagi mood malas, berhabuk lah sekejap my blog.......

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Saje je cuti blogging 1 hari sebab nak bagi bean counter tu berehat kejap. Ye lah, Thursday nite tu dah sampai berasap2 dia bergerak so bagi lah dia rehat kejap :-). Ingat nak cuti lagi malam ni tapi sian pulak kat people out there yang dah merindui my food and rambling ni, hehehe ;-).

Tadi I still tak puas hati lagi sebab tak jumpa lagi 'bake n take' tu so pergi lagi kat another Coles shop. The shop person told me yang they've sold out as well. Sedih betul :-(. Dia kata, they had 10 big boxes of the 'bake n take' which means they had around 150 sets in store but semalam dah habis licin semua benda tu. Agaknya orang kat Perth ni tengah kemaruk kumpul 'bake n take' tu. Lepas ni kalau pergi picnic kat mana2, sure akan jumpa ramai orang bawak cupcakes n muffins in the 'bake n take' , hehehehe...

Takde mood lah nak berceloteh panjang2 malam ni so layan gambar dinners aje lah ye.

Ini our dinner or Friday nite, turkish bread melt with mince n vege filling. Memang sedap giler bila makan panas2 and bila dapat turkish bread yang fresh. Nasib baik lah ada turkish cafe yang dekat dengan rumah we all ni and murah and fresh betul the turkish bread yang dia jual so we love having this bila tengah malas2 nak masak :-).

Ini pulak our dinner tonite. Instead of just the normal sweet and sour fish, we had marinara sweet and sour. But I goreng tempura style all the marinara mix first then barulah curah dengan the sweet and sour sauce. We like it more than just the usual fish aje sebab bila tengah makan tu rasa mussels, squid, prawns and the different types of fish fillets. Meriah lah sikit the taste sensations, hehehehe......

Thursday, 19 March 2009

I thought maybe malam ni in a few hours time, baru lah my bean counter will reach 100 000. Tak sangka betul, sikitnya cepat ke dia bergerak, kalau bullet train and Superman, hehehehe. Maybe sebab ramai kot yang tekan refresh button tu so tu yang cepat betul dia bergerak :-). My Other Half tak termasuk sebab dia ada award ceremony since petang tadi so tak boleh lah nak duduk depan pc so takde chance lah dia nak tekan button tu, hehehe. Sedih betul dia, wahkahkah.

Anyway, the 100 000th visitor dah pun emailed me the lucky photo and nak tau sape pemenang bertuah nya? Tak lain tak bukan, CikMin yang pandai sungguh buat yong tau foo tu..... :-). So, pada semua yang frust sebab tak dapat hadiah tu, minta maaf lah banyak2 ye sebab kopak lah poket I kalau nak bagi hadiah kat semua orang, hehehehe...... And buat lah baik2 dengan CikMin, mana tau dia nak share the present kan, hehehehehe
Tetiba aje laju giler my hit counter bergerak since I put up the sticky note about the 100 000th visitor, hehehe. Pagi tadi it was still at the 99 2000 mark but tadi I tengok before buat entry ni, it's gone up to 99 809, hahahaha. Tak pernah laju macam ni :-). Kejap lagi adalah yang meng email I with the photo of the lucky number tu ye (as long as it's not you Dear! :P).

Anyway, pagi tadi after sending The Little Misses to school, I singgah the shop sekejap before heading of to work. I only had 1 thing in mind when I made the detour to the shop. Malam tadi we got the Coles Supermarket catalogue in our letterbox and they are selling these 2 things that I have been wanting for so long. Last year when they had it on for a week, I managed to grab 1 each of these things and I dah 'sedekah' kan to my Emak for her to use. And then dia cakap, kalau ada 1 lagi kan ke best, boleh lah letak kat each end of the table masa makan beradap at my brother's wedding nanti. So, I ni sikit nya lama lah tunggu benda ni nak keluar to be on sale again at Coles. Kalau hari2 biasa memang takde stock benda ni kat Coles tu, bila dia buat sale khas benda ni baru lah ada, tu yang sikit nya lama and susah ke nak dapat this stuff. Nak tau apa benda nya?

Cantik tak? Sekarang ni kan semua orang tengah kemaruk anything and everything that relates to cupcakes and muffins. Mat Saleh2 kat sini pun semua tengah kemaruk cupcakes (muffins tu dah biasa lah sebab dari dulu memang biasa dengan muffins ni :-)).

The 'bake and take' set tu memang I berkenan sungguh! I bought 1 for my Emak last year, tapi tak taulah dia dah pakai ke belum benda ni. My Mum ni jenis yang sayang nak pakai benda2 macam ni so maybe masih lagi tersimpan tersorok dalam gerobok kat kampung tu, hehehe. So, lepas ni kalau I buat cupcakes for school bolehlah I decorate cantik2 dengan cream and what not and then tinggal letak balik dlm the muffin trays tu and bawak lenggang kangkung gi school, hehehe. I takde plastic container yang boleh muat isi 24 muffins so memang cun lah dah ada bekas ni kan :-).

