Thursday, 31 December 2009

Sayonara Malaysia and 2009

We are finally at the airport waiting for our flight to board. Flight pukul 6.30 petang tapi pukul 9 pagi dah keluar dari kampung. My Abah tanya apsal nak pergi pagi2 sangat padahal flight petang. I dengan tersenyum simpul pun berkata, “we all nak pegi shopping kat Midvalley buat kali terakhir before naik flight, hehehehe.” My Abah cuma boleh geleng kepala aje, wehehehe… Sempat lagi tu menghabiskan duit kat Jusco sebelum balik Perth! Ye lah, kita nak tolong menaikkan ekonomi M’sia kan, hehehehe ;-).

On the way to the airport, The Other half said to me, “Can you believe it that we’ve spent nearly 4 weeks in M’sia! It feels so short!” But both of us are happy to be going back home to Perth sebab even though we love our holidays, we did miss our house, our bed, our car, my kitchen (and all the gadgets :-)), and most importantly our coffee machine (hahahahaha). I told The Other Half, jangan pulak tetiba rindu kat kopi ais Mamak! The Little Misses pulak said they can’t wait to sleep in their own beds tonite and play with their toys again esok :-D. Luckily we can sleep in esok :-).

But before we can get to our house malam ni, we really really hope there’ll be taxis at the Perth airport. Sebabnya, it’s New Year’s Eve and obviously there’ll be so many people out tonight celebrating and drinking who’ll be requiring taxis too. Takut aje kena tunggu lama sangat kat airport tu before we could get a taxi home, sure penat giler The Little Misses kalau kena tunggu lama :-(. Dah lah nak go through Australian Customs pun akan ambik masa sikit nya lama sebab kena declare all the food, pastu kena tunggu lama for taxi…… Oh well, nak buat macam mana kan, dah balik New Year’s Eve….

Since the New Year is just around the corner,

We would to wish all of you readers of this blog, a very prosperous, productive and a very happy 2010. May what you wish for for the coming year comes true.

Hope I’ll be updating from Perth tomorrow night with a picture of our dinner. Hmm…dah lama tak masak dinner ni, I’m not sure if I know how to now, hahahahaha… But one thing I know for sure, we won’t be eating rice for at least 1 week! We all dah rindu kat western food (apart from KFC and McD lah), so most probably I’ll be cooking pizza kot tomorrow nite with loads and loads of cheese sudah semestinya :-D.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Continuation of our cuti2 KL

Dah nak dekat seminggu I tak update blog and The Other Half pun dah bising suruh I update (sebab dia kata, kesian kat the blog readers ternanti2 :-)). Dia yang hari2 bukak my blog pagi2 to see if there are any new comments or chats while I pulak tengah malas sangat2 nak tengok blog ni. Kalau ada new comments or chats, dialah yang akan bagitau I but everytime I asked him to tolong jawabkan the comments and chats on my behalf, dia gelak guling2 aje. Hehehehe….. :-).

I ni kan sekarang jenis yang kalau buat entry, sikitnya panjang I mengomel and mengarang cerita. So, bila terfikir yang kadang2 it might take me a looong time to tulis a few sentences, tu yg terus malas balik nak buat entry. Tak best pulak rasanya kalau takde cerita di sebalik all the photos kan ;-).

So, where did I stop last time? Oh ye, our stay at Duta Vista kan. Anyway, we were quite disappointed with that hotel. The only good bit was, it had 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Patutlah it was really cheap for an apartment. The service was horrendous especially when it comes to towels and toiletries. I thought semua hotel or self serviced appartments ada sediakan toiletries kan, but at this place, diaorang cuma sediakan sabun aje. And then, don’t get me going on the towels! Towels dia very very threadbare, kalau I letak kat depan lampu, sure boleh nampak bayang kat belakang dia! Dah lah very threadbare, pastu we didn’t have any towels for about 5 hours kot even though dah 2-3 kali we all called to ask for them. I had to go down to reception to complain, baru lah dapat towels.

