Thursday, 30 April 2009

Malam tadi busy betul menguruskan private jet to take me around the world to collect all the awards from my fellow bloggers. Dari maIam tadi I pergi zoomed from one ‘house’ to the next untuk ambil awards. But minta maaf lah ye sebab tak sempat pun nak tegur sapa tuan ‘rumah’, cuma sempat bagi salam n ucap G’day Mate aje before collecting the awards and zoomed again to the next house. Nasib baik lah naik private jets so the excess baggage tak kena charge extra ;-). Kalau naik AirAsiaX or Tiger Airways or Jetstar, sure nya lah dah rabak poket I membayar excess baggage fees, hehehehe……

Some of the awards dah berabuk2 pun sebab tunggu I lama sangat tak datang2 ambik, thousand apologies to my friends sebab perangai I yang suka procrastinate ni! But better late than never kan, betul tak? Hihihihihi ;-).

Aiseh man, malam tadi terlupa pulak nak tulis ucapan terima kasih yang tak terhingga pada all my blogger friends so I dah edit this post to include the message below:

To all my blogger friends yang sungguh baik hati and generous to give me all these awards, I am very thankful and humbled. Ucapan jutaan terima kasih from the bottom of my heart and semoga ikatan persahabatan ini berkekalan….




But ini pun tak habis lagi kutip semuanya sebab tetiba tengah best2 zoom everywhere, The Other Half woke me up from my deep sleep to bangun mandi. Nasib baik lah tak ter crash tiba2 the jet tu kan, tetiba aje kena kejut bangun ;-). Nanti kalau I ada banyak duit lagi in my dreams, I’ll sewa another jet to pick up the rest of the awards ye! Kalau in my next dream, I takde banyak duit, I’ll just sewa kapal laut aje lah so sure nya lah akan lambat giler nak go around the world to collect the awards tu kan, wehehehehehe……..

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Hari ni was the last day of the school holidays. 19 days of having The Little Misses with us 24-7. Biasalah kan kids, ada hari2 yang they were so good together, playing happily the whole day without any arguments. Hari2 macam ni, The Other Half and I memang betul2 bersyukur dapat The Little Misses. But there were also days when they started arguing as soon as they woke up! And masa hari2 macam tu, The Other Half and I bersyukur sangat2 that there’s only TWO of them and not more! Hehehehe…… Dua tu aje pun dah naik bingit telinga we all dengar arguments diaorang, can you imagine if 3 or 4 of them, memang kena pakai ear plugs lah hari2 ;-). But I pun dulu macam tu jugak, selalu jugak bergaduh dengan my siblings sampai kena marah dengan my parents so I guess sekarang my turn pulak lah nak marah2 The Little Misses, hehehehe.

Miss 10 ni kadang2 nakal jugak, suka menyakat Miss 5 and suka tease Miss 5 sampai dia menangis. But kadang2 Miss 5 pun nakal jugak, suka annoy Miss 10 with her never ending questions especially when Miss 10 is reading or during bedtime, and suka ‘melesapkan’ diri when it’s time to clean up their toys and room. Now you know why they argue sometimes! And now you know why Mummy and Daddy pun mengamuk sometimes :-).


Masa ni masih sayang sangat2 lagi :-).


Masa ni dah start dah, hehehehe…..


Best of friends balik :-).

But kalau bukan gaduh baik gaduh baik tu, bukan adik beradik lah namanya kan :-). Mummy and Daddy pun baik pastu gaduh pastu baik pastu gaduh pastu baik balik so The Little Misses pun lebih kurang lah macam we all, hikhikhikhik…..

And now to our dinner,


Ini my lazy dinner, all in one pan except the steamed veges lah.



Tapi malas2 pun sempat lah jugak buat dessert orang malas. Fruit pie menggunakan ready made short crust pastry, canned mango and frozen berries :-). And since malas, I couldn’t be bothered to shape the pastry nicely, just buat bentuk rustic macam ni aje, senang cerita, sama jugak rasanya, wehehehehe….

Monday, 27 April 2009

I’ve been telling The Other Half yang wouldn’t it be nice kalau we all ada DSLR camera. At first, dia wasn’t that interested to buy it sebab dia kata, our normal digital camera ok aje gambar2 nya so far. But the other day, he had a go at using Hafiz’s DSLR camera and terus dia terjatuh cinta pulaknya with that thing (yeay for me, hehehe). So now, he’s just waiting for the next camera sale to materialise so we can buy one for us to use :-). And dia pun bercita2 nak enrol in a ‘DSLR for beginners’ so we can master this elusive art of photo taking, hehehehe. Probably, for the first few months, hari2 agaknya we all ambil gambar kan, pastu as usual lah, terus senyap aje ;-).


