Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday stories

We were reading the local new online today when we saw the headline:

“Parents give millions to few State schools”.

And then the article stated that:

“A handful of WA public schools each raised more than $1 million from parents' fundraising drives, fees, charges and contributions to supplement Government funding, the latest version of the My School website has revealed.

The figures, based on 2011 financial records, show that parents of some State school students are shelling out much more from their own pockets to cover course fees, books, camps and excursions.

At Churchlands Senior High School, parents paid more than $2.2 million, while those at Mt Lawley SHS handed over about $1.3 million.

Another six schools, including Carine, Willetton and Rossmoyne senior high schools, Shenton College, Perth Modern School and Woodvale Secondary College, received more than $1 million from parents.

My School, which was updated on Wednesday, says that figures listed under "fees, charges and parental contributions" include voluntary contributions, course charges, overseas student fees and parent payments for excursions and camps. Donations, fundraising and canteen revenues are also listed under "other private sources".”


Wow! banyak jugak diaorang dapat from parents’ ‘donations’ ni ye.

Patutlah when we got the bill for Miss 13 school fees, it looked like this.


Banyak noh charges for ‘voluntary’ stuff ni, hehehehe….

Bila masa I angkat tangan to volunteer pun I tak tau lah Smile with tongue out

Memang lah it’s a pittance kalau banding dengan private schools fees yang beribu2 ringgit per term tu.

Miss 13’s school has around 1700 students from year 8 to year 12 so kalau sorang bagi around $500 in fees…

Setahun dapat lah $850k!

And then they also receive some more fundings from the government on top of the $850k….

Kaya they all, hahahaha….

We dont mind paying because it’s a really good public school. It’s our responsibility to help the school maintain its standards kan so it will keep on being a good school.

Semalam I cakap I nak buat doughnuts to take to Sunday school kan..


The doughnuts I made pagi tadi.

I prepared the dough malam tadi and let it rise in the fridge overnite. It rose beautifully.

Pagi tadi keluarkan sekejap so tak sejuk sangat and just gelek and terap and goreng.

Senang macam ni, tak lah rushing pagi2 nak buat segala benda.

And for dinner pulak, I made oven baked chicken wings makan dengan hasselback potatoes and mixed veges stirfry.


Hitam legam the wings sebab letak kicap pekat and kicap manis kan Smile.



I used asparagus, carrots and mushrooms for the stirfry.

And ini muka terbaru tuan rumah bercamwhoring with her usual colours, hikhikhik….


Ini baru my usual colours, all dull and dark. Faded black jeans from too frequent washing with dark olive top and green/black scarf….

Yang ini minah sesat sekejap…


Peach coloured jeans you! Nasib baik top tu kaler hitam kan so a bit toned down lah!


And this one is mother daughter bonding time Smile with tongue out


Sessi amik gambar sama2 pun bonding time jugak mah! h



Farah said...

Hehe your daughter's gorgeous :) that's a lot to pay but fortunately it is for a good cause and for the children's education :D the chicken wings look great, just like my favs from a restaurant in KL. hehe


Badar The Great said...

hahaha.....nape berdiri tegak aja, kasi la pose2 yg maut sikit. hehehe, takpe LG nmpak tomei sgt tau, ayu gitu.

amy (^_^) said...

Serius.. nampak muda.. mcm bukan mummy ader anak dah remaja.. Sweet both of u.. (^_^)

cik chinta said...


Cheq Sue said...

laaa.... akak ke kat atas tu... saya ingat anak dara akak..awet muda sungguh! cute

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts of opening your own restaurant kak?

Gruss aus Deutschland

Azmatun Ismail said...

wah....sis u dah kurus macam anak dara la....

Dr. H said...

Salam, sesekali buka la spec tu sebab nak ada eye to eye contact :-)

Dr. H said...

Salam, sesekali buka la spec tu sebab nak ada eye to eye contact :-)

Ina Hashim said...

salam kak LG,

berdiri bergambar sorang2 tu mcm budak sekolah je kak....kecik comeiiiiii

t.a.t.a said...

Just like one of the primary school here. A government primary school but does not look like a government types of school. Thanks to the parents' initiative, it looks more like a private one.

Anis Rafie said...

Kak Myn, I wish I have a figure like you.. Only God knows when I'll get my old figure back.. Dah lah mmg x reti nak jaga makan and pemalas buat exercise, pastu berangan nak dapat body comel mcm kak myn.. huhu.. Wish me luck ye..

Zaitun said...

Gambar ibu dan anak tu dua2 cantik.

Kak Zai suka makan donut yang kosong tak berapa minat yang berkrim.

Suzy Wati said...

comel nye lah mummy n daughter ni..

m.u.l.a.n said...

the model yg dgn spec itam tu sangat sweet...!!! my menantu pulak sangat comel sentiasa...

Sutera ungu said...

K Min, you looks differentlah... Perhaps sbb pakai spek hitam kot tak nampak mata, tapi bila pakai scarf ikat blkg tu...yes...sama cam 14 tahun dulu..

lemongrass said...

thanks for the compliments :-)

kak badar,
kalau I posing maut, kang kena gelak dgn orang sekeliling, hahaha

hikhikhik...kalau dekat2, baru nampak all the wrinkles

Cik Chinta,
memang I pun happy sbb dah kurus :-)

Cheq Sue,
kahkahkahkah....bestnya orang kata I muda mcm anak I :-P

Feeding 4 mouths is a big enough job for me yg kdg2 memeningkan. Kalau bukak restaurant, definitely every nite I pening :-)

Sbb hubby I pun dah kurus mcm bujang, so I pun kena kurus balik mcm muda2 dulu lah, hahaha

dr H,
Salam. I kan mysterious gitu so kenalah pakai spek all the time, hahaha

I kena beli uniform budak sekolah Msia and cuba pakai and ambik gambar. Nak tengok ada rupa budak skolah tak, hikhikhik

it's the same here. Public schools in well off area fare much better than public schools in low socioeconomic areas because of the donations given by the parents. They can buy so many extra things.

I pun love to eat and hates exercising actually. But bila tengok my hubby makin slim and my pants started to get a bit tight, terpaksalah I cekalkan diri exercise and kawal makan jugak. But it is so difficult to kawal makan kat Msia though! hehehe

Kak Zai,
Saya pun suka makan donut kosong sbb tak manis sgt kan :-)

hehehe....thanks ;-)

I kan femes, so kenalah bergaya dgn spek hitam, hahahah. My daughter tu memang sentiasa sweet, heeee

Sutera Ungu,
I guess as we get older kan, so our faces change a bit. Dulu2, badan I pun kejap gemuk kejap kurus, hehehe.

vivien_capri said...

the peach pants suits the black top very well kak LG. You should wear coloured pants more often.. looks very very nice on u :D