Then, we had a change of plan requiring us to extend our stay there for 1 night. So, The Other Half went to the Night Manager to ask if we could extend for 1 night. The Night Manager said yes and even told us yang it’s confirmed. But the next morning, I asked The Other Half to reconfirmed our bookings and surprise surprise, the Day Manager kata, we can’t extend our stay sebab their rooms are fully booked! And he had no idea what the Night Manager did telling us our extension was confirmed. Punyalah menyinga I masa tu, geram giler2 with the service. But The Other Half kata, tak guna mengamuk kat diaorang sebab there’s nothing to be achieved. The only thing we can do is to permanently put a black mark against that hotel and not to go there ever again. My hubby ni memang macam tu, malas nak menyinga unlike the wife ni, hehehehe…. We just checked out without saying anything in the end.

Dah lah service dia really bad, pastu kitchen dia ada cockroaches and the bathrooms banyak bugs pulak tu!!! Eeeekkkkk……..

And then, my sister came to the rescue. She managed to secure a room for us (via rellies and cable pulling :-)) at Darby Park Suites which was 100X better than Duta Vista. Nice towels, nice service, nice toiletries :-). We had such a wonderful time there that we stayed there for 2 nights, hehehehe…. And breakfast was also included in the room rate which was great (unlike Duta Vista!). Pastu boleh jalan kaki aje pulak tu ke KLCC and ke kedai roti canai :-D.

So, next time we all balik M’sia, I think we’ll definitely stay there again kot sebab it was right smack in the middle of everything instead of kat tengah2 hutan belantara tu….

Layan lah some photos of us kat Darby Park and also at Pavillion (bukan nak bershopping, tapi cuma parking and makan aje kat situ, hehehe).



I told you, we like it so much, kat dalam bilik pun sempat lagi berposing tu, hahahahaha….. Mengabadikan kenangan bercoti2 kan (and mengabadikan kenangan pipi I bagai di pam2 dgn pam basikal!). Takpe, The Other Half kata azam tahun baru ni is to lose weight. Sebab dia kata balik M’sia ni semua orang dah gained weight except Miss 10. We’ll see how long that will last for, hehehehehe……



Orang lain pun beria2 ambik gambar depan Pavillion, we all pun tak ketinggalan lah jugak :-).


Ini pulak, at KLCC food court while waiting for Asilah and family to come.


the 2 families without the hubbies who had to be the cameramen that day. Memang terasa macam celebrities aje kat food court tu masa tu sebab 2 cameras ber klik2 non stop, wakakakaka…

Thanks ye Asilah sbb sudi jumpa I n family .

Lepas tu kan, masa I and Asilah dah habis bersalam2an kat depan escalator to get back home, ada 1 lady ni datang tegur I kata dia kenal I n family sebab kadang2 singgah ke my blog. Termalu I kat situ sekejap, hehehe. The Other Half dah senyum2 sinis aje kat I masa tu. Thank you so much ye to this lady (maaf ye sebab I betul2 lupa nama you) sebab sanggup tegur I. Lepas tu The Other Half tanya I, “Do you feel famous suddenly?” I gelak aje dengar soalan cepumas dia tu, ada ke tanya that silly question, hahahaha.

And thank you to Wan Razihan n family sebab sudi datang jenguk we all kat Ijok on Saturday. Berjumpa juga kita akhirnya ye, hehehe.

And for the next few days before balik ke kampung Perth this Thursday, we all akan lepak2 aje lah kat Ijok ni. Nak bagi chance kat Atuk and Nenek main dengan cucus puas2 sebab entah bila nak jumpa lagi kan :-).

And to everyone yang letak comments kat my previous entries, minta maaf banyak2 sebab tak sempat jawab your comments lagi ye. I will answer them slowly, don’t worry, hehehe. And to everyone who wished us a Happy Anniversary, thank you so much. We hope every one of your doas will come true, insyaAllah….

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Forgotten anniversary and cuti2 KL

It was quite funny what happened semalam. We had to rush out from Kampung before 7 o’clock in the morning sebab nak ikut adik pergi kerja. And in that rush, I totally forgot 1 important thing. Bila dah sampai KL and while waiting for the LRT to take us to KLCC, The Other Half suddenly turned around and looked at me and said, “Happy Anniversary Dear! Ha Ha… I remembered first and you’ve forgotten.…” Oops, I can’t believe it that I totally forgot it was our 14th anniversary yesterday, hehehe. I pun cepat2 cover line told him yang I didn’t forget but didn’t have the chance to tell him first aje because of the rush, hahaha… I guess when you are on holidays and your lives are not dictated by the calendars and the dates, you tend to forget what day it is and what date it is kan :-). And then bila dah capai dua angka tu, lagilah makin asik terlupa kot ;-).

