Saturday, 14 April 2012

It’s a day of good food

I finally cooked the leg of lamb that we bought 2 weeks ago.

And it was well worth the wait, hehehehe…

We decided to cook it using the slow roast method which we think is the best method to cook a big chunk of meat.

I started cooking the leg of lamb at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and took it out 4 and a half hours later.

And I could do so many things while it was cooking like having an afternoon snooze which was a nice thing to do on a Saturday afternoon Smile.

The Other Half said, “It feels so good to see the oven working again and not catching fire!


This was how the lamb look like in the oven (that didnt have any fire in it, heeeee…).


Sepanjang2 4 jam setengah the lamb was cooking, everyone (except Miss 12) kept on commenting “that’s such a great smell! It’s making me hungry!

Then I pergi bukak the windows wide so the whole neighbourhood can smell it also.

Sharing is caring kan, muahahahaha…


After it’s been rested for a while. It was a 2kg leg of lamb so tu yang ambik masa lama nak masak.

I only rub the surface of the lamb with a mixture of chopped garlic, rosemary leaves, grated lemon rind, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. A typical Greek lamb rub. I tak marinate it pun sebab I was going to slow cook it so no point marinating it too long.

We had it with roast potatoes, roast sweet potatoes, roast purple carrots and steamed green beans.


I cooked the veges in the lamb juice towards the last hour of cooking. Tu yang semua kaler dah ikut al2 kambing jugak, hehehehe.


I didn’t make any gravy from the leftover lamb jus sebab semua dah kelaparan. But the lamb was still tasty enough without the gravy.

Slow roasting the lamb made the meat so tender and still so juice especially the inside……

But I suka the crusty bits outside, hehehe.

There’s still about 2/3rd left which we will use in sandwiches.

Since I dah berani sikit guna the oven, I teruskan lah with baking dessert.

I made poached pears in choc pudding.


I poached the pears first until tender then bake it with the pudding batter.

I used quite a few recipes, tweaking here and there and Alhamdulillah menjadi, hehehe.

Nanti2 ye I letak the recipe if anyone wants it.




I am so glad I made dessert because it was a really great dish to end a great meal.

The Other Half sampai sekarang is still talking about our slow roasted leg of lamb which he said is one of the top 10 meals he has eaten which was agreed by Miss 8….

Kembang semangkuk I dengar, hehehe.


Poached pears in choc pudding (serves 4)

Poached pears


- 4 beurre bosc pears (1 pear per person). I like to use the beurre bosc variety because it is best suited to poaching. Just use any firm pear if you can’t find beurre bosc.

-1l water

-1/3-1/2 cups caster sugar

-1 cinnamon stick


- Put water, sugar and cinnamon stick in a pot.

- Bring to boil slowly until sugar has dissolved. Stir occasionally.

-Reduce the heat to medium low and add pear.

-Simmer for about 20 minutes or until pear is tender. (I cover the pears while they are cooking with a piece of baking paper laid flat on the surface of the simmering water.)

-Remove from heat and set aside while you do the pudding batter.

Chocolate pudding


-140g butter, melted

-2X 59g eggs

-100g plain flour

-50g Self raising flour

-70g caster sugar

-50g brown sugar

20g cocoa powder


-mix everything in a big bowl with a whisk until all mixed nicely and smooth.

To assemble:

-grease 4 ramekins with butter.

-stand 1 drained poached pear in each ramekin (make sure the ramekins are big enough to hold the pear).

- dollop the pudding batter around the pear, making sure that the batter covers the body of the pear.

- stand the ramekins in a water bath. (put the ramekins in a baking pan and then pour hot water into the baking tray until halfway up the ramekins).

-bake at 160°C (fan-forced) or 170°(normal oven) for about 20 minutes.

-The pudding should still be slightly moist inside.


blu4sky said...

mynn, we had almost the same dinner..sama tp x serupa..we had black pepper beef, stir fry vege and buah pear yg di potong-potong. :-p

kasihredha said...

kalau share bau aje...menderita lah jiran2 itu...hahhaha

akhirnya dapat juga guna oven tu ye...harap tak keluar api dah :)

Dinas Aldi said...

Kalau mai sini mesti I lapaq ja selalu..Nampak sedap sangat leg of lamb tuh! & the dessert..ok I kena cabut sekarang!

geez said...

Tetiba rasa lapar la.....memang menggiurkan la peha tu...hehe

whitecappuccino said...

wow! makin berkobar2lah semangat memasak yer tak? semua ni nampak menyelerakan!

wan G Silk said...

nakkkk...terliur sangat ni..hehe
have fun with your new oven ya ;-)

zuraidapenang said...

sedap tgk dessert akak tu....anyway salam perkenalan,saya zuraida dari penang.mmg best baca blog akk ni...

AbbotCottage said...

Haduh haduhhh, mujur kembang semangkuk, kalo 4 5 mangkuk, sure esok-esok kena jemput kami pulak...seronoknya...

Hawa Cookiemom said...

Drooling all the way....

nae said...

ooohhhh....i'm drooling....naasib baik dah nak balik msia:)

m.u.l.a.n said...

adei... adei.... tetiba biji mata & tekak i berair2 ni cik min ooiii... bak mai la sikit..

~KB~ said...

Nak resepi dessert mu itu! I just got my ramekins. Guess your poached pear in choc pudding would be the fitting recipe to rasmikan my ramekins ;0

ibh_sue said...

Oh kak! Mcm sedap. Rasa pernah tgk kat tb. :))

Nur68 said...

As'salam Min

Lama tak komen kat sini...anyway..that pear dessert reminds me of Nigella's recipe ...her version she used the canned pears and dia bakar sekali dgn choc batter dlm baking dish...heehe..rasanya I will try your recipe ni n cuba wat cara Nigella...

lemongrass said...

kalau I potong2 pear aje kat rumah ni as dessert, diaorang tak makan, kena buat fruit salad baru lah diaorang makan, mengada betul kan, hahaha

Kak Kasih,
I pun slalu jugak menderita sbb I ada jiran yg suka sgt2 masak kari and sedap gilers bau kari dia, hehehe...

I pun kena start berlari jugak after eating the lamb and the pudding. So, jom kita sama2 lari, hehehe

we all ni jarang makan lamb. Tu yg bila makan, memang masak yg best2 ;-)

memang rasa teruja aje nak guna oven tu everytime but bila fikir lemak yg makin menempek, terus cool down balik :-)

Wan G,
klu dpt meratah leg of lamb ni kan, memang sedap betul kan :-)

Salam singgah ke blog I ni :-).

Lepas makan tu yg memang betul2 kembang 4-5 mangkuk sbb lemak2 dah terkumpul, hahaha

Yummmmmmm ;-)

Kat Msia senang ke nak dpt roast lamb? But I klu kat Msia, will be drooling other food pulak, hehehe

isk isk isk, tak dapek den nak tolong! :-D

wahhh...lepas ni bergaya lah cik ramekin with the poached pear n choc pudding ye :-)

Memang banyak recipe yg macam ni kat tb tu. Tu yg I godek2 ikut selera sendiri, hehehe

Kak Nur,
Wassalam. Memang lagi senang guna canned pears sbb dah siap dimasak. Yang ni leceh sikit sbb kena poach the pears first. But hubby I tak suka canned pears, tu yg buat poached pears ni :-)