The cake stand tu lah yang my Emak kata lagi cun kalau ada 2 sets untuk letak kat meja makan beradab. But it's only made of plastic bukan kaca but still cantik lah kalau nak buat display. So tadi I bought another 1 for her, 1 for me and 1 extra set for............ Hmmmm, untuk sape agaknya ye, hahahaha ;-) ;-) ;-). Lagi cepatlah my bean counter bergerak lepas ni, wahkahkahkahkah......... (but kalau orang tu tak nak, takpe lah, I boleh bagi benda lain :-))

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Seminggu ni memang mood main masak masak dah di bawa lari dek angin. Kalau boleh, hari hari I nak masak frozen food aje :-). Tinggal preheat the oven and then shove the food into the oven and then wait for it to cook and then dah boleh makan. Miss soon-to-be-10 tak kisah kalau hari2 dapat chips and chicken fingers or chips and burger or chips and sausages. But I think Miss 5 won't like it that much, hehehehe. Dia surenya akan tanya mana noodles and pasta and nasi :-).

Like today, balik from work sempat singgah the shops sekejap to grab frozen crumbed fish, frozen calamari and chips. So, for dinner tadi tinggal preheat the oven and 20 minutes later dah siap 'masak', hehehehe. Then tinggal cut up some carrots and tomatoes and lengkaplah our protein, carbs and vege dinner :-). I can't wait for my masak masak mood to meresap balik dalam badan ni sebab I don't think I can telan anymore chips, nak termuntah dah ni, hahaha....

Our sempoi dinner tonite, fish n chips :-).

What I like to occasionally have for breakfast ( and dessert :-)), fruity yoghurt and crumbled muesli slice. See, ada banyak kegunaan nya muesli slice tu. Selain dari buat munching anytime you crave it, you can also use it as yoghurt topping to show off to people yang kononnya you are eating healthy food, wehehehehe......

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Here I am blogging in bed using the Other Half's EEPC. Eeehhh, memang lah tak reti betul guna EEPC ni, rasa macam all my fingers yang halus mulus ni suddenly become so uncoordinated and besar gedabak! Asik tersilap tekan keys aje and I miss my mouse, hehehe. Some people love portable PCs but I lagi suka my desktop PC, biasalah kan, I kan sama usia dengan dinosaurs so tu yang lagi suka desktop PCs :-).

I can't believe it, lagi 2000 hits to reach 100 000! The Other Half dah bersiap sedia exercising his typing fingers so he has the energy and the stamina to push the reset buttons when the time comes, teruk betul kan my Other Half ni, hehehe. But he's already been banned by me from visiting the blog more than twice a day! So, kalau dia still dapat that lucky number, memang kiranya dia betul2 ada ong lah kan :-). But kalau The Other half yang becomes the lucky visitor, senang lah I tak payah susah2 fikir pasal present ni, hehehehe.....

Anyway, to a different story, after a few weeks of exercising with Maya, we now know how to perform V steps, turn steps, heel jacks, hustle up back, skip up back, reverse and stationary lunges, grapevine, side kick, squat kick, plie, side abduction and many more steps, hehehehe. kadang2 tu rasa macam tengah buat line dancing aje with all the steps. The Other Half cukup menyampah bila kena buat moves yang a bit like dancing sebab he has 2 left feet so memanglah funny gilers tengok dia exercise :-). Tu yg bila we all buat group exercise with Maya, I kena berdiri depan dia, kalau tak, I takkan jadi exercise sebab sakit perut gelakkan The Other Half, hahahaha.... Unlike me yang so graceful and elegant bila buat the dance steps, wahkahkahkah... Unfortunately The Other Half wont let me record his attempts at the dancing moves, so tak boleh lah I nak share gelak sama2 dengan you all, hehehehe......

Monday, 16 March 2009

I really felt like eating mee goreng tonite but tekak2 mat saleh kat rumah ni tak teringin langsung pulaknya nak makan mee goreng. So, for Miss soon-to-be-10 and the Other half, I made them sauteed potatoes with chicken fingers and salad. It's quite funny sebab Miss 5 and I tekak Melayu while Miss soon-to-be-10 and the Other Half tekak Mat Saleh. The Other Half tu memang tak boleh nak buat apalah kan sebab dah memang sejak dari dalam womb lagi dah Mat Saleh, hehehe. Miss soon-to-be-10 tu selalu brags dengan Miss 5 kata dia Malaysian sebab dia lahir kat M'sia tapi tekak terover Mat Saleh pulaknya. While Miss 5 tu yang pure Aussie sebab dia sorang yang lahir kat Australia ni, ikut Mummy dia dapat tekak melayu. Dia paling suka makan meehon goreng, nasi and masak kicap :-).

A few weeks ago ada sorang parent ni whose son is in the same class with Miss 5. She looks Malay but must be married to a Mat Saleh sebab anak lelaki yg baya Miss 5 has dark brown hair but with gorgeous blonde streaks. I wish my kids' hair is that colour, hehehe...... Anyway, she asked me if Miss 5 is my daughter. I said, 'yes' and then dia tanya what race is my husband. I said, 'caucasian'. Then dia confessed yang at first dia ingat Miss 5 tu anak Arab with maybe an Asian mum :-). Hehehehe, tergelak I sekejap. Then dia nampak Miss soon-to-be-10, lagi lah dia terkejut sebab nampak macam anak cina, wahkahkahkah. Sorang anak Arab, sorang anak Cina.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

As usual our Sundays are busy with house cleaning and house tidying and clothes hanging and clothes folding. Best jugak bila shopping malls kat Perth ni tak bukak on Sunday (except in the city) sebab then we don't feel compel to go out shopping and spending money on Sundays. Takdelah excuse tak nak buat kerja rumah kan sebab dah terpaksa memerap kat rumah :-). Nak keluar pergi playground, it was way too hot today, 37C! The Little Misses pun malas nak keluar bila panas2 macam ni, hehehe......

