Saturday, 25 January 2014

Our new activity

Since cuti Christmas haritu, The Other Half and I have been cycling or walking every morning that he was on leave.

And then he started going back to work and takde lagi kawan I nak pergi cycling in the mornings.

So, occasionally we would go walking in the evening at the park.

But every Saturday and Sunday morning nowadays is spent cycling with him.

We are quite lucky because Miss 14 is old enough to be left at home to look after Miss 10 and the girls are big enough to cari their own breakfast every Saturday and Sunday.

Alah, bukannya susah pun, it’s either cereals or toasts, hehehehe.

Kalau I rajin aje I buat scones at the weekend.

And we are even luckier because our house is so near the shared path, which is a dedicated path for cyclists and walkers.

So, I dont have to cross major roads at all which makes life so much easier for me.

But kadang2 tu during weekend, ramai giler cyclist racers on the bike path in groups so kenalah give way to them.

The Other Half memang akan cycle everyday to work, 5 days a week, 25kms pergi and 25kms balik.

But bila dia cycle dengan I at the weekends, gila lah I nak buat 50kms each time.

So, we do around 15kms minimum and the longest I’ve ever done was 33kms.

And we usually do it in the morning before it gets too hot especially during Summer ni.

Sometimes it felt so easy especially when you are going weeeeeeeeeee downhills and when there’s a strong tailwind propelling you forwards, other times it felt so hard because of the steep inclines and you have to huff and puff to get to the top and also because of the headwinds when they are trying their best to blow you backwards .

And now with this RunKeeper apps, it’s a really good app to keep track of all the walkings and cyclings we do.

And it’s so cool as well because I can se where we’ve been on the maps Smile.

So, layan lah ye some photos of the app and also the photos we took along the rides and of our selfies, hehehe.



Sometimes boleh singgah kedai beli bread or milk or iced coffee because it’s easy to park and lock the bikes at the shops.


And the sceneries pun cantik2 jugak, nyaman mata memandang.




Peluang berselfie sentiasa di sought after, hahahaha….




Interesting tiles art kena lah di ambik gambar untuk kenangan kan.


Nun city of Perth kat seberang sungai tu aje Smile.


Pokok bunga yang cantik pun boleh jadikan the ride much nicer.



Some weird arty sculptures along the way. Selalunya lalu this area in the car so memang tak boleh nak berhenti nak ambik gambar this yellow art thingy.


And The Other Half is really good at taking photos while riding his bike!


Sikit pun bike dia tak bergoyang!

Kalau I yang cuba buat, dah lama masuk bush tu agaknya!



One of the tunnels along the bike path.

Instead of leaving it bare, they put up artworks on the walls, done by the local community.



Obviously there are some Asians and also Muslims living around that area kan.


NHML said...

dekat lukisan tu tetiba ternampak "i want nasi goreng for my lunch" hehe

εïзmmyHazaεïз said...

Alahai.. Saya sendiri dah lama x cycling. Tengok tuan blog terimbas balik.. Hehehhe happy wekend.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum LG,
Alhamdulillah.. riadah yg sgt bagus. U pun dah semakin slim sekarang ni.

Unlike us.. we do not have this kind of luxury. Kut nak pi cycling kena la pi park yg ada kemudahan for ladies or kut nak selesa pi la kat nunnnnn Wafra land yg lebih private.

So, solution.. cycling kat dlm umah je la..

Have a great weekend.

Tiny gardener said...

How long does your hubby take to get to his office?

JaSSNaNi said...

hobi yang berfaedah.. selamat berhobi baru lah ye kak meen..

JunAina said...

25km peri 25km balik kalau Aina pengsan!

Sambil beriadah sambil rehatkan minda dan jamu mata.

amirah said...

wow...nice path..kalau mcm ni hari2 cycle pun takpe..aussie are good in art ye kak...and yg bagusnya klau dibuat art mcm ni tak jd mangsa vandalisme..

t.a.t.a said...

Kak Mynn, makin slim nampak?


ke sebab zoom jauh?

Badar The Great said...

Wow .....LG makin slim n kecik aja akak nmpak!!! amat jeles ni....

lemongrass said...

hahahah. we all pun tergelak bila Nampak that mural :-). Mesti sedap sgt nasi goreng tu kan!

Mummy Haza,
cycling ni mmng best klu ada peneman. Klu sorang aje, memang I pun rasa lemau betul nak buat.

waalaikumsalam. Tu lah kan, my hubby pun slalu ckp yg kitaorang ni lucky sbb ada bika path cantik yg dekat dgn rumah and so far selamat aje nak guna. Cycling dlm rumah ok gak sbb tak payah susah payah fikir nak pakai apa, hehehe

Tiny gardener,
normally around an hour depending on the winds. he gets out of the house quite early and he's lucky cos his workplace has a shower facility :-).

hobby yg menyihatkan. tapi klu takde teman, I liat sikit nak buat, hehehe

klu I pun pengsan gak! hahahah. tu yg hubby I boleh slim down sbb hari2 kayuh basikal :-)

kat sini ada jugak vandalisme tp so far takde orang vandalised that artwork.

takdenya makin slim, mcm tu jugak. berat yg I nak kurang kan still tak kurang2, hehehe

Kak Badar,
hanya ilusi optic aje tu! I tak kurus mana sebenarnya, hahaha

Natrah Norlin said... so jeles..