Saturday, 30 April 2011

Macam2 ada in this entry :-)

Saje nak tayang our photos again. Ye lah kan, asik tayang body cun The Other Half aje mana boleh kan, nak lah jugak tayang body cun I, muahahaha Winking smile. Kenalah jugak tunjuk yang Bruce Willis ciplak ni dah berpunya kan, hikhikhik.

Jom ramai2 pakat Smile with tongue out.

Tarik nafas cepat2, tuck the tummies in, camera dah nak click.


Apasal blur gambar ni? Tak tau lah. Maybe goyang kot masa Miss 12 press the button.


Miss 12 buat aksi ala2 model, hahahaha…..


Miss 7 buat aksi ala2 budak sedih tengok balloon dia terlepas terbang terus kat atas, hehehehe…..


Pagi tadi awal2 I dah tercongok depan kedai ni at 8.55am ingatkan awal (kedai ni sepatutnya bukak pukul 9!). Tengok2 the queue dah panjang gilers because of its happening sale!

Bukan kedai jewellery, nor kedai handbags, nor kedai kasut, nor kedai baju tau yang I kena queue ni.

But kedai King of Knives. Kedai yang jual kitchen gadgets!

I thought tak ramai lah yg akan queue up for the sale, rupa2nya ramai you. Ramai jugak orang Perth ni yang citarasa ala2 I ye, hikhikhik.

So, what did I end up buying?

A lot of things jugaklah. Actually nak ambik lagi banyak tapi tak cukup tangan nak bawak since tak boleh bawak masuk trolley nor basket into that shop. Nasib baik I bawak Miss 7 ikut sama, dapatlah jugak dia pegang barang utk I Smile.

(That’t what’s kids are for!).

I bought a set of santoku knives, a dicer, a handy opener, a diamond fingers knife sharpener, a mundial kitchen scissors, a set of cute salt n pepper mill and a cute balloon juicer. Semua ni was on sale, giler2 nya sale, around 75% each!


kalau takde sale, tak sanggup I nak beli you sebab mahal gilers (except the handy opener aje lah yang I sanggup beli).

And our dinner tonite, crumbed fish (buat sendiri), lemon pepper squid (kedai mari), fries. I just oven baked all of them. Makan pulak dgn steamed carrots & broccoli and sauteed zucchinis.



Alhamdulillah kenyang Smile.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Nothing royal in this house

We did it! We didn’t watch the royal wedding at all (except when Miss 12 swtiched on the TV sebab nak tengok dvd and the channel was showing the wedding at that time). I think ramai jugak kot yang seangkatan dgn we all malas nak tengok, hehehe.

Luckily we don’t watch that much TV anyway or else memang meroyan lah nak tengok TV malam ni sebab semua channels tengah tayang the royal wedding and the aftermath and everything associated with the royals. News pun we all tak tengok malam ni sebab dah sahih2 akan tayang pasal the wedding. I don’t know when the story will die down a bit though.

I rasa agaknya ramai jugak malam ni yang masak dinner ala2 royalti kan. Kot2 ada yg buat queen’s pudding ke, victoria sponge ke, salmon ke, hikhikhik…..

But malam ni, I masak the opposite of royal food. I masak instant noodle goreng with baked crumbed drumsticks and salad Smile.


Dinner we all ni memang tak kan nya you all jumpa in any royal wedding menus, believe me! Muahahaha….


Maybe I should sprinkle silver or gold leaves on the maggi kan…. Baru boleh jadi ala2 royal food sikit Smile with tongue out.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ice skating in Perth in Autumn

Hari ni malas sikit nak ber ‘kata2’ so you all layan gambar we all pergi ber ice skating lah ye. Kat Perth ni takdak snow even during the ‘coldest’ Winter time so tu yang The Little Misses teruja sungguh2 nak main ice Smile.

Se ulu2 Perth ni, ada jugak 3 ice skating rinks, hikhikhik. But selama2 we all duk sini, ni lah baru first time we all try ber ice skating, hampeh sungguh kan Smile.


Sungguh excited nak masuk the rink, masa ni still so dry and so warm.


One of the many falls. She’s quite good though, macam mana gedebub dia jatuh pun, she could still smile and got up quickly again. Takde setitis air mata langsung yang turun.


The first half an hour, The Little Misses just went around and around the rink, holding on to the walls, hehehe.