This photo of Miss 5 was taken using DSLR while the one below was taken using our normal digital camera. Lain kan bezanya! Harga cameras tu pun jauh bezanya so I guess memang patutlah kalau gambar from each one pun lain rupanya. Nak banding camera mahal dengan camera murah, mana boleh kan ;-), hehehehe…


Oh by the way, I’m using a new program ‘Windows Live Writer’ to post and publish this entry. I’m still getting the hang of this program and tu sebab the photos tonite are so big, hehehehe….


So, if you think my post looks better using this program, do let me know ok so I’ll continue using it!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Malam ni kita layan gambar lagi lah ye instead of story mory :-).

Pagi tadi I told The Other Half that I really wanted to go for a long drive somewhere up north where there's a nice beach. Dah lama jugak we all tak pergi ronda2 pusing2 makan angin ni. And so we went to Two Rocks where there's a nice and quiet beach where The Little Misses can play in the water. Two Rocks was named because there'sthese 2 huge natural rocks in the ocean quite close to the beach. And tadi we were lucky because when we got there, it was low tide so bolehlah berjalan ke the rocks without having to wade through the sea water. It was such a fun time just 'lepak'ing on the sand for us and playing with the sand and water for The Little Misses. The Little Misses came home a bit more tanned then when we left this morning, hehehehe....

Our Two Rocks outing:

Look at us, at one of the Rocks. And of course bila ada rocks like this, The Other half teruslah panjat followed by Miss 10. I guess it makes them happy to be high up above everyone else! :-).

But Miss 5 was quite happy to just sit on the bottom rock :-) waiting for the rock climbers to come down so she can play in the water.

Nak main air, kenalah tukar baju. But Mummy forgot to bring our swimming gear so pakai ajelah apa yang ada kan :-).

Our feet are stuck in the wet sand but we can still play around with our arms :-).

3 gorgeous girls at the beach, hahahaha..... (Mummy or maid? ;-))

Waiting for my Prince Charming to come :-). (Berjanggut lah I menunggu, wehehehe).

To people yang dah rindu nak tengok gambar we all berdua, here it is :-).

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Today we had an invite to Sheri's princess' 1st birthday party and I had offered my 'skills' to make the birthday cake. I know, I know, I bukannya ada skills pun nak decorate cakes ni but setakat for family and friends bolehlah I nak mengofferkan diri sebab dah gerenti tak kena gelak punya, hehehe... (Right Sheri :-)). And bila lagi kan nak main2 dengan icing ni kalau tak for birthdays. Kalau I buat cakes saje2 and decorate them with icing, takde sapelah yang nak makan and sure nya akan masuk Cik Tong. Either that or badan I yang akan jadi macam Cik Tong, hahaha.....

So, since I know Sheri loves pink so I buatlah pink cake for her princess. We had so much fun at the party. Makan, makan and more makan and borak, borak and more borak. Sedap betul roti jala and kari ayam and karipap Mak Sheri buat :-). Dah tak larat makan and borak, baru lah we all balik but sebelum balik tu detour sekejap pergi city to send Salina n Hubby home. Sampai kat city, sempat lagi tu singgah Queen's Gardens to hirup angin petang and to let The Little Misses run around.

Layan aje lah ye some photos from today.

Inilah rupa the Pink Cake decorated by me :-). So, sesape nak tempah lepas ni boleh lah ye call I, wakakakakaka.......

The Little Misses at the Gardens ber posing ayu.

The really gorgeous red, brown, orange and ochre plants. I have no idea what they are called.

Hey, the black swans and the cygnets are following me everywhere!

The Little Misses were so happy to see this humongous tree at the Gardens because it reminded them of the Faraway Tree in The Enchanted Woods books by Enid Blyton. And obviously bila dah jumpa a big tree like this, they had to try and climb it. You can see how big the tree is because The Other Half looked so tiny against it, hehehehe.....

Hmmm, what am I waiting for again sitting on this tree?

Friday, 24 April 2009

Malam ni our dinner was just finger food, maki zushi and vietnamese rolls. I buat maki zushi tu just for The Little Misses and The Other Half, tak tau lah kenapa I tak teringin pulak nak makan sushi malam ni. Tu yang I buat vietnamese rolls with chicken filling for me. But biasa lah kan, The Other Half mana boleh tengok my food, sure nya dia pun nak jugak so I made sure I made loads of the chicken rolls tadi and memang betul pun seperti yang di jangka, he ended up finishing both the sushi and the chicken rolls, hehehehe. He said he was so hungry tu yang mengketedarah everything :-).