But we didn’t do anything special for our anniversary apart from taking this cosy family holiday in KL. We went to KLCC yesterday and The Other Half took The Little Misses into Petrosains but I just lepak2 kat the foodcourt aje :-). After going to Petrosains every year we all balik M’sia, dah malas I nak jenguk masuk, hehehe. And it’s been nice to just vegetate around the pool with a good book while The Little Misses tire themselves out swimming!

Luckily lah we all pergi KLCC tu pagi2 buta (well, tak lah pagi sangat but pagi lah jugak when semua kedai belum bukak lagi except the food shops). We didn’t even bother nak menanya about the tickets to the bridge sebab malas nak menunggu. By the time, The Little Misses and The Other Half keluar dari Petrosains tu at 1 o’clock, punyalah ramai nya manusia tengah queue up nak masuk situ. We were lucky we got there at 9.30 on the dot so tak lah ramai lagi manusia masa tu, hehehe. But definitely it was sebab school holidays tu yang jadi penuh sangat2. KLCC semalam pun penuh dengan manusia.

Layan a few photos of us during our cuti2 KL.


Mat Saleh laki I ni kan a bit awestruck with the monorail. Ye lah, kat Perth mana ada benda ni kan so tu yang kat Stesen Kerinchi tu pun  still boleh ambik gambar lagi. Dah lah masa tu masih pagi2 morning lagi and penuh dengan commuters going to work. And muka the models semua masih monyok lagi sebab kena paksa bangun awal pagi tu :-). We all berempat memang nampak sangat macam tourists abis, wehehehe…


Kat dalam tren tu pun sempat lagi ambik gambar. Nasib baik lah orang M’sia ni memang dah biasa tengok Mat Saleh buat perangai pelik2 ni kan so one more Mat Saleh pelik didn’t make them bat their eyelids, hehehe


Another photo taken at Petrosains. Punyalah banyak gambar The Little Misses kat Petrosains ni sebab boleh kata every year we all pergi, hehehe.




Some photos by the pool…

Monday, 21 December 2009

Berjumpa kawan2

Hari ni since melepak2 aje kat rumah merelaxkan diri after 3 hari bercuti kat Melaka, I’ll post a few entries today.

It was such a privilege to have met up dengan a few cyber friends during cuti2 M’sia we all kali ni. Memang sangat2 terharu sebab diaorang sudi datang jumpa I and The Little Misses and The Other Half. Kenal pun kat alam cyber aje tapi bila dah jumpa macam dah kenal lama, boleh borak2 bagai :-). And biasalah kan, bloggers or cyber friends bila dah jumpa, kenalah ambil gambar sama2 so boleh letak kat blog, hehehe

Layan lah gambar2 ni semua ye…



Nanae and Lily ni jumpa masa wedding hari tu.

Zana pun datang wedding but I terlupa nak ambil gambar dgn dia sebab tukang ambil gambar tak dapat dikesan kemana menghilang pada masa itu, hehehe.


Jumpa Kak Ina KL masa dia datang rumah minggu lepas. The Little Misses seronok aje berborak dengan Imran, Firdaus and Ira :-).


Ini jumpa Lia masa we all kat Melaka. Sanggup dia datang dari Batu Berendam ke Alor Gajah untuk jumpa I. Pastu kesian dia sebab we all tak dapat nak sajikan apa2 sebab duk kat hotel kan and masa tu dah kemas segala benda. Sorry ye Lia!

Saksikan lah perubahan di pipi saya. Makin lama makin chubby, hahahaha. Nasib baik tinggal seminggu lebih aje kat M’sia ni, kalau tak bukan setakat pipi aje yang makin chubby nanti, perut n peha n lengan semuanya akan naik chubby :-D.

Thanks ye kawan2 semua sebab sudi datang jumpa we all :-).

Esok we all nak pergi jalan2 lagi but just sekitar KL aje. The Other Half ajak gi tidur hotel kat KL and ronda2 KL from there instead of nak ulang alik from kampung. So, malam tadi balik from Melaka, we all pun surfed the net and decided on Duta Vista suite as our tempat lepak2 while in KL. The Little Misses seronok tengok the complex ada swimming pool (tak habis2 dengan swimming pool diaorang!). Hopefully, ok lah tempat ni as a place to sleep and vegetate :-).