No, they weren’t dancing. Miss 12 was holding on for dear life on her Dad’s hands.


Cubaan melepaskan tangan but tak lama, pastu berdebub jatuh balik Smile.


sweating and soaked already.



Nasib baik Dad terer skating kan, so bolehlah tarik the 2 girls around the rink, hahaha…And nasib baik lah lengan Dad dah penuh dengan strong muscles sekarang so bolehlah lift them up easily bila jatuh Open-mouthed smile.


A novel way to skate without doing all the work Winking smile.



Look Mum! We are not holding onto anything!

Yeay!!!! They could do it finally…


Ooops! I spoke too soon Winking smile.

And they’ve caught the ice skating bug already and can’t wait to go again.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Swimming in the rain

Today is probably the wettest day we’ve ever had so far this year in Perth and how did we spend it?

By going swimming in the rain, hehehe….

We got invited a few weeks ago to a makan2 and pool party to be held today. Manalah nak tau that the clouds are going to pour out their hearts today kan because it’s been quite nice the past few weeks Smile.

But the kids biasalah, they wouldn’t be deterred by anything. Still masuk the pool walaupun it was drizzling a bit at that time. Sampai sejuk biru menggigil2 everyone berendam in the pool tadi, hehehehe.

Mak2 pulak duduk sedap2 kat dining room sambik makan2 and borak2!

And as usual, kalau pergi rumah orang, mesti lah bawak something kan.

I made donuts to take because I knew that there’ll be plenty of kids around.



I made choc topping and strawberry topping. But the strawberry topping tercair pulaknya so all the 100s&1000s meleleh jatuh onto the paper, hehehe.


Mentang2 lah baru habis jualan Easter egg chocs kan so hiasan donut pun kena ada eggs Smile.


But the green dinosaurs still takkan dilupakan, hahaha….

And some photos of The Little Misses before they turned blue from cold tadi Smile.


Miss 7 said to me, “When we go swimming at my swimming class, it’s cold outside but very warm in the water but this time, it’s so cold in the water!

But still nak main2 dalam tu jugak.




And suddenly lepas mandi dalam hujan, semua masuk dalam rumah mengadu lapar. Nasib baik Mak2 belum sempat menghabiskan all the food! Winking smile.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Eggs and bunnies

It was quite silly sebab we all pagi2 morning lagi dah keluar rumah, at 7.40am, when it is still a public holiday hari ni.

Do you want to know why we all keluar rumah awal giler? (welllll….. kalau you all tak nak tau pun, I still nak tulis jugak, hehehe.)

Sebab, the shopping malls hari ni bukak pukul 8 pagi and I had a big mission to complete.

What was this big mission?

Splurging on(or borong ‘ing’) truck loads of choc easter goodies!

Punyalah cheapskate I ni kan, tunggu after habis Easter baru beli the special chocs sebab they marked the chocs down to 50% off! Jimat duit weh! hehehe….

Kalau tak pergi awal, takut habis pulak the stock sebab a lot of Mat Salehs pun gi borong the special easter chocs tadi.

And khas untuk ZombieDaddy and Shidah, I buat sneak preview aka tayangan meruntun jiwa for you guys Open-mouthed smile.


Chocs galore! With diffferent sized eggs and choc bunnies. All the chocs in the packets are egg-shaped. So cute kan! Some of the chocs are shaped like chicks, bilbies even but mostly rabbits lah.


One for you, two for me, one for you, two for me, hikhikhikhik……


These ones pulak macam telur cicak kan, hahahaha…..

Pastu, lepas siap memborong around 9.30 am, we headed out towards Malaga to take The Little Misses ice skating.

That was the first time in their lives pergi ice skating. Nasib baik we spent 2 hours there so dapatlah jugak diaorang ‘skated’ in the last hour instead of asik jatuh tergolek, tersembam and terduduk aje everytime they tried to skate Smile.The Other Half dah tau skate so best lah dia show off depan anak2 dia tadi, hehehe.

I rasakan, The Little Misses will wake up esok pagi with bruises everywhere!

I cuma duduk kat tepi ambik gambar and sambil2 gelakkan diaorang senyap2 and sambil menggigil kesejukan, hehehe.

Esok2lah ye I put up the photos I took there.

So tonite, sebab dah penat menengok diaorang ber ice skating, I masak burger and chips aje.



Diaorang yg penat2 berice skating, Mum dia yang malas masak pulaknya, heeeee…..