Apart from the housework, I also made another batch of the muesli slice. But I think I definitely have to stop buat muesli tu tiap2 minggu lah. It's driving me insane sebab I tak boleh berhenti mengunyah muesli tu!!!!!!! Geram betul, hehehehe. The Other Half pun asik mengunyah aje, dia pun asik masuk dapur and patahkan the muesli bits by bits :-). Patutlah this time around, susah sikit nak lose this weight, asik mengunyah aje kerjanya, hehehehe. Mat Saleh panggil food like this 'moreish' which means 'you asik nak more and more and more of it after each bite''.

Then, lepas masak muesli, masak pizza pulak yang penuh dengan cheese tu, so lagilah kan susah nak lose the weight, hahahaha. Takpe lah, the whole family loved the pizza so I guess the extra lemak tu won't stay in my body kan sebab buat family gembira, wehehehe.....

P/S I dah edit my muesli slice recipe kat bawah tu so siap dengan gambar lagi.... Nampak lagi menarik lah kan recipe tu ;-).

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Dari hari tu lagi teringin nak makan pulut kuning and rendang. Ini sebab ramai members kat MyR forum tayang gambar pulut kuning dan rendang lah yang buat kan teringin tu. Dah lama jugak rasanya tak makan pulut ni, last sekali makan masa raya dulu. Ye lah, bukan makanan asasi we all kan so tu yang jarang buat nya, unlike pasta yang memang boleh katakan I masak every week, hehehe.....

And then bukan boleh stop teringin kat pulut kuning and rendang aje pulak tu. Mentang2 I tukang masak so tak kisah nak teringin kat apa2 pun, kalau dah teringin, sure nya I buat. Dah lama jugak we all tak makan chocolate cake so tadi I made one for dessert. Instead of just the usual togel cake, terajin pulak nak decorate the cake with choc ganache and turkish delights on it. The Little Misses kalau boleh nak kutip all the turkish delights from the top of the cake and just makan the turkish delights aje! Bukannya sebab chocolate cake tu tak sedap tapi maybe sebab turkish delights tu lagi sedap kot, hehehehe.....

Pulut kuning and rendang daging.

Gambar malam ni malap sikit lah sebab lighting tak bagus sangat, I malas nak pindah randah kan the plate nak cari lighting yang bagus. Semua orang tak sabar nak start makan sambil tengok movie 'Get Smart' . They had to wait for me to finish taking the photos baru lah boleh they start the movie, tu yang I malas nak pindah randah :-).

My chocolate cake with turkish delights. Ada sesape yang tergoda tak tengok kek ni? Ada 3/4 lagi tu, jom datang rumah I makan kek, hehehe....

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Ok lah, ok lah, I'll post the muesli recipe tonite. Kalau post weekend ni, takut pulak ada yang asik ngences aje menunggu recipe muesli ni, hehehehehe..... Tapi tak boleh lah I nak post step by step with pictures instruction sebab I cuma akan buat muesli again this weekend. Stock muesli kat rumah ni dah nak habis :-). If you still want the step by step pictures, maybe I'll put the pictures up this weekend ye. Dah dapat recipe ni, jangan tak buat pulak tau, lepas ni bangkrap lah kilang muesli bars sebab semua orang dah tahu buat sendiri, wahahahaha.....

But just to let you know, recipe ni tak guna measurement sangat sebab I banyak menderhaka kat recipe asal :-). As long as you sort of have the basic ingredients which is rolled oats and butter and honey, yang lain tu you boleh tokok tambah with whatever you like. Ikut citarasa masing2 lah ye :-).

Basic Muesli slice


- 2 cups rolled oats (bukan yang instant utk buat porridge tu ye, yang kena masak nya ni)
-2 cups cereal ( cereal apa yang you nak guna, terpulang lah ye. I've used cheerios, honey cornflakes, rice bubbles, cocoa pops, bran flakes. Selalunya I guna 2-3 jenis cereals at one time so tak lah rasa boring sangat the muesli slice tu :-). Kalau nak guna your kids' cereals, make sure you ask their permission first, takut kang nangis pulak diaorang if Mummy habiskan all their cereals, hehehehe)
-60 g nuts, chopped up a bit ( I love almond in it. I tak pernah guna other nuts lagi. I think peanuts would be nice sebab lemak2 macam tu kan. But since Miss 5 is allergic to peanuts, I cuma guna almond aje lah. Kalau you tak suka nuts, gantikan dengan seeds)
- 50g dried fruits ( ini pun you can use whatever is available in your pantry. I've tried apricots, currants, sultanas and dates. For me, sultanas yang paling sedap)
-1/4 cups chocolate bits (optional, if you like chocolate only, hehehhe)
-150g butter
-1/4-1/2 cup honey
-1/4 cup brown sugar (optional- kalau you nak lagi manis or kalau you tak guna cereals yang manis. I tak pernah add.)