Esok rasanya we’ll be going to KLCC nak naik the bridge and then nak pergi Petrosains. But I’ve been to Petrosains so many times so I told The Other Half to take The Little Misses into Petrosains while I pergi window shopping or duduk lepak2 minum kopi sambil baca novel :-). Best jugak kan idea bernas I ni, hehehe.

Cuti2 Malaysia di musim tengkujuh

Kalau bercuti ke negara 4 musim, lebih kurang macam bercuti masa Winter lah yang memang selalu hujan or sleet or snow. But yang bezanya cuma kat negara 4 musim tu, it’s so so cold masa Winter, kat M’sia ni cuma basah aje lah masa Musim Terngkujuh ni without the coldness :-).

On the Friday we got to Melaka after menempuhi highway PLUS dan drivers yang tak makan saman, we all singgah sebentar kat Ayer Keroh untuk solat Jumaat and lunch. Tempat yang paling dekat dengan masjid at that time was Mydin so we all pun pergilah merasmikan food court Mydin Ayer Keroh tu. My Mak yang lah rasa amat seronok sebab dapat menjelajah Mydin aka bershopping dalam Mydin albeit for a few minutes only, hehehe.

Apa yang we all makan kat Mydin tu? Miss 6 were trying to read the names of the stalls kat food court tu and the only thing she could read was ‘Nasi Ayam’ and Western Food’. So, straight away she said, “I want Nasi Ayam please.” Told you dia anak Jawa even though muka macam Mat Saleh. But she was so upset sebab Nasi Ayam dah habis so I bought her Sup Ayam and makan dgn nasi putih. Bukannya dia tau sangat the difference pun ,hehehe. And Miss 10 obviously lah muka aje Asian tapi selera omputih, terus mintak chicken nuggets and chips. And I pulak ternampak gerai Pantai Timur, terus menonong pergi situ sebab dah lama sangat teringin nak makan nasi kerabu! Nak buat sendiri teramatlah malasnya and for surelah tak kan menjadi kan :-). So I pun order lah Nasi Kerabu with ikan goreng minus the budu! My tekak memang tak boleh accept budu ni dari dulu lagi so tu yang tak ambik. The Other Half nampak nasi I warna kuning pastu dengan macam2 benda on it terus terpikat and asked for the same thing but minus the ikan goreng and the budu. I should have asked for budu for him, hehehe.


Gambar setelah semua kekenyangan. The Other Half minat kat nasi kerabu I sebab nampak telur masin tu! I tak tau kenapa nenek mintak ABC untuk her drink…

After kenyang perut suka hati, we headed straight to A’Famosa resort villa. Punyalah jauh ke dalam the villa, terasa macam masa we all drive tu dah nak sampai ke Johor aje, hahahaha. But bila sampai aje, hujan tuurn dengan lebatnya so poor kids, they had to wait until dah 6 lebih baru boleh bermandi manda kat dalam kolam.


Muka budak2 yang dah tak sabar2 nak mandi. Muka The Other Half yang kena paksa masuk pool sebab nak supervise the kiddies.

Miss 10 masa ni lagi suka layan Astro dari mandi manda kat pool. Budak tak pernah jumpa Pay TV kan, so sekali sekala jumpa Pay TV tu terus lah melekat!



Malam tu, Miss 6 lagi suka main game dengan cousins while Miss 10 lagi suka layan Astro!

The next day, pagi2 lagi after breakfast, all the kids dah terjun masuk kolam and they spent a few hours in there. Nasib baik lah sempat mandi kat pool tu pagi2 sebab from noon till about 6, hujan turun tak berhenti2. Memang tak boleh nak keluar ke mana2 lah on Saturday tu melainkan layan Astro and layan Wii. Nasib baik we all teringat nak bawak Wii tu, kalau tak, sure boring giler bapak2 budak tak tau nak buat apa :-).

Layan gambar2 kat pool pagi tu ye….






That afternoon, tengok lah betapa lebat hujannya..



So, bila hujan2 ni, what’s the most fun thing that we could do? Zzzzzzzz…….. :-D

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Malaysian drivers!!!!