Vietnames rice paper rolls, makan dengan hoi sin sauce :-).

For Cik Mat, Hana and Ika:

Vietnamese rice paper roll filling/inti

-su'un (rendam dlm air panas bagi lembut)
-raw vegetables potong panjang2 ( I slalu guna carrots, timun, snow pea sprouts, coriander leaves)
- isi ayam or udang yang dah di masak ( I sometimes guna isi ayam BBQ atau leftover grilled chicken wings yg I dah racik2 the flesh sebab lagi sedap kalau isi ayam tu dah di marinate and di bagi perasa apa2 dulu)

Makan dengan pencicah anything you like. We all suka Hoi Sin sauce sbb rasa dia masam2 manis.

Thursday, 23 April 2009


Another dental appointment for The Little Misses today and another $104 gone for a 5-minute check up, hehehe. And seperti yang dijangkakan, Miss 10 has to see the Orthodontist to start planning her orthodontic treatment. And we have to start saving for her dental plan lah mcm ni. Our health insurance will pay for it but not fully so masih banyak jugak yang we have to top up ourselves. For the sake of good oral health, terpaksalah kan. At least better now than late.

And lepas balik from the Dentist, we went to the hairdresser sebab Miss 10 has been asking us for a haircut. Dia tak larat nak berambut panjang lagi dah and she really wants to have it cut short, bob-style. And I pun lagi lah suka sebab I don't have to help her brush it every morning. Bila dah pendek ni, she can do it herself properly! Last time she had her hair cut was when we went to M'sia last year in July so dah 9 bulan lah tak potong rambut. Last time kat M'sia, potong rambut dia only cost us RM7 aje. The hair cutting session tadi cost us A$20! Punyalah jauh beza kan. And cuma potong rambut aje pulak tu, no washing, no blowdrying, pun dah cost $20. Can you imagine how much it will cost if I asked for washing and blow drying, tak sanggup nak bayar weh, hehehe. But since we will only be going to M'sia in December, tak kan lah nak tunggu sampai December baru potong rambut, adalah yang sampai punggung nanti tu, hahaha......

Her new 'face'. Ada macam rupa Daddy ke Mummy ke Actress Hong Kong? Hahahahahaha...

From the back.

And sebelum kena denda dengan The Other Half for still not putting up my 80s photo on the blog, I better do it tonite. OK, mari kita gelak beramai ramai ye bila tengok gambar I ni.
Gambar ni was taken in Kulim circa 1988 when I was doing my matriks kat MRSM Kulim. Kat belakang the girls hostels tu was this big empty gurun so my friends and I bila waktu petang kadang2 melepak situ ambik gambar gediks, hahahaha. And masa tu slim lagi you (cuma face aje yang bulat mcm bulan mengambang!)

And rambut tu mahal weh, siap buat jambul lagi sebelum sessi photography tu but angin petang tak sporting betul, ada ke tengah cun2 tu dia bertiup. So, my jambul terus jadi sebijik bird's nest! Cett betul! Masa tu mana ada digital camera, tak kuasa I nak buang films ambik gambar banyak kali, wakakakakaka.......

So, cepat2 gelak tau, sebab kalau I rasa termalu sangat2, I'm going to delete the photo, hehehehe.....

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

I still haven't found the courage to put up my 80s photo (sorry Dear :-)). Sebab setiap kali I tengok all my old photos, I yang gelak terbahak2 dulu ( konon2nya nak cover malu lah tu yg gelak dulu). Memang kebanyakan gambar tu terlebih gediks nya gambar, siap dengan segala macam posing, hahahaha.... If you had lived through the 80s as a teenager, you would know what I mean :-). Or was it just me and my school friends aje yang terlebih gedik ni? ;-).

So, since I'm not going to put up my photo just yet, I'll put up gambar food aje lah ye. We had Sheri and Mum and kids over for afternoon tea today. Dah lama betul we all tak buat afternoon tea ni. Our daily meals are usually breakfast, lunch and dinner aje. Kalau terasa lapar in between the meals, we just have coffee or snacks aje. So, bila sekali sekala buat afternoon tea, memang lah kenyang sangat2 sampai lah ke malam. The Little Misses pun kata diaorang dah kenyang and tak nak makan dinner. The Other Half flew off to Adelaide pagi tadi so lepak giler lah I malam ni sebab tak payah masak dinner, yeayyy, hehehehe......

