Friday, 22 June 2012

It is cold….

It was -2°C at Perth Airport at 6 o’clock this morning when The Other half left for work riding his bike.

What was his isteri mithali doing?

Still under the doona where it was really warm and comfy, hehehe…

Just savouring the last few extra minutes lying in the warmth before I had to wake up…

And when we went to school this morning at 8, it was still 3°C…

I nearly had frostbites on my nose and ears and fingers when I was hanging the laundry out on the lines at 7.30 pagi tadi.

It was freaking cold!!!!!!!

We moved to Perth sebab the weather was supposed to be Mediterranean where it was always mild and beautiful, hehehehe….

So, for us people yang dah terbiasa dengan the beautiful Mediterranean climate here in Perth, bila the temperature drops to around 1°C, itu dah kira sejuk gilersssss lah.

But the sun did shine during the day bringing the temperature back up to gorgeous 17°C in the afternoon.

Pagi all wrapped up tightly in thick clothings, tengah hari dah boleh sunbathing in the backyard pakai bikini, kahkahkahkah……

But bila sunset aje, terus sejuk balik.

I am typing this entry with the heater switched on facing me, my fingerless gloves on, a scarf around my neck and multiple layers of clothing.

(I love Winter but I tak tahan sejuk, hehehe).

But the girls obviously tak rasa sejuk kot because Miss 8 and Miss 13 were only in their pyjamas and socks.

Miss 8 I can understand sebab dia banyak extra lemak in her body but Miss 13 tu kurus kering so macam manalah boleh tak sejuk kan….

Bila sejuk2 ni, tentulah asik nak makan something warming aje kan.

But we all kat rumah tak suka makan soup (except chicken soup) so the next best thing is hot mashed potatoes with plenty of gravy, hehehe.


I made mashed potatoes with sauteed leeks and mustard. Eaten with sausages and onion gravy. Then nak balance the creaminess, we had steamed broccoli and carrot sticks as side.


Sangat heaven when the warm mashed potatoes and gravy slid down the throats into our hungry tummies……


kasihredha said...

dah mula sejuk ye
akak pun sama...suka sejuk tp kalau sejuk sgt tak tahan pula :))

Yazreina said...

i lovee the cold... when i was in nova scotia, it was -47 degrees one time.. while we were celebrating merdeka day... heheh...

kat mesia nie susah nak carik sausage yg macam u always cooked tu .. rasa nak kirim aje from there... bleh ke?? hehehe

Oyis said...

sausages tu sgt menggiurkan! love it bila casing dia mcm tu, all the juices stay inside, yum!

Chekgu Azrine said...


Silver Fern said...

I was saying to hubby just a few days ago that we should go and visit the family next month., with a horrid look in his face he said "no way!! Its winter, it'll be freezing cold" duhh! dah terget-used to the weather di malaya nampaknya.. Hahahahahah...

Deceptive said...

cuaca sejuk menyeksakan bila kita terkena demam panas... gigil kura,gigil gajah semua keluar.

lemongrass said...

Kak Kasih,
Saya suka sejuk sbb boleh pakai 4-5 lapis baju bila keluar and still nmpk vogue, hehehe.

I rasa klu Perth ni dpt -47, maulah ramai yg mati kesejukan n melekat vontot kat toilet seats, hahaha.
Mmng sausage yg mcm ni susah sgt2 nak cari kat Msia tu sbb bila balik Msia, my kids kata awat sausages Msia rasa lain giler dgn sausages OZ, hehehe.

I rasa sgt lucky tinggal kat Perth yg ramak muslims ni sbb snng sgt2 nak cari sausages yg yummy mcm ni yg halal :-).

Chekgu Azrine,
mashed potatoes n sausages mmng combination yg sedap :-)

Silver fern, will definitely be freezing cold compared to hot humid Msia :-). But I'll take freezing cold anytime sbb I cukup tak larat berpeluh setiap masa, hikhikhik,

Memang betul tu. Sbb badan kita pening kepala tak tau whether panas or sejuk or panas or sejuk kan :-).