The Other Half had to drive to Melaka for our cuti2 sebab I lagilah malasnya nak drive on Malaysian road after so many years tak drive kat sini. He doesn’t mind driving kat M’sia but at the same time, kalau ada choice, he would rather not. Kenapa we all tak suka drive kat sini, let me list down the reasons:

Reason No. 1:

Apa guna ada speed limit on the highway when most people just ignore them anyway! Kalau speeding sikit2 tu takpe lah gak, but sampai 150-160 km/hr on a 110 km/hr road nak buat apa. Kat Perth pun ramai speedsters ni but mostly cuma lebih 10kms camtu aje and late at night.

Reason No. 2:

What is it with the Malaysian drivers and flashing lights! I betul2 tak paham why they have to flash their lights nak warning kita suruh kita bagi laluan for them when they are speeding! It really drives me insane! Macam lah VVIP mana aje konon2 nya itu jalan diaorang and other people have to give ways to their speeding cars. Can’t they use their brake to slow down. Tak kan tak tau brake kat mana ye tak.

Reason No. 3:

Tailgating! Dah lah drive laju giler, pastu tail gate kereta depan lagi. Wanna bet their reflexes are not that good. Kalau orang depan tu tiba2 terbrek (like what The Other Half did yesterday just to spite them), kelam kabut they braked and you could here their tyre screeching, hehehehe. Bukannya highway tu jam giler2 that they had to be so close to the car infront. It was quite lengang yesterday but they still had to tailgate. I think diaorang tailgate to force us to move to a different lane so bagi laluan ke diaorang. Banyak lah cantik muka diaorang, they want to speed, they find their own lane!

Reason No. 4:

Kata M’sia ni semua berhemah and very polite, I didn’t see any yesterday while driving on the highway. I thought it’s common courtesy kalau kita bagi kereta dia masuk dulu, the least they could do was to put up their hand to say thanks. Tapi semalam, all the drivers were so totally engrossed with being first that they forgot to say thanks or to acknowledge their gratitude with even a nod.

Reason No. 5:

Masih ada lagi ke lesen kedai kopi ni? Obviously banyak lagi kot sebab ramai lagi yang I tengok semalam yang tak tau the road rules. Sebab when it was obviously our right to enter the street, the other drivers just buat derk  dengan selambanya aje menonong masuk the street without even any glance at us. We had to brake just so tak cium kereta diaorang.

Reason No. 6:

Why can’t people queue when there’s a jam? I’m so amazed at people yang guna bahu jalan or the emergency lane untuk mencilok masuk ke depan. Dia ingat orang lain yang duk baik2 in the queue waiting for their turn to move duduk saje2 je ke kat dalam kereta tu. Macam lah diaorang aje yang sangat2 penting and kena pergi their destination on time. Pastu bila kita tak bagi dia masuk, sikit nya marah ke and jeling bagai nak giler. What did they expect?

Ada banyak lagi tapi I’m not going to make all of you M’sian drivers mad at me for venting out my frustations :-). I think I would rather face  and deal with Perth drivers daily than deal with Malaysian drivers, hehehe.


I’ll post another N3 lepas ni with photos and our jalan2 cari makan kat Mydin Ayer Keroh…

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Questions I have to endure….

Everytime we all balik Malaysia and pergi ke shopping malls, I rasa macam we are a group of performers in a travelling circus aje. And some people could be so rude with their stares and their questions but I guess I dah lali with the stares and the rude questions kot sebab setiap tahun balik, I’ll get the same treatment, hehehehe.

Last week on Wednesday, we all pergi ke Sunway Pyramid and PKNS Shah Alam to shop for a few stuff for the wedding and also to shop for my baju kurung hijau. We did get some stares at Sunway but not as bad as the stares we got at PKNS :-D. The Other Half pulak is quite ‘naughty’, everytime he noticed people staring at us, he would quickly put his arm around my waist or on my behind and squeezing it! Macam nak ter pop out lah biji mata people yang stared at us tu, hehehehe. It was so funny watching their reactions though :-). Padahal, masa we all kat Sunway tu, punyalah ramai lagi couples yang berpeluk bagai and melekat lagi kuat dari we all but we all jugak yang diaorang tenung, wehehehehe. Tu yang membuatkan The Other Half tersangatlah perasan yang he’s so good looking ;-D.

