Thursday, 28 March 2013

The long weekend is here

The Other Half got home from work today with a big smile on his face.

The long weekend is finally here! i can’t wait to assasinate some baddies on the XBox tonite!


Sejak lepas dinner and solat maghrib tadi, the girls and The Other Half dah tersadai depan XBox assasinating people!

The girls tak main lah main girly games ni. They would rather play Skyrim, Assasin Creed, Halo, Minecraft….

Don’t get me wrong, they did play with some girly stuff…

Masa Miss 13 kecik2 dulu, she did play with Barbie until she was 7 y.o. like that kot.

Then both of them started playing Polly Pockets until Miss 13 felt that she was a bit too big for Polly Pockets.

Then they started playing Littlest Pet Shops which Miss 9 still loves to collect and play until now.

And they still love collecting soft toys.

But they’ve never been into Bratz dolls at all. They can’t stand them, hehehe….

But at the same time, they also play with Lego’s and Playmobiles and a lot of other boys toys.

The Other Half and I don’t want our girls to be sangat2 girly which I think we’ve achieved judging from the noise they are making playing Halo in the living room!

I guess with a Mum like me, It will be a major shock to everyone if they do grow up to be women who are obssessed with makeups and clothes, because they certainly won’t get that from me, hahahahaha…..

Jimat duit sikit kan Smile.

Miss 9 tu actually is not that well but main games punya pasal, sanggup tak nak tidur awal.

Luckily lah cuti sekolah for the next 5 days so hopefully dapatlah dia rehat and get better.

And since she’s not that well, I made her chicken soup and noodles for her dinner tonite.

And since dah buat chicken soup, I pun join lah sama makan dengan meehoon.

The Other two I buatkan cheesy muffins and beef kebab (which I found in the freezer).

Esok cuti so malam ni dah start malas masak! hahahaha….


I made clear chicken soup.

Lepas segalanya dah masak, I strained the soup and throw away all the rempah ratus, bawang, carrot pieces….

I just collected the clear strained soup and the chicken pieces aje. In a way, all the khasiat veges tu dah terkumpul dalam the soup kan.


So bila nak makan senang, takdelah Miss 9 kuis2 letak tepi the rempah ratus and the bawang and what not…..

She could just slurrrrp the soup and the noodles terus masuk mulut Smile.


Yang ini mangkuk I sebab ada sambal kicap and tahu goreng and coriander leaves.


Hafizah Mohamad said...

sedapnyer kak...cuti2 ni mmg best lepak2 di rumah...

Kniedaz said...

tak tahan tu.....tengok sambal kicap hehehe

penDragon said...

I pun tapis sup tu, kids senang nk makan xde lah kuis sana kuis sini kan...

ibu,mommy,mom... said...

My lil one (not so little anymore)
still loves her barbies and now monster high.oh and she loves boys games too:)
I never stop or discouraged her from playing both actually as I truly believe they learn thru play

zana fahmi said...

Salam dari Sabah, cuti juga di sini ye?

Messy Mummy said...

mmg lah bihun tu nampak sedap dah tapi tengok sambal kicap tu lagi nampak sedap kmin. hehehe..

hopefully miss9 sihat cecepat..

lemongrass said...

memang paling best lepak2 kat rumah pastu boleh sambung tido pagi2, hahaha

sambal kicap kena ada, kalau tak, bukan namanya bihun soup, hehehe

budak2 ni memang kan, segala benda diaorang nak kuis2 letak tepi. Padahal kita pun dulu masa kecik mcm tu jugak, haha

My kids stop playing with barbies themselves. I guess they would rathey play with other toys than with Barbies. So, I had to donate all their barbies paraphenalia to the second hand shop :-)

Salam. Aust memang cuti masa easter :-)

sambal kicap yg buat kan bihun tu sedap. Tanpa sambal kicap, sapelah bihun, hahahha