I used almond, currants, cheerios, rolled oats, honey cornflakes, bran flakes


-Preheat oven to 180C. Line a lamington/slice pan (18cm x 25 cm) with baking paper and make sure the baking paper overhang a bit so senang nak angkat the slice tu nanti lepas masak.
-In a pot, add butter and honey (and brown sugar if using) and masak atas api sederhana hingga butter melted and sugar dissolved. Masak sampai menggelegak dan reduce kan api dan masak hingga butter mixture tu thickens a bit. Set it aside to cool down a bit.
-In a big bowl, masukkan rolled oats, cereals, dried fruit, choc bits and stir to combine.

-Pour the butter mixture into the oat mixture and stir until all combined and coated with butter mixture.
Ini the muesli mixture yang dah campur melted butter and honey but belum dimampatkan lagi.

-Spread the muesli into the slice pan and tekan2 sikit bagi mampat and tak crumbly. Bake for 30 minutes and then cool completely in the pan.
-Bila dah sejuk, bolehlah masuk fridge dulu utk bagi dia firm sikit so senang nak potong. Kalau tak kisah the muesli a bit crumbly, boleh aje terus potong after dia dah cool down.

Ini after it's been baked, tapi terbrown sikit sebab terlupa nak keluarkan from the oven, hehehe

-Put the slice in airtight container so boleh lah tahan for a week. Maybe kalau kat M'sia, you might need to put it in the fridge kot sebab kat M'sia humid sikit.

p/s maybe if you want, you can try adding peanut butter to the butter mixture so jadi lagi sedap. I tak akan buat the peanut butter version sebab kesian kat Miss 5. But sure sedap kan dengan peanut butter sebab lemak masin and manis semua cukup, hehehehe.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I had a funny dream last nite. I dreamt that I was in Malaysia and suddenly my sister, Along, said to me, "eh, cepatlah, mana barang2 we all yang you bawak from Oz?". Along ni memang macamni, kalau I balik M'sia for hols, the list of things that she wants me to get for her kadang2 panjang berjela but ada lah a few things yang memang tak boleh tinggal kena belikan for her or else surenya dia akan merajuk panjang, hehehe...

So, anyway, in that dream, I pun pergilah masuk bilik to get their presents and then this was where things went funny/strange. Dalam bilik I tu cuma ada 2 suitcases aje and medium size pulak tu. People who know me and yang memang selalu ditugaskan ambil I kat KLIA will find this very funny as well. Sepanjang2 I bermastautin kat OZland ni and setiap kali I balik M'sia for holidays, I memang tak kan travel light at all. We will always have with us, 2 big suitcases, sometimes 1 big and 2 medium sized suitcases, 1 big box of goodies and 2/3 big handluggage! Ini when I'm travelling with the Little Misses aje without the Other Half. Kalau the Other Half ada sama, lagilah banyak barang yang we all bawak, hehehehehe.

Then, bila I bukak the suitcases, I found out yang I've forgotten to buy most of the things that Along asked me to buy and I've forgotten to pack a lot of things for the nieces. But this wasn't funny anymore, this was SCARY!!!!! You tau lah I kan, the Queen of lists, everything yang I nak beli or tasks to do will be listed down on my "to buy/to do" list and ticked off bila dah completed, so when I didn't buy the things that they asked for in my dream, surelah way scary and panicky for me kan. Kira dah bertukar jadi nightmare lah kan, hahahahahaha......

So, when I woke up, phew.... lega rasa hati sebab it was just a dream/nightmare and I know I can still rely on my lists :-). Mahal2 beli tickets kapal terbang and then tertinggal all the presents, tension lah kan! Hehehehe....;-).

Anyway, back to our dinner tonite. I made Phad Thai which is lebih kurang kuey teow goreng lah but Thai version. I dah berapa kali masak Phad Thai ni, either guna ready made phad thai paste or guna paste buat sendiri but so far tak pernah sesedap kat kedai :-(. But the last time I ate Phad Thai kat kedai was when we were in Adelaide so lama giler lah and probably I've forgotten how it taste like, hehehe. Phad Thai yang I buat entah lah macam takde Ooomph pulak nya. it's just 'ok' not great.......... See, banyak gak dishes yang I tak tau masal actually and tak reti2 nak masak, wehehehehe.....

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

You know Autumn is already here when it's so cold when you wake up in the morning but very hot during the day. Macam hari ni, it was quite chilly masa nak bangun pagi tadi, rasa tak nak keluar dari the nice warm shower aje, hehehe. When the Other Half keluar rumah to catch the bus at 6.45 pagi tadi pun still sejuk lagi. But bila dah tengah hari, it went up to 36C which was really dry and hot! Masa I nak pergi ambil the Little Misses from school tadi, the temperature in the car was 42C, unbelievable kan! Teruslah I switched on the aircond full blast, hehehe. Pagi2 keluar pakai jacket, bila matahari naik aje, terus tukar ke singlet and short skirts ;-). Pagi2 bertutup litup, bila tengah hari seksi meksi, wehehehe.... (don't get me wrong, I wasn't talking about me! :-)). Takde hal I nak keluar pakai singlet and short skirt :P.