In a way I can understand why people stare at us. They look at The Little Misses and they see 2 really cute kids and then they look at The Other Half and they see a Mat Saleh who’s not too bad looking (maybe kat mata I aje dia hensem kot, hehehe) and then they look at me. Masa tu lah their brains start getting confused. They see someone who’s so not fashionable and teramatlah tak vogue nya, hehehehe. My handbag takde obvious brand macam Coach or Gucci or Channel or Prada, I cuma pakai jeans from Just Jeans aje not from Levi’s or Gap, my T-shirt cuma t- shirt lama and not the latest fashion (but brand Colorado so ok lah tu kot kan ;-)) and my shoes pun bukan Crocs or Hush Puppies orJimmy Choo (again Colorado slip-ons beli masa tengah sale, hehehe), and then pakai tudung pun scarf sempoi biasa aje. So, tu yang I think diaorang can’t understand how in the world this Mat Saleh’s attracted to me and how 2 cute girls could come out of me, wehehehehe.

Masa kat PKNS tu, The Little Misses were looking at some trinkets and the sale assistant asked me, “anak Akak ke?” I pun jawab, “Iye lah.” Then she had the gall to say, “tipulah Kak. Macam tak percaya aje!” Lerr, dia tak kenal I langsung, buat apa lah I nak play jokes on her. Tak kuasa eden! Pastu I asked Miss 6 infront of her, “Who’s your Mummy?” Miss 6 dengan muka pelik pandang I said, “You of course!” Lepas dapat jawapan yang sahih from Miss 6 pun, the girl masih tak percaya lagi. Maleh pastu I nak layan orang yang tak percaya cakap kita ni. Pastu I jahat, bila The Other Half datang dekat I, I terus bisik kat dia suruh letak his arm around my shoulders nak bagi budak2 tu terbeliak sekejap, hahahaha. I guess PKNS ni kan mostly yang pergi situ Melayu aje and jarang lah jumpa Mat Saleh shopping kat situ sebab tak high class kan. Yang muka macam Mat Saleh shopping kat situ are mostly Banglas aje kot, hikhikhikhik….

(Kalau we all pergi shopping malls yang high class, we all pulak yang segan nak masuk sebab tak cukup duit nak berbelanja kat situ, hehehe).

But I did manage to get baju kurung hijo kat PKNS tu and so so cheap pulaknya (yang I pakai masa wedding tu lah) so berbaloi lah jugak pergi situ eventhough kena interrogated dengan the sales girl :-)

Layan gambar our time at Pyramid…


Kedai Guess kat belakang tu we all tak berani masuk, hehehe.


Masa kat Pyramid, ada batik painting table kat Shell booth so Miss 10 pun pi lah buat batik painting.


The Other Half tried to be artistic, ambik gambar with lighting under Miss 6 :-)


Ni pun kat Pyramid jugak but in the new wing. Nampak macam tak se fancy and se posh the front bit lah kan. Tempat macam ni baru lah we all berani nak masuk, hahahahaha…

By the way, we are going to A’Famosa Resort tomorrow until Sunday untuk cuti2 makan angin with the extended family. I hope it will be a fun time. Kalau ada masa, I’ll post entries from there. kalau takde masa, I’ll post entry hari Isnin lah ye…

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Wedding part 3 and haircuts

I sebenarnya tak tau whether I should still continue dengan cerita wedding part 3 or tukar cerita baru sebab banyak gak cerita baru+lama yang I boleh ceritakan. But takpelah, I think I’ll sambung dengan cerita and gambar kahwin for this entry and then esok2 baru sambung cerita pasal our time in M’sia lah.

