Friday, 28 September 2012

7 extra girls!

The girls are so excited because today was the last day of school.

They are now on their term break.

Miss 13 pulak is super duper terlebih2 excited because for the first time ever, she’s going to be the host of a movie night+ pyjama party+sleepover.

This Sunday afternoon, 7 girls (not including our girls) will converge at our house for a movie marathon+gossip session+computer games session which Miss 13 claims will last the whole night!

She says that no one wants to sleep that night…. Ye lah tu, kita tengok nanti sampai pukul berapa you all larat nak berjaga, hehehehe….

The Other Half dah pening kepala sebab dia kata, “there’ll be too much oestrogen in this house! I can only barely cope with 3 females in the house. 7 more teenage girls…..!

Dia dah cakap dengan one of our friends to rescue him and take him out for coffee that night, heeeeee…..

Eleh, he can hide himself in the bedroom with the tv and the iPad so apa susah….

I ni yang kena masak dinner, make sure all the snacks and the drinks and the lollies and the whatnots are readily available for the hungry tummies.

Luckily lah they are teenage girls so tak lah banyak makan mana kan…

Miss 13 has already requested pizzas for dinner that night which tak lah susah mana nak buat.

Luckily lah Mum dia ni terer gak buat pizza so no sweat punya, hahahaha…

And for that Monday morning’s breakfast, I’ll make scones and pancakes for everyone.

Pastu, by 11, they have to balik rumah masing2…

Phewwwww…. Smile

But since rumah we all ni takde theatre room so we are going to convert the guest bedroom into a mini theatre room so hopefully their noise can be contained in that room sahaja.

Sape2 yang dah mengantuk sangat and nak tidur, they can go to either Miss 13’s or Miss 8’s room to sleep and sape2 yang nak continue berjaga can stay in that converted mini theatre room.

Hopefully, we the parents will survive that night, hahahaha…

For dinner tonite, I made quesadillas.

I made the mince filling tengah hari semalam. Ingat nak buat untuk dinner malam tadi tapi balik dari ortho clinic temankan The Other Half lambat so my friend ajak dinner kat rumah dia aje. Alhamdulillah…. dapatlah I relax tak payah masak malam tadi.

And malam ni, tinggal heat up the sandwich press and cook the quesadillas in it, sangat lah senang nya.

5 minit dah siap and dah boleh makan dinner, hehehe.



But I made a really thin version of quesadillas. Malas nak isi the filling banyak2…. But kena letak grated cheese banyak jugak so it’ll melt really nicely.


Anything with melted cheese is definitely yummy! Smile


blu4sky said...

tergelak i baca your other half's comment.. 7 more girls in the house..tau je lah bila girls bergossip..kejap2 jerit..kejap2 giggling..hahahaha..

Norhafizah (Lina) said...

good idea. boleh juga buat for my little girl yg baru habis UPSR ni. sure dia happy giler


Hello Kak LG, how are, hubby and the girls??? Wow, girl's night, gonna rock! Hopefully they can stay up and live up their motto :)

Btw, just came to know about your hubby had a K-wire! I too had it last January for 6 weeks!!! I broke my left ring finger and it bent sideways! Thank God, I didn't feel anything when they removed the K-wire, without numbing. Phew, that was a sickening 6 weeks! And I'm still recovering :(

penDragon said...

Rasa nk jadi teenagers balik la pulak....sgt2 best! I doa semoga akak & TOH will survive...

BabyBooned said...

Ohmygodddd the quesadillas look soo good!! Ini takde dlm my repertoire at all! Kagum sungguh ni!

Sighh sleepovers. Brings back memories zaman skolah dulu. I think kalau my boys nak buat sleepovers nanti i would be totally LOST sebab...what on earth do boys do during sleepovers,really??!! I wouldnt know! Aiyaiyai

Kniedaz said...

Wah..mesti budak2 tu excited..ble gossip sampai lewat2...

m.u.l.a.n said...

hehhehe.. i dapat bayangkan suasana itu.... earplug earplug...!!!

seronok nya sleepover kekanak ribena tu..!!

Tjanting said...

My house is the same. Always invaded by my daughter's friends. I pun encourage. Biar rumah tunggang langgang at least di depan mata kan.

wan G Silk said...

kak LG, cuba imagine kalu u ada 9 org anak and semuanya girls...pengsannn TOH...kekeke

Azita Zain said...

Salam Min,
Nasib baik diorang semalam je kat situ ye. Bayangkan kalau Min ada anak seramai 9 orang!!!

lemongrass said...

tu yg I nak letak all of them in that room so kalau nak gelak2 and jerit2, tak lah sampai satu kampung dengar, hahaha

I rasa kalau you buat for your little girl, memang dia akan jadi the most famous girl in that school, hehehe.

Hello :-). I did read about your misadventure :-(. Why is it always the ring finger ye? So, have you started wearing your ring again?
My hubby didn't have any helping drugs either when they removed the k-wire and he said it was an awful feeling.

memang best kan jadi teenagers ni, no worries in the world :-)

try lah buat the quesadillas. They are so easy to make! :).
Kalau your boys nak buat sleepover, you have to make sure there's plenty of food! because boys love food, hehehe. And have plenty of games, PC, Nintendo, XBox and so on :-).

My daughter kata kawan2 dia semua dah excited sgt2, tak sabar2 nak tunggu Sunday night. Bila pulak I nak excited ye? hehehe

you are right! I forgot completely about earplugs, hahaha. Memang akan ku pakai!

that's why we suggested our house to them sebab much easier rasa hati bila anak kat depan mata instead of pergi rumah orang kan.

Wan G,
rasanya mau lah kot dia pergi kerja pagi2 subuh2 and balik malam2 buta sbb tak larat nak layan 9 orang anak dara, hahaha

Kak Ita,
tu lah, nasib baik 1 malam aje. Macam mana lah orang dulu2 yg ada anak perempuan ramai2 tu ye, hehehe