So, macam biasa bila panas2 ni kurang sikit kerajinan nak masak. And bila rasa malas nak masak, for surelah I akan masak western food. But dalam malas2 tu pun, sempat gak lah buat 'naked sausages' :-). Nama aje glamour but actually it's burger meat but I buat bentuk panjang2 sebab nak makan dengan sausage buns, wahahaha. And bila I buat banyak2, tinggal freeze aje daging burger yang dah di grilled tu so next time bila I malas lagi, tinggal thaw and reheat dlm microwave aje, senang kan! Even the Other Half boleh 'masak' lepas ni kalau I tengah malas, hahahahahaha........

Monday, 9 March 2009

Pokok cili api I dah berbuah but pokok cili api ni jenis lain sikit, Afrika mari (well I guess dr sana sbb nama dia pun dari sana). Pokok dia tak banyak daun langsung, kalau bandingkan dengan pokok chili thai I yg panjang2 tu. Nak kata tak subur, banyak jugak buah yang keluar tapi memang pelik sangat rupa dia. Ke memang pokok cili api rupa macam ni ye? I ni punyalah dah lama tak makan chili api and tak tengok rupa pokok chili api, sampai lupa macam mana rupa nya, hehehe. Chili thai I yang panjang2 buah nya tu semua tunduk pandang ke bawah ikut gravity but chili api ni, sebab kecik kot, mengadap langit pulak dia ye :-).

The Other Half and I tak sanggup lagi nak rasa kepedasan cili api ni. Dua2 takut weh nak rasa, hahahaha...... Walaupun we all makan pedas tapi sebab kan dah lama sangat tak makan cili api, memang rasanya lidah tak boleh tahan pedasnya. I kena tunggu buat sambal belacan or masak lemak cili api baru lah boleh rasa pedas ke tidak. But the Other Half tak makan sambal belacan nor masak lemak cili api ni so I kena tunggu jemput orang lain datang rumah lah ye baru boleh masak cili ni.

Psst... Sheri n Salina, bila nak datang rumah I? Boleh kita main masak2 sama2 masak lemak cili api and sambal belacan ni, hehehe.... I tak berani makan sorang2, sure nya akan ceret beret sebab pedas sangat, pastu surenya kena gelak dengan the Other Half nanti sebab konon2 berani makan cili api, wahahahaha......

Sunday, 8 March 2009

What do you do when your neighbour gives you food yang memang langsung tak kena kat tekak you? We've got a really nice and friendly Afghani family who's been our neighbour for the last year and a half. We all tak lah rapat sangat dengan diaorang but kalau jumpa akan bertegur sapa and kadang2 tu bertukar2 dishes and cakes and desserts. And dah a few times jugak lah they gave us this rice dessert ala2 kheer (Indian rice pudding) and their version of pilafi and meat kofta.

Maybe sebab my palate dah biasa dengan kari and beriani yang so full of rempah ratus and dengan santan and pedas. So, bila makan kari and beriani Afghani style yang memang takde chilli and takde rempah ratus sangat2, terasa lah hambar nya. Diaorang memang tak makan chilli langsung so tu yang kari dia tak spicy enough for us :-). Selalunya we all akan tambah our own kari or sambal to the pilaf that they gave us daripada terbuang aje kan, hehehe. And the rice pudding pulaknya, ada rasa macam kurang sikit, macam tak cukup susu or something like that. And neither the Other Half nor I minat sangat kat rice pudding ni. The first few times, we all makan lah jugak the rice pudding tu a bit. But bila dah selalu sangat dapat, tak larat dah nak makan. Last week we got 1 big container of it and sampai sekarang masih ada lagi dalam fridge tu tak bersentuh sikit pun! I should go and check kan to see whether it's still edible or not, hehehe......

I'm not saying yang apa diaorang masak tu tak sedap, cuma tak kena dengan our tekak aje. Most probably the food that we gave them pun agaknya tak kena jugak dengan tekak diaorang kan and entah2 masuk Cik Tong jugak, hahahaha...... It's the same with the food I cook, for us, kena sangat lah dengan tekak we all but ramai yang tak gemar langsung tengok our food sebab memang tak kena dengan their taste. Tu yang kadang2 bila I make or bake something for others, rasa takut jugak kalau tak dimakan and terus masuk tong sampah, hehehe.

So, macam mana ye nak buat dengan our neighbours ni? I memang lah tak kan sampai hati ever to tell them that we don't want their food. Yang boleh we all buat setakat ni cuma accept their food gracefully and put it in the fridge aje and wait for it to become inedible naturally, hahaha...

Probably if I give them our dinner tonite, they will straight away throw it into Cik Tong. Even the Little Misses tak gemar the dinner I made for the Other Half and I, I made a completely different set of dinner for the Little Misses :-).

This was our dinner, spaghetti marinara while the Little Misses had meatball wrap. Nasib baik weekend so bolehlah Mummy jadi restaurant cooking different food :-). Tak ramai rasanya yang minat spaghetti marinara ni compared to spaghetti bolognese, hehehe....