I nak cerita about the flower girl dresses. When I got to M’sia, baju tu still tak letak zip or hooks lagi because I was so overly busy with everything masa kat Perth. The I pun asked my Mak to tanya this tailor yang dia kenal whether she’s willing to jahitkan zip or hooks on the dresses. My Mak explained kat tailor tu yang I belajar menjahit tapi tak habis so tu yang tak belajar macam mana nak jahit zip, wakakakaka. Lantak lah apa2 pun explanation nya :-). Nasib baik lah bukan musim Raya so the tailor tak lah busy sangat and could do them in such a short notice. I hantar hari Rabu, hari Jumaat malam dah siap. Punyalah suka hati I bila tengok all the dresses dah siap ber zip, rasa nak peluk cium aje the tailor, hehehe. Pastu, Sabtu pagi tu dengan senang lenang nya lah I jahit flowers and jahit sash :-D. And then, on the wedding day baru we all cubakan the dresses on all the girls, nasib baik lah tak besar sangat and tak kecik sangat for any of them, hehehehe… But I think setakat ini aje kot my career as a flower girl dressmaker, tak sanggup I! (so there goes my secret, hehehehe ;-)). But I really love the head dress yang My sister buat tu, I think it made the dress makin lagi cantik :-). But I tak tau lah apa yang tetamu2 kat wedding tu thought about when they saw the girls in the dresses, hehehe…

And then about the cupcakes pulak. Dah tengah hari Sabtu tu while I was talking with my ipar, suddenly I teringat yang I tak buat lagi the cupcakes for the meja makan beradap. Wahhhh, kelam kabut lah I buat masa tu jugak, hikhikhikhik. Memang betul2 lah I ni so absent minded sometimes but at least teringat jugak lah I untuk buat cupcakes tu on time you! I made 5 adunan cupcakes sebab terpaksalah kan bagi sedara mara merasa jugak :-). Then, I malas nak buat ganache so I beli aje choc spread untuk jadi topping and then tabur deco aje on top of them. Memang lah bukan cupcakes made by a pro kan, hehehehe. At least it was sedap lah :-D.

Pastu, pagi Ahad tu I memang sangat2 nak ambil gambar all the lauk pauk kahwin but since I was so sibuk decorating the cupcakes pagi2 tu, by the time I teringat nak ambil gambar, dah ramai guests yang datang. So, since I ni gadis pemalu, tak sanggup lah I nak keluar tertonggeng2 ambil gambar depan ramai orang tu! I should have taken the photos masa dah petang and dah lengang, tapi masa tu I dah penat teramat pulaknya, so takde lah gambar lauk pauk kahwin jawa yang sedap itu :-(.

Now, layan aje lah ye some more photos of the wedding days.


See I told you, diaorang ni memang rajin, hikhikhikhik…


Hari tu I tunjuk meja melapah lembu, ini pulak meja melapah ayam.


Ini khemah area memasak. Ada 8 tungku diaorang guna so we all kena sediakan 8 tong gas for them. Dulu masa my sister kahwin 6 years ago, diaorang still guna kayu api untuk masak masa kenduri kahwin ni but I guess it’s easier with gas…


Some of the rewang people tengah makan breakfast yang disediakan oleh tuan rumah i.e. my Mak and her adik beradik and anak beranak (including me :-)).


During their tea break, berborak2 sambil menikmati teh tarik, hehehe..


Bapak sedara yang kahwin tapi anak2 sedara yang sibuk nak berinai :-).


Me with my Along and my adik ipar n The Little Misses with hteir cousins.


Ini group penanggah cum penyambut tetamu on the woman’s side. Diaorang memang ada group sendiri and they did everything like refilling all the lauk pauk, nasi, air, lap meja etc on Sunday tu.


My adik ipar kata I sebijik rupa cikgu tadika masa concert tadika leading the kids on stage. wakakakaka…..


See I told you my Abah tertidur kat meja makan masa berborak2 dengan his guests, hehehe


Then, petang tu lepas all the guests dah beransur balik, we all sambut birthday party my Mak and her twin which was on the same day as the wedding. The cake was from Secret Recipe, chocolate indulgence. For me the taste was ok lah but The Other Half kata tersangat lah sedapnya, hehehehehe….

Then malam tu pulak, we had upacara mengambil gambar satu keluarga. Punyalah susah nya nak dapat 1 family berkumpul ramai2 macam ni. During the wedding tadi memang tak sempat nak ambil gamabr sebab everyone was everywhere busy with everything so bila malam dah selesai majlis, baru lah boleh ambil gambar family. Tu yang semua pakai baju t shirt sememeh aje, hehehehe. And don’t ask berapa banyak gambar we all ambik just to make sure everyone was looking at the camera especially the kids!


Kena guna panoramic view next time kalau dah bertambah lagi ahli keluarga, hahahahaha…

And the haircuts pulak… jeng jeng jeng…..

