Thursday, 1 January 2009

It's not really good when you start 2009 with the lazy mood virus temporarily inhabiting your body. But at least it looks like the virus only affects my blogging mood and is slowly disappearing :-). Partly I blame the hot weather as well because in hot weather like this, it's much nicer to just take things slowly macam siput and becomes a couch potato. And we are still in our holiday break so memanglah the whole body pun in holiday mode aje. Macam2 excuses kan bila dah malas nak mengupdate blog ni, hehehe. (It took me 5 hours to write this entry, sikit nya lama kan! But sambil2 tu sempat lah jugak baked some breads, prepare dinner, played Wii Sports with the Little Misses and the other half. Tu yg lama giler nak menaip this entry :-)).

Oh yes, that's the other reason I 'malas' sikit nak mengupdate blog, sebab all my spare time has been taken up by playing Wii, hahahaha. We finally bought it a few days ago after so many months deliberating about buying it. We really really enjoyed playing the sports games as a family. Miss 5 yang tak pernah pergi bowling in real life pun dah 'expert' mem bowling sekarang ni :-). We also bought Hannah Montana game for the Little Misses but Mummy pun join sama dancing to the songs, wahkahkahkah.... Bolehlah I lose weight camni yer ;-).

Speaking of malas nak meng update blog, it's really amazing that my blog will be a year old tomorrow.

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Tak sangka betul dah setahun I duk berblogging. The other half said that he's quite amazed that I've kept it up this long, dia ingat, I would have got bored of it after a few months. Haha, little did he know his wife ;-). Nak tau tak what the main reason is for my continuing passion for blogging? It's because I get a buzz when people read my blog. I get so excited when I see the feedjit counter numbers creeping up slowly everyday, memang tersangat lah syiok nya you, hahahaha....... Teruk betul kan perangai I ni, getting excited over numbers aje :-). I think maybe deep down in my subconcious kot, I wanted to be famous 'n' popular and since I don't think I'll ever be famous nor popular in the 'real' world, tu yang I get overly excited bila orang baca my blog and making the feedjit counter count goes up. Ye lah, I equate the number dengan the blog's popularity right! Kalau nak banding kan dengan blogs orang lain, memang lah tak popular mana but I'm happy with the numbers :-).

When I first started blogging, I thought it'll only be me and my immediate and extended family aje yang akan bother baca my blog. Ye lah kan, I bukannya kenal ramai orang so kiranya mengharapkan belas kasihan my family and few friends aje lah to read my blog. But thanks to all my blogger friends who put my blog link in your blogs and thanks to blog hopping and thanks to my brother as well yang menghebahkan kat kawan2 dia, ramai juga yang selalu singgah my blog nowadays and yang sudi baca my ramblings :-). And thanks to the world of blog, I've made and met new friends who are truly wonderful. If not for you fabulous fantastic readers yang sudi baca my blog, I don't think I would have been this passionate and committed with blogging, hehehe. So, please please do continue reading my blog and making me happy, hehehehe....... It doesn't take much to make me happy, betul! ;-).

Thank you all so much for your continuous support......

Anyway, enough of the birthday speech :-). Baru setahun dah panjang berjela the speech, hahaha. Nak cerita pulak about how we celebrated the New Year's eve semalam. We went to Perth Zoo for Happy Zoo Year. Punyalah ramai manusia who went to the same event, memang sold out abis the tickets. It was really fun having a picnic outdoors and being entertained by a live band at the same time. But bila buat sambutan new year kat Zoo, tak boleh lah ada fireworks. Takut nanti ada pulak tigers ke, rhinos ke or elephants yang terlepas from their cage sebab ketakutan dengar the noises from the fireworks kan, hehehe. The Little Misses had a look around the zoo before the picnic started so they were really happy. Sekali sekala spent money doing things like this, ok lah kan :-).

Having food while watching the entertainment.

Mummy and Daddy saje2 gatal ambil bergambar berdua while the Little Misses were up at the dancing area.

The glow sticks as accessories that night :-).


Liasari said...