Ini pulak the muesli slice that I've baked every weekend since school started. Kiranya untuk snacks for the Little Misses and the Other Half during recess and at work. Kalau dulu, I selalu aje beli muesli bars for the Little Misses for school but since I've found out yang it's so easy to make them at home, I've been making them myself. And I can put whatever cereal and nuts and dried fruits I like in them. Setiap Monday, the Other Half will take a container of muesli slice to work and he'll go through them during the week. Tak payah kah dia susah payah keluar to the shops to buy snacks and munchies bila dah ada muesli slice ni. Bolehlah I use the money saved to buy something else kan, hehehehehe....... ;-).

Saturday, 7 March 2009

I'm still thinking of what to buy for the 100 000th visitor, ye lah, citarasa orang kan lain2, kalau sama dengan citarasa I senang lah sikit I nak membeli kan hadiah nya. Tapi kalau totally the opposite, susah wei nak cari idea ni :-). So, tadi pergi shopping konon2nya nak window shop for ideas. Yang best nya, Miss 9 and I walked to the shopping mall from our house, rasa best aje dapat buat extra exercise ni, hehehe. Miss 5 ikut Daddy dia to the city so tu yg only Miss 9 and I aje gi walking. Hari ni Miss 5 buat Father-Daughter bonding while Miss 9 pulak buat Mother-Daughter bonding session. But bukannya jauh mana pun, about 25 minutes of slow walking dengan 1 stop halfway at the Council's pond to look at the black swans, dah sampai depan pintu the mall. Walaupun dekat, jarang betul we all walked to the shops ni, lagi senang drive ye tak :-). But it was such fantastic weather pagi tadi, sunny and bright but with gorgeous breeze so memanglah tak berpeluh langsung. So, kalau tak berpeluh, did I burn any calories from the walk or not? Hmmmm....... Pastu balik from the shops, I suruh The Other Half jemput we all kat the shops, tak larat lah nak jalan balik dengan all the shopping bags tu, wehehehe.....

Miss 5 waiting for her babychinno at the coffee shop with Daddy.

Miss 9 berlatarbelakang kan the black swans and the pond.

But bila dah sampai the shops, and masih ada lagi saki baki end of Summer sale, sure lah akan 'ter'beli a few things jugak kan. And termasuk pulak kat pintu yang dekat dengan Pumpkin Patch shop and 'ter'tengok pulak banner 'UP TO 70% OFF SALE' kat window that shop. So, kaki ni pun 'ter'pusing lah ke arah kedai tu, macam ada magnet aje kat kedai tu tadi, hehehehe... And dapatlah a few things for the Little Misses. But memang murah habis tadi, I got a pair of jeans 2 gorgeous tops for them for $35. Bila ada sale aje lah baru I beli stuff kat Pumpkin Patch ni :-).

Bila dah banyak sgt window shopping, banyak pulak ideas yang masuk on what to buy as the gift. But bila dah banyak sangat ideas, sampai tak tau pulak yang mana satu I want to choose, hehehe.... Apalah kan! No, don't suggest, belilah semua nya, I ni memang bukan lah millionaire :P ( I wish though :-)). Takpe, kita tengok dulu sape yang visitor bertuah tu, then only I'll buy the gift according to citarasa pemenang tu kan :-).

This was our dinner tonite. I know it looks like breakfast food but we had it for dinner. I still malas nak masak and the Little Misses and The Other Half are very happy to have croissants, scrambled eggs, sausages and smoked salmon for dinner. Seronok lah I tak payah susah2 masak kan :-).

Friday, 6 March 2009

Dah nak makin cecah 100 000 dah makin malas pulak nak mengupdate :-). Actually, the Other Half and I have been feeling under the weather for the past few days, tu yang bila malam aje rasa penat sangat and tak larat. The Other Half masih lagi teruk with coughs and sinus problems and fever. I cuma kena sipi2 aje the colds so masih lah boleh masak and gi kerja and uruskan the Little Misses :-), SuperMom kan, hehehe.... But The Other Half pun kiranya ada super power macam I jugak lah kan sebab still lagi pergi kerja and bagi lectures and seminar hari2 walaupun tak larat nak keluar suara. Husband and wife ada super power, hahahaha, ;-). Boleh join The Incredibles!

Speaking of seminars, the Other Half had to give a presentation this morning. And biasalah culture orang sini, macam kat M'sia jugak, the presenters selalunya dapat token of appreciation from people yang menjemput penceramah tu kan (well, on top of the presenter's fees :-)). Kalau kat M'sia, penceramah kadang2 dpt hampers hadiah or dpt mugs ke or dpt macam2 lah kan. Kat sini, the usual gift is a bottle of wine! So far, since last year, adalah lebih kurang 10 bottles of wine yang The Other Half dah dapat as gifts. Every time dia dapat the wine, tak kan lah dia nak tolak depan2 ramai2 orang tu kan, so selalunya he just smiles and accept aje lah all the bottles. And some of the wine, bukannya jenis yang murah2 pulak tu, yang mahal gak.