Gambar terbaru The Little Misses with their new hair cuts :-)



Miss 10 memang suka rambut pendek so I suruh dia buat style elfin sebab it suits her face. Miss 6 pulak beria2 mintak nak ada fringe so I dengan berat hati bawak dia gi potong rambut. Now, she’s happy because her hair is much shorter and she’s got her fringe! So, I don’t have to keep on tying her hair sebab asik jatuh kat muka aje :-)

My Mak cakap muka Miss 6 sekarang macam muka Ugly Betty masa dah cantik, wehehehehehe…..

Monday, 14 December 2009

Wedding Part 2

Alright, nampak sangat yang I ni dah gian nak menulis entry kan sampai 2 entries in 1 night :-D. Actually, we all nak keluar jalan2 pergi Megamall esok so tu yang nak habiskan ceritera wedding malam ni. Ye lah kan, setelah nak dekat seminggu bertungkus lumus, nak lah gak rehat2 sambil cuci mata (and pockets too :-D). Kalau ada bloggers yang terjumpa we all tengah lepak2 kat Megamall tu, tegur2 lah ye, hehehehe. Ada ke sape2 nak jumpa we all esok kat Megamall ke? :-P

Now, I better sambung cerita the wedding day pulak. On wedding eve tu I tidur pukul 1 pagi but The Other Half dah tak larat sangat2, tidur pukul 11 malam. The Little Misses pulaknya yang when in Perth, their bed time was 8 o’clock tetiba bila balik M’sia, terus jadi 10 o’clock sebab sibuk bermain dengan cousins! And my brothers pulak terpaksa berkejar ke Tesco pukul 12 tgh malam tu sebab nak beli barang2 yang tak cukup. Long live Tesco Kuala Selangor for making midnight shopping possible! Hahahahaha… Kalau kat Perth, alamat lah, nangis lah you tengah2 malam tu kalau barang kenduri tak cukup sebab semua kedai tutup pukul 5 :-)). And it’s so good to have that Tesco ‘nearby’ sebab boleh cari barang2 quite easily.

So, walaupun tidur lambat, pagi wedding tu terpaksa bangun very early in the morning sebab nak mandi manda and nak bersiap before tetamu datang. So, memang banyak lah bags under our eyes on the wedding day tu, as many as the baggage we took on the flight back here :-). But, one thing I hate about living kat kampung ni is the very low water pressure during the weekend. Dah lah selalunya weekend ni orang buat kenduri macam2, patutnya naik kan lah water pressure tu kan so bekalan air tak putus. But Syabas ni memang lah a bit dumb! Masa ni lah diaorang nak rendah kan the water pressure so memang lah air was so so slow! Pagi2 lagi we all dah komplen kat diaorang but sampai dah habis kenduri, still takde perubahan. Nama aje Syabas…..Sigh!!!!!

Anyway, back to the kenduri story, the kenduri went very well, Alhamdulillah. Adalah a few glitches here and there but biasalah kan, overall, it was meriah. Some photos of the wedding for your viewing..




This was the only photo that we took of the 4 of us at the wedding but Miss 10 had to do some weird facial expression but nak tak nak terpaksalah guna this photo jugak to put on the blog. Kids!! Masa ni still quite early lagi, tu yang The Little Misses masih tak tukar baju lagi. Kalau tukar baju awal2, takut pulak ada yang kotor lah, basah lah by the time the pengantin tiba so better lah kan tukar bila dah nak dekat the bersanding time :-).

Selepas jenuh the girls menunggu, akhirnya tiba juga masanya for them to put on the flower girl dresses, hehehe…


The flower girls tengah menunggu rombongan pengantin datang. I was really happy with the dresses and my Along buat the head dresses which are so sweet.


Can you see the twin baby girls? Baju diaorang pun I yang buat jugak but not the same style as the flower girls but from the same kain.




Pengantin and rombongan and the flower girls leading the way (and I pulak leading the girls to make sure diaorang jalan tak laju sangat and tak perlahan sangat, hehehehe).



Dengan parents from both sides


Masa makan beradab..



Cupcakes buatan I. nampak no sememehnya kan, hehehehe…


Lastly, gambar pengantin dah basi. The Other Half suruh I saje2 buat muka serius ambik gambar. I pulak gelak aje tengok dia cuba buat muka serius giler, hehehehe….