And for the first time ever in my life, I made kuih serimuka pagi tadi. I love serimuka but I don't like to make kuih muih yang kena kukus2 ni sebab I selalu fail part ni. Tak tau kenapa, my kuih muih yang guna oven slalunya keluar cantik but kuih muih yang kena kukus, rupa memang sentiasa lari lah. Tu yang malas aje nak buat. But pagi tadi betul2 nekad nak buat serimuka. I used this recipe sebab ramai yang dah buat and kata menjadi. And they were right, yeayyyyyy!!!!! My serimuka turned out cantik aje (well, for me dah cantik giler lah tu, for other people maybe buruk lagi :-)), Alhamdulillah!!

Inilah kuih muih yang I made for our afternoon tea. Lemonade scones, vege spring rolls, curry puffs and kuih seri muka. Kalah afternoon tea kat M'sia kan, wehehehehe........

Ok lah kan rupa my serimuka ni :-). Asalkan tak wobbly the top tu dah kira best lah tu, hehehe.

This was the pavlova I made last nite for Miss 10. Turkish delight pavlova. She was 'delighted' with it :-).

Monday, 20 April 2009


Thank you to everyone who's wished Miss 10 a very Happy Birthday. She's so excited to finally be 10 (in her mind, that is such a big number, hehehe). And to all the doa/prayers for her well being, success and happiness physically and spiritually, thank you :-). InsyaAllah, Amin.....

First I nak tunjuk what our birthday dinner was. Miss 10 wanted burger and chips for her b'day dinner. She wanted pavlova for her birthday cake but I told her yang I tak sempat buat today so I'll make it tomorrow instead. So, we only had burger and chips tonite to celebrate her birthday. But since dah 2 kali buat cakes to celebrate her 'early' birthday, tu yang dia tak kisah takde pavlova tonite.

Senangkan bila they only asked for burger and chips for their birthday dinner. Kalau Miss 5, mau agaknya panjang berjela her list of food for her birthday dinner, wahahaha.....

To a different story, semalam satu hari suntuk we all menyelongkar gambar2 lama to be scanned and saved into our PCs. At first, I cuma menyelongkar to find old photos of Miss 10 when she was a baby so I could put it up on the blog. Banyak lagi gambar dia yang belum di scanned and belum di saved onto our PCs. Ye lah, masa dia lahir dulu, digital camera baru aje keluar and still in its infancy. So, most of her baby and toddler photos were taken on films. Tu yang kena scan dulu baru dapat put up on the blog. Nasib baik lah kat rumah ni ada scanner so tak lah susah mana nak buat semalam.

But, instead of just looking for Miss 10's photos, we went through everything and we found a lot of The Other Half's photos when he was a teenager and a lot of my photos when I was in high school as well. I had no idea fashion in the 80s were atrocious! What was I thinking back then! Aggggghhhhhh....... The Little Misses had so much fun menggelakkan Mummy's and Daddy's sense of clothes. Even I pun gelak giler2 tengok some of the clothes that I used to wear a long time ago and what The Other Half used to wear, hahahahahaha.....

Anyway, we also found some photos of The Other Half for his high school formal photo shoots and I asked The Little Misses which one is the cutest and they unanimously (well we because me included ;-)) chose this photo below....

Doesn't he look so cute and innocent in this photo? Muahahahahaha... Abis lah I kena marah kalau dia tau I gelak kan dia ni. He's already given me permission to put this photo up in the blog but dia tak bagi I gelakkan, hehehe....
Finally she is 10!!!! After waiting so long to reach the double digit number, she's finally there :-). We told her once she's reached 10, it's going to be double digit for a very very long time, kiranya dah boleh masuk gang we all yang dah tua lah ni, hahahaha......

To our lovely Daughter and Sister,

We are very proud of who you've become and are becoming. We will always love you and we look forward to be there for you and watch you on your life journey.

Love from Daddy, Mummy and Your Sis

Layan gambar Miss 10 from a baby till now

At 3 months old, with Daddy and Nana & Pop. Breastmilk really suited you well :-).

At 1 y.o. We had this photo taken at a studio, sebab konon2nya Mummy wanted to send the photo to the J&J cutest baby competition at that time but I got the closing date mixed up so didn't get to send the form on time. Kalau tak, sure dah menang kan, wahahahaha......

One of her formal school photos when she was 5. Masa ni, her 'chinese' look dah makin menyerlah :-).

