Monday, 25 March 2013

Seafood linguine for dinner

I did stick to my seafood menu tonite.

Even though I know my seafood dish is not as healthy as some but at least we are decreasing our red meat consumption kan.

Kalau nak betul2 healthy, I should have made steamed fish makan dengan brown rice or grilled fish makan dengan salad aje kan….

But if I were to masak like that, the girls will memberontak and diaorang akan lagi rela makan toast aje for dinner, hahahaha….

But the dish I made for dinner tonite, everyone seemed to like it a lot.

I made  creamy saffron seafood and vegetable linguine.


First I sauteed some dices onions and loads of garlic and fresh basil.

Then after they have wilted, I added 3 fresh tomatoes, chopped up, 1 carrot sliced thinly, 2 swiss brown mushrooms sliced thinly and 1 diced yellow capsicum.

Cook covered until everything is tender.

Add a bit of saffron which has been soaked in hot water to the vege mix.

Then add about 1/4 cup of cream and season with salt and pepper.

Set aside.

While the vege mix is cooking, cook the linguine until al dente and drained and set aside.


In a big frying pan, pan fry some marinara mix in garlic and salt and dried chilli flakes until cooked to your liking.

Tip the cooked pasta and the creamy mixed vege sauce into the marinara pan and toss all of them together until all the pasta and the marinara are well coated with the sauce.

Season again with salt and pepper.


Serve it with fresh basil, shaved parmesan and a big sprinkle of chilli flakes.


If you like your pasta to have more sauce, you can increase the amount of whipped cream used or you can add a bit of water to the sauce when you are cooking it.

If there’s a lot of sauce, a big chunk of crusty bread is a good accompaniment to the pasta Smile.

Senang aje nak buat dia kan…

And kalau you present the dish nicely and ‘artistically’ on the plate, boleh kalah restaurant nya pasta!



Aida Salleh said...

Nampak simple tp utk penggemar pasta tegar cam i ni mmg nampak yg makin terasa nak hulur plate ni...huhuhu....

SuteraTerengganu Silk said...

paling murah rm 20 sepinggan kat nicely decorated restaurant ni..hehe..yummy!

susumanis said...

ok nak sepinggan LG..hehehe

adda syuhada said...

mesti sedap nih..yummy...

ummuaidan said...

sikit jer nampak sepinggan tuh..hehehe..kalau i mesti tak cukup sedap2 gitu...hihih

ibh_sue said...

Ok!..I terguda.. Hehehee

Kniedaz said...

Great! Ada resepinya hehehe...dah lama tak masak camtu

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

Oh my yummmmm!

catharsis said...

note to self: never read this blog on an empty stomache

lemongrass said...

I suka sgt2 pasta this style. I boleh makan berpinggan klu tak kawal, hehehe

Wan G,
macam ni boleh lah I bukak restoran kat Msia ye, hehehe

cukup ke sepinggan? ;-)

I suka style pasta yg mcm ni so for me sedap lah, hehehe

you boleh lah nak makan berpinggan2 sbb ada 2 orang. I ni mkn utk sorang, hehehe

best dpt buat orang terguda ni, hahaha

ini sempoi nya recipe and easily adaptable :-)

yumm kan :-)

poor you, hehehe ;-)