Setiap kali dia dapat wine as gifts, tension aje we all sebab bukannya we all boleh minum, rugi betul lah kan! Kalau dapat hamper chocolates ke, expensive cookies and nuts ke, even mugs sempoi aje pun best lah kan, bolehlah we all kenyang melantak the food and guna the mugs. Ini dapat wine, nak buat apa kan! Dulu masa tinggal kat Adelaide, bolehlah we all bagi all the wine gifts to The Other Half's parents so tak lah terbuang macam tu aje. At least diaorang appreciate lah jugak dapat free wine, hehehe. Sekarang ni, nasib baik lah business partner The Other Half ni bukan non-drinker so untung lah dia, tak payah lagi susah payah beli stock wine for her house. Dapat supply from the Other Half. Nak buat macam mana, dah culture kat sini kan bagi hadiah macam tu :-).

Patutnya tukar2 lah kan, kejap bagi wine, kejap bagi expensive chocolates, kejap bagi shopping voucher ke, baru lah best, hehehe..... Baru lah I boleh join sama2 mendapat manfaat from the gifts ye tak :-). Especially kalau dapat shopping voucher, tak tidur malam agaknya I asik memikirkan apa yang nak di beli kat kedai tu, wahkahkahkahkah........

Sorry lah, malam ni takde gambar dinner sebab I memang malas sgt2 and penat sgt2 nak masak..... :-).

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

I've got a very loyal follower of my blog who's been asking me for presents everytime he reaches a significant number and he's been sending me emails to prove that (well, 2 emails so far :-)). Yang heran nya, pandai pulak dia macam tau tau aje nak dapat those numbers. Either he's very lucky or he rigged the numbers to suit him ;-). And he's been telling me yang he'll try his best to be the lucky 100 000th visitor. Dia kata, if he has to hit the refresh button 10 000 times, he would do it just so he could get a present from me. Best sangat ke dapat hadiah dari I ni?

This is the first one he sent me. Lepas he sent me this one, setiap kali asik tanya, bila dia nak dapat hadiah and if was going to put this picture up on my blog. Bila I kata, mahap lah nak bagi dia hadiah and bukannya cantik sangat pun nombor tu to put it up on my blog, terus dia merajuk, hehehehe.

Yang ni pulak, he sent it to me this morning. Pastu, sampai naik kebas telinga I asik kena tanya bila nak letak picture ni on my blog. So, tu yang I letak lah jugak malam ni as the main entry (sebenarnya tak tau nak cerita pasal apa malam ni, tu yang I letak this pictures, hahahaha). So, hopefully he's satisfied that I've put these 2 photos up tonite and stop asking me already!

Kalau ada yang tertanya2 sapelah 'stalker' blog I ni, sape lagi kalau bukan my husband dearest! Wehehehehe :-). Yang I heran nya, asik tanya pasal hadiah aje, padahal I dah masak best2 untuk dia every nite kan, cukup lah tu, betul tak? ;-). Sikit nya happy ke dia that he got to be the 80 000th and the 90 000th visitor, apa lah hubby I tu, hehehe.

But please Dear, don't you dare hit the refresh button 10 000 times just so you could be the 100 000th visitor. We Malays call it, 'tak aci' lah, and you Mat Salehs call it 'not fair' :-). Let someone else get to be the 100 000th visitor alright! Sebab that number is so momentous that whoever gets to be that visitor will definitely receive something from me.

So, ingat ye, if you are the 100 000th visitor, do take a photo of it and send it to me and I'll send something to you. Rasa macam best aje kan bila your blog's visitors dah reached that number, hehehehe......

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I was talking dengan The Other Half tadi about the food I cooked. I think ramai kot yang perasan that our food involves loads of cheese weekly. Kadang2 I pun rasa jemu sebab balik2 masak dinner, mesti ada cheese, in any shape, way or form. Most of the western meals that I cooked, mesti dikaitkan dengan cheese masa nak makan. The Other half said, dah tekak dia memang leaning towards western food yang bercheese, kalau hari2 makan cheese pun dia tak kisah, nak buat macam mana kan. And I pulaknya, selalu masak food yang dia minat so obviously lah I akan masak a lot of food yang ada cheese kan (terperasan kejap jadi isteri mithali, hehehe).

So, my question is.... How come, bila girls/females kahwin or cohabitate dengan their partners, most of the time they tend to cook what their partners like to eat? Kenapa kita tak selalu masak makanan yang kita minat ye? Like me, I love noodles, I can eat it everyday but The Other Half tak suka noodles so memang jarang lah I masak noodles ni. And I selalu tunggu dia pergi outstation baru lah I masak the food that I like for me. Is it sebab tekak kita boleh terima/ adapt to different kinds of food more readily than our male counterparts so kita tak kisah makan apa apa aje for our meals?

For me, I know kalau I masak benda2 yang I minat, most probably The Other Half and The Little Misses won't eat that food that much, so wasted aje lah kan kalau I sorang aje yang akan makan. Tekak diaorang ni westernised sikit, hehehe. So, tu yang I lebih rela masak apa yang diaorang suka and I just makan aje apa yang ada dari masak 2- 3 different types of food every day, tak sanggup I! Nampak sgt lebih malas dari rajin, hahahahahaha.......

So, back to our dinner tonite, biasalah kan, mesti ada cheese. Malam ni I buat meatballs with pasta and salut dengan cheese. How to diet macam ni kan! ;-). The fact that I haven't put on so much weight from eating cheese every day tu dah kira bagus lah kan, hehehehe.....

And, on a completely different matter.....

