Sunday, 30 June 2013

Our weekend away

The weekend is over and everyone of us survived it unscathed Open-mouthed smile.

What did we do this weekend?

We drove down to Bunbury to meet up with Nana and Pop aka my in laws.

And we stayed overnight there at the same caravan park as them (but different cabin lah obviously!).

They slept in their caravan and we slept in a cabin about 100 metres away which made everyone happy.

But we did spend the whole Saturday until after dinner and Sunday morning till lunch time together so that was fun.

Pagi2 morning around 8 we all dah bertolak dari rumah and it took us nearly 2 hours to get there. Bunbury ni tak jauh, cuma around 180kms aje from here.

Sampai aje kat Bunbury, we checked in and beramah mesra bertukar berita sebab dah bertahun2 tak jumpa kan.

Nana and Pop were so amazed to see how tall Miss 14 has grown and Miss 9 nearly reaching Nana’s height Smile.

Then, we spent the rest of the morning in Bunbury being tourists.

So layan lah ye gambar2 yang I ambik semalam and hari ni.

This was our cabin.


Kecik aje but ada 2 separate rooms, a lounge+ dining area with a big TV (which was important so dapatlah we all tengok the live rugby game between Wallabies and the British Irish Lions on Saturday night tu).

And also a kitchenette which was also important sebab dapatlah I panaskan the lasagne I lovingly made on that Friday and brought there to have for dinner on that Saturday night.

And ini pulak Nana and Pop’s pop-top caravan.


They have a ute to tow the caravan. Memang lengkap lah ada everything in it.

2 single beds, a kitchen area, a dining area and plenty of cupboard space to stow all their belongings.

And ini pulak another type of cabin found there, the A-frames which can sleep 6 people.

Siap ada staircase naik ke loft lagi!


Sangat comel kan!

And finally….

gambar the girls and their Nana and Pop.


And then off to Bunbury centre we went.

We climbed on to the top of the Marlston Hill Lookout tower and took loads of photos of the surrounding areas.







Then we went to the Mangrove walk.

Where they pretended to be in the Titanic Smile



Then we went back to the caravan park and spent the rest of the day having fun playing mini golf and the bouncy pillow.

18-holes mini golf you! Penat main! Hahahaha….




and bercamwhoring as usual Smile with tongue out.


But the most fun we had was on the giant bouncy pillow.

Which is a bit like a trampoline but shaped like a pillow so memang akan tergolek2 to the bottom nya!


Our multiple attempts at synchronised star jumping which failed miserably, hahahaha…..





So, that was our weekend.

It was fun, just like The Other Half said Smile.

Nana and Pop will be staying at the caravan park until Friday so they could continue visiting Bunbury and surrounding areas, then they’ll head to Perth to see us again.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sweets I love

Thank you everyone for the kata2 peransang Smile.

I know I have so many flaws and shortfalls and I need to change my behaviours first for the better before expecting anyone else to change.

Kalau I pun perangai tak semenggah, tak boleh lah kan nak expect orang lain jadi perfect, hehehehe…

I kena think positively then everything will be smooth sailing kan Smile.

If nothing goes as planned, I always have these babies to turn to at night….



Nasib baik lah bulan Ramadhan is just around the corner kan….

Or else memang akan jadi tong dram lah I kalau melantak benda2 ni tiap2 malam, hehehe….

Since The Other Half is home from Sydney already, malam ni I masak food yang dah lama we all tak makan.

I made seared tuna, teriyaki chicken, stir-fried veges to be had with japanese rice.


The seasoend seaweed I beli.



Untuk the girls, I made crabstick and chicken maki sushi sebab diaorang lagi suka makan sushi gulung2 Smile.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Photo-less entry

I sekarang tengah takde mood nak update blog….

Sebab tengah busy….

Tengah busy berdoa banyak2 hari supaya….

I dapat diberikan kesabaran yang maha tinggi sebab I ni sangat lah kurang bab2 sabar ni….

I dapat diberikan ketenangan yang amat dalam sebab I ni kadang2 cepat sentap…..

(bak kata The Other Half, I purposely choose to misunderstand things…).

I dapat cari gam gajah/ gam UHU yang paling kuat supaya I dapat tampal senyuman di muka 24 jam….

I dapat menzip mulut I dari berkata2….

I dapat cari daun keladi so I boleh guna macam dalam perumpamaan ‘mencurah air di daun keladi’ but dalam kes I ni bukan air lah……

I pun tengah busy gaduh2 berdiskus dengan The Other Half pasal makanan….

Sebab banyak benda yang tak boleh dimakan…..

Nak start tanam and bela from scratch, tak sempat membesar rasanya, hehehehe……..

Hujung minggu ni we all nak pergi ber’cuti’ berjumpa mereka half-way….

Seperti kata The Other Half, “it should be fun!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Simple dinner

When he’s not around, either I’ll cook something that I really really mengidam or I cook something that I know the girls will like.

Selalunya makanan yang I mengidam tu leceh sikit lah nak masak and requires planning like buying the ingredients beforehand, preparing the ingredients beforehand…..

