Monday, 20 January 2014

A busy 4 days

We’ve had such a busy 4 days!

The Other Half took 2 days leave on Friday and today to relax a bit and spend some time with the girls sementara they are still on school holiday.

But the weather has been hot since Friday reaching 40+ on Saturday and Sunday.

Giler panas! Nak keluar rumah pun rasa siksa!

So, we ended up not going anywhere except to the shops and appointments but we worked non stop at home.

Because the girls decided to rearrange their rooms so bila diaorang nak rearrange, mak pak jugak yang kena tolong ye tak!

Instead of The Other Half nak lepak2, lagi teruk dia kerja kat rumah dari at work, hahahaha….

Our house pun berselerak the whole 4 days with their stuff yang nak disimpan, didonate, dibuang.

Pening I tengok!

Dalam busy2 tu, sempat jugak lah pergi ke optometrist and to the dentist and the fish shop.

To the optometrist to pick up The Other Half’s and Miss 14’s glasses.

Every year, with our private healthcare fund, every member of the household is allowed 2 free pairs of glasses if they need them.

So, every year The Other Half and Miss 14 will get new pairs of glasses lah.


And this year, she chose this design!

The nerdy geeky asian look!

Dah lah memang muka asian habis, now with this glasses, lagi lah nampak macam anak cina!

ish ish ish……

And Miss 10 pulak had an appointment with the dentist to extract 2 of her teeth out.

Bukan sebab rosak atau berlubang, the teeth are completely healthy.

Tapi sebab the dentist accidentally found out on Xray that her adult eye teeth are not growing properly inside the gum.

Kenapa tak grow properly? Sebab not enough room in the gum for them to grow properly downwards because the baby eye teeth are still there.

So, to correct this problem sebelum jadi lagi teruk, the dentist suruh cabut the baby teeth untuk bagi ruang for the adult teeth.

Masa ni dah nangis sikit sbb dah dpt local anaesthetic yg painful itu.


And ini rupa dia that night with 2 eye teeth missing.


The dentist said that it’ll probably be 2 more years before the adult teeth come out.

And semalam, I took the girls out to buy pets for them.

Told them that they can’t get any hairy pets until they have their own houses so they have to be satisfied with fish for the time being.

But goldfish is too much hassle to look after so they opted for siamese fighting fish/ ikan laga.

A red one for Miss 10


And a blue one for Miss 14


They don’t need filters, water heaters and what nots and they are very happy with a small tank, a good choice indeed!

And a photo of the front of the house at 8.30 last night when the temperature was still so warm at 30C!


And bila musim panas ni, I slalu buat salad for dinner.

And this were some of the salads I made.

Mixed lettuce with almond, cheese and pomegranate.


couscous salad with baby kale and chickpeas.


Luckily, semua orang kat rumah ni dah makin minat makan salad so they’ll gobble them up everytime.


Umm AA said...

salam sis,
ingat hibernate lagi tetiba senyap..heheh..
mmg miss 14 nampak sangatlah chinese look nyer hehehe..
fish pun ok jgk kan sbb miss10 allergy ngan bulu yer tak..:)

Kayu Manis said...

slm kenal.
ehsan dr sahabat kt atas tu..

nice blog..

ibuhebat said...

nampak sedap salad tu! nak kena buat jugak ni.. galakkan anak mkn sayur..

JaSSNaNi said...

Assalamualaikum kak meen..
memang comel muka miss 14 berglasses camtu.. 98% look like asian face.. :) hehehe comel..

JunAina said...

Kalau biar gigi tu lagi satu hari akan tumbuh gigi dan org tempat saya panggil gigi kokka sebab dia macam berlapis satu kat atas satu kat bawah.

Comel pulak letak ikan kat dalam balang macam tu.

Liasari said...

hi kak min, glad u r back blogging ;-)
nice tank u hv there for the fish... the 2nd tank looks like a teapot *wink* *wink*

btw, sy tak reti buat pretzels n tak pernah makan tp baru je tgk org buat pretzels kat TLC... the soda bath buat pretzels shiny juga.

Chekgu Azrine said...

Comel btul anak2 akk..happy to see them senyum je mnjg ...hehe

norhidana said...

boleh jd model dh miss14, tinggi mcm TOH miss 10 ikut akak kot or belum tinggi lg mcm TOH...

pasni lawo lah tumbuh gg baru miss10 tuh...

Unknown said...

Salam Min,...welcome back...pleased to know your back again! Hilang rindu kat cerita2 you. Did try to join yr insta but its private. Thnks for coming back ; ) Salam dari SG.