Her latest photo yesterday.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

I think I have been overindulging myself in the food department this weekend. Since hari Jumaat haritu I've been eating sweet stuff everyday! Tension tension but dalam tension2 tu pun, food still masuk jugak ke dalam mulut, hehehehe... Macam mana lah tu kan! Hari Jumaat hari tu, it started with the cheesecake, pastu bukannya terus habis thay day right so semalam makan cheesecake lagi, hari ni makan cheesecake lagi :-). Then malam tadi we all teringin nak makan sagu gula melaka so I made that for dessert as well. Lagi lah bertambah manis nya kan!!!!! I wish I can make the decision where to put these excess fat on my body kan instead of semuanya pergi ke thigh, perut and face! Dah lah we all ni dah 2 minggu tak ber'jumpa' Maya sebab we've been very busy and extra lazy, hehehehe. Abis lah kena marah dengan Maya teruk2 lepas ni :-).

Why are we always obsessed with our weights? The Other Half said to me the other day that he notices that I will mention something about my weight every single day. Most of the time it's to moan how my weight keeps on creeping up every day. He said why can't I be just be like him, accept the fate of becoming fat gracefully, hehehehehe...... Tak kuasa betul!

Enough of the depressing weight talk already right ;-). Just layan the photos of our dinner last nite and tonite's dinner. I know we just had pizza the other day but I didn't have any at all so hari ni I pulak yang teringin nak makan pizza, hehehehe. But I teringin nak makan caramelised onion and sausage pizza with BBQ sauce. So bila Mummy yang teringin nak makan, the others had to agree aje lah kan, unless they want to cook their own dinner, hahahaha..... ;-).

Last nite's dinner, beef schnitzel salad wrap.

Tonite's dinner, caramelised onion and sausage pizza with BBQ pizza. The Other Half wasn't that enthusiastic at first when I told him I wanted to make this pizza. Biasalah kan dia, he would rather have seafood pizza. But tonite, lepas makan 2 keping sausage pizza, he went back to the kitchen to get 2 more slices! Baru dia tau sedap, hehehe......

Ini pulak the feijoa fruit cut in half. The Other Half said you only eat the inside with a spoon to korek the isi and the rest of the fruit, you either make into feijoa jelly or just throw it away.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Another good reason to have kids..... slave labour!

Why did I say that? Well, hari ni we spent the whole morning in our tiny garden, trimming and pruning and fertilising. And bila you trimmed and pruned 2 lemongrass plants, memang banyaklah leaves yang nak kena sapu. And since I had to do the trimming and Daddy was busy fertilising, The Little Misses lah yang kena kerah sapu the leaves and putting them in the bin. But they loved helping in the garden so ceria aje lah muka bila kena 'kerah', hehehe....

My buruh kasar tengah bekerja kuat :-).

Sempat lagi posing tu :-).

Pokok serai I lepas kena potong 'rambut' , baru lah nampak kemas sikit kan. Kalau tak, serabai aje rupanya, hahahaha.....

And then, we washed our car! If I tell you that the last time we had our car washed was in November last year, you all percaya tak? But it's the truth! Both of us love our car but we are not the types yang every week kena cuci kereta. Bukan setakat every week, once a month pun tak terbuat, hahahaha. Masa baru2 beli dulu, 2 minggu sekali we all mesti cuci sendiri and siap polish inside out lagi tu. But biasalah kan, lama kelamaan makinlah malas nya, hehehe. Nak bawak pergi car wash pun malas you! The only thing we've been doing is cleaning the windscreens every time I put petrol in the tank, other than that, memang lah tak basuh langsung. Teruk betul kan! But for the past few days, I've been complaining to The Other Half yang I dah malu sgt2 nak drive the car nowadays sebab sikit nya kotor ke and also setiap kali bergesel dengan the car, mesti kotor baju I (actually tak lah seteruk ni, but better exaggerate a bit kan, hehehe). So tadi, we all pun bergotong royong beramai2 cuci kereta. The Little Misses macam biasa lah, kerja tak banyak mana but basah kuyup! And now, I will be happy to drive the car again sebab dah cantik bersih, hehehehe.....

Ini pulak our feijoa plant, finally berbuah and dah boleh makan pun. Feijoa ni native to South America but the Kiwis have made it theirs :-). So, The Other Half happy sangat2 yang pokok kesayangan dia yang mengingatkan dia ke his childhood is finally giving out nice fruits :-). Rasa dia and bau dia memang iras2 jambu lah, that's why it's also called pineapple guava. But the taste is a bit masam and you can only it the inside so kira banyak wastage lah buah ni! The Other Half said that you can make feijoa jam from the skin.... Sape lah agaknya yang nak membuat jam tu ye? Definitely not me! Hehehehe.....