Happy Birthday Salam2benua... may u be bless with good health & ilham untuk terus berblogging! :-)

siti aishah said...

Congrats for the Salam Dua Benua's birthday..keep on blogging! and do not miss updating(kill that malas virus), coz we love reading your blog :):)

lemongrass said...

Hi Lia,
thank you for the wish! Aminn...

Hi Siti Aishah,
Thanks :-). Malas Virus ni is one of the most resistant viruses in the world, hehehe, so tu yg susah sgt nak kill ;-). InsyaAllah, I'll continue with blogging cos of people like you who loves reading it :-).

nj said...

Happy Blog Birthday!
Keep on writing and sharing true life stories...
Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah dan Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 2009.
May days, weeks, and months to come bring more joy and glory!

Intan Rosnitta said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Salam 2 Benua!

Keep writing, LG.

Luv u!


shaz said...

I too been berangan to get a wii for many months already, almost bought one at harbour town last weekend at $386, then the last stock was sold like just minutes ago, still contemplating now whether to get one or not. Takut hangat tahi ayam on my part, mula saja main, lama lama tak main.

QiStinA's said...

happy b'dy to salam2benua... teruskan bercerita... klu kanak2 riang tau pasal wii hannah montana tu...habislah i kali nie..he..he

sheri said...

hi mynn dear, happy birthday salam2benua. if it weren't for this blog, I wouldn't have met you and now have someone as nice as you as a friend :)... happy new year too! love the pic with u and other half ;p!

lemongrass said...

Hi nj,
thanks for the wish and Aminn... Happy New Year to u too.

Hi Intan,
Thanks ye, sebab dek blog lah kita berkenalan kan, hehehe

Hi Shaz,
tu lah one of the reasons yang buat we al tak beli dari dulu lagi. So far, we are enjoying it more than the XBox. I think your kids will definitely love it :-).

Hi Moi,
Thanks for the wish. Kalau your kanak2 riang tau lah about Hannah Montana tu, memang lah you tak sennag duduk until you've bought it, hehehe. But my girls memang suka betul sbb boleh dance and nyanyi sama and go shopping.

Hi Sheri,
Tu lah kan, klu bukan becuase of the blog, surenya kita masih tak kenal lagi kan, hehehe. Gambar Matt n I tu nmpk happy aje ye? hehe

VG said...

Congrats on your blog's birthday. May you amuse and educate us for many more years to come!!!

lemongrass said...

Hi VG,
thanks so much for the wish, Muahhhh!! Amuse maybe but educate? I doubt it, hahaha

3AS said...

Hi LG,
Congrats.. i've been reading your blog for quite some time after being introduced by your brother.
Sometimes rasa nostalgia la pulak when u mention a few places. I used to study there. Still keeping in touch with a few PRs.
Teringin nak ke sana pulak but asyik postpone due to addition of new family members. Nanti le when my little misses besar sikit boleh le ke sana so that they can really appreciate the place where mama & papa used to study...

lemongrass said...

Hi 3AS,
Thank you for reading my blog & enjoying it. You n hubby used to study kat sini ye? Sure u miss sgt2 Perth kan because it's such a gorgeous place to live. I dulu study kat Adelaide, dulu klu I tau Perth cantik, sure nya I dah lama applied to study here! But then I wouldn't have met my hubby so I guess adalah hikmat nya kan :-). It's a good idea to take your kids here one day to show them how pretty Perth is.

3AS said...

Yep..Miss kat Perth. I dulu plan nk study kat Tassie. Nasib pegi Perth dapat jumpa my hubby haha..My hubby did his bridging in Adelaide for 6 mths.
I miss crabbing in Mandurah, fishing in Coogee Beach & Freo. Syok2 je... Tapi kalau dapat crabs & fish, seronok sesangat..

lemongrass said...

Hi 3AS,
you 1 batch dgn Rod ke? And yr Hubby buat bridging kat Adelaide, which means he was a MATES student lah ye. Which batch? We all so far tak pernah lagi pergi crabbing or fishing, mls sgt nak keluar mlm2 or pagi2 buta tu bila dah ada kids ni,hehehe.