Do you think this is child abuse or child neglect? Instead of tolong dia keluar dari lobang tu, sempat lagi Mummy ambil gambar dia, wahhahahahaha..... But sorry lah ye gambar dia seksi meksi sikit. So kalau ada yang offended tengok gambar2 macam ni, sila pergi ke blog lain ye......

Alah bukannya sakit pun, sempat lagi tu gelak2 sama2 dgn we all, hehehehe.....

Monday, 2 March 2009

Mentang2 lah hari ni cuti, bangun pagi tadi terus rajin masuk dapur. Sebelum pukul 8 pagi tadi, dah start on kan the bread machine. Kopi pun tak minum lagi dah start buat roti, hehehe. lepas lepak2 kejap minum kopi, sambung pulak buat apple crumble pie sebab nak menghabiskan stock apples yang dah macam rupa kulit nenek kebayan, all wrinkly :-). Tengah buat apple pie tu terfikir pulak kat stock white chocolates yang berlambak2 dlm fridge. Miss 9 loves anything chocolate so buatkan lah dia white chocolate fudge cake since she doesn't like apple pie. Macam mana nak diet ni kan, bila cuti aje and bila rajin tengah melanda, sampai 2 desserts I buat, hahaha. Tapi takpe, bukan selalu pun rajin buat segala benda macam ni . By 12 o'clock, I've made bread n bread rolls, apple crumble pie and white choc fudge cake, kalah bakery, wahahahaha.......

Then lepas lepak2 after Zuhur, I masuk kitchen balik sebab nak buatkan sausage rolls for the Little Misses' lunches at school. Alah, bukan susah pun buat nya, as long as ada sausages and puff pastry, senang banget nak membuatnya :-). So, kiranya my oven memang sentiasa 'on' lah hari ni from morning to petang, penat weh dia!

Dah siap buat sausage rolls, sambung pulak dengan dinner. Nasib baik lah cuma dinner hot dog n salad n chips aje. Bread rolls for the hot dog tu yang I made pagi tadi so dinner tadi tinggal masak the sausages and buat chips aje.
Sausage rolls utk school lunches. Sekali buat cukup utk seminggu nya lunches, tak payah pening2 fikir nak prepare their lunches at nite, hehehehe...

Ini lah apple crumble pie. It's apple pie but with crumble on top so tu yg jadi apple crumble pie. Makan pulak dengan vanilla ice cream, memang tak ingat kat diet n Maya langsung, hahaha....

Baru teringat yang I terlupa nak ambil gambar the cake but malas pulak nak masuk dapur dah just to take some photos, hehehe.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

I love long weekend just sebab I can relax a lot more on Sunday knowing that I don't have to rush like a headless chook on Monday. Esok is a public holiday kat WA ni for Labour Day. Kat Australia ni, every state has their own different Labour Day holiday, apa lah kan! Sepatutnya long weekend macam ni lah masa yang paling best nak pergi jalan2 makan angin kan but too many things to do at home and too lazy as well to drive, hehehe. Kalau keluar jalan2, duit pun keluar jugak kan so better lah stay at home and simpan duit tu ;-). Nak bercuti ke M'sia end of this year pun sure lah nak pakai banyak duit jugak kan....

And semalam pun dah keluar banyak duit sbb hantar the car for its 6 monthly service. On top of the normal service, we had to replace the brake and all its system sebab dah 40 000 kms. Sejak beli memang tak pernah berganti the brake. And services kat sini memang lah mahal nya banding dengan M'sia sebab just a normal service with a few replacement cost us $400 and nak replace the brake tu cost us another $1k, mahal giler kan! I think if we shop around we can get a cheaper price but takde masa nak shop around and we like sending the car to a certified Holden mechanic. Zafira tu lah satu2nya our car so we really have to look after it really well. Kalau rosak, memang patah kaki sangat2 lah we all ni, hehehe. Macam mana nak hantar the Little Misses to school without a car kan. But it's quite funny, walaupun Zafira ni Holden make tapi tak banyak on the road. Tak tau lah kenapa tak ramai orang yang suka beli this car even though it's a good car. Sebab jarang jumpa this car on the road, bila ternampak another Zafira car while I'm driving around, kadang2 rasa macam nak lambai aje to the other driver sbb so excited to see them, wahahaha..... Nampak kereta pun boleh excited :P.

Since we didn't go anywhere today, apa lagi, we spent the whole day doing household chores lah. Kemas lah sikit rumah ni for a while :-). And to motivate ourselves to kemas rumah, I made pancakes for breakfast pagi tadi (well, bukan nya pagi pun, pukul 10 tadi baru nak bfast, hehehe).

I had my pancake with poached pear and maple syrup. Perasan on diet sekejap sebab makan fruit for bfast ;-).

Ini pulak our high tea tadi sebab busy mengemas rumah sampai tak sempat nak buat lunch. So, terus lah buat high tea and malam ni tinggal makan supper aje. Buat apa nak menyusahkan diri kan, hehehe.....

Makisushi with 3 different fillings (Mummy tengah rajin :-)). Crabstick spring rolls, fried noodles with grilled chicken. Banyak betul makizushi yang I buat tadi, memang enough lah for lunch sekali esok. Miss 5 tadi terus tanya, "did you make smoked salmon sushi?". Hish anak I tu, tekak high class sikit, wahkahkahkah......