Tu yang bila mood malas masak melanda, I lagi suka masak apa yang the girls like sebab what they like to eat are usually so simple to cook, hehehe.

Like tonight’s dinner….

I had no idea what to make for dinner until it’s nearly 5 o’clock.

Akhirnya I ended up making pizza for them because I know they love it.

But instead of the usual cheesy pizza yang membuatkan tekak I kembang everytime I had to make it, I made something different.

I made mince meat and caramelised onion pizza.

Not much cheese on the pizza at all! Smile.



First you saute the red onion in olive oil until it’s cooked.

Then add the mince meat, diced garlic, a bit of coriander powder, cumin powder and paprika.

Cook until the mince in brown.

Add a tablespoon of tomato paste and salt and pepper to taste.

Stir until  the paste is well mixed.


Then, scatter the mince meat mixture onto the uncooked pizza dough. Top with a bit of mozzarella cheese.

Bake it in the oven until the dough is cooked and the cheese has melted.


Kalau nak lagi sedap, you can crumble some feta cheese on top.

But knowing my girls, they wont touch the feta at all so baik lah tak payah letak.

And what did I have for dinner?

Hot milo and Jacobs cream crackers.

Sangat lah nikmatnya! hahahaha

Monday, 24 June 2013

When there’s only you

Esok pagi2 I kena tinggal lagi…

The Other Half will be flying off to Sydney for 1 night. He’ll be back late on Wednesday night.

So far, kalau dia kena pergi outstation interstates or overseas I tak pernah ikut lagi…

Susah nak ikut bila budak2 dah sekolah ni.

Especially when one of them is already in high school.

Susah lah sikit nak ponteng2 aje kan.

Kalau nak tinggal kan diaorang, sape yang nak tolong jagakan…

One of the drawbacks bila you tercampak jauh dari family….

Takde sedara mara dekat2 nak mintak tolong jaga anak2 for a night or two…..

So, the parents can pergi honeymooning again…..

Nak pergi date for a few hours pun susah, lagi lah nak pergi honeymoon overnight kan!

Kena tunggu the girls dah over 18, baru lah kot we can go honeymoon again, hahahahahaha…..

On Wednesday night pulak, Miss 14 ada event in the city so I have to send her to the city (by train) along with Miss 9 sekali.

Then I’ll come home straight away with Miss 9 since she cant stay up that late or else esoknya tak bangun lah dia nak gi sekolah.

And luckily, one of the parents is willing to send Miss 14 home so tak payahlah I risau macam mana nak ambil Miss 14 from the city malam2 tu.

Kalau The Other Half ada, he’s usually the one who would accompany Miss 14 so I can stay home with Miss 9.

But we would rather bersusah payah just the four of us kat Perth ni dari balik Adelaide or balik Msia, hikhikhikhikhik……

Hati manyak senang duduk kat Perth Open-mouthed smile Winking smile.

Malam ni I malas masak so just masak chicken burger and fries.


The chicken burgers from a box and the fries from a packet.

I tinggal masak aje and buat salad Smile.


But konon nak bagi gourmet sikit, I made caramelised onion to go on the burger.


I made open faced burger for me sebab nak melantak fries banyak2 so kenalah kurangkan the carbs from the bread.

The fries pun we all masak kat actifry jugak and it tasted so darn good!

Just like goreng!

Tu yang I melantak tak hengat, hahahaha….

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fried food for dinner

Sejak beli the air fryer, boleh katakan tiap2 minggu The Other Half will request nak makan ayam ‘goreng’.

Dia memang suka makan ayam goreng especially yang goreng garing2 tu.

But I guess dia tau yang I malas sikit nak goreng ayam ni sebab minyak mercik2 satu dapur and bau ayam goreng menusuk2 satu rumah.

So, tu yang dia jarang mintak sebab kalau dia mintak ayam goreng, I akan masak ayam dalam oven.

Which is so tak sama kalau banding dgn ayam goreng lah kan, hehehe….

For dinner tadi, he requested to have ayam goreng with nasi goreng.


So, I pun dengan senang hati masak ayam goreng in the air fryer.

I masak sekilo lebih ayam pieces and cuma guna 1 tablespoon oil aje which I letak masa memerap ayam with all the other spices tu.


But ayam aje I goreng dlm airfryer, keropok still goreng kat kuali Smile.

The Other Half sibuk mulut dia berbunyi sambil makan…

this is really nice. It’s just unbelieavable that it’s not fried. It’s still so moist and juicy but tasted like fried. I would rather eat this than KFC anytime.”

Eh eh eleh, last time makan KFC masa kat KL, 2 months ago!

And the KFC chicken we had wasn’t nice at all, sangat berminyak and fatty…

So, obviously, ayam goreng airfryer ni memang lah lagi sedap sebab tak fatty and tak berminyak kan!



And sebab tak rasa guilt makan ayam goreng banyak2, I pun buatlah dessert yang fattening, hahahahaha…

I made choc and croissant bread and butter pudding.


Dengan eggs and cream used in the custard, pastu tabur choc chips lagi and then makan dengan vanilla ice cream….

Sama aje lemak dia kalau makan ayam goreng berketul2 kan